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Orzhov 17 uur geleden
Me with an A in O level Computer Science and in college still not knowing what the fuck I'm doing I am going to university next year.
Seth Nicolas
Seth Nicolas 17 uur geleden
Girl: hey I love you and I wanna marry you The guy: meehh I really can't tell.. better look for more signs
Hugues Jouffrai
Hugues Jouffrai 17 uur geleden
People who never played football (soccer) usually tend to think that football players are faking when they are hurt. Also they don't know the rules and rarely think there should be a foul
Kenzo Kurniawan
Kenzo Kurniawan 17 uur geleden
90%no 9,9% eww no 0,1%yes
Cutiejuliya 17 uur geleden
lmfao this is so relatable 😂😂😂😆
Haider Andazola
Haider Andazola 17 uur geleden
This is too damn good. The point about crypto traders not converting their crypto to cash because it would mean crypto isn't its own currently made me chuckle out loud.
Allmight16 18 uur geleden
“There’s a big black thing in your mouth” ...
Denise Siddon
Denise Siddon 18 uur geleden
Boomers be like: back in my day ................................
Simon Bellegy
Simon Bellegy 18 uur geleden
I can't believe Casually Explained also watches Captain Disillusion 😂
John Double A
John Double A 18 uur geleden
2:47 So true lmaaaao
Matthew Zigmond
Matthew Zigmond 18 uur geleden
For some reason my Google home came on during the end of this video and started telling me about Causally Explained randomly lol
JJ Cranford1
JJ Cranford1 18 uur geleden
comment 8=)
Sushrut Phutane
Sushrut Phutane 19 uur geleden
@0:20 int checkifeaten(){ void swim(){ int main() { int noteaten = 1; while(noteaten == 1){ swim(); printf("bloop "); noteaten = checkifeaten(); } return(0); } /* i hope you compile.. So i do not look stupid Google hire me please */
kieran brentnall
kieran brentnall 19 uur geleden
Dam amber heard try to get Elon too
New Apple
New Apple 19 uur geleden
That some nice Corona there
Procrastination 19 uur geleden
Stocks only go up
ThoughtCow 19 uur geleden
Little did he know...
AsianJesus 19 uur geleden
Watching from the Philippines, the internet here is pretty slow so this comment might take a while to send - 5/4/18
Adam McGahan
Adam McGahan 19 uur geleden
casually explained: mia khalifa
vs l
vs l 19 uur geleden
Okay so the average American can't even speak English properly? 😂
Priscilla Shaw
Priscilla Shaw 19 uur geleden
Can we all agree that gelato is underrated
RRbaron 19 uur geleden
The way he said "then I get him with my spin move" that just made the whole video for me
Anthony 20 uur geleden
Volunteer for the make a wish foundation had me rolling
Entertainment To Go
Entertainment To Go 20 uur geleden
You forgot the 0,00000001% that is worth at least 150 billion dollars. If you're worth over 150 billion congrats you can control the whole financial markets. It's just a single tweet away
Aditya Dubey
Aditya Dubey 20 uur geleden
I missed "I LOVE YOU"
tyler89557 20 uur geleden
We have a place called pho king It is as much of a meme as you think it is.
Toad James Doob
Toad James Doob 20 uur geleden
r/Nintendo is the place where Nintendo geeks go to geek out r/Sega is used for Nintendo geeks to talk about how sega Dreamcast is bad
delevator 20 uur geleden
I feel so called out by this last one (even though I'm a woman). "You don't wanna get your heart broken...honestly, there will be no rebounding from that one"--that's exactly how you miss out on great things, take it from a pro ;)
Astro 20 uur geleden
I’d never touch stocks and shares. I actually work for a living.
IB - 08KT 736738 The Woodlands SS
IB - 08KT 736738 The Woodlands SS 20 uur geleden
“SLI for Nvidia” laughs in 30 series
evan n
evan n 21 uur geleden
rachel bruh
Talal bergoug
Talal bergoug 21 uur geleden
2 ثانوي
tyler89557 21 uur geleden
600 hours to learn French Me, having taken French class for 4 years: *well... Guess I'm just dumb*
siddiq shameer
siddiq shameer 21 uur geleden
do you have the reddit link
Cameron Bannon
Cameron Bannon 21 uur geleden
there is not a word in french without a sexual connotation or that doesn't mean "we surrender". also they have been invaded enough to know english, they are all full of pride and hate you for speaking something that isn't french.
MrElephant 21 uur geleden
Suh duhd
S G 22 uur geleden
Btw expressVPN doesnt work for me. Anyone else having this experience? I tried the trial 2 times and it never worked. Can someone explain me what could possibily not work? Live in Germany.
