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Win a IPhone 12! #shorts
2 maanden geleden
Mind blowing Life Hack! #shorts
How old were you? #shorts
2 maanden geleden
Prank Gone Wrong! #shorts
2 maanden geleden
Funniest Prank on Friends #shorts
Worlds Best Wedgie! #shorts
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Prank on Addison Rae #shorts
Why are you so #shorts
2 maanden geleden
Ayan Ali
Ayan Ali Uur geleden
The second umbrella
Rokibul Alam
Rokibul Alam Uur geleden
It's fake
Veljko Simic
Veljko Simic Uur geleden
Respect for driver
F Filipe
F Filipe 2 uur geleden
Alby Wall
Alby Wall 2 uur geleden
i dont get it
Cyborg Hub
Cyborg Hub 2 uur geleden
Iam also really lucky because one time I ran into my house so there a car coming I literally almost got hitten by a car but I didn't
Moein Nasiri
Moein Nasiri 2 uur geleden
کصخله ناموسا
Dillon Nelson
Dillon Nelson 2 uur geleden
Bhes the type of guy......he's an idiot
Oscar Real
Oscar Real 2 uur geleden
What is the title of the song?
LB S gaming
LB S gaming 2 uur geleden
I know that bicycle guy
Decoding Math
Decoding Math 2 uur geleden
He's the kind of guy that turns thw wifi off
Premier Pro
Premier Pro 2 uur geleden
He is the kind of guy who inhales his own fart 💨 to reduce carbon pollution
YorzoYam 3 uur geleden
Let's be honest if you ever used NLposts you have seen these clips before Tik tok is just so much reused garbage
poopy fartsh
poopy fartsh 3 uur geleden
It's new icycol
MatthewPlaysDaily 3 uur geleden
You can tell it’s fake because he would be able to pick it up
nag nagesh0304
nag nagesh0304 3 uur geleden
That's made of thermacoal
the Miythac
the Miythac 3 uur geleden
Um on the second to last one the dude got caught like three seconds later.
Hamann Shaikh
Hamann Shaikh 4 uur geleden
Bullet Proof Glass 😂😂 can't break
0xsoCanEr 4 uur geleden
Petko Marianek
Petko Marianek 4 uur geleden
Dom 4 uur geleden
Whoever supplies the bud for me gets 25%. All I need is a few hours. 24 my ass lolol
Teal Lily
Teal Lily 4 uur geleden
He’s the type of guy who gets surprised when water comes out of a working faucet 💀
stormy sea cookies
stormy sea cookies 4 uur geleden
This better be yours cause otherwise I hate you
Darth Plagueis the Wise
Darth Plagueis the Wise 4 uur geleden
That semi has incredibly good brakes and the driver has great reaction time
alastair 4 uur geleden
He’s the type of guy who buys orange cars
Isaac Moreno
Isaac Moreno 4 uur geleden
Es de plástico
KPDUNNIT 4 uur geleden
I like how it cut off just as you see the "weight" start to bounce.
MrDesertFox 4 uur geleden
He is the type of guy to wake you up in the middle of the night to take sleeping pills.
Chilled Cow
Chilled Cow 4 uur geleden
Bruh at least get the music right
Ava 4 uur geleden
Mariam Uae
Mariam Uae 4 uur geleden
This is not real 🤧
Trade And Invest
Trade And Invest 4 uur geleden
He got the weights from Brad Castleberry
Ich Lex
Ich Lex 5 uur geleden
Rented a Lambo & broke the windshield just to go viral.
Ich Lex
Ich Lex 5 uur geleden
He's the type of guy that lock his keys in the car just for attention.
rental mobil bandung
rental mobil bandung 5 uur geleden
Axel M T
Axel M T 5 uur geleden
No pressure on the legs and back. ::::details......details.......::::::
Anish Tamang
Anish Tamang 5 uur geleden
He is the type of guy who orders pineapple pizza
Javed 5 uur geleden
Why do people put pouring water clips on their shorts why not just put the clips.
田中あき 5 uur geleden
What's that music name, please?
PNC HORNET 5 uur geleden
X army
Kilimangaro Highz
Kilimangaro Highz 5 uur geleden
Why this is still playing?
