Jimmy Cooper
Jimmy Cooper 11 uur geleden
Quite right ... they are
BRANDON GUAN 11 uur geleden
The USA The National Anthem
Nicolae George
Nicolae George 11 uur geleden
In a maximum of 1 year, all world politics will be reset. The model of the future ........ China.
Taty Max
Taty Max 11 uur geleden
Navalny’s protesters are so violent. They are not peaceful protesters they are terrorists
Commander Arto
Commander Arto 11 uur geleden
I like the double standard of people who object to looting in america but are totally fine with it here cause it aligns with their intrests.
wifferste ss
wifferste ss 11 uur geleden
How does he for sure know that? They're not here yet! Sorry, but I'll believe when I see it. He could have procured them from Pfizer's US operations but for whatever reasons that we only know of in his and his govt's "infinite wisdom" chose Europe. To the people who have been saying "he's been doing an excellent job" - how?
Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose 11 uur geleden
Thank you Justin Trudeau for all the hard work you do keeping Canadians safe.
Man Kind
Man Kind 11 uur geleden
In 2020 the corrupt came out of their closet. COVID-19 not only cured the flu, it revealed the corrupt and complicit like a champ. Goooo COVID! Well played China!
Singh 11 uur geleden
Such people deserve Communism not democracy!
Right M.A
Right M.A 11 uur geleden
Czytam Ja
Czytam Ja 11 uur geleden
Gdzie są emeryci
berenjervin 11 uur geleden
What happens next? Senators will have to come to grips with the fact that the evidence does not support the charges. If they vote to convict, they face the wrath of the people. If they do not vote to convict, they face the wrath of Pelosi, democrats, the media, and big tech. Given people have been oppressed and forced into lockdown, the real question is: Do senators have enough intestinal fortitude to vote according to law? Or will they cave in vote to appease an out of control congress?
Human 11 uur geleden
There has never been a real Lock down or Shutdown whatevr it may be called. During a Lockdown you do not send kids and teachers and custodians,.. to schools, do not have big box only stores open,... airports still open,... What a laugh the N.American goverenemnts are with their lack of backbones to deal with this deadly issue. It appears once again the PH'd people are showing how incompetent they are and how much they are lacking in the ability to see what is arround them again and they are the advisors. A 6th grade class could come up with a more concrete solution, path of action.
David Mills
David Mills 11 uur geleden
Even if he had children feeling the hair on his legs Biden would not survive this
HJ 11 uur geleden
There’s no fooling anybody Trudeau Build back better is just lipstick on a pig. Call it what it is a communist takeover by the globalist elite and your going along with it. Not even a week on the job and crazy Biden is screwing Americans already. Good going liberal idiots.
Asif Kamaal
Asif Kamaal 11 uur geleden
RSS/BJP shame.
EverchangeBear 11 uur geleden
2020 was the year we tried to make sure old people don't die.
JA 11 uur geleden
Bravo.Europa 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Nikki Love
Nikki Love 11 uur geleden
Just came to dislike the video
CBXrr 11 uur geleden
Welcome to Portland
Free Canadian
Free Canadian 11 uur geleden
This isn't a retrospective; it's a propaganda piece. No mention of Trudeau's cover up of the outbreak at China's military games. You're an utter joke, CTV
Far Sab
Far Sab 11 uur geleden
наш опять опоздун
Bill Freeman
Bill Freeman 11 uur geleden
They planned and implemented this entire scam so they could destroy small businesses, create a ridiculous amount of money, create government dependency and implement a "health passport" system which will force people to inject themselves with anything the shady pharmaceutical companies want to make money on. Don't want to be a Pfizer lab rat? You lose your freedom of movement. This must not be tolerated.
Iiofficaljess -roblox
Iiofficaljess -roblox 11 uur geleden
Happy new yearrr! 🥳🥳🥳 even tho it’s 2021
Bruce K
Bruce K 11 uur geleden
PCR test are fraudulent, the vaccine is experimental, Covid is a common flu.
berenjervin 11 uur geleden
This will make Pelosi the mad democrat the first speaker of the house to impeach a POTUS for unconstitutional reasons - TWICE - and fail both times. There is a concept that develops in nearly every large organization. Its essentially "Stay in your lane", meaning you dont go running around pretending your authority exceeds your position. (People doing that generally end up moving on soon, either by getting fired, or by other employees losing trust in them). Pelosi fails to grasp this concept. She is constantly overstepping her bounds and pretending to have authority she does not. Examples: - Running to the pentagon and insisting the military ignore any orders from the current POTUS. (This is effectively an attempted coup). - Running into the executive branch and demanding they do or do not hire someone. Pelosi is a very dangerous person. She is not doing anything to help the US. Rather, she seems to think democrats have a god given right to rule.
Glen Elg
Glen Elg 11 uur geleden
What about the animal rights activists? They cause problems.
