Just look at the Flowers
Just look at the Flowers 2 uur geleden
There are two types of diabetes. when you start off without even mentioning that then what youre saying is obviously absolute bullshit.
Sbonga Nene
Sbonga Nene 3 uur geleden
All I see is a woman assaulting the male police officer here. Well done to the officer for keeping his composure while restraining a suspect who expects to be treated like "a woman" whatever that means.
Faf Hugo1987
Faf Hugo1987 4 uur geleden
I so wish these officers were fired.
Polk High #33
Polk High #33 5 uur geleden
One of my favourite videos on NLposts.
KREEZY K. 5 uur geleden
*"The Jew Cries as he stabs you in the back"* -copied
Motswadi Wamonna
Motswadi Wamonna 6 uur geleden
Guys please go and find your self a job some where.
Javier M
Javier M 9 uur geleden
What is the point of this??
Unknown White Man
Unknown White Man 10 uur geleden
My comments are being erase 😂 geez feminist prick
Raven T
Raven T 11 uur geleden
It was so moving - I cried.
Koenie 12 uur geleden
Fantastic work 👌 Please take more of them out
Marcelino De Abreu
Marcelino De Abreu 17 uur geleden
What a flippin legend, big ups my man
Mahluleli Dlamini
Mahluleli Dlamini 19 uur geleden
still funny even now in 2021
Thapelo SammyT
Thapelo SammyT 19 uur geleden
The must bring back the hung pal once and for all....cos crime is getting out of hand
Gloria makano
Gloria makano 20 uur geleden
He must go to jail, NO BAIL😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔Imagine is your own, Sister, Mom, Aunty, how you will feel,... South Africa is offline!!!!!! 🤷‍♀️💔, I saw this today 14/05/2021 we're is this Police men now? Cos some viewers so it 1 years ago.
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patrick morrison 20 uur geleden
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Rose dowling
Rose dowling 21 uur geleden
Someone told me I am cursed by God because I hate Israel and Zionists! Screw Israel and their dumb illegal Zionists in malls to!!
Tanna Hanneman
Tanna Hanneman 21 uur geleden
MrDrnoodles 22 uur geleden
its so weird that the comments immediately are against the protestors without knowing the context
Ina_ Ahmed
Ina_ Ahmed Dag geleden
The smartest man I've ever seen that looks like me.... Its pushes me to be better...
basil chaka
basil chaka Dag geleden
No Nelson Mandela did not convert to Islam But he was nevertheless friendly towards Muslims and had a soft soft for them in his heart honoring cherishing and recognizing the role the Muslims played in the long struggle against Apartheid
Annelize Johannes
Annelize Johannes Dag geleden
May God save his poor Soul...let us all pray for that congregation 🙏🙏
John Nielsen
John Nielsen Dag geleden
Man, my wedding sucked.
Wood Stock
Wood Stock Dag geleden
Einfach nur peinlich
Sqiniseko Majola
Sqiniseko Majola Dag geleden
Berean Study Bible Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me will live, even though he dies. John 11:25
이띠용 Dag geleden
Bevelyn Ampah
Bevelyn Ampah Dag geleden
Hey guys, the best cure for herpes is with Dr Ogudugu on NLposts
Wilfred Heath
Wilfred Heath Dag geleden
Why mate why blur ffs
Kyle_Ke_Star Official
Kyle_Ke_Star Official Dag geleden
Zulu taxi owners are stupid , They even do this nonsense in Ntuzuma A
Jana Meyers
Jana Meyers Dag geleden
We love you Nafiz
jason737373 Dag geleden
How is a blurry video age-restricted? I would have never watched it if you just said "this video shows nothing". False advertisement!
Laetitia J Raaths
Laetitia J Raaths Dag geleden
High and mighty Robert... 😂😂😂
John Anita
John Anita Dag geleden
God bless Dr Osade on NLposts I got Cured from herpes virus using his herbal med..
シNasbetrashシ Dag geleden
I hear it in my left ear and it happens when I talk or do an "s" sound with my tongue it goes away and then comes back
ali40450 Dag geleden
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Gia Gia
Gia Gia Dag geleden
The amount of money one spends on petrol in this country...
Jacob Gary
Jacob Gary 2 dagen geleden
I'm happy I'm finally cured from herpes virus,all thanks to draziegbe1 on NLposts for curing me with his herbal products.
ADRIAN naidoo
ADRIAN naidoo 2 dagen geleden
Get the strap Lol definitely gna get 25yrs
Muhammed salim Shah
Muhammed salim Shah 2 dagen geleden
They should have banned for life.why only 12 months.
