drivers license olivia rodrigo
Davai - One More Time (Lyrics)
ZAYN - Vibez (Lyrics)
13 dagen geleden
SZA - Good Days (Lyrics)
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Ashik Shikye
Ashik Shikye Uur geleden
I really wanna live forever n ever young😊
MSURYA 24 Uur geleden
Awesome music hear to my ear
Connor Stormes
Connor Stormes Uur geleden
this is eh
Ynvy Uur geleden
I came from kaboom online school
Kira_ Underline
Kira_ Underline 2 uur geleden
It's okay, but I don't understand the hype...🤷‍♀️
Happy Power channel
Happy Power channel 2 uur geleden
Love it x
Happy Power channel
Happy Power channel 2 uur geleden
Love it
Asaman Bahiri
Asaman Bahiri 2 uur geleden
to laila and azim , u know that i love u but u still choose and u add her as ur bff on pubg even i am the who know u earlier -micel
Leylå Gordü
Leylå Gordü 2 uur geleden
Breaking me la la la la la 💜💜💜❤❤❤
Rouel Monloy
Rouel Monloy 2 uur geleden
Me every 11 minutes: I guess YOU didn't MEAN what you WROTE in that SONG about MEEEEE
Operation Ada
Operation Ada 2 uur geleden
this song is just SO memorable, I love it <3
Mixh 2 uur geleden
She definitely sang with her emotions , I'm crying rn she must've loved him👑✨
Haley Maseuli
Haley Maseuli 2 uur geleden
I- this song isn't even that sad???
Maya Grace
Maya Grace 2 uur geleden
Don't you love how Joshua Barett is tagged in this. I was wondering why Joshua Basset was tagged then I realized that it was Barett and I laughed.
Kalisse Myatt
Kalisse Myatt 2 uur geleden
Only depressed teens can like 👍 😢
TARYN MATHEWSON 2 uur geleden
This is a good song. I like the part when she said drive alone past your street!
The Girl With No Chill
The Girl With No Chill 2 uur geleden
Shut up Amanda, I choose my own breakdown and breakup song now let me drive.
Lee the Aries
Lee the Aries 2 uur geleden
Everybody was talking about this song so I had to hear it for myself
Layla Edits
Layla Edits 2 uur geleden
Can’t stop listening to this song
Calle Milliken
Calle Milliken 3 uur geleden
not me listening to this song 24/7
Briceida Ramon
Briceida Ramon 3 uur geleden
"I know we were perfect" gets me everytime ...
Scherbyetz 3 uur geleden
This song is utter shit lol
K L 3 uur geleden
My replay button is broken
Eirini K
Eirini K 3 uur geleden
I saw the lyrics "And I know we weren't prefect but I've never felt this way for no one" edited in a picture of Clementine and Joel on Instagram. Later I discovered it was an actual song and not some random quote. It just made the whole situation sadder.
Julia xoxo
Julia xoxo 3 uur geleden
1:50 the part i like
Alessia Rubino
Alessia Rubino 3 uur geleden
I didn’t know this song was so sad😭
Jackson Balaja
Jackson Balaja 3 uur geleden
This should be on the radio
Haley Baldyga
Haley Baldyga 3 uur geleden
The song is so beautiful I’m still crying
RATTASS 3 uur geleden
is this ed shearan
⟬⟭TXT⟭⟬ Bangtan Moa
⟬⟭TXT⟭⟬ Bangtan Moa 3 uur geleden
Sally Kate
Sally Kate 3 uur geleden
GOOD VIBES TV 4 uur geleden
Ola Wosk
Ola Wosk 4 uur geleden
Idk why but this song give me dnf vibes
Dania Halimeh
Dania Halimeh 4 uur geleden
*0:53** is what you are looking for*
Llusion Glory
Llusion Glory 4 uur geleden
what the fucking shit
Jessica Preece
Jessica Preece 4 uur geleden
Reese Coogan
Reese Coogan 4 uur geleden
POV: i’m sooo cool
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart 4 uur geleden
Jams Charles was better
aighos 4 uur geleden
who is listening to this in 2021?