Free Canadian
Free Canadian 11 uur geleden
No reports on protests getting shut down? No mention on Keenan Bexte's documents from a military whistle-blower about Trudeau covering up the outbreak at China's military games? You're an utter joke, CBC.
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens 11 uur geleden
Because he is...
Bill Freeman
Bill Freeman 11 uur geleden
"The test allows you to take a minuscule amount of anything, and make it measurable.. then talk about it as if it was important". - Kary Mullis (PCR test inventor). Enough with this scam.
A. Greywolfe
A. Greywolfe 11 uur geleden
seriously? I don't recall the Proud Boys torching Cities, attacking Police, etc etc
Jeanette Petersen
Jeanette Petersen 11 uur geleden
If I was there and just lost my business due to bullshir lock downs, the last thing I want to see is a kid running from his parent when they are calling him. Spoiled brat.
muss.mal.nachdenken mensch
muss.mal.nachdenken mensch 11 uur geleden
He looks so much like his real Daddy, Fidel Castro now! I hope he see‘s him soon.
Bill Freeman
Bill Freeman 11 uur geleden
They planned and implemented this entire scam so they could destroy small businesses, create a ridiculous amount of money, create government dependency and implement a "health passport" system which will force people to inject themselves with anything the shady pharmaceutical companies want to make money on. Don't want to be a Pfizer lab rat? You lose your freedom of movement. This must not be tolerated.
No 11 uur geleden
"We are fighting against the virus." Yeah, and you are so bad at it that you have driven people to the brink. Useless, limp dick, politicians with no real power because all they can do is manage the cracks left over by the corporate takeover of global power.
Tuk tuk
Tuk tuk 11 uur geleden
Chutiy o ka desh India
Troy Jordan
Troy Jordan 11 uur geleden
You kill a person, you go t o jail, you kill thousands, you get a pension.
Bill Freeman
Bill Freeman 11 uur geleden
We're all getting tired of this ridiculous scam you're pushing. Where did the flu go? "Covid" cured it haha
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson 11 uur geleden
여자 얼굴 참 얄밉게 생겼다🤔 다이애나 하고는 격이 틀리네`
Ian Howes
Ian Howes 11 uur geleden
It has been a year and our "leaders" and "experts" are still blaming the public for the pandemic (we aren't doing what we are told). Maybe the other side of the story is that our "leaders" and "experts" are incompetent and have mis-handled this from the start!
Amanda E
Amanda E 11 uur geleden
M. BISONOPOLIS 11 uur geleden
Title should read. Mayor expects people to stay at home and shut up whilst we take your freedoms away.
Anil Dikshit
Anil Dikshit 11 uur geleden
Shame on the Indian government
Alpha Viper
Alpha Viper 11 uur geleden
Are you really supporting hooligans for vandalizing National Capital. I hope you are paying taxes and if yes then shame on you as these buggers are not farmers but antisocial elements which are having a bird eye view support from farmer leaders and like you also. Blame govt only if they had taken actions like shooting but still people not only like you but those who are wolf in the lamb skin are ulcers to India.
Cal 77
Cal 77 11 uur geleden
Bunch of hacks, don't trust a word of it
Kayser Soüser
Kayser Soüser 11 uur geleden
The European Spring, all European people must come out and demonstrate with force against these oppressive, tyrannical governments and demand freedom and lift the restrictions and lockdown measures applied against them.
yourmanwatson 11 uur geleden
The pro granny dying movement ?
Sportsgamer 91
Sportsgamer 91 11 uur geleden
I’m so sick of this lockdown crap. I don’t care how many cases there are a day I just wanna live life normal again
Italiana Hello
Italiana Hello 11 uur geleden
Why they are talking just about vaccine ,nothing about autopsy, finding cure???
di di
di di 11 uur geleden
Freunde in Holland wenn die Regierungen in der EU ein bisschen Verstand hätten wäre es gar nicht so weit gekommen es sind keine Chaoten sie wollen ihre Freiheit wieder haben🇳🇱🇩🇪 überall gehen Leute auf die Straße in Deutschland Spanien Niederlande Dänemark Polen Slowakei fast in ganz Europa
Charlene Enongene
Charlene Enongene 11 uur geleden
How can I contact this guy?
Миро М
Миро М 11 uur geleden
People have to realize, government sold our country to communists.
Benjamin Benedict
Benjamin Benedict 11 uur geleden
Freedom fighters
yourmanwatson 11 uur geleden
The pro granny dying movement are hardly freedom fighters..
Italiana Hello
Italiana Hello 11 uur geleden
World health organizations said that PCR test not good that laboratory lower sequencing to 30 and do it 2 times in order to be more reliable Probably if we start doing this pandemic cases will disappear
Kerwin Hynes
Kerwin Hynes 11 uur geleden
Or how they did not respond....depending on your point of view.
