It's a Long Way to Furudu
Living into your 90s
5 dagen geleden
2007: Barack Obama
13 dagen geleden
America the Resilient
15 dagen geleden
What drives Ohio voters?
22 dagen geleden
Joe Biden's tax plan
29 dagen geleden
60 in 6 reports on QAnon
Philip Murray
Philip Murray 2 uur geleden
And they are still dealing how do they get away with it
Alina SuMaria
Alina SuMaria 3 uur geleden
My homeland , My love, my soul, my paradise missed this place so much!!💚🙏🏻
Николай Лузгин
Николай Лузгин 3 uur geleden
ходит по этим каналам как Ш и Б, а мне потому тупые рекомендации всплывают
David Leonard
David Leonard 3 uur geleden
Black owned bank....with white money. Nothing will ever TRULY be black owned, until we can print our own money
R Nunez
R Nunez 3 uur geleden
Anderson Copper is so bad at his job.
S Monster
S Monster 3 uur geleden
Man damn Obama
Borgassett 3 uur geleden
Mael Ughran
Mael Ughran 3 uur geleden
Attenborough talks about "it's not beyond redemption", "people have discovered they need the natural world for their very sanity (in the context of the pandemic)", " it's time to put aside national ambitions" , "that's what's going to sink us in the end". He's great at describing what exists, and explaining how it works. But never mentions how it all started, have you noticed? Makes me wonder if he's ever read The Bible.
Ayan Mohamed
Ayan Mohamed 3 uur geleden
Well done
Justtamara 3 uur geleden
He is talented and all but I can read the same page over and over for hours and still not understand anything😎
R G 3 uur geleden
look at it
look at it 3 uur geleden
4:08 *Who decided to bring a war elephant on the left there?*
DK Choi
DK Choi 3 uur geleden
From Korea, USA lost justice by Democratic
m newman
m newman 3 uur geleden
First there is no cost, then states insurance pays. So, we paid huge cost with tax dollars and we are to pay more to be a part of sn experiment
MisterBinx 3 uur geleden
Im 34 and I couldn't remember the 3 words lol.
Susan Aroche
Susan Aroche 3 uur geleden
the bell didn't ring yet......
Galen fett
Galen fett 3 uur geleden
The far left show of 60 minutes has failed us. Your antifa burn down America for power and votes you let your side do one corrupt thing after terrorized people and demonized them for a political cult that has radicalized the left and made them bigoted fascist racist terrorists. Being a independent i see the coward Republicans and the terrorist democrats for what they are the problem
luckshy chavda
luckshy chavda 3 uur geleden
0:54 thier fun is also tarrible..
Card & Code
Card & Code 3 uur geleden
I don’t wanna live that long, I’ll take my life after 65. I don’t see a benefit of being dependent on others for what I need . Unless they find a cure in biotechnology
Regulator 222
Regulator 222 3 uur geleden
Now see, I can stomach Anderson in this video seems like a great reporter. I don't like him in the POLITCAL realm. Great story. Great actors. Great movies. I'm saddened by the loss of River. I still feel his presence.
Yogesh Benedicte
Yogesh Benedicte 3 uur geleden
Bin Laden should have been brought to court for interrogation especially to clear out this speculation- ‘there are a lot of people who believe George Bush planned on twin tower implosion and blamed Laden to attack on Afghanistan and eventually Iraq for OIL’.
Greenkeeper 132
Greenkeeper 132 3 uur geleden
His German is actually almost perfect. To add onto his long list of accomplishments.
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana 3 uur geleden
Lesley Stahl was out of order, she clearly attacked the potus and the vp. 60 minutes done a lot of cutting to make Lesley look she done nothing wrong.
observing1000 4 uur geleden
Your an enemy of the state. Your black magic is your failure. Jail or worse is the people of the stations fate.
jimmyboy1582 4 uur geleden
But thought this was the greatest economy?
Jerry Hugges
Jerry Hugges 4 uur geleden
Gees, I miss a President like this. Look what we have now. God help America.
95-96 Bulls on 2K
95-96 Bulls on 2K 4 uur geleden
I hope he writes a book faster all this.
YoGotti 4 uur geleden
Sergino dest is the mega U.S superstar after he joined Barcelona.
hanhdhsj 4 uur geleden
Freemason handshake.
GKs SPY 4 uur geleden
Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams .
