Bryce Hall got in a FIGHT..
Addison Rae is CRYING FOR HELP..
Dixie D'Amelio Singing
3 maanden geleden
Charli D'amelio is rude?!
3 maanden geleden
Focus 2000
Focus 2000 45 seconden geleden
No she did not dumb add
Kenzie Reese
Kenzie Reese Minuut geleden
She not being rude
Spider Uchiha
Spider Uchiha 2 minuten geleden
I cannot believe you would want to ruin children's lives by saying the one awesome kid friendly youtuber is a bad and rude person, I know youtubers like you giving people a bad rap and it was a joke BUT KNOW THAT YOU HAVE MADE MANY ANGRY BY MAKING THIS VIDEO. you my friend have crossed the line your a heartless person to do this to kids even me I have made a NLposts channel because of Daniel and you can ruin everything because of this video I will not stand around waiting for you to ruin his name even if your famous your being impolite so I will to.
Nirvan Mulchandani
Nirvan Mulchandani 11 minuten geleden
honsetly i dont care about the tiktok and I installed TikTok a while back but like if she gets something she didn't order, and has the bodily function of throwing up, how can u blame her.
Kaitlyn Da Veiga
Kaitlyn Da Veiga 12 minuten geleden
Spy cat
Sin Thaw Dar Kyal Sin
Sin Thaw Dar Kyal Sin 12 minuten geleden
99% people came for bille eilish not only me lol
【Tomura Shigaraki】
【Tomura Shigaraki】 14 minuten geleden
People will just cancel others for the stupidest crap. The chef OBVIOUSLY didn’t take it personally. It’s a chef from her childhood, and she ate SNAILS, some people just don’t like that kind of stuff. The whole even number thing isn’t even that bad, it’s nice to hit a milestone. Imagine how bad James would’ve felt after finding out that they “cancelled” her for something he said to her as a joke. This is pathetic guys 😐
Luke-Jonny Spencer
Luke-Jonny Spencer 15 minuten geleden
Nun of it is rude
Mirella Ginova
Mirella Ginova 19 minuten geleden
Well yes okay she is being a little rude but she’s only 16?? Like dude she’s still a child if a person who wasn’t famous no body would care all she said was “do we have Dino nuggets” that’s not disrespectful how could you know she could have been asking for later
Abxggeilシ 22 minuten geleden
Bitch, she's 16. She never meant to imply that she sees her followers as nothing but numbers, she said it would be COOL which doesn't mean anything. Think if you were her, that would be cool wouldn't it! And for the chef issue, he was interviewed by The Hollywood fix (I think it may be another paparazzi channel) and he said he wasn't offended by neither Charli or Dixie's actions.
Caleb Pitters
Caleb Pitters 22 minuten geleden
🤥 Liar.
Caleb Pitters
Caleb Pitters 24 minuten geleden
He keeps contradicting himself? How are these clips rude?
Rapid Transportation Authority
Rapid Transportation Authority 28 minuten geleden
I love this
Ellz 29 minuten geleden
Lol the pic of this vid number 1 that aint char number 2 that is char when she had surgery ✋
BlueDragonFlame 125
BlueDragonFlame 125 29 minuten geleden
Bruh this a direct copy of adventure video damn near word for word. All same clips like what lol only difference is title from very sad to very rude
Payton Butter Sandwich
Payton Butter Sandwich 33 minuten geleden
So y’all are telling me you would eat snails and act like it was normal, yes they are spoiled but that’s still disgusting!
Ray Cerda
Ray Cerda 35 minuten geleden
Hii I know can wing chicken wing it’s like this chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and bologna chicken and macaroni
Martina Capobianco
Martina Capobianco 37 minuten geleden
Guys can we stop already? I hate Dixie, but still, she thrown up. She felt bad and she could not stop it. I like snails, but not everyone does.
Emran Amir hamzah
Emran Amir hamzah 38 minuten geleden
Ahhh tinombong kh!!