Raheem Sherlock
Raheem Sherlock 5 uur geleden
He is not any type of guy 🙍
Maker Of things
Maker Of things 5 uur geleden
hey people look both ways before you cross the street
YnClockmon 40
YnClockmon 40 5 uur geleden
He bullet proof it
PaladinGamingCommunity PGC
PaladinGamingCommunity PGC 6 uur geleden
He’s the type of guy to cannot lift 20kg
[]Antonia []
[]Antonia [] 6 uur geleden
is no one gonna ask how he is gonna move the bottle out without spilling the water- ( at the start )
jeffrey laz
jeffrey laz 6 uur geleden
He is the type of guy who farts on a bus then waiting on who's going to blame for farting.
Elyse Mcateer
Elyse Mcateer 6 uur geleden
This has 2015 energy
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 6 uur geleden
Scrolling through comments and I found - ''he's the type of guy..... Blah blah.. ''😂 I wonder, is he even a guy?
Mephisto walz
Mephisto walz 6 uur geleden
De unicel, con tanto dinero y no se puede comprar otro cerebro jsja
Rell4x Rell4x
Rell4x Rell4x 6 uur geleden
That weight is fake
Kanashibari 6 uur geleden
Yeah it’s fake If you need proof 1) there was no bend or flex in the glass 2) no one wearing tie dye trousers with the playboy logo on them can lift 20kgs
Danwarus 6 uur geleden
I find the lack of originality disturbing
Keifu Chan
Keifu Chan 6 uur geleden
He's the type of guy to throw a fake foam weight to give the impression he smashed the car for online views.
Slept Lmt13
Slept Lmt13 6 uur geleden
He's the type of guy to get fired on his day off
新・ゆゆ 6 uur geleden
Joel Mejia Reyna
Joel Mejia Reyna 6 uur geleden
me asuste estupido
Uskmn 6 uur geleden
Not on the streets. Lamborghini was not smashed. Lie of a video
Chevy Feltz
Chevy Feltz 6 uur geleden
He’s the type of guy to post this and not record the reaction
Carol Ebinger
Carol Ebinger 6 uur geleden
Around 47
Actinium Anarchy
Actinium Anarchy 6 uur geleden
He’s the type of guy to take his Tesla to a gas station
Refaat Aboneama
Refaat Aboneama 7 uur geleden
مفيش حد هن عربي
Dian Ayah Abil
Dian Ayah Abil 7 uur geleden
M T 7 uur geleden
Type of guy that can’t actually lift a 45 pound plate
SO cool ivan
SO cool ivan 7 uur geleden
If You are pouring that water in your cup don't just waist it just drink it
Dr4ko 7 uur geleden
Bruh what are you doing with Bradley’s weights 🤦‍♂️
DDOT EEL 7 uur geleden
Good thing he used the Brad Castleberry weights.
lucas xxx
lucas xxx 7 uur geleden
Twitch5801 7 uur geleden
He’s the type of guy who takes 5minutes to count 2 minutes
Roseshel De Castro
Roseshel De Castro 7 uur geleden
Hes just wasteful
Roderick Villar
Roderick Villar 7 uur geleden
Why does the water bottle still has water?
ナバエリアス 7 uur geleden
You think this guy was able to toss 45lbs like it was 3lbs? Yeah right. Acting worse than in porn videos.
Leyla 7 uur geleden
First one not luck science
Gamer 2012
Gamer 2012 7 uur geleden
He can't even left
Shay hs
Shay hs 8 uur geleden
من أسماء الله اللطيف الذي يلطف بعباده، مالكم لا تتقوه.. سبحانك ربي
dAN ANGELES 8 uur geleden
the weight is fake it is made of rubber🤮
Alexander Herrera Benitez
Alexander Herrera Benitez 8 uur geleden
he’s the type of guy that would rec on a android and android phones that he has a new android phone 📱 wew android android phone android android and android android
IAmVenom 9 uur geleden
my hand are sweating and so are you
NANI 9 uur geleden
I’m pretty sure if you leave a pan in 90 degree weather anywhere for an hour and 30 minutes it’s gonna melt some cheese
Barb Burgess
Barb Burgess 9 uur geleden
Same thing I cant count all of them it's to hard plus how much are there if you can count them