Angela McDaniel
Angela McDaniel 20 uur geleden
Toyoko team 2021: Simone, Memmel, Suni, Grace.
내취향 20 uur geleden
여기까진 안왔나
AdekDwi Oktaviantina
AdekDwi Oktaviantina 20 uur geleden
Mark and JB fight when they trainee and young k be intrepreter
Vaishnovi Satishkumaar
Vaishnovi Satishkumaar 20 uur geleden
dAnIeL sEaVeY
Elissa 20 uur geleden
Gal Gadot for sure!!!❤
Hiatus Mode
Hiatus Mode 20 uur geleden
Omgg him and the dad jokes🤣🤣...Dead
Emma Terwilliger
Emma Terwilliger 20 uur geleden
The one girl that said harry styles same sis same
Vaishnovi Satishkumaar
Vaishnovi Satishkumaar 20 uur geleden
Is no one gonna talk about the first girl saying Carlos? Like yes hunny yes
Martin Mcfly
Martin Mcfly 20 uur geleden
Dollys voice is so beautiful
Lili Ramon
Lili Ramon 20 uur geleden
Do another season of liv and madie dove cameron
Morris county bus driver 51 fans buses etc.
Morris county bus driver 51 fans buses etc. 21 uur geleden
I hate uniforms !
Rayna The Rain Cloud
Rayna The Rain Cloud 21 uur geleden
What hurts more (with an epidural)? C section or normal natural birth? I’m not even having kids, I’m just curious 😂
효정느 21 uur geleden
얘들아 수고한다 ㅠㅠ
Aesthetic cherries rblx :3
Aesthetic cherries rblx :3 21 uur geleden
I love there friendship.❤️
Global_ Iron
Global_ Iron 21 uur geleden
My dude can play a instrument without the instrument
Lauren_lovexx 21 uur geleden
Jake canuso and miley Cyrus
whyiseveryonesohot 21 uur geleden
Louis’ girlfriend watching this: 👁👄👁
Laurel Fox
Laurel Fox 21 uur geleden
I hate the 8 year old. She's so annoying.
lara tavares monteiro
lara tavares monteiro 21 uur geleden
Allie Hauptman
Allie Hauptman 21 uur geleden
me looking for Tom Felton when he was 15-25 like: 👁👄👁
Ivon Mihaylova
Ivon Mihaylova 21 uur geleden
Omg I can’t stop laughing 😂
mirou shebsheb
mirou shebsheb 21 uur geleden
Yeah I don't like dating a dickless man I like dating real biological women its my preference
Ala Szepieniec
Ala Szepieniec 21 uur geleden
0:19 love you girl
Aldea Ann De Guzman
Aldea Ann De Guzman 21 uur geleden
im 14 and i sleep at 5:00 and wake up at 4:30 and yah not so proud of it.
Mariam 21 uur geleden
I think I would say Shawn Mendes
js lee
js lee 21 uur geleden
l Midnight • Angel l
l Midnight • Angel l 21 uur geleden
1:18 Me when I had a good day and my friends ask me how was my day:
Haikki 21 uur geleden
Zac slapped at us with age
Hugo Santos
Hugo Santos 21 uur geleden
0:41 Cersei Lannister enters in the chat
김삡삡 21 uur geleden
궁예지일 토나와요오
Blue Kartoon Yt
Blue Kartoon Yt 21 uur geleden
i want to be best friends with dove and the other guys so bad!
Starri night
Starri night 21 uur geleden
i notice plus sized ppls knees tend to bend backwards
M Mugi
M Mugi 21 uur geleden
Friendship is a weird way to spell lovers
Maci Lopez
Maci Lopez 22 uur geleden
2:50 oh sweetie, you are a legacy never to be forgotten about.
Lena Abu
Lena Abu 22 uur geleden
Liam hemsworth
Starri night
Starri night 22 uur geleden
me cringing in 5'3
Chelsea C
Chelsea C 22 uur geleden
Its ironic because most transwomen wouldnt date a trans guy they want someone with a stick in the scar between their legs
beatles _bts
beatles _bts 22 uur geleden
I love old people taste in music
Amira Ayachi
Amira Ayachi 22 uur geleden
I have a terrible mid back pain and my breast are sore im on my 27th cycle i will have my period tomorrow
invisibleman277 22 uur geleden
Dolly Parton, our Tennessee Queen.
