The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes
What if We Nuke the Moon?
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The 12,021 Human Era Calendar
Mireya Hackett
Mireya Hackett 2 uur geleden
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AnonymousGamer 2 uur geleden
I think they forgot about unuctium , it’s 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 light years away
Alien 2 uur geleden
Man I will literally graduate in physics off youtube and be the most knowledgeable in my university Thanks kurgesagt
Myfate Trulygreat
Myfate Trulygreat 2 uur geleden
I think it's true about "the more people are well-off, the better your own life is" For example, there will be less robbing or theft crime because people are overall more satisfied And people will be less salty and less judgemental towards others wealth So, people really shouldn't complain much when people who work in lower education job wants a higher pay
neil johnson
neil johnson 2 uur geleden
This is an extremely complicated subject. Surely we need to consult an hysterical teenage girl.
Joy Time
Joy Time 2 uur geleden
A wild thought: Somewhere in a distant unobservable part of the universe there is an Alien civilisation wondering whether they are alone in the universe
Rafiz 2 uur geleden
Oh, that self-protection and always thinking about what's the worst thing other man can do to me and minimizing that threat are part of my life. During this video I realised it's not being careful, or smart, but it might be a problem.
Amru Mubina
Amru Mubina 2 uur geleden
My idiot mind: *why not drink food graded bleach instead?*
MilMike 2 uur geleden
I love the style of Kurzgesagt videos. How cute colorful birdies can explain a depressing story is really cute =)
PR0GRAMMING 2 uur geleden
Meanwhile, on Earth, we have 12,000 Nuclear Weapons all pointing at different cities in different countries. Truly, the Homo-Sapiens are a smart organism!
filip janjic
filip janjic 2 uur geleden
how to start a video kurzgesagt: "one day the universe will die"
Faye Alvarez
Faye Alvarez 2 uur geleden
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Potato 2 uur geleden
(Me silently wanting this so in 2077 in October I can make a joke about nuclear war and watch everyone stare at me in horror)
ItzEntity GT
ItzEntity GT 2 uur geleden
2:49 let’s go
Gary McSpadden tech
Gary McSpadden tech 2 uur geleden
Good to see that this video did not mention anything that is going to ruin my weekend.
WIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVE 2 uur geleden
This is no longer youtube It’s adtube
Ravick Bitencourt
Ravick Bitencourt 2 uur geleden
Saddest knowledge ever.
l o n e g h o s t
l o n e g h o s t 2 uur geleden
damn that's depressing, not only that we don't know if we're alone in the universe and we might not have a chance to find that out
nick_playz095 2 uur geleden
I hate Meat btw
Groundbreak Games
Groundbreak Games 2 uur geleden
Wait until you try DMT
William Burr
William Burr 2 uur geleden
Here we go again with "the big bang"! Must I be regaled with this lie out of the pit of hell just to be able to watch a video about God's beautiful creation? I'll just have to go outside and look up in the sky and enjoy it on my own. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1 (KJV)
J Smit
J Smit 2 uur geleden
3:16 Brutal
dhrupad yadav
dhrupad yadav 2 uur geleden
can omega civilization be the god as the Indian ancient philosophers say there is one god 'Lord Krishna ' who started it all but it is hard to believe if you support that theory too
David Cuschieri
David Cuschieri 2 uur geleden
If technology is advanced enough to create a stable wormhole you might send one past the event horizon as a wormhole is like a black hole that is linked to another and escape the border
Minehunter 2 uur geleden
Born to early to explore the universe born to late to discover stuff but at the perfect time to know about things all around us
Rave 2 uur geleden
You said including sci-fi, yet discounted warp drives?
Samuel Frei
Samuel Frei 2 uur geleden
Id love to have the solar system poster as bed sheets 😍 hope someday this will be available
Kenneth Catlin
Kenneth Catlin 2 uur geleden
This is an excellent video on an interesting concept, but one thing I noticed: this video seems to assume that we will only ever be able to travel the speed of light. While I understand the physical barriers to breaking this speed, I'm wonder what the take is on technologies which could potentially subvert this boundary. If we had some sort of "Space warping" technology (or use of wormhole-like structures) wouldn't we still be able to access physical places outside our visual boundaries?
