oOProtexOo 23 uur geleden
this song is sonically confused, it has no highlights nor personality, wasted collab
Touche Corona
Touche Corona 23 uur geleden
I am so sorry for what your fans have done to your family and friends. They deserve better, but isn’t that how people usually are? They always interject with only half or less of any story. People need to show empathy and not place judgement unless they know the WHOLE story, which is rare. This world is fickle. Glad you are making all the documentaries. You got this, Demi.
Julezz M
Julezz M 23 uur geleden
she cute asf with that hair tho
Mia Morales
Mia Morales 23 uur geleden
Te amo
Uber Yeets
Uber Yeets 23 uur geleden
Why is this is my recommended?
shruti vasista
shruti vasista 23 uur geleden
4:21 Her face,She’s adorable 🤣🤣
catarrri 23 uur geleden
catarrri 23 uur geleden
Nicole K
Nicole K 23 uur geleden
I'm glad that shes getting better. She's an amazing vocalist, I remember skyscraper
Coll 44
Coll 44 23 uur geleden
Thank you for being honest Abiut the shot and the weed and the drinking I don’t feel so alone anymore
Julie-Michelle Manohar
Julie-Michelle Manohar Dag geleden
Agatha Barboza
Agatha Barboza Dag geleden
Agatha Barboza
Agatha Barboza Dag geleden
ChasityMaria Padilla
ChasityMaria Padilla Dag geleden
I love the whole thing. We place such unrealistic ideas on celebrities, that we almost convince ourselves that they’re super humans, and we forget often that these people are just that, they’re people. They’re human just like us and they fall and they break and they bleed just like the rest of us. They go through real life struggles just like we do and they do it with the whole world documenting their every move and that’s got to be exhausting and frustrating to constantly worry about what they’re about to do each day isn’t caught on film or how they look to the public, that alone would drive some of us to our breaking point, and she just truly went raw with this and told her truth and opened up about her real life and that wasn’t just ballsy but it was relatable to so many other people who deal with their own struggles. She’s amazing and this whole vulnerable series was truly admirable.
Julie-Michelle Manohar
Julie-Michelle Manohar Dag geleden
Beautiful song.
Nallah B
Nallah B Dag geleden
11:00 -11:14
mery dee
mery dee Dag geleden
I am here in 2021 n I'm 27 n I still love the song.
miniruss123 Dag geleden
Best song Demi
Cor Rapid
Cor Rapid Dag geleden
She looked so happy in this video🥺 but I know she wasn’t😞
Lyanna Borges
Lyanna Borges Dag geleden
OMG! Hahahaha! So cute!
Coll 44
Coll 44 Dag geleden
My first time was the same way. I started dating him after because I wanted to be in control of what happen. I also struggled with drug abuse years later. I had waited to have sex I was 19 and I wanted the first time to be with someone I loved. It took me years to admit that it was that. I blamed myself of course. I was drinking with him we where “hooking up” and I told he I didn’t want to go that far. He didn’t care he forced him self inside of me. He even laughed and made a joke about the fact that I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I actually can’t believe I just wrote that down in a comment section
Jassi Phool
Jassi Phool Dag geleden
Coll 44
Coll 44 Dag geleden
Thank you for being so honest and real
Sharon V. Melendez Peña
Sharon V. Melendez Peña Dag geleden
Thank you Demi for the strength that you have to do thus we love you ❤️❤️❤️
Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams Dag geleden
Bree Serigne
Bree Serigne Dag geleden
She is an idol of mine I absolutely love her and since her sobering her voice is absolutely addictive new level my girl
Kelly Vasquez
Kelly Vasquez Dag geleden
Moderation doesn’t work. Stay clean. Go to narcotics anonymous meetings. That help my parents 15 years clean now. I’m so proud of them. Pls get help. You are a beautiful soul
Dr SmokeAlot
Dr SmokeAlot Dag geleden
Famous junky
Katy Ramirez
Katy Ramirez Dag geleden
THE ENDING I LOVE HER LAUGH😂💙 so empowering and inspiring.
