chicdiamondprincess 11 uur geleden
Uhhhh... I'm 10 years old Justin why would you like to us!! The song is either about pedophilia Or stuff._. I think he can't tell the truth or he'll go to jail We all know what yummy meant no need to hide it justin When I went on google to search up Pizza gate Some dark stuff was in it saying some people died!
face palm
face palm 11 uur geleden
Chrissy and Meghan are battling with each other to see who can get more media attention
Rudy McCoy
Rudy McCoy 11 uur geleden
There is just something about Tyra Banks that just doesn't sit right with me.
Suga Ray
Suga Ray 11 uur geleden
I'd be like don't talk about me if you can't say my name show some damn respect and professionalism by learning and pronouncing the names properly especially with women of color. We are not taking it easy on you Karen's. Not anymore!!!
Sherri Pie
Sherri Pie 11 uur geleden
I think Jennifer Lopez thinks that we'll be so mezmerized by her body that we won't remember that Beyonce and her husband did this exact thing not too long ago. This doesn't make any sense to me. The Diva in me tends to think Jennifer Lopez is fos and steals for the sheer joy of thumbing her nose at the women who she's intimidated by. She not an especially talented. She's just lucky.
Lynn 11 uur geleden
Who is she? And why is this relevant?
Lloyd Driggers
Lloyd Driggers 11 uur geleden
i don’t like them at all but cmon so y’all are all saying you like every food and don’t like a food
xiomara Peña landeo
xiomara Peña landeo 11 uur geleden
Y BTS💜 ? No esta pense que saldria aqui :c
Punk Cinderella
Punk Cinderella 11 uur geleden
Dude I’m 13! and I’m at my self esteem’s funeral right now
Sherry Islam
Sherry Islam 12 uur geleden
Judges cheat again. And Tyra is not a good host. She talks like a child.
Carolyn 12 uur geleden
His sexuality is not attractive but his disrespect to her has shown him as a loser.
Edits by Fish
Edits by Fish 12 uur geleden
But like Mac and cheese and Dino nuggets are the best
Cely Avila
Cely Avila 12 uur geleden
How come little Nicky wasn't invited to this reunion?
Gaming_ Girl
Gaming_ Girl 12 uur geleden
I hate her more now she's just so
mr minaj
mr minaj 12 uur geleden
nobody asked for cardi
jordyn bby
jordyn bby 12 uur geleden
Bunny KOOK
Bunny KOOK 12 uur geleden
I just dont get why theyre famous
MATI08 YT 12 uur geleden
Виктор Волков
Виктор Волков 12 uur geleden
Shahd Emad
Shahd Emad 12 uur geleden
اية دة البت ايليش اتحجبت😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jordyn bby
jordyn bby 12 uur geleden
Just stop if they dont like the food so stop she just does not like it stop hating
MalicousGrim 12 uur geleden
Tammie Pelosi
Tammie Pelosi 12 uur geleden
OMG She Nailed it everybody needs to LAY OFF!!!
Austin Howells
Austin Howells 12 uur geleden
Her parents are sueing her fans they were mean to her
Fran! 12 uur geleden
How can anybody actually be interested by her content? I find it such a waste of time. Nowadays everything’s about fame, followers and money. I feel like (almost) everything about Tik Tok is superficial. No hate towards her or her followers, if you like her you do you.
wickedly4 12 uur geleden
They're so young but they're so sweet together I really hope they make it.
Joxhua Thomax
Joxhua Thomax 12 uur geleden
"Daniel Creg" 🤮🤮🤮
sarah serranooo
sarah serranooo 12 uur geleden
why is rudy actually so quiet it’s so cute
Linda Willams DaGama
Linda Willams DaGama 12 uur geleden
Nev was suppose to win. Most of Tara's outfits was awful.
Antoinette Wood
Antoinette Wood 12 uur geleden
Alipal 12 uur geleden
At least she's at 94M, that's an even number.
Edsson Polo
Edsson Polo 12 uur geleden
what do you mis understand you act like a brat
Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock 12 uur geleden
Hey I'm a big fan
Zakariah Borenyi
Zakariah Borenyi 12 uur geleden
How come Nicky never come to these things?
Bertie Strydom
Bertie Strydom 12 uur geleden
Ha gay
Imanol Lopez
Imanol Lopez 12 uur geleden
It took so much for me to hold my laughter💀💀
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 12 uur geleden
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Gayathri G
Gayathri G 12 uur geleden
Holds grudge after 14 years?! Man you should consider moving on
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 12 uur geleden
4 the puppies & kittens in the labs and all the other animals too Petition 🇬🇧 🇬🇧🔸🇬🇧 against animal testing on ♠️ 99% of the money given to medical research goes to animal testing ♣️ 2% to the alternatives which are already available but scarcely used
Not Spicy Beat
Not Spicy Beat 12 uur geleden
Paella is a national food from Spain as i know.. You don't have to say that is disgusting just don't say anything and don't eat it, THAT'S ALL
31kmiller 12 uur geleden
Tyra id delusional if she thinks there were more viewers because she was the host and not because everyone is stuck in their house and can't go anywhere.
Mia Dominguez
Mia Dominguez 12 uur geleden
Omg I feel so bad but if you want to follow me my TikTok thing is @midominguez2 that’s it
Chris M
Chris M 12 uur geleden
The show is so stupid
Jinkabo 12 uur geleden
She was crying because she got death threats but of course they leave that part out to make her look bad
asher 12 uur geleden
at this point every award show coming from the west are a joke
مهسا گلدار
مهسا گلدار 12 uur geleden
How you can dont love her😢😍😍😍😢💓💕
Grace McGrath
Grace McGrath 12 uur geleden
The crazy thing is that our society builds up these celebrities just to tear them down in pubic or on the internet and make them fell like crap just to make them feel better about themselves
A T 12 uur geleden
Braunwins mouth is so downturned...she looks angry.