P Victor
P Victor 2 uur geleden
Hey ,Someone can respond to my answer ? It is possible that stars shelter living beings ? and if yes what would they point of view when they crossed the horizon ?
Francis Legaspi
Francis Legaspi 2 uur geleden
Kurzgesagt is back!
Fabio Suave
Fabio Suave 2 uur geleden
Our entire universe is just a sub-atomic particle inside a microorganism that makes up the cellular structure of another being living in a larger universe. And that larger being is all the same as us. It's a never ending cycle.
J B 2 uur geleden
I didn't get the chicken pox vaccine growing up, so when I got it as a kid, it sucked so much. My sister had a pox mark on her face into her teens. Plus we both have a higher risk of getting shingles later in life. Thanks mom and dad.
Frevler 2 uur geleden
It always breaks my mind when I try to imagine how uncredibly giant the universe is.
The Coolest Daniel
The Coolest Daniel 2 uur geleden
Why why would you do that Murica : cause I can!
Lucas Almeida
Lucas Almeida 2 uur geleden
Well, I guess I'm in preservation mode. This explains a lot.
iDontCare 2 uur geleden
may i just say the timing is convenient
Jevi Pierre
Jevi Pierre 2 uur geleden
Hey Kurzgesgt, What's outside of space? is there anything outside of space? I undestand it takes months to make a video about "What's outside of space", but it would be legendary to see you make a video about that. Regards
Derrick 2 uur geleden
Imagine if there are tons of other life forms out there that we just can't see because they can't reach us.
scrubby Bard
scrubby Bard 2 uur geleden
We're no different than a virus except we can go one step further and try to wreck whole other planets
The Curious Noob
The Curious Noob 3 uur geleden
Remember when science didn't even consider leaving the planet was possible according to physics? Under 200 years ago? Come on stop preventing our youngest brightest minds from thinking beyond the possible. Without thinking beyond the possible we wouldn't have anything that is modern technology.
Aashman Bajpai
Aashman Bajpai 3 uur geleden
Where did you come up with this Horizon theory? The expansion of the universe doesn't prove anything, you shouldn't omit entire topics in the name of Oversimplification.
Murasamemaru - Asmael
Murasamemaru - Asmael 3 uur geleden
the part where they talk about the summer evening made me bawl so hard i dont know why
jared silveira
jared silveira 3 uur geleden
God looks like Donald Trump for me.
Man With No Name
Man With No Name 3 uur geleden
Kurezesgat ❣
keytron1 3 uur geleden
0:26 This one didn’t age so well
FixtrtMusic 3 uur geleden
Just go back in time and get rid of the evention, simple
MadVulcan 3 uur geleden
. *( What about a Musha Jump Drive? )*
enviromad 3 uur geleden
highest standards of living if your into stress and being a slave to the rat race
Flame 3 uur geleden
I really want humans to reach the whole universe, ah only if we could get over stupid arguments and actually do something useful for once
Vesuvian Doppelganger
Vesuvian Doppelganger 3 uur geleden
Humans were created. Humans didn't evolve into existence.
Max Martin
Max Martin 3 uur geleden
In the third Three-Body book, Death's End one of the scientists calls the universe a bloated corpse. Its head would not know of the existence of it's hand because the speed of light is so slow in relation its size.
raiden farani
raiden farani 3 uur geleden
I didn't watch yet but I love your videos BTW but ww III might be starting... godspeeds if WW III starts....
冠諭 黃
冠諭 黃 3 uur geleden
can effective microorganisms disinfect
JACOB TURD MANAOG 3 uur geleden
田中大将 3 uur geleden
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GraverGames 3 uur geleden
Why does every video that discusses the merging of the Milky Way and Andromeda always have to say they will be named the "unoriginal" Milkdromeda? Do you all just find the same source and copy it exactly for your scripts? Just say the name and leave the opinion out of it...