Im_bad_at_ any_game
Im_bad_at_ any_game 42 minuten geleden
The fact that the chef is trying to defend them and say that they are the best while him knowing inside that the was kinda hurt by her comment
Astro0pzz 43 minuten geleden
Why are they acting like she was screaming at the chef with severe attitude, she just spit it out and threw up because she thought it was gross. Like dont blame her...
Ariana Brazil
Ariana Brazil 47 minuten geleden
You didn’t even show anything
Mark Whitaker
Mark Whitaker 47 minuten geleden
This is weird...where in the video was she being rude? People on the internet are psycho...
QUINTIN BEAUFORD 55 minuten geleden
She get community service for 500 hours
C19_gaming Uur geleden
Why the fuck is this on my recommended
Roger Harris
Roger Harris Uur geleden
The police break the law all the time
AlphaOmega Uur geleden
Bruh you really said she was rude. You can't just walk up to a person and record them and expect them to be like "HI!! HOW ARE YOU!" That's messed up dude. Thats how nice people get hated on.
KingMartin Uur geleden
Lol more dislikes than likes
Duckies :3
Duckies :3 Uur geleden
Ur just saying this for views, why am i even watching this?
Nevaeh Maurer
Nevaeh Maurer Uur geleden
Imp love Charli D’Amelio love you charli
Zahraa Yaheya
Zahraa Yaheya Uur geleden
Billie eilish here is she uhg
MeesH1212 Uur geleden
What i got from this video: Dixie D'amelio doesn't like snails... Ok?
Serenity. o.
Serenity. o. Uur geleden
the little boys voice made me cry ok they all made me cry
Chassie Avery
Chassie Avery Uur geleden
Impossible bella poarch who is tyga?
C00chie Man
C00chie Man Uur geleden
The thumbnail is make up..... Just leave her alone
Cyn Roman
Cyn Roman Uur geleden
Tina discussed me angry as a survivor of domestic violence she is making it hard for us survivors to keep telling my story and keep saving these women who are broken for her to do that to her husband shows does she has no soul the fact that she's willing to ruin her husband's reputation to make herself look like the victim is disgusting she's a very disgusting human being
IdiotAnimat Uur geleden
it was dixie
シꨄ[iiPandaii]熊猫 Uur geleden
Can you stop using Billie Eilish for the cover because I came here for her and she not even in the video! :<
Gia Davids
Gia Davids Uur geleden
You showed basically nothing in that clip 0:44
Keily & Lara Alejandria
Keily & Lara Alejandria Uur geleden
hopefully i get good luck and get a tablet
guys all people make mistakes and you guys should not tell her to suicide tbh yall more meaner to her LIKE SUICIDE MEN DANG i mean she deserved hate for the followers thing maybe she wants to say something but people understand it in the wrong way guys remember she has feelings too what if you guys who r hating to her and you guys swap places and you guys who r hating to her swap places and you guys r like charli and dixie and you guys get hate like a strong hate and yall will cry right? -______-
Snake God
Snake God Uur geleden
Y’all do realize she’s allergic to snail right?
Marianeli Bailon
Marianeli Bailon Uur geleden
How in the world is preston mean in the video! 😠 the people who like this video switch it to a 👎now and unsubscribe
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 2 uur geleden
Secret balcony it doesn't look like a secret balcony cuz it's out in the open now if Brianna had the door shut many people don't know about it but still it's not a secret balcony get your facts straight
ItsJaylaTv 2 uur geleden
How is that rude bc she don't like snail🤷 y'all can be mad bc she ate she don't like it
Naitik playz and vlogs
Naitik playz and vlogs 2 uur geleden
Fake unsubscribe from him because he tells lies about every NLpostsr fast do the thing I said
Shrek Ugly poo
Shrek Ugly poo 2 uur geleden
She wasn’t being ungrateful she said imagine and they were being nice to the homeless man
boyjerey 2 uur geleden
How about no?