Cabover_Banda 4 uur geleden
These old people behaved better that Donald J. Trump lol
Danni Feveile Börm
Danni Feveile Börm 4 uur geleden
The american "system" of paying tips in restaurants isn't helping her situation. She shouldn't be dependent on that. The restaurant owner should pay proper wages and raise the meal prices instead. Then no tips are needed. That's really a bad system you've created for yourself.
Dave Gurney
Dave Gurney 4 uur geleden
We could all live to this age in much better shape than are these people if the Democrats would allow the gyms to open the way they were on March 15th.
CABREX 4 uur geleden
is trump fking dumb? bro if you do testing or you don't do it doesn't matter! People who have covid have it. The only way you know is through testing. Oh my lord trump doesn't have a freaking logical mind. Obama and biden were prolly facepalming too much
cledwyn stafford
cledwyn stafford 4 uur geleden
The ununited USA is the laughing stock of the world.
Moist Peanut
Moist Peanut 4 uur geleden
Remember when Trump stormed out of his 60 minutes interview?
Sharon Roy
Sharon Roy 4 uur geleden
I'm thankful Biden won.
Fernando Rey
Fernando Rey 4 uur geleden
Corruption and manipulation at its finest
Brian 4 uur geleden
if Antifa goes away, so will we. :)
Cecile Joubert
Cecile Joubert 4 uur geleden
Lesley, you had your daggers out for Trump during the last interview with him!
kinn grimm
kinn grimm 4 uur geleden
I like people not walking out of their interviews to avoid tough questions or their inability to get over themselves.
Fernando Rey
Fernando Rey 4 uur geleden
Lol 😂
Georgia Overdrive
Georgia Overdrive 4 uur geleden
LOL. Leno saying he felt he was pushed out, when he was the one who pushed out Carson. He didn’t even let Carson finish his 30th year.
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson 5 uur geleden
Our elected president and Mr JOE BIDEN. The people voted for him. AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE. NOT A GROUP THINKING THAT DECIDES WHAT IT WANTS AND WITH ITS IDEAS DIVIDES THE PEOPLE WITH THE IDEAS OF A GROUP .. Once again, what should be an example continues to try to change and disrupt our reality of our beloved and beloved reality Trying to change our history of pride and example for the rest of the world. Disrespecting our TAO AMADA AMERICA.
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson 5 uur geleden
Our elected president and Mr JOE BIDEN. The people voted for him. AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE. NOT A GROUP THINKING THAT DECIDES WHAT IT WANTS AND WITH ITS IDEAS DIVIDES THE PEOPLE WITH THE IDEAS OF A GROUP .. Once again, what should be an example continues to try to change and disrupt our reality of our beloved and beloved reality Trying to change our history of pride and example for the rest of the world. Disrespecting our TAO AMADA AMERICA.
Daniel L. Phillips
Daniel L. Phillips 5 uur geleden
Beautiful lady.
JerJer B
JerJer B 5 uur geleden
OK: coffee ✓, exercise ✓, wine ✓, gaining weight ✓, sex (oh wait it's Covid...)
Ahmed Ayman
Ahmed Ayman 5 uur geleden
This guy is so old that even if you go back 40 years ago he is still old
christ griffin
christ griffin 5 uur geleden
Paul Grant
Paul Grant 5 uur geleden
peter kuria
peter kuria 5 uur geleden
45 like shouting matches.
Viktoria Vasiliev
Viktoria Vasiliev 5 uur geleden
Shakira wears the trousers.
Joe Williams
Joe Williams 5 uur geleden
and thats the kind of wife i do not wanna have
Xtopher 5 uur geleden
The White House be like:
Frank Snyder
Frank Snyder 5 uur geleden
Love you Mom and Dad.
