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How Is Kentucky Ballistics ???
My 50 Cal Exploded
15 dagen geleden
My First Hand Cannon 😍
2 maanden geleden
50 Cal vs ICE ❄
2 maanden geleden
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Granger Smith Goes Full Auto 🔥
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50 Cal vs Tractor Weight 🚜
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ProfabDesigns Marine & Offroad
ProfabDesigns Marine & Offroad 16 uur geleden
How in the world can anyone give you a 'thumbs' down? Praise Jesus you are still here brother!! He has more work for you to do 8-) I was impressed that your alive and doing so well. I am sure your family is grateful too. I am not really into the big gun deal, but I am a new subscriber to your channel!!
Woody Plank
Woody Plank 16 uur geleden
My shirt is going to be here on the 17th!
jamespro88 16 uur geleden
I almost prefer this guy but almost i dont prefee him i almost prefer him
John Friedmann
John Friedmann 16 uur geleden
Wow! God bless you. .... Lesson may be; “don’t use plumbing fittings for hi power rifles.” Just pipe bombs. --- If your numbers are ballpark correct, a Proof rating should have allowed the rifle to withstand at LEAST double the 55k psi standard round, or 110++. Yet the designer said he predicted it could blow in the 90k range. Something is wrong. - I would like to know if the barrel has been examined for signs of blockage after the fact. It is hard or damn near impossible to fill a .50 cal. casing with enough power to blow up a well designed, well manufactured firearm without some other faulty factor such as a blocked barrel.
Kyle Piar
Kyle Piar 16 uur geleden
Almost like gun enthusiasts aren’t bad people
jamespro88 16 uur geleden
Who else likes this guy
Danny King
Danny King 16 uur geleden
Love u Scot Brandon love you too
Captain Rome
Captain Rome 16 uur geleden
Its so kool to see real people show real love to a friend and help them back up ... much love and respect ✊
Tengu Sp33d
Tengu Sp33d 16 uur geleden
Wow NLposts really wanted me to watch this video
John T. Block
John T. Block 16 uur geleden
Good on ya, Brandon! Scott, get well soon!
Yay KRUSER 16 uur geleden
He needs an mg42 😁
John Pollard
John Pollard 16 uur geleden
AKMASTERMIND 16 uur geleden
Nice work AK GOD. Hope you're doing better Scott!
sammyboi42 S
sammyboi42 S 16 uur geleden
The fridge was leaking it’s life juice
Christopher Herald
Christopher Herald 16 uur geleden
Just ordered my "Just Stick a Thumb In IT" T shirt. Happy healing
CALEVRA 16 uur geleden
Get well man God bless you
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 16 uur geleden
Who’s next papa garand thumb
Gregory bumgardner
Gregory bumgardner 16 uur geleden
That was AWESOME!!!
innocentdemon87 16 uur geleden
Nope 16 uur geleden
Should send it in for warranty for laughs to see what they say as the response. The response alone be worth it.
Ron Matson
Ron Matson 16 uur geleden
Looking great big guy
Steve Doty
Steve Doty 16 uur geleden
Just got my “put a thumb in it” T-shirt yesterday. Love it!
Dakawan S
Dakawan S 16 uur geleden
Brain is boring, he didn't kick anything.
Washington fishing & outdoors
Washington fishing & outdoors 16 uur geleden
I can’t wait for the dounut operator episode
gaxtronious gax
gaxtronious gax 16 uur geleden
I clicked it with 130k views looked in the comments after the click it was at 170k
Paddy Mcgill
Paddy Mcgill 16 uur geleden
I like eggplant . What kind of psycho doesn’t like eggplant ?
willwillbilly 16 uur geleden
rember. no eggplant
FACTORY SPEED 16 uur geleden
What do you think of some viewer submitted videos? Would be an awesome thing that I personally haven't seen on any other channel.
Kelly Ford
Kelly Ford 16 uur geleden
GAULL-EE he opened the frig and it looked like 🤮PUKE 🤮 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Anonymous 16 uur geleden
I'm glad you're okay.
Calum Clark
Calum Clark 16 uur geleden
Don't own his guns, but they interest me. It's funny how probably one of the most controversial content on NLposts ( gun content) has by far the most supportive and wholesome community attached to it. Nothing but love and respect for both Scott and Brandon, a kind of community we can all strive for.👍🏻
Brian C
Brian C 16 uur geleden
Yup....The AK guy and Demo Ranch put the dinosaur up to swapping out the SLAP round to a SLAP you in the face round.... They should do a skit to prove it
Grahm Rosebrook
Grahm Rosebrook 16 uur geleden
Can’t wait to see what’s next
SuperSix Delta
SuperSix Delta 16 uur geleden
4:54 - firing from the hip. I love it.
Kyler Goss
Kyler Goss 16 uur geleden
Thank you AK god
Zeus m84
Zeus m84 16 uur geleden
F*** yeah looking good bro
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 16 uur geleden
Full-auto is going to become a rare sight.
