C.L. Van Horne
C.L. Van Horne 19 uur geleden
LeT's PRoVe The FAKe-eLecTioN, then ReiNsTATe the GeNuiNe-PReSiDeNT, #45, DoNALd J. TRUMP!!..LeT's gfit eR DoNe by 245 Th. InDePeNDANCe DAY ;2021!!...We WiLL-to CeLeBRATe INDePENDANCe & LiBeRTY,..aLL oVeR the WORLd! (WesTeRN 'FRee' WoRLd!).
Grace Mercy
Grace Mercy 19 uur geleden
Biden will be remembered for the wars he started and he and his. Bunch are to blame. God Bless Israel.
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 19 uur geleden
Wait he just said everybody knows Trump perpetrated the LIE?tf, I'm telling you these Democrats are playing reverse psychology it's so easy to see it's sickening
Phi Tsf
Phi Tsf 19 uur geleden
Fauci is awful
Bo Pitbull
Bo Pitbull 19 uur geleden
Joe Biden will be exposed before 2022 then he'll claim that he's insane and go to a nursing home hopefully one that has bars on the windows.
Proud Patriot
Proud Patriot 19 uur geleden
I love President Trump. That is present tense.
Hank E
Hank E 19 uur geleden
Why are people f’ing with these viruses?
Barbara Cunliffe
Barbara Cunliffe 19 uur geleden
123 19 uur geleden
Both of em are clowns fer sure! But mostly Schumer
Steve Hagen
Steve Hagen 19 uur geleden
Isn’t that perjury? Why isn’t fauci being punished?
Steven Singer
Steven Singer 19 uur geleden
Faucci lies when he breathes
Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny 19 uur geleden
Chief Executive
Chief Executive 19 uur geleden
benny onsville
benny onsville 19 uur geleden
he's right, trump the best man for the job
Donald Lazear
Donald Lazear 19 uur geleden
Never trust a Democrat. Look at Biden
John Pandolfino
John Pandolfino 19 uur geleden
This was on Australian Sky News last week ...look it up on's about time somebody in the USA is following up on this is a bioweapon........ Sky News has a document confirming the CCP was looking into using covid-19 as a bioweapon 5 years ago......
Joey Richardson
Joey Richardson 19 uur geleden
Rumplestiltskin is an Evil man!! Thank you Dr. Paul for all you do!!!
carolyn harper
carolyn harper 19 uur geleden
Yes he's a bootlick
galarius 19 uur geleden
Weasel Man is back for more propaganda
Redhot Firecracker
Redhot Firecracker 19 uur geleden
This Juan dude sitting there defending this madness. Pisses me off so bad. Those poor babies. Get that idiot off your show!!!!
Nar Sheen
Nar Sheen 19 uur geleden
its over doubled i saw the statistic . if u take a medium cut from all its now on 250 percent higher. ps and after obama it was falling with trumps boarder politic about 25 percent out of the wall wasnt finished. ps so after datas he doublicated even obimi😛 the plus traveler where not ppl which where waiting this are ppl which come bec hey all cool come in. otherwise hes numbers would be less. bec 25 percent kess is not this much its not 250 percent more. wall not fully finished remembering. even if u count it with pro year its still just 100 percent more but hey its 250 more.
LeChina james
LeChina james 19 uur geleden
i had a feeling fauci caused covid 19
Kenneth Krueger
Kenneth Krueger 19 uur geleden
I support Christians and atheists. I do not support hypocrites like joe. He mentions god every once in a while but he pushes the removal of Christians and persecution. He is a lying mumbling stuttering moron.
Dwayne Yucra
Dwayne Yucra 19 uur geleden
All these liberal states. Maryland is just as bad, and so is DC.
Britny 19 uur geleden
Even the outside of the lab looks like it belongs in a zombie movie...
Jc Stang
Jc Stang 19 uur geleden
"study the virus which infect animals". Yeah sure, I'm sure it's just for 'researching'. Oh wait, they can juice them up? NO SMELL FOUND HERE!
David Ramjawam
David Ramjawam 19 uur geleden
Dr. Fuchie is defacto president of usa.
paul marchese
paul marchese 19 uur geleden
Because he would gontomjail
Richard Kammerer
Richard Kammerer 19 uur geleden
The Lurgy Launchers were only moonlighting, so there's no direct connection to Fauci.