Mars Walker
Mars Walker 12 uur geleden
That was reported like it’s normal. That’s disgusting. Beau’s better off away from his foul family.
Yolanda Vallance
Yolanda Vallance 12 uur geleden
I think Tyra banks is beautiful and amazing host will you come back to Dancing with the stars ⭐️ again or dancing on the show.
Jey Nicol
Jey Nicol 12 uur geleden
Ok but did she need to cry on live? In popularity not everything is the colors of the rainbow so your gonna receive a lot of hate.Being popular and having a lot of fans doesn’t mean your not gonna have hate comments...that’s what the world works honey honestly😀
Kim Strong Un
Kim Strong Un 12 uur geleden
Dont worry there are more thots
Тамара Зацепина
Тамара Зацепина 12 uur geleden
Принцесса Диана- роскошная женщина,восхищаюсь ее женственностью и обаянием.
Tracee 12 uur geleden
Wow shocking news! I thought he was gay and tyler was his lover... guess i was wrong or maybe he's bisexual. Idk
Chrissie Bawn
Chrissie Bawn 12 uur geleden
I am Levi
I am Levi 12 uur geleden
Spoiled braaaaatszzz
kieutien thuhong
kieutien thuhong 12 uur geleden
jikook brocklesnar uwu yungblud superm
George Langheinrich
George Langheinrich 12 uur geleden
This former child actress, now 48 years old cries for attention. Can’t help but be reminded of Norma Desmond from the movie Sunset Boulevard. She lives in the land of 20 year olds. It’s over.
Madina Usmanova
Madina Usmanova 12 uur geleden
If the chef has no problem and is finding it a joke, we should too.
G Clever
G Clever 12 uur geleden
I already saw the 10 episodes today and it's ok. The best character is Daisy the other ones seems like copy roles from the 90's.
Jonathan Grabban
Jonathan Grabban 12 uur geleden
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Teenie 12 uur geleden
The gasp was STUPID
Jana H
Jana H 12 uur geleden
😅😅who is she
MsMoua01 12 uur geleden
What is so hard to admit you were at wrong especially at a wedding?! She never admits to anything bad she’s done. Low key happy she did it. FAKE!
Ömür Çelik
Ömür Çelik 12 uur geleden
Bi karikatur vardı adam bi kalkıyor kolu bacagı yok 😂😂😂😂😂 Ananı kolumu da mı kestin? Ihihii cok icmistik hatırlamıyorum 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gorge Clark
Gorge Clark 12 uur geleden
I'm so sorry charlie I still love you 💘
Naoki Ro Origin
Naoki Ro Origin 12 uur geleden
I Don't Care.
AMDG Videos
AMDG Videos 12 uur geleden
Beyonce was snubbed since the VMAs and now, the time she's finally getting credits of her work, when grammys is the only award show that acknowledged it, some of you call her overrated smh. Dont drag other artists into this
hello there
hello there 12 uur geleden
"Well, its hard to get anything in with this clown- sorry, I mean this person" Biden, no need to even correct yourself. Trump is every insult in the dictionary.
Ömür Çelik
Ömür Çelik 12 uur geleden
Diananın kopyası hulya orospusu sahillere kesik baslı kadınlar yapan bi akıl hastası 😂😂😂😂😂😂
little bit of everything
little bit of everything 12 uur geleden
Jwoww looks completely different with the make up on. You can barely see her botched face.
Classic Aesthetics
Classic Aesthetics 12 uur geleden
Bring Tom back!
M Hardee
M Hardee 12 uur geleden
James: loses millions of followers for something he didn't do and handles the situation maturely Charli: loses 1m for being a brat, cries about it and brats some more "THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!" unfair is people who have important needs and can't get them fulfilled because they aren't as lucky as charli, to have a good house, food, etc. But you don't see them b*tching about life being unfair.
Suzette 12 uur geleden
I watched girlfriends as a teen and watching it again there are so many parts of your characters that formed part of my character as a woman and I am thankful for you. I am an Indian South African and can still relate to the social issues and stigmas around what a woman of colour which the show tackled. Thank you and I am rewatching girlfriends now on Netflix!! Love you ladies❤️❤️. Your show still gives me strength
thehoneyeffect 12 uur geleden
Whats wrong with Eve?
Tricia Rossi
Tricia Rossi 12 uur geleden
I love it. Big ass kicked off stage
username1 12 uur geleden
Mary Magdelin was not a prostitute
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams 12 uur geleden
We tha black community never left tha frshprnce tha cast left is,but still here in this life and will watch tha reunion and if they start where will and lisa get a marriage in the newer version plus a child like will and her plus the other cast members it is fire.
lizzy jane
lizzy jane 12 uur geleden
Beyoncé barely moves.... and Jay Z is not hot..... halo and Maluma are other level
Tavie Williams
Tavie Williams 12 uur geleden
Look her and her sister did seem very bratty in the video but you don’t tell someone to kill themselves... who the hell are you to open your mouth and say something like that..? God don’t like ugly and that’s something that you’ll pay for one day. There was no need in doing her like that at all...
Tavie Williams
Tavie Williams 12 uur geleden
You can be mad and unfollow her I mean I don’t even follow her or anything but telling someone to hurt themselves is too far... just way too far.