REVOLT Summit x AT&T: Day 3
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REVOLT Summit x AT&T: Day 1
Hunnit Gutta
Hunnit Gutta 4 uur geleden
I’m back🔥
D V 4 uur geleden
His impersonations be spot on 😂
Justin Lamb
Justin Lamb 4 uur geleden
I count about 10 defamations suits coming Berg way. 🤣🤣
Willie Hampton
Willie Hampton 4 uur geleden
Half break my shit too doe from gucci
Willie Hampton
Willie Hampton 4 uur geleden
Straight drop young jeezy
EddyiMean 4 uur geleden
Tragedy was on point schooling the yougin. He’s triggered simply being hearing the word Trump. Black is so programmed they can’t think outside and objective related to Trump. The media program the reaction to Trump. Smh
Willie Hampton
Willie Hampton 4 uur geleden
Mannnn jeezy killed that nigga every sound if u really living like tha u no wat I mean
DJ SMJ1 4 uur geleden
Nore hating Right right right right
LXTX 4 uur geleden
1:04:50 🔥🔥
Kujo 5 uur geleden
Gucci got bodied..jeezy got nothin but hits
Seth Willis
Seth Willis 5 uur geleden
Jay z and nas !!!!!!! Yes please
V2criztoviletero19V2 5 uur geleden
jeezy talkin bout king von nipsey etc make laught hard considering the fact that was him the one to put a hit to gucci and people call him the bigger man ahaha
Seth Willis
Seth Willis 5 uur geleden
So glad they came together at the end
Domo W
Domo W 5 uur geleden
The chi could never be better than the wire
Mike Charest
Mike Charest 5 uur geleden
I always hated jeezy will at my fucking heart
Seth Willis
Seth Willis 5 uur geleden
Only thing to do
Allen BM
Allen BM 5 uur geleden
1st and last time watching this show. Wack
Woody Grajeda
Woody Grajeda 5 uur geleden
Just told that my coworker the other day. It don't matter who in that office. Ima be up, if when I'm down. Focused!
Rocky Rosa
Rocky Rosa 5 uur geleden
Lavinia Redmond
Lavinia Redmond 5 uur geleden
M. McC
M. McC 5 uur geleden
Just sayin'. You gotta have Wonder white bread for a mayonaise sandwich and bonus if you ad sliced tomato. I'm an old white guy so I know.
Seth Willis
Seth Willis 5 uur geleden
I put on.
Woody Grajeda
Woody Grajeda 5 uur geleden
It may be different in NY but for those who know, Cali felons can vote.
Bahadel Yamamoto
Bahadel Yamamoto 5 uur geleden
Did not know Irv Gotti was like this they always say negativity, straight up Relaxed G
M. McC
M. McC 5 uur geleden
Those glam pics she provided ain't the gross gal on the video
Seth Willis
Seth Willis 5 uur geleden
Wooof he came out with "Truth". Yikes can only imagine how Jeezy was feeling.
Seth Willis
Seth Willis 5 uur geleden
NVM. Jeezy just told us how he felt. Fuck. Oh fuck. You know Gucci regret that. Jeezy come out with it's for the culture. Damn
M. McC
M. McC 5 uur geleden
She made that pursed lip smirk that all Karen's do when they think they've made a point.
Rocky Rosa
Rocky Rosa 5 uur geleden
Rocky Rosa
Rocky Rosa 5 uur geleden
Zeah Vere
Zeah Vere 5 uur geleden
Most trash shit in history snoop an dmx was all love legendary soul touching Gucci petty asf I’d respect it at all
Rocky Rosa
Rocky Rosa 5 uur geleden
Rocky Rosa
Rocky Rosa 5 uur geleden
Rocky Rosa
Rocky Rosa 5 uur geleden
Malik McCoy
Malik McCoy 5 uur geleden
1:45:30 "take the dap back"🤣
FULL RAP ALBUMS 5 uur geleden
Redman the best
A WAX 5 uur geleden
Romany malco is who took Wallo's story. For y'all who didn't know
olBAMA Nation
olBAMA Nation 5 uur geleden
What a N MESS.
Tykim Brown
Tykim Brown 5 uur geleden
Him and ghostface look alike lol 😆
Owen Sly
Owen Sly 5 uur geleden
come on guys, you can do a better job with the video tho, such a historic moment, very poor video.
edgar ruiz
edgar ruiz 5 uur geleden
1:10min and I’d fast forward trough every SWAP MEET PURSE Gucci song so Far 🤢
Pretty B
Pretty B 5 uur geleden
I rock wit both dey music. This is what I like black rapper success. Dey both paid and dey both made it and living nice🔥🔥🔥. Instead of all the beef get on the mic and battle da shit out in front if everybody. Keep shit a 💯💯💯
Trayvon Monden
Trayvon Monden 5 uur geleden
I can’t believe I’m 22 and I enjoyed this😂😂
HashMoney Promo Videos & Snippets of hits
HashMoney Promo Videos & Snippets of hits 5 uur geleden
New #GucciMane Versuz #Jeezy Battle Music New & Old 🎶 🎵 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒 🥶 ☃️ 🧊
mzhotniz86 6 uur geleden
Tearri Mari is such a loser. I feel bad for her
Anton Malloy
Anton Malloy 6 uur geleden
I never watched the whole show but this 1 I watched the hole thing Conway that nigga and tragedy a legend.
tony h
tony h 6 uur geleden
I have to bump the War Report and The testament after this interview. Love listening to Tragedy Speak.
