Obama Sings Al Green
6 dagen geleden
M. ArS
M. ArS 3 uur geleden
W 3 uur geleden
Trump Protecting the worst The World had to offer.
Danny Bourne
Danny Bourne 3 uur geleden
The corrupted crook has left the house. Glorious day for the USA and for the world.
S-TechiExperience 3 uur geleden
Lil wayne ok. Others should go back
Mauricio Montoya
Mauricio Montoya 3 uur geleden
What bunch of crooks... and still, no surprise at all
Just Some Guy with Sunglasses
Just Some Guy with Sunglasses 3 uur geleden
The difference between the two is that America needs prisoners/ prison in order to thrive. Norway does not
aztecaguy 3 uur geleden
Rodriquez Williams
Rodriquez Williams 3 uur geleden
It was hit dog will holla for me that burn 😂😂😂
Tony Blair
Tony Blair 3 uur geleden
Melania's initials are just like her mind her body and soul... MT! She never cared about our country either and nothing but a gold digger. You can tell that right off the bat when she plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech.
Sam’s Butter Sock
Sam’s Butter Sock 3 uur geleden
No new season Of tiger king 😢
Leonaza7 3 uur geleden
His crime was defrauding Trump supporters who donated millions to a “build a wall” fund so I’m actually cool with this pardon 😎
Chef Pizza
Chef Pizza 3 uur geleden
And just think all the people that voted for Donald Trump it’s insane and pretty much against all of this. Wow america WOW
Jose Rafael Zepeda-Garza
Jose Rafael Zepeda-Garza 3 uur geleden
Gogeta The Ultimate
Gogeta The Ultimate 3 uur geleden
He tells us what he’s going to do and how he’s going to do it. Trump on the other hand says, “we have a plan, just trust me...”
rein 3 uur geleden
the only part that sucks is that he has to waste so much time fixing what trump did
Leonaza7 3 uur geleden
An impeached president should not be able to pardon anyone.
David Beatty
David Beatty 3 uur geleden
Left extremists and right extremists and many good people caught in the middle.
Sarah Balslev
Sarah Balslev 3 uur geleden
Freedom index: Denmark no. 3, US no. 45 😬 Social mobility: Denmark no. 1, US no. 27... So... Denmark = American Dream???
Lasandra Sanchez
Lasandra Sanchez 3 uur geleden
Need to go back 🔙 to jail
jacqueline wilson
jacqueline wilson 3 uur geleden
Watching from Australia. Great speech.
Linda Foster
Linda Foster 3 uur geleden
There was no riot there was never going to be a riot they made a big deal of it thank the Democrats for spending all that money and causing those poor soldiers to feel bad
Maria Cristina Fultz
Maria Cristina Fultz 3 uur geleden
Leonaza7 3 uur geleden
Well, thank goodness! I was losing sleep over the plight of lil’ Wayne.
Connie Martinez
Connie Martinez 3 uur geleden
Prayer to all affected 🙏
Ben C. Enlots
Ben C. Enlots 3 uur geleden
More great actions by Big Don on the last day of Free America.
May : Always love to Live Another Day
May : Always love to Live Another Day 3 uur geleden
Tom Collier
Tom Collier 3 uur geleden
"Anything that's free, is sometimes not worth having" - So Ambulances aren't worth having in the UK? Well done America, is this woman Trump in disguise?
Raj Selvaraj
Raj Selvaraj 3 uur geleden
Nixon could never imagine THIS
Silvan Van Der Horst
Silvan Van Der Horst 3 uur geleden
Very good
Taco Man
Taco Man 3 uur geleden
Man. President should not be able to do this.
May : Always love to Live Another Day
May : Always love to Live Another Day 3 uur geleden
The background music is killing me😅🤣😅🤣🧟‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧞‍♂️👣👣👣👣🛩☄
Leonaza7 3 uur geleden
Was the money offered too low? That sort of freedom comes at a high price.
Banknote Collector 27-BC27
Banknote Collector 27-BC27 3 uur geleden
Bruuu this man's be pardoning everyone that don't deserve
Aaron Burr Atwood.
Aaron Burr Atwood. 3 uur geleden
Him & his kids are fair game now!
Hiruzen 3 uur geleden
Cops really be spending their time doing this stuff and wondering why ppl don’t like them.
Dennis Dean
Dennis Dean 3 uur geleden
No surprise there 🤦
Denise Berube
Denise Berube 3 uur geleden
She had no idea he had a stutter.....shame on you as a mom of two children. Karma will come.😡
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 3 uur geleden
Goodbye to the worst president to ever hold office. Good riddance.
Chrysalis Monarch
Chrysalis Monarch 3 uur geleden
From today, you'll find him right back where he started, on the back page of the National Enquirer right next to the hillbilly who was impregnated by space aliens. He's baked and done.
SD Gaming 2021
SD Gaming 2021 3 uur geleden
I like how This News Said "Former President" 😂😂
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 3 uur geleden
Pardoning criminals and weirdos. Just like him.
ConspiracyClownsGFY 3 uur geleden
Is it just me or is any red hat suspect nowadays?
Thegtha Thegtha
Thegtha Thegtha 3 uur geleden
I will never forget when Amy didn’t know who the Mexican president was LMAO
rrbaggett7 3 uur geleden
Today, Florida "gained" a bloated rageful maniac. America gained President Biden & Vice-president Harris. Rest easy, world.
ConspiracyClownsGFY 3 uur geleden
Is it just me or is any red hat suspect nowadays?
shuu muramasa
shuu muramasa 3 uur geleden
Too much racism in this world and just plain stupidity
Jupiter 3 uur geleden
I wonder how many accidents, injuries, and repair costs this has saved them.
Christian Traverse
Christian Traverse 3 uur geleden
"Unity" or ELSE!!!
Bo Bird
Bo Bird 3 uur geleden
Go Anderson 🤣🤣🤣
Marcus Ty
Marcus Ty 3 uur geleden
Trump supporters not very bright are they
DJKH 3 uur geleden
Decency and dignity, that’s what was missing from the last administration.
shuu muramasa
shuu muramasa 3 uur geleden
Carlos Serafin
Carlos Serafin 3 uur geleden
I thought the president used our taxes to pay for golf
Warwick Davies
Warwick Davies 3 uur geleden
The Irony of telling immigrants to leave America is that literally EVERYONE was an immigrant. People left their own countries where they spoke Italian, French, Spanish, German and every other language under the sun and moved to America. I wouldn't be suprised if the two old ladies were 2nd generation immigrants themselves. So disrespectful.
harme Nas
harme Nas 3 uur geleden
you have to admit the Obamas had the most charismatic stand
Sacha Cucos
Sacha Cucos 3 uur geleden
Obama invented hotboxing
shuu muramasa
shuu muramasa 3 uur geleden
It's against the law to eat a sandwhich? Then arrest yourself and everybody else see how 7 billion people will fit your prison.
C By
C By 3 uur geleden