Slick Willie
Slick Willie 19 uur geleden
Her action of moving the money is evidence of guilty intent - slam dunk case.
johnny vann
johnny vann 19 uur geleden
The Republican Party is at its lowest point ever. It's leadership is now forcing members to either lie for a con man or be replaced!
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart 19 uur geleden
Dr. Fauci should be in prison!!! After he is tarred and feathered, then ridden through DC on a rail!
Captain R.
Captain R. 19 uur geleden
BIO WEAPON! THREE THINGS ARE NEEDED TO DEPLOY A WEAPON! War head, Covid 19 Delivery system, Chinese new year, they KNEW all the expats would come home and then return to their new country. Target, China attacked the world. PERIOD!
Patsy Summitt
Patsy Summitt 19 uur geleden
Paul Regnier
Paul Regnier 19 uur geleden
I have only gotten one stimulus check where are the rest?
tonyel99 19 uur geleden
Why don't these people EVER pay the price for their actions? Fauci should be arrested for this!
Veronica Phillips
Veronica Phillips 19 uur geleden
If you don't know how it happened, then how are you gonna prevent it?
Devin h
Devin h 19 uur geleden
Until the media stops letting them side step questions they will continue to weasel out of them. Hold them accountable. Re ask the same question the same way until they respond.
Enochx55 19 uur geleden
Does Juan actually believe what he says?
Teresa Crutcher
Teresa Crutcher 19 uur geleden
You have to be intellectual before you can have an intellectual debate and she is nothing but an angry bitter woman, and yes I am a woman
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee 19 uur geleden
Biden will not do a thing. Would not be surprised to find out deep state played a part.
Jim fox
Jim fox 19 uur geleden
Patriots stop supporting Democrat contributors...... The National Basketball Association, the MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for President Harris and her puppet Joe Biden. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, campaigned for Biden and other Democrats, fund raised for BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible the following........ NBA / WNBA, MLB, Modelo Beer, Pacifico Beer, Sonic, Corona Beer, Wendy's, US Bank, Coca-Cola products, State Farm Insurance, The General Insurance, Nerdwallet, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Nurtec, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Microsoft, Home Depot, Vivint, Verizon, New York Times, Washington Post, All late night comedy shows, USA today, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, TNT, TBS, TLC, PBS, OWN, Oxygen, Discovery Channel, Discovery Plus, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter. Please pass this on. Thank you. * Remember the traitors of the Republican Party.....Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Adam Kinzinger.
Stephanie Ritchie
Stephanie Ritchie 19 uur geleden
Sure them! They need it. We all should sue over mask mandates. It takes into no consideration the rights of I dividing in the first place.
n n
n n 19 uur geleden
WOW! Thank you Mr. Paul.
George Henderson
George Henderson 19 uur geleden
Do we really have to listen to Juan's alternative "facts"? The number of unaccompanied children crossing the border is way up from past months, not down.
Merc 2011
Merc 2011 19 uur geleden
I thought Israel cld knock out rockets before they hit?
Timberel Burke
Timberel Burke 19 uur geleden
SR1 is nothing but a trick to take over the citizens.
Evelyn Joy
Evelyn Joy 19 uur geleden
The democrats are full of bs! It is a federal tale over and the democrats did cheat and stole the election. IMPEACH BIDEN AND HARRIS!!!
John Judd
John Judd 19 uur geleden
Impeach Joe Biden and KAMALA
Spawn 19 uur geleden
So why wasn't he arrested for lying under oath?
Mark Cleary
Mark Cleary 19 uur geleden
Who would listen to this clown?
Kona Ranger
Kona Ranger 19 uur geleden
Dr Fauci, can't ever speak the truth .. Dr FAKE
William Turner Lotowycz
William Turner Lotowycz 19 uur geleden
Was Fauci under oath? ARREST HIM!!!
Paul Regnier
Paul Regnier 19 uur geleden
So I'm a white American and I have only got when stimulus check for $1,400 and no other ones so where are the rest of them? Please present this Tucker
YAW ADRUS DANIEL 19 uur geleden
Mr, President, Sir do take of your health and Sanity likewise your immediate entrepreneur powers, dis~indulge in "Politics" of American, many candidates are about to come to the (play/tomorrow) during Esq, B,duration in Power of USA. They will be well equipped, Organisations and Economic Planning.
Jay Young
Jay Young 19 uur geleden
I think Chopstick Joe believes in preying, not praying. