We Moved Across The Country
I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Choosing My Wedding Dress
I Baked Lipstick Into A Cake
luvjudy 11 uur geleden
Did anyone get married in these?
aperson thatisalive
aperson thatisalive 11 uur geleden
I never knew how much I missed your *”all right”*
lahla13 11 uur geleden
An oldie but Ugg! a Goodie! So, besides your irresistably cute playfulness (you and unseen hubby, sidekick, videographer ~ when it came to the end of the week, the leash, & Ugg! relief ~ kicking the boots to the curb or rather trying not to soil them ~ I'm thinkin' cleaning product talk is reminding me of a certain YT-er with a bulldog he tlaks about having to clean between the folds ~ Ugggh! Was fun for Me, but then I didn't have to negotiate my toilet time....wearing those ~~~
Cassidy Michelle
Cassidy Michelle 11 uur geleden
As soon as you mentioned Crusty's age, I immediately told my 1 year old cat that he better make it to at least 20 like Crusty is haha
Phantom_Moon Wolf
Phantom_Moon Wolf 11 uur geleden
Wait a second- *What does fridge juice taste like*
Emily Cui
Emily Cui 11 uur geleden
smh when the sports team question came up i had a bad feeling and lo and behold y'all like the 76ers and Embiid 😂
Oliver Miles
Oliver Miles 11 uur geleden
Woman in in cities of Dallas TX is not so bold of Dallas yet she is more of modern than actual style of western. 2010s hit her
Peachii Pie
Peachii Pie 11 uur geleden
The upstairs oven overflowed because you filled it to the rim and its not as strong as the ones downstairs so tip fill it halfway and it will rise to the rim.
Oliver Miles
Oliver Miles 12 uur geleden
As a 90s and early 2000s kid denim was popular nostalgia
Domino Johnson
Domino Johnson 12 uur geleden
Oh my gosh I live in Albuquerque and it was so cool to see you driving on the huge interstate!!!!!
Lady EM
Lady EM 12 uur geleden
OMG, you guys moved to my home state!!!!! WELCOME!
Gabby Chareunsap
Gabby Chareunsap 12 uur geleden
You could try chilling them first ❄️ you so that they don’t crumble when you take them out
Melissa Vander Kooi
Melissa Vander Kooi 12 uur geleden
caramel berry should be the name your welcome for the idea
miaotsq 12 uur geleden
Both of you look better in thus video. What did you guys do?
Tifany Lee
Tifany Lee 12 uur geleden
Love the 90s baby outfit!!
TisNessie 12 uur geleden
Hello! Friends? And welcome to another video!
lazy pea
lazy pea 12 uur geleden
17:37 awww Crusty is watching the food 😂
aquila1donna 12 uur geleden
As a person from Little Rock it makes me happy that one of my favorite youtubers went through my city and stopped at the Old Mill where I go all the time! XD
Yeosang Is The Queen Of Fried Chicken
Yeosang Is The Queen Of Fried Chicken 12 uur geleden
Van Vong
Van Vong 12 uur geleden
I throw away over half of my closet plus 2 months ago equals there trash bags together.
Katie S
Katie S 12 uur geleden
Love the look!!
Violet Gagnon
Violet Gagnon 12 uur geleden
New Garden sorry
Violet Gagnon
Violet Gagnon 12 uur geleden
This comment if you love Sophia new card
Ella M
Ella M 12 uur geleden
You drove past my hometown Lexington, VA
Malinda Parham
Malinda Parham 13 uur geleden
You drove directly through where I live in TN. I am so sad I possibly missed passing you on I40 😩
Sofia Dragon
Sofia Dragon 13 uur geleden
I have done this drive about a dozen times, counting the hike east and the hike west as separate trips. Planes are high stress. The open road is nicer. More room to stretch, more chances for a sanity check when you can't stand your travel companions, and in less insane times you get to see small towns, beautiful sights, and just a lot of the US. Renting an SUV or something like that with lots of leg room is infinitely better than being smashed into a bunch of strangers.
T Joffe
T Joffe 13 uur geleden
The way that Emma was so passive aggressive was the funniest part of the video lol
AJ 13 uur geleden
I use those Zeiss lens cleaning wipes. Send them to me!