TechMack 11 uur geleden
Sop trying to cage people up it never works anywhere except under a communist government
yourmanwatson 11 uur geleden
We've been doing lockdowns since the Bubonic Plague..
Bill Freeman
Bill Freeman 11 uur geleden
We're all getting tired of this scam you're pushing. Where did the flu go? "Covid" cured it lol
a baihanov
a baihanov 11 uur geleden
Iranian 👍 Иран сила!
Stephen Robinson
Stephen Robinson 11 uur geleden
Following the edicts of tyrants will not purchase freedom, prosperity, safety and dignity. In all of human history acquiescence has never been sufficient payment for things so dear.
Cal 77
Cal 77 11 uur geleden
Don't trust your words
One Love
One Love 11 uur geleden
These people are only making it worse for themselves, their wages will go down and taxes will go up to pay for all this looting and destructive behaviour. This age group have never experienced consequences for their actions, oh but they will soon!! And they won’t like that either. They don’t want to work for their money, they want everything handed to them! Who is to blame but ourselves, we raised disrespectful, entitled and selfish people whom only care about themselves!
McM AAR 11 uur geleden
if contaminated ppe is still in use in canada I doubt this is safe at all
NEWFIE ASIAN KID 11 uur geleden
CoronaVIRUS is actually a RIDDLE all this time. Why do you think Bill Gates is a Microsoft developer for? We are in a MAINFRAME ( World ) and the cause of this VIRUS is affecting our Hardrive ( Mind ) So how do we solve it? We Unplug ourselves from the MATRIX ( TV )
Jobtheplayer Plays
Jobtheplayer Plays 11 uur geleden
Is it wrong to mention cats in religious speechs?
Sushiassigang Deutsch
Sushiassigang Deutsch 11 uur geleden
dumm dümmer am dümmsten
No Name
No Name 11 uur geleden
The over dramatic voice of JT and Ford make me sick...
Sushiassigang Deutsch
Sushiassigang Deutsch 11 uur geleden
neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
QuoththeRaven 11 uur geleden
I've lost everything and I'm ready to guillotine all.......ALL of these traitors,
Edward Kim
Edward Kim 11 uur geleden
Coronavirus: A big scam designed by globalists.
Marc McCAL
Marc McCAL 11 uur geleden
People from all over the world copies what they see in America.
Jyri Saastamoinen
Jyri Saastamoinen 11 uur geleden
“The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new transnational dystopia" And this is driven by govs behind a planned covid flu.
Dan MacDonald
Dan MacDonald 11 uur geleden
Meanwhile international flights continue to land unabated in Canada...
Born to social distance
Born to social distance 11 uur geleden
Sam Cole
Sam Cole 11 uur geleden
Trudeau sexually assaulted a woman in Kokanee, British Columbia 20 years ago and wore blackface as a hobby.
SeeBreanna RowdsCrossHere
SeeBreanna RowdsCrossHere 11 uur geleden
Alok Sen
Alok Sen 11 uur geleden
Governments may come and go, laws can be made and removed but today India was put to shame by a mob.
Sk Ahmadullah
Sk Ahmadullah 11 uur geleden
This the Protest against the law, if you can't tolerate the Protest of citizens then why have you made such kind of Black Law ???
Alpha Viper
Alpha Viper 11 uur geleden
They are antisocial elements which hurt the sentiments of India. They had to be dealt with Iron Hand
ANd 11 uur geleden
Cant stand to hear him speak
Llama King
Llama King 11 uur geleden
And yet flights are still coming in and out of Canadian airports every day. What a f****** joke
Dustbin Truedope
Dustbin Truedope 12 uur geleden
Welcome to Groundhog Day Canada the movie. Speak English.
JOEL WALKER 12 uur geleden
Looks as if Antifa has emerged from their sleep and have been given fresh supplies along with a serious mission, the choas is just a symptom of a rebellious youth who have been the victims of a diseased political system that has run its course this is the radicals following plan of the elites who sponsor them in reality they are on the same page the real victims are the middle class and merchants who now realize they are the real intended targets.
yourmanwatson 11 uur geleden
Stop being so gullible..
david macdonald
david macdonald 12 uur geleden
I am just so sick and tired of this guy and his Kebek /'franocphone'/'bi-lingual' politics. For the small handful of Canadians even watching him at this moment, he can't even bother to open his speech in English. (do you enjoy paying for someone else's voice when to talks his beloved mothertongue?) I mean, in the long run, it doesn't really matter, right? He is just sooooo used to sweeping things under the carpet that he doesn't realize Canadians are getting really fed up with his constant Kebek fakeness.
Shawn Marla
Shawn Marla 12 uur geleden
Thousands still flying into Canada un vetted for covid. Roxim road still open and illegals still crossing. Trudeau has not done everything he can.