Mr. Clown gamer
Mr. Clown gamer 4 uur geleden
2:22 is the tik TOK sound hehe
⟬⟭TXT⟭⟬ Bangtan Moa
⟬⟭TXT⟭⟬ Bangtan Moa 3 uur geleden
Yass! This is also the reason why I came here
anonymous 4 uur geleden
Lmao. Bold of you to use those hashtags.
¡¿ _fitahiana _?!
¡¿ _fitahiana _?! 4 uur geleden
Yeah we ain't even friends and he doesn't care but I'll still dedicate this to him
Noshin Simps For Safa
Noshin Simps For Safa 4 uur geleden
this changes the excitement of getting a drivers license TvT idk why it feels weird
awsome gamer
awsome gamer 4 uur geleden
Me singing loudly in me head but i still fu in love you and fhen me in every other part me cryin
chris 4 uur geleden
Caralho q levada!
GRZES 5 uur geleden
This girl is going places Not his house, but places.
Flor de Bel
Flor de Bel 5 uur geleden
This is going to be biggggg
Kahu Bennett
Kahu Bennett 5 uur geleden
you said forever now i "drive MY MOMS CAR" past you street VROOM VROOM
Kahu Bennett
Kahu Bennett 5 uur geleden
you said forever now i "drive MY MOMS CAR" past you street VROOM VROOM
Henry Guenther
Henry Guenther 5 uur geleden
Juicy Tea
Juicy Tea 5 uur geleden
I love her music it’s gone popular
Juicy Tea
Juicy Tea 5 uur geleden
She so good at sing i swar
Codie hawkins
Codie hawkins 5 uur geleden
Came to see what everyone loved about this song now I understand and only few seconds in 😳❤️
XxBtsArmyBombxX 5 uur geleden
I didnt know this was gonna be that sad I came from tiktok because of the songs but was not expected this-
⟬⟭TXT⟭⟬ Bangtan Moa
⟬⟭TXT⟭⟬ Bangtan Moa 3 uur geleden
I came from tiktok to
Nicole Titov
Nicole Titov 6 uur geleden
Wow. 3 Years ago my (now ex) boyfriend broke up with me one month before I got my driver's license. That kinda hit, haha.
Munira A
Munira A 6 uur geleden
Tom Smart
Tom Smart 6 uur geleden
Maham Raza
Maham Raza 6 uur geleden
I really don't like this song.😕 pretty trash🤮
sol saez
sol saez 6 uur geleden
I was crying so much love this song
Mar Ars
Mar Ars 6 uur geleden
When you find out that this song is about Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter
بندر العنزي
بندر العنزي 6 uur geleden
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
Julia Campion
Julia Campion 6 uur geleden
This song is too relatable it hurts :(
Nobody's Baby
Nobody's Baby 6 uur geleden
Umm... Who tf is mark
Latifa Raho
Latifa Raho 6 uur geleden
Pov: you only know this song from tiktok
Vanessa Villalobos
Vanessa Villalobos 6 uur geleden
who even likes this :x
jane ayre
jane ayre 7 uur geleden
Alguém sabe o nome da versão antiga? Pelas notas eu me lembrei de uma música mas esqueci o nome
Salem Bouaricha
Salem Bouaricha 7 uur geleden
I love music so much.
McKenzie Dampier
McKenzie Dampier 7 uur geleden
How old is your douter
BandKidVince 7 uur geleden
This song is so depressing god damn how yall like this shit
Shawtyy lovevly
Shawtyy lovevly 7 uur geleden
If you are looking for the tiktok part 2:43 💖
Kupie ci mózg
Kupie ci mózg 7 uur geleden
when your favorite anime is over and you have to cry
Anti-social Headphones Kid
Anti-social Headphones Kid 7 uur geleden
The driving instructor who kept thinking about the girl who kept crying during the test: 👁👄👁
Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos
Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos 7 uur geleden
lol this aint shit why all the hype
Cristina J
Cristina J 7 uur geleden
Who knew the amount of unrequited love, insecure people who just got their license would like this song 🎵
Jelly Legend
Jelly Legend 7 uur geleden
wait i thought this song existed for a long time already huh??
ily_ari _xx
ily_ari _xx 7 uur geleden
*Twerks sadly*