Amarildo Gojdeshi
Amarildo Gojdeshi 2 dagen geleden
Amarildo Gojdeshi
Amarildo Gojdeshi 2 dagen geleden
xXAnni3LuvsYhuXx 2 dagen geleden
This is complete madness
Free Palestine 🇵🇸 love from Malawi
Krazy Curr
Krazy Curr 2 dagen geleden
Most women in Africa look gay
iMPERIAL B B 2 dagen geleden
what about rh null?
777 Malaba
777 Malaba 2 dagen geleden
This Mackenzie is talking nonsense
Bilal Omer
Bilal Omer 2 dagen geleden
Blind believers these Christians... Islam is the true way wake up open Ur eyes don't be blind believers🥁🥁
Jay Moon
Jay Moon 3 dagen geleden
Thank you , you can pickle the green one in vinegar and salt after washing and thoroughly drying them meaning no water, after which you can put in oil and spices, a little gooey but I put in green chillies in it , been doing it for decades.
I agree with u and
I agree with u and 3 dagen geleden
The police are uselessness is a pandemic itself, spread among them around the world...
David Vazquez
David Vazquez 3 dagen geleden
Hermoso, increíble.
Green Mile
Green Mile 3 dagen geleden
Damn, I'm going to 😢
Limitz 3 dagen geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he was lagging
Christian Nault
Christian Nault 3 dagen geleden
All of this and they are more famous for their sauce at Chick-fil-A
This people are cartoons if it was foreigner they will saying kwerekwere are destroying our country well yourself you don't know how to show sharity among yourself and you busy insulting your own law
Izamar Di Vaio
Izamar Di Vaio 3 dagen geleden
This is so beautiful❤️
George Payazitis
George Payazitis 3 dagen geleden
If they climbed & decend with ease & not suddenly maybe people will be ok that's my problem
Tlaweng Mophosho
Tlaweng Mophosho 3 dagen geleden
These guy in some of the videos speak tswana but it is messed up like from Pretoria, if they put 1 million rand bounty people would unravel these crimes.
Bradford Bilton
Bradford Bilton 3 dagen geleden
Steve Biko Academic Hospital management hire an unregistered security company and agree that the male security personell may sexually harrass female patients and members of the public
Ogona Kopondo
Ogona Kopondo 3 dagen geleden
A bullet from gun will silence lion
Honey327 3 dagen geleden
ThaiMy Shoes
ThaiMy Shoes 3 dagen geleden
Big strong people, big strong voice, and a big strong heart. Much respect. This was beautiful.
Deborah J
Deborah J 4 dagen geleden
I love this - visit this video often so moving and uplifting 😍
I frankenstine
I frankenstine 4 dagen geleden
This put a smile on my face.
Elton Brown
Elton Brown 4 dagen geleden
Sad and disgusting country his place has become
Marlene Flourentzou
Marlene Flourentzou 4 dagen geleden
Serial killer, psychopath, powerful master manipulator, narcissist, liar Reminds me of Charles Manson
Marlene Flourentzou
Marlene Flourentzou 4 dagen geleden
She is not just a cold psychopath, she is a serial killer, in my humble opinion And to think she was a teacher!!! The death sentence should have been given to this group of monsters
Kara Johnson
Kara Johnson 4 dagen geleden
Not really outsmarted..but sure
phareed adams
phareed adams 4 dagen geleden
It is extremely unnerving to know what this monster did to someone he had once declared his love to
Joekehi Igoh
Joekehi Igoh 4 dagen geleden
What is graphic when the video is blur. Next time let it be as it is so intending robbers will watch how interesting it looks to die
Million Haile
Million Haile 4 dagen geleden
How can i get this product pls adress
Ken IsGov
Ken IsGov 4 dagen geleden
When attacked like that must just engage to reverse and plow the criminal..
Dwayne Hakeem
Dwayne Hakeem 4 dagen geleden
Thanks to DR EHIZOJIE for curing my HSV 2 with his natural herbs and am forever greatful for what you did for me and will continue to appreciate you.................
Rupson Tokbi
Rupson Tokbi 4 dagen geleden
Talking to God in phone r u kidding me 😂😡💀😡😂😡😂💀😡😂?
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 5 dagen geleden
I want to say a big thanks to God for giving me a second chance in life through Dr Alaho Olu on NLposts who cured me from Herpes Simplex Virus 🦠..
Chtchoukin James
Chtchoukin James 5 dagen geleden
can't believe a whole president is being treated like this
M T 5 dagen geleden
Pro tip: keep your windows closed. Turn on the AC instead
Gina Parker
Gina Parker 5 dagen geleden
Absolutely beautiful
Gina Parker
Gina Parker 5 dagen geleden
This is the best version of this ritual I have ever seen, very emotional, I’ve watched at least a dozen times!! Amazing family
Bradford Bilton
Bradford Bilton 5 dagen geleden
Is this supposed to be a promotional video or something, as in the SAPS of today, the bigger the bribe you take the higher the promotion you get. Corruption is almost a standing order in the SAPS.