Dr SmokeAlot
Dr SmokeAlot Dag geleden
Famous junky
Dr SmokeAlot
Dr SmokeAlot Dag geleden
Famous junky
Dr SmokeAlot
Dr SmokeAlot Dag geleden
Famous junky
Dr SmokeAlot
Dr SmokeAlot Dag geleden
U just a famous junky people go thru this everyday
Dr SmokeAlot
Dr SmokeAlot Dag geleden
How you from Disney to herion addict 😂😂
Damion Tucker
Damion Tucker Dag geleden
Heroin lol
Dr SmokeAlot
Dr SmokeAlot Dag geleden
How you go from Disney to heroine 😂😂
A Dag geleden
LMAO I fell for this so hard😂😭I was like wait wtf
Evelyn Grace
Evelyn Grace Dag geleden
Joow J
Joow J Dag geleden
Alguém 2021? Estou aqui aos prantos ouvindo essa música Incrível ♥️
Christopher Larue
Christopher Larue Dag geleden
Why does this song remind me of an early 2000s Brandy song though? Like Demi kindof sounds like her too
David Quilez Trasobares
David Quilez Trasobares Dag geleden
xtina x demi 4ever <3
Candela Giselle
Candela Giselle Dag geleden
Abz Bartlett
Abz Bartlett Dag geleden
Is the next one airing tomorrow? I get confused with the time zones
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis Dag geleden
Ok but Scooter Braun is a loser.
Candela Giselle
Candela Giselle Dag geleden
Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams Dag geleden
demi is so freaking strong! i love you so much 🌹
Jeishka Garcia
Jeishka Garcia Dag geleden
Alright, I know it's coming, Conspiracy Theorists. HIT ME WITH WHAT YOU GOT
Quiet Earth Creature
Quiet Earth Creature Dag geleden
being completely abstinent is like trying to be perfect and that is an idea we simply cannot live up to! we are not perfect beings! also if you limit yourself to beliefs of relapse then it is easier for it to happen. the decision is always in your hands. but im telling you weed is nothing to be afraid of, and i've got some in my van if you wanna dab it up
ketuwaa Dag geleden
on repeat!! 😍
Anthony Sace
Anthony Sace Dag geleden
You're so strong Demi and a strong influence especially to our Youths today ❣💜😍
Joey Tayaban
Joey Tayaban Dag geleden
I dunno what else needs to happen to her for her to change. She was given another chance in life and yet she remains the same. I dunno what lessons they're trying to convey here. Until she fully accepts and FORGIVES her past, she can't truly move on. Everything stems up from our childhood and past experiences. Demi is an example of a person who is so selfish that she does not have the time to look at how she is affecting everyone around her. If she only spends more time doing charity works, helping others, getting out of the US and going to third world countries where poverty is real, then perhaps she'd understand that she is sooooooo privileged to live her life.
Kaela Foss
Kaela Foss Dag geleden
Rather than smoking and drinking I think psychedelic therapy could work for her & her struggle with addiction. Micro dose on Psilocybin or LSD
Adeyinka Akemi
Adeyinka Akemi Dag geleden
Now she's 28 if I'm not wrong 🤔
Demi Lovato Indonesia
Demi Lovato Indonesia Dag geleden
wait whyyyy
Gil Edwards
Gil Edwards Dag geleden
"Found this guy and I think he's gonna be around for awhile.." Notice they're never around forever in modern relationships.. You're lucky to get 5-10 years outta someone. Thats a marriage now
Maddie Kerr
Maddie Kerr Dag geleden
I’m so very proud of you!!! I love u so much!❤️💜
1,000 suscriptores sin ningún video
1,000 suscriptores sin ningún video Dag geleden
Yo viendo que no hay ningún comentario en español 👁️👄👁️
Fran Gabi
Fran Gabi Dag geleden
c e
c e Dag geleden
1,000 suscriptores sin ningún video
1,000 suscriptores sin ningún video Dag geleden
Arte 💯💙
bre lopes
bre lopes Dag geleden
ria keogh
ria keogh Dag geleden
You are so strong!!!! Keep being you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish nothing but the best for you.. 💖
Brian Francis
Brian Francis Dag geleden
Demi, I live in Iowa. Would you go on a date with me?
Bruna Fernanda
Bruna Fernanda Dag geleden
Thanks youtube