Oliver Robertson
Oliver Robertson 3 uur geleden
nahhhhh i beg u do another one of these but a full version plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Vrinda Jain
Vrinda Jain 3 uur geleden
chills, literal chills
Ansheng Wang
Ansheng Wang 3 uur geleden
Isn’t the Milky Way galaxy also expanding outwards so it matches the speed of expansion of other galaxies? It’s not like we’re the center of the Big Bang right?
Dajon Ragland
Dajon Ragland 3 uur geleden
Because the planet doesn't want them dead?
IdoNt Giveafkastan
IdoNt Giveafkastan 3 uur geleden
I was told they were called "orphan planets" meaning they had no parent star
Ardequerade 3 uur geleden
im actually crying
Hyuka Blake Ashford
Hyuka Blake Ashford 3 uur geleden
"so i'm an astronaut?" "Always has been"
7840-B Bilal Khan
7840-B Bilal Khan 3 uur geleden
Meanwhile in Andromeda way
J B 3 uur geleden
Cannabis products are legal where I live. It's stimulated my locale's economy, especially through taxes, which means the county has greater resources to address problems in my community. I made sure to read the propositions carefully, though, to see where the cannabis was grown (in remote locations), how much land was allocated, and where the money from the taxes go. Sometimes the economic values outweighs the negative sides. Plus I like the occasional edible.
Studies in Plink
Studies in Plink 3 uur geleden
Surely in the long run the cmbr wont dissappear but will just have red shifted far in to the radio end of the spectrum
RAGU VARAN 3 uur geleden
7:40 -The possibility of my success in my life
T-90 is coming
T-90 is coming 3 uur geleden
Dahm it be fast at infecting people slowly
Pravin Dahal
Pravin Dahal 3 uur geleden
When Homeopathy was brought to the people, even the experts now agree that the medical establishment was killing more people than it was saving. Hand hyegine was not known about, so if you went to a doctor, you would most likely get infected with 10 diseases if you went in for a cure of 1 which you may or may not have had... and even if you did, the medical establishment most likely did not have the means to fix. Even after hand hyegine was established, doctors simply wouldn't do it all the time and they don't even today (read the book The Checklist Manifesto to understand why). Even if Homeopathy was completely useless (verdicts still out on that one because biology hasn't been updated with the understanding of development in physics and chemistry in the last 120 years or so), it would improve your health, simply because: - Placebo works (which is why all drugs are tested against a placebo, so all drugs work better than the placebo in the short term... but the problem is that all of them also have long-term consequences which are not a part of the medical trials... and they're only discovered after several years of use on the masses) - You avoid potentially harmful alternatives You should only ever go to the hospital for acute trauma i.e. to the ER in an emergency. If you're going other times, you're most likely harming yourself in the long run.
TheSeranath 3 uur geleden
They did say "even with sci-fi technology" then base the entire video around the (unproven) premise that FTL (a sci-fi staple) is impossible and will never happen. Forget the cosmological horison, any reasonably fast FTL could conceivably cross the border of the observable universe given enough time.
your neighbor's dog
your neighbor's dog 3 uur geleden
Holograms? Flat surface? We're in a simulation???
rd n
rd n 3 uur geleden
Luis Hoffman
Luis Hoffman 3 uur geleden
Just know on a cosmic scale this upload isnt worth it
Juan Rosales
Juan Rosales 3 uur geleden
My heart hurts watching this hella scared if im the only one
Herman Zhukov
Herman Zhukov 3 uur geleden
What do you mean the largest structure that we'll ever be a part of? Definitely not! Human mind will find exploits in all that our universe is! And we'll never be cut off! We'll always be able to communicate using quantum entanglement powered internet!
Ezequiel Sanchez
Ezequiel Sanchez 3 uur geleden
By far....and I would gladly use one of your cool animations to illustrate new favourite YT subscription.
Van Garnett
Van Garnett 3 uur geleden
I've seen this in science fiction before and it simply comes down to this: If you upload your mind into a computer, it's not actually you. It's your memories and personally and all that, but not you. It would be like a clone... exact copy but not really you.
THINK PATH 3 uur geleden
fun fact did u know that auroras occur due to the interaction of solar wind and the atomosphere? I will post such regular videos like this so pls sub!! btw i'm a kid.😀😀
BigR2000 3 uur geleden
This is amazing!