Greg Grisham
Greg Grisham 5 uur geleden
These are careered TRAITORS ADORNED in luxury not journalists but SATANIC PUBLIC TRAITORS normalizing The SATANIC www666antichrristville ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE empire community of SATANIC demonically created families and institutions of the most SATANIC www666antichrristville U.S. TRAITOR SABATOUR government and it's SATANIC holidays celebrating the invading mass murderers not settlers and puritan but mass murderers of Indians and no such thing as service men and women or soldier's or VETERAN'S but trained sociopath international mass murderers and hometown www666antichrristville gun and badge national guard murderer TRAITORS holding us hostage at gun point extorting money from us to pay for www666antichrristville hometown EXTORTIONIST calling themselves the STATE, CITY AND COUNTY We must reinstate the guillotine and DRAG all city county state and federal careered TRAITORS out and execute on PUBLIC t.v after torturing them and obtain full confessions then dig up DADA BUSH and Reagan and Nixon and all www666antichrristville supreme court TRAITORS not judge's or justises but incell rejects payed to turn TREASON into law enforcement and pay hometown www666antichrristville INCELL REJECTS to hold their POOR MEEK hostage at gun point and CLONE them and torture on PUBLIC t.v. until we've obtained full confessions then CLONE them over and over and over and over and over and drop them off where www666antichrristville MURDERED the elected officials and installed government TRAITORS all over planet EARTH built from stealing 22trillion dollar's funneled out through the PENTAGRAM not Pentagon TRAITORS
TheRovingGent89 5 uur geleden
Farrakhan is a vile, contemptible, frothing, murderous racist and anti-Semite. I don't know if he had a hand in the killing of Malcolm X, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least and whether he did or not, he's a loathsome conspiracy theory-mongering bigot.
Umanfly 5 uur geleden
At the End of the Day : Adams was ahead of his time in protectionism for a New Government , but extenuating to our Generation ... Its a New Horizon predicated by reason of insanity in the case of Donald Trump . We have a clown in the drivers seat and have to remove him by ( Any Means ) So as to Protect our Values and the Virtues of The American Way.
Charlie Chaplin Comedy fun
Charlie Chaplin Comedy fun 5 uur geleden
Pablo Agustín Escobar Ullauri
Pablo Agustín Escobar Ullauri 5 uur geleden
What a remarkable man!
littleclay 6 uur geleden
... a lot of questions, but what we do know is that JE is dead... - if 60min said it, it Has to be true
jake9307 6 uur geleden
best way to describe the trump administration: smoke and mirrors
angel parsley
angel parsley 6 uur geleden
Trump 2020 cant stand the fake media
kong vue
kong vue 6 uur geleden
Now that’s a president. Trump not so much.
ABHILASH P 6 uur geleden
Iam sure that lady interviewer is a Trump supporter
viralshield 6 uur geleden
acar1994 6 uur geleden
Oh come on... I’m 26 and I can’t even remember the last thing I ate for dinner yesterday 😂
René Javier
René Javier 6 uur geleden
The common factor among these is wealth and probably, education. Doing longevity research among wealthy retirees sound like good business.
Wale Banmore
Wale Banmore 6 uur geleden
Good talk.
Tommy Nason
Tommy Nason 6 uur geleden
AR-15s are used in violent crimes around . 001% of all gun violence in the US. For the Democrats watching this That means it's next to nothing. Almost never. Way more people get killed with a hammer, screwdriver, or any other object that could be used as a weapon.
Tommy Nason
Tommy Nason 6 uur geleden
AR-15s are great guns. I have a couple of them. That being said this video is ridiculous, your average hunting rifle has way more power than an AR-15. Dirty Democrats.
René Javier
René Javier 6 uur geleden
The onset of aging is birth.
ArabPeace 6 uur geleden
Respect their culture and leave them be, imo Arabs are more developed than any other nation specially morally and socially.
Debra Jenkins
Debra Jenkins 7 uur geleden
This is very upsetting. Rich people do something to help.
Dodge Williams
Dodge Williams 7 uur geleden
"We are supposed to disagree with each other. That's the whole point of this country". Powerful words
ASIF AHMAD 7 uur geleden
So heart touching....
m.d. lindsay
m.d. lindsay 7 uur geleden
why not say "humankind"?
Jake Tiopira
Jake Tiopira 7 uur geleden
Maria Colls
Maria Colls 7 uur geleden
I'm going to have a private thanksgiving of one in New Zealand. I'm a New Zealander I have been to America since I was 22. Watching videos surrounding America's current situation inside and outside of Washington, I wanted to give a thought for country that still has a way to go in regaining some stability in their lives. I'm so grateful of Lesley and 60 minutes for not addressing the elephant in the room. After thanks giving and after you have entered into December, I hope you can take stock of some much needed calm and affection for each other this coming Christmas. I'm not Christian. I'm the worst kind of atheist, a lapsed Catholic. But if the word God was to mean one single word, I still would connect to the symbol of love. God watch over each and every person in America. God is deserving of every single member of America. I hope we all have a great Christmas and take stock of we do have. Take care. xx
Gil Lohner
Gil Lohner 7 uur geleden
Who came back here after they managed to put a Dragon-Capsule with humans into space...