Alethea C
Alethea C 22 uur geleden
Anyone else noticing how beautiful these women are?? ❤
- shyni
- shyni 22 uur geleden
71 year old woman: B a r a c k O b a m a
Noah starks
Noah starks 22 uur geleden
Billie looks so dumb
Jordan The Unboxer
Jordan The Unboxer 20 uur geleden
You idiot you know if you dont think shes pretty its okay but dont comment it and also were all beatifullin are own way.
Raymond Morgan
Raymond Morgan 22 uur geleden
Dolly Parton is one om my biggest inspirations
Annalise Marie
Annalise Marie 22 uur geleden
“Coffee” We all know this 10 year old has probably only had coffee once and she wants to sound like every other 13 year old girl 😂
Rhythm Jain
Rhythm Jain 22 uur geleden
the 65 ladies voice hit different.
XRA 17
XRA 17 22 uur geleden
“Let’s have another one”
Jennifer S
Jennifer S 22 uur geleden guys DO know you are madly in love, right? WTH are you doing not being together?
Nathalie 0906
Nathalie 0906 22 uur geleden
What she says in real life : OH MY GOSH I LOVE ❤️😱❤️ What they see : oh my god that so good 😒
Nora Gabrielsson
Nora Gabrielsson 22 uur geleden
My name is Nora so hearing them telling someone with the same name what is attractive about a girl was kinda funny. I feel honored!
Plush 23 uur geleden
The 15 years old girl smiled so... Suddenly.
Mariah Copeland
Mariah Copeland 23 uur geleden
School tells us not to wear short skirts but that’s the skirts they give us- like pick a struggle 😂😂
Nathalie 0906
Nathalie 0906 23 uur geleden
Who else would love to meet grace vanderwaal
Sarah Durn
Sarah Durn 23 uur geleden
Comment your favorite song by her down below have a great day
Tofi Ngata
Tofi Ngata 23 uur geleden
you guys should do beyonce
Brittany Holtgreven
Brittany Holtgreven 23 uur geleden
Dolly Parton ❤
Danny Dougin
Danny Dougin 23 uur geleden
Dolly Parton is a genuine person! Kindness personified. There is nothing wrong with being nice!
T D 23 uur geleden
My father.
petrova help シ
petrova help シ 23 uur geleden
and NO ONE , NO ONE said ian somerhalder WOW
Texdy 23 uur geleden
When they hug it makes me cry cause Me and my bestie are frustrated for 1 year right now we became “friends”...
Loara Cardoso
Loara Cardoso 23 uur geleden
Amo descendentes mais não falo engles
danny sanchez
danny sanchez 23 uur geleden
bretman : you dont need 8 kids give me that one: ahahahahahahaha
Anja M
Anja M 23 uur geleden
If this hasn’t been done already, you should do most attractive book character!
Pippa Dee
Pippa Dee 23 uur geleden
Sebastian stan, just, sebastian stan
Davina Historias
Davina Historias 23 uur geleden
His good!!!
Gina 23 uur geleden
Me Draco malfoy/tom felton
Sliz 23 uur geleden
I wish I looked like him
Emma Veit
Emma Veit 23 uur geleden
The one girl who said Harry Styles is right
Aileen Arreola
Aileen Arreola Dag geleden
Millie: remember when I got your girlfriend your anniversary gift Me: GIRLFRIEND??
Aileen Arreola
Aileen Arreola Dag geleden
If our friendship is not gonna be like millie and louis, I don't want it
shyla Dag geleden
LMAOthey talking like a couple and how they met tbh they match each others vibes
_.hxfflepuff ._
_.hxfflepuff ._ Dag geleden
what are the seasons again? louis-
Yaelle Davis
Yaelle Davis Dag geleden
Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Cole Sprouse. That's it.
Jamie Dag geleden
The amount of women that said Angelina Jolie. I'm here for it.😍
Molly DePrey
Molly DePrey Dag geleden
N sa d VP g up I said to my crush I love you he said I love you to MOLLY OMG 😱
MegaMike Gaming
MegaMike Gaming Dag geleden
Why is the first one just simping over each other 😂
Dirk van Kemseke
Dirk van Kemseke Dag geleden
What kind of doctor are ypu
Karys Carson
Karys Carson Dag geleden
Wow we even have a short look of the studio
Payton Arrowsmith
Payton Arrowsmith Dag geleden
If I was louis’ gf I would be scared
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz Dag geleden
I want to befriend her so badly <3