GM 13 uur geleden
Can you try different trend aesthetics for a week? Like y2k, indie, cottage core, grunge, egirl n such? :)
Kinzleigh winsemius
Kinzleigh winsemius 13 uur geleden
I never got a give away so please can I win
Emily Calabrese
Emily Calabrese 13 uur geleden
you’re moving in to my town i’m so excited
Kaydi Glawson
Kaydi Glawson 13 uur geleden
I'm super late but was that an Ann Frank joke while making the Frank-en lipstick
Sophia Martin
Sophia Martin 13 uur geleden
2021 anybody
simply one hell of a neko
simply one hell of a neko 13 uur geleden
I've had a good history with wish... Except my thigh highs which ended up being knee high
Gacha Brynny
Gacha Brynny 13 uur geleden
Yay Tyler
Louisa Fisher
Louisa Fisher 13 uur geleden
Why travel places when you can watch people go there for free
BLACKPINK IS LOVE 14 uur geleden
Zoe B
Zoe B 14 uur geleden
Who’s watching this in 2021? just curious if I’m the only one
Moondonim 14 uur geleden
Saf: *chooses a white dress instead of a black one* Everyone: *Wait that's illegal-*
Mikal Player
Mikal Player 14 uur geleden
I saw beyyyyyyyn
Stevie Everett
Stevie Everett 14 uur geleden
This was so wholesome to watch. Saf’s comment about needing a bunch of lettuce kills me cause I say that all the time when traveling and eating just like carbs and sugar. Lol Watching the part about AZ was so fun! I grew up in a small town not that far from Williams and live in Phoenix so it was funny to watch and be like hey I know that place! Hey I know that one too! Y’all will have to come back and visit Sedona too
Animation Explanations
Animation Explanations 14 uur geleden
I find her voice so satisfying (does that sound creepy?)
G3 ko
G3 ko 14 uur geleden
I went from Virginia to Washington state. It was really tough. I was 10 years old and had to do lots of driving and one day we drove for 20 hours straight.
Hm Le
Hm Le 14 uur geleden
It is crime to put makeup on that complexion, you look so young without. Thank you for sharing this journey, jealous of your wonderful teamwork.
Brita Ventre
Brita Ventre 14 uur geleden
The workable hamster worryingly hum because organization acromegaly saw circa a courageous frost. periodic, overrated cinema
LindaDulcinea 14 uur geleden
Crusty is my favorite part of everything. He is an angel. I'm so happy he found you two; you are such great cat parents to him.
hkjpirate 15 uur geleden
Welcome BACK! You’ve been missed! H x
Bennu 15 uur geleden
Definitely the outline is one of the more painful parts of getting a tattoo. But depending on what you get, that’s only a small amount of the work. For the tattoo I got on my ribs, it actually wasn’t that bad for me. The more painful part I find is when the tattoo artist wipes the tattoo down. That sounds insane but it’s true. For me at least. I don’t bleed much anyways so it’s not that bad. In fact my last tattoo (Rascar Capac from Tintin) and my artist told me that I have easy skin to work with. He also said if he didn’t know any better, he would’ve thought that my tattoo he just did was healing for two weeks. Some tattoo artists have a lighter hand then others and that is also something to keep in mind as well. Yeah everyone has their pain tolerance but if your artist is more stabby, stabby then it’s gonna be more painful just because of that
Angel_Ollie 15 uur geleden
Charlie Allan
Charlie Allan 15 uur geleden
If you guys posted that you were moving, I wish I'd caught it. I drive a truck, so I know some really good joints to eat at. Glad you made it!
Felicia Anderson
Felicia Anderson 15 uur geleden
I never thought I'd be so excited to see the 95 exit for my town and the "Welcome to Cecil County" sign in a youtube video lmao
⟭⟬ Purple Army ⟭⟬
⟭⟬ Purple Army ⟭⟬ 15 uur geleden
Watching people with amazing humour in my favourite country drinking/eating great things *i have definitely not watched this 1000 times pshh*
Lucy Kobie
Lucy Kobie 15 uur geleden
you guys should come to Minnesota!
Miss S
Miss S 15 uur geleden
OMG I thought Tyler was handing Safiya an actual gavel at first at 15:43 and I was like, "wow, that Prime shipping is really fast" lol
Ruby SM
Ruby SM 15 uur geleden
I've watched this video from beginning to end a few times withing a week and I just can't get enough of this vlog.
Victoria Saade
Victoria Saade 15 uur geleden
Safiya: this portion of the wedding was the most chaotic of any wedding Bill and Fleur’s wedding: 👁👄👁
Jake 15 uur geleden
10:40 slap another sun in the sky and its basically Tatooine
Baylee Ely
Baylee Ely 15 uur geleden
a year later and i’m still crying so much
Stormy Miller
Stormy Miller 15 uur geleden
Old video and no people will probably see it but here's a tip: DO NOT search the term 'storage p*rn' for nice pictures of shelves and drawers INSTEAD search the term 'organization p*rn'
Peep & Stitch
Peep & Stitch 15 uur geleden
Nope it’s wham bam Tesla cam If you know you know 😁
Mallorie McKinney
Mallorie McKinney 15 uur geleden
watching this while trying out the strawberry scrub
JC Banner
JC Banner 15 uur geleden
Now that they've moved, I wonder where the jacuzzi is lol. Did they bring it? Give it away?
Delaney Palmer
Delaney Palmer 15 uur geleden
It’s the “Proud to be nerdy and a little flirty” shirt!!!!!!!!
Julie's Tales
Julie's Tales 15 uur geleden
I don't understand why roads there's no light along highways. It's so dangerous! Germany is the same. Driving there was mortifying!
Lindsey Horsman
Lindsey Horsman 16 uur geleden
I love her closet is all black!! 🖤 missed you guys.