Estes Edward
Estes Edward 2 uur geleden
Who's here after she hit 100 million? Lmao
Imran Hakim
Imran Hakim 2 uur geleden
This is why i delete TikTok, the community is god damn TOXIC, they want to cancel everyone for small things, might as well get cancel for opening a door
Thomas Hodges
Thomas Hodges 2 uur geleden
Im still confused that how was he rude in any of these clips
Tia Patel
Tia Patel 2 uur geleden
Why are u hating that is so rude to the poor girl....she is just dancing and if u don’t have something nice to say don’t say it.........
Veno Rumež
Veno Rumež 2 uur geleden
Layla West
Layla West 2 uur geleden
Bruh y’all all up in her buisness.
Ali Tasneem
Ali Tasneem 3 uur geleden
Guys it's not true charlie is really nice there just posting so that can get likes
Karla Caraan
Karla Caraan 3 uur geleden
she's not japanese she's filipino😑
I Am Neocamplays
I Am Neocamplays 3 uur geleden
Dude u are hating on the wrong person.Thats dixle all charil said was can i have dino nuggets stop hating
Glossy LovelyS ÝŤ
Glossy LovelyS ÝŤ 3 uur geleden
i love uu Charlie. Pls do tiktok I don’t think she rude
Kevins Krauklis
Kevins Krauklis 3 uur geleden
I am fan of jelly
Mico Allen Mendoza
Mico Allen Mendoza 3 uur geleden
bella poarch din't lose her life >:<
ErnestoStaccolanana 3 uur geleden
who that transgenda
uncle boris
uncle boris 3 uur geleden
highlight of this video was james saying "did she throw up?.... EWWWWW"
karla sara
karla sara 3 uur geleden
chad mcchadster
chad mcchadster 4 uur geleden
how come all the clips you showed don't even show what you're saying they show omg
Youlikebeans ?
Youlikebeans ? 4 uur geleden
She threw up- it’s not a big deal. You guys literally find the SMALLEST things possible just because you have nothing better to do. Why hate on someone? You’re not gonna get any good out of it. It’s not like she groomed someone like tony Lopez did. ITS A FREAKING SNAIL
H Nguyen
H Nguyen 4 uur geleden
This is why kids shouldn’t get famous. They can’t handle it. If ur in the public eye you gotta mature yourself REAL FAST.
H Nguyen
H Nguyen 4 uur geleden
I know she’s young but come one. She should be old enough to know what is rude and what table manners are by now?
Alison Alward
Alison Alward 4 uur geleden
They weren’t rude they were just uncomfortable
H̺͆i̺͆m̺͆a̺͆r̺͆i̺͆ S̆̈ŭ̈z̆̈ŭ̈k̆̈ĭ̈
H̺͆i̺͆m̺͆a̺͆r̺͆i̺͆ S̆̈ŭ̈z̆̈ŭ̈k̆̈ĭ̈ 4 uur geleden
Dude nice try, but its fake, stop stealing the spotlight.
Hood90 NUGGETS 4 uur geleden
Why do people touch the costumes? If they break the costumes the staff member could be fired and the people could be banned from the park.
Fit Interior
Fit Interior 4 uur geleden
3:41 her voice
Spring Trap
Spring Trap 4 uur geleden
Lol y'all get 5k dislikes and 1k liked 😂
Esther Macatol
Esther Macatol 4 uur geleden
100m is her dream chill
DatOneGirl 4 uur geleden
How was she being disrespectful to the homeless man she is literally laughing and ansswering him yall are to much for coming at a 16 yr old grow up
lydia 4 uur geleden
she’s talking about her FOLLOWER COUNT when she said “even numbers” yall are so dramatic.
Umair Abdullah animations
Umair Abdullah animations 4 uur geleden
This sucks
mimi ily
mimi ily 5 uur geleden
Couple of besties
FORO Reeth
FORO Reeth 5 uur geleden
ليسا مهمم الصلااااااااااااااااااااااه يا جمعا العقاب من ربي
Asha Laurinaria
Asha Laurinaria 5 uur geleden
If Billie Eilish was in the thumbnail then were is Billie Eilish’es line huh? Huh!?
Shammariah Boyce
Shammariah Boyce 5 uur geleden