Jacket games
Jacket games 22 uur geleden
then i get it with my spin move
S G 22 uur geleden
I laughed hard when he said "damn I wished I was married". That joke came totally unexpected. The best jokes are still the ones where the opposite is true 😂👍
Dao E
Dao E 22 uur geleden
He did African food so damn dirty 😂
mindless creature
mindless creature 22 uur geleden
to summarize: you can't tell
Claymation_from- TragicMC
Claymation_from- TragicMC 23 uur geleden
I hate people who Quote subreddits and replying with unfunny shitty joke r/woooosh.
Matttyhd 23 uur geleden
My Google went off
Washington Post
Washington Post 23 uur geleden
They don’t have food in Africa, they have learned to get nutrition through photosynthesis
Christian N
Christian N 23 uur geleden
Dude comfy wear is every highschool male atm
Michel Charbonnier
Michel Charbonnier 23 uur geleden
How dare you suggest the Sun is hotter than Natalie Dormer?
Liam Farrell
Liam Farrell 23 uur geleden
God, the okay google line worked on all the nest speakers in my house because they are linked, so my entire household just got to hear "okay, you are now subscribed to Casually Explained".
Dominic П
Dominic П 23 uur geleden
Seeing this as a Dutchman: 😐
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen Dag geleden
I don't drink. When I was drunk: 1.being stupid (check) ; 2.uncontrollable body (check) ; 3.forgetting thing (remember everything)
ABAlphaBeta Dag geleden
Native French speaker, most of this is bullshit.
Christopher Cranefield
Christopher Cranefield Dag geleden
HEY DONT DISS MY TUNNBRÖDSRULLE :(( I swear everyone is jealous when I take it out (Very good pronounciation of Raggmunk and Tunnbrödsrulle tho)
Bluelisted Dag geleden
I still don’t know what a readit is
Ash Kilburn
Ash Kilburn Dag geleden
Aah! I am so sorry! I am colour blind! I thought it was green!
你死了 Dag geleden
Nhat nguyen
Nhat nguyen Dag geleden
unsinkable II ;)))))))
Old Dusty
Old Dusty Dag geleden
Tunnbrödsrulle = thin bread roll
Piccalilli Pit
Piccalilli Pit Dag geleden
*THE HOTTEST GIRL i have ever known in my life - liked coin collecting - no shit
soukoun gaming
soukoun gaming Dag geleden
i am now writing a comment
Max Guy
Max Guy Dag geleden
You Suck At Cooking cameo
Lord Feish
Lord Feish Dag geleden
Alr lets just take that, voluntarily remove all of the dating part, get rid of the social anxiety, add in a fuck ton of actual schoolwork, and the douse the whole thing in viruses and you got my hs life thus far
Cosmo Politan
Cosmo Politan Dag geleden
I'm pretty sure you can get every macronutrient available with veganism.
Cosmo Politan
Cosmo Politan Dag geleden
Nora Oeien
Nora Oeien Dag geleden
in norway, eating out is expensive as hell and a big factor to this is that both tax and tip is included in the price🤷🏻‍♀️
raccoon404 X
raccoon404 X Dag geleden
Biggest plot twist of adulthood: the cost of a kitchen trash can
Jimmo Jeffy
Jimmo Jeffy Dag geleden
Here in Australia, the fish and chips are as good as this mans upload schedule.
chaincat33 Dag geleden
use desmos
Mr. 'Kirkland' Meeseeks
Mr. 'Kirkland' Meeseeks Dag geleden
Holy Shit! I'm a "Millennial" .. ?
Flamenco Ceja Armando alfonso
Flamenco Ceja Armando alfonso Dag geleden
I always love the punch lines of his videos
Rana Pratap
Rana Pratap Dag geleden
When James said ok google. My google home said "please log in through the google home app" lol
Turtle Cart
Turtle Cart Dag geleden
Jun Yuan
Jun Yuan Dag geleden
6:37 "poor thing, must have been vaccinated" DUDEEE
SoNotTheHeroType Dag geleden
"8 is all you need" man this is old
denoro Dag geleden
That door thing was a good hint 😉
Whine Dag geleden
sounds about right
Striker1246 Dag geleden
RIP incontrol
Joshua Belisle
Joshua Belisle Dag geleden
*slow clap*
Edu 'Strada' Gemmal
Edu 'Strada' Gemmal Dag geleden
tsctsctsctsc so biased and prejudicist... but kinda funny too. give you a C
Helen Chen
Helen Chen Dag geleden
I'm so not afraid of missing out that my brothers say I live under a rock.
Fk Your mother
Fk Your mother Dag geleden
brodak westyn
brodak westyn Dag geleden
That latam joke 🤣🤣🤣