Marvin Wilson
Marvin Wilson 6 uur geleden
PabloSackrightWilson on fb 716
Pyne 6 uur geleden
Rocky Rosa
Rocky Rosa 6 uur geleden
You could tell this two guys gt robbed by the industry.
Ashford Simpson
Ashford Simpson 6 uur geleden
This in my Favorites shout out Drink Champs💯💪🏾" I DONT EVEN HAVE A resPonse" N.O.R.E. Voice 💯💪🏾🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Christopher Mcgrady
Christopher Mcgrady 6 uur geleden
This dude trag stay trying to drag prodigy someone needs to go see this dude hes a fkn coward when P was alive an running with the team he was with there wasnt a single negative word towards P he was terrified of the dudes P ran with catchin P gone all hes done is drag him......those dudes still have alot of love in there heart for P an they will still see trag for this let's see what ur big cowardly mouth gets you.
CashCow 6 uur geleden
I gave it to him..I mean HE WUZ CUTE...😂😂😂 dumb man...and that's how you caught the HIV? todays world you need to demand a blood test people....
GoodVybz 6 uur geleden
This interview had comedy, politics, real talk, special guest and a shocking moment. Best interview to date! Love to hear more from Conway tho. Drunk is always good talk.🤣
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 6 uur geleden
Diddy is the best mogul out here
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 6 uur geleden
Revolt tv is the best
Antonio Franklin
Antonio Franklin 6 uur geleden
Lol they minus well make a mixtape fuck it bring the oGS BACK!!!
Joseph Villines
Joseph Villines 6 uur geleden
We cant keep lo iving in the past play one of my new hits....damn u ain't got none since 07....😂😂🤣☠☠
kryy kryy
kryy kryy 6 uur geleden
1:04:53 FK FIRE GUCCI!
Cody Lumby
Cody Lumby 6 uur geleden
I really thought this was a freestyle battle now to find out this is jus a greatest hits battle kind of weak
Dyon LeBlanc
Dyon LeBlanc 6 uur geleden
I think P, Birdman, J Prince should go on a seminar tour giving game to potential artists producers and other industry minded people. He has a good message but it reaching enough people yet. They could educate every on the ins ands out of deals distribution finance mgmt and public relations (media) at the very least they profit from the head count per person while they dropping knowledge.
Watersign Beatz
Watersign Beatz 6 uur geleden
Gucci clone Got barzz
Samyr Nicolas
Samyr Nicolas 6 uur geleden
Tragedy a Ill kat. Conway too. I'm wondering what that one handshake between them was about tho. That was a little different
Candyce 6 uur geleden
I know Dr Dre ain't talking when he was an abuser himself
eric Alan
eric Alan 6 uur geleden
Someone make a time stamp list lmao
Latoya Marshall
Latoya Marshall 7 uur geleden
I been told em years ago.... MY DAWG ROSS UNDERRATED!! FLORIDA STAND UP🙋💪❤
suicide is not an option
suicide is not an option 7 uur geleden
"That was cute" Gucci 😅
Loid Gil Henriques
Loid Gil Henriques 7 uur geleden
All I wanna know find out is the name of the Girl who allegedly set him up...Ran a little research and did not come far !!!
Nate Bravo
Nate Bravo 7 uur geleden
Next verzuz I want to see is E40 vs Too $hort
Jay Gray
Jay Gray 7 uur geleden
Shut up efn
Cal El
Cal El 7 uur geleden
Bruh, Gucci is terrifyingly dangerous. Played two diss tracks directly in his adversaries face and gave no literal fuck about it.
Dan Aristiguieta
Dan Aristiguieta 7 uur geleden
Lmfao gucci really first thing he asked Stacy Abrams can you wipe my record clean... insane
евгений жуков
евгений жуков 7 uur geleden
Frank Pulla
Frank Pulla 7 uur geleden
This was amazing
Cal El
Cal El 7 uur geleden
O.G Wop is insane lmfao.
Lee Dragon
Lee Dragon 7 uur geleden
Maka got these impressions down. Also, whys Effn there again? The unprofessionalism of this why revolttv picked them up. LOL.
Oleg Trizna
Oleg Trizna 7 uur geleden
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 7 uur geleden
Pel Pa
Pel Pa 7 uur geleden
Biden and his wife is the reason for the 3 strikes law and it has thousands of black men in jail for life biden is a known racist his as bad as trump if not worse and we still on a the verge of a race war biden is a long time racist he called sharlamane the same one interviewing you biden called a nigger and boy amongst other things do your research they both used blacks to win the election it was sad a slap in the face to see how blacks n rappers was used as pawns in their evil take over and blacks gotta help blacks it starts with each other
Jason Paeth
Jason Paeth 7 uur geleden
Jerky for got the lyrics to icy
Trainer pool
Trainer pool 7 uur geleden
Wolf tickets