Yost Guzman
Yost Guzman 16 uur geleden
herrera is dirty bulking into an early grave
eyehear10 16 uur geleden
Wow that was crazy. Totally worth it tho, that gun is badass!
HiLo Fast&Slow
HiLo Fast&Slow 16 uur geleden
Broski85 16 uur geleden
If you shoot an elk through the butthole it’ll come out it’s chest
Christian Motschenbacher
Christian Motschenbacher 16 uur geleden
Nice grouping
matt brown
matt brown 16 uur geleden
Looking better by the day
Zombie Guy
Zombie Guy 16 uur geleden
i seen what you did there , your window had cracks , good idea to use it in a video , props
PraxicInquisitor Hiko
PraxicInquisitor Hiko 16 uur geleden
More penetration vs. Bigger hole.... which is better? You decide
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews 16 uur geleden
I'm glad Herrera did a Kentucky Ballistics type video and kept his political whining and demonizing to himself.
Nitemare 16 uur geleden
Some ak goodness
Oculus Angelicus
Oculus Angelicus 16 uur geleden
I looks like you are healing very nicely, The staples used to hold large incisions do leave a gnarly scar behind. I had a liver transplant and They used them on me too, Almost like a human zipper! LOL keep healing Scott, we all stand behind you!
Jaime Rincon
Jaime Rincon 16 uur geleden
He got scratched by the bullet
Daniel 357
Daniel 357 16 uur geleden
Wow, your looking good.
Zach Benjamin
Zach Benjamin 16 uur geleden
The old British submachine gun looks a lot like an German MP-18
Jaime Rincon
Jaime Rincon 16 uur geleden
God damm
TaberZak 16 uur geleden
Somebody’s been slowing down on the white claws and speeding up on the shoulder raises
Kelly Ford
Kelly Ford 16 uur geleden
Ded Alus
Ded Alus 16 uur geleden
Jeff Luvvern
Jeff Luvvern 16 uur geleden
send them the elephant gun Scott... they should all do a refresher on the recoil aspects of said rifle... heal up brother, its tough to see a warrior wounded... God Bless...
brotherandythesage 16 uur geleden
More eggplant cannon!
daniel boyd cooper
daniel boyd cooper 16 uur geleden
Get well soon Scott!
molnár bendegúz
molnár bendegúz 16 uur geleden
dude get better soon we all pray for you to get better
James Ireland
James Ireland 16 uur geleden
Awesome how the other NLpostsrs are helping Scott keep the content going. Have a good weekend and stay safe Jimmy from Massachusetts
Liso Campos
Liso Campos 16 uur geleden
I love you Scott not the rn50. Were all scared of that rifle.
Travis Chapin
Travis Chapin 16 uur geleden
Get well soon, Scott!!
bola naranja
bola naranja 16 uur geleden
Who misses the dinosaur 😭
James Buckley
James Buckley 16 uur geleden
So how much 9mm did Brandon Herrera shoot on Friday? All of it.
Kelly Ford
Kelly Ford 16 uur geleden
MAN it's SO KOOL seeing Brandon and Mat here help'n their BIG BROTHER out and just being the best friends man I love it. Y'all are the best
Devin McGroot
Devin McGroot 16 uur geleden
hey scott, i noticed it feels like these videos are eulogies as if you had died lol. the way they refer to you is like "in honor of scott" as if you had died, lol. must be a cool feeling? anyway, hope you recovering well!
Louis Perez
Louis Perez 16 uur geleden
This is super cool! im so glad you guys came together! He came to help!
Liso Campos
Liso Campos 16 uur geleden
Please sell your RN-50 before pawn shops wont take it anymore.
Cody Tain
Cody Tain 16 uur geleden
I'm just waiting for Hickok45 to come over and shot the tactical TRex 😂
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 16 uur geleden
Tactical hydrant time..
Richard Escareno
Richard Escareno 16 uur geleden
Love it! Great job. Get well Scott.
tim schaefer
tim schaefer 16 uur geleden
Feel better fast
Liso Campos
Liso Campos 16 uur geleden
How many RN-50's does it take to go through a 50bmg?
Kelly Ford
Kelly Ford 16 uur geleden
GEE WIZZ Brandon's been PUMP'N SOME IRON... look'n pretty BUFF'N TUFF 😉😉🤣😂 lol
ILIVE 4D80S 16 uur geleden
I'm glad everyone is helping you out Scott, but Oh my goodness! He didn't kick the egg plant, and he's not that funny. Cross fingers you going to to have Hickok45 next.
Awesome Anime Freak
Awesome Anime Freak 16 uur geleden
I want to see Kentucky 45 if you know what I mean
Torsten Hübner
Torsten Hübner 16 uur geleden
Gute Besserung weiterhin, Scott. Grüße von Torsten aus Berlin, Germany.
Dan Yamskoy
Dan Yamskoy 16 uur geleden
Can't wait for Hickok45 and forgotten weapons)
Jim Rustle
Jim Rustle 16 uur geleden
Get well soon Scott!! We all love ya!!
Guter Schuetze YT
Guter Schuetze YT 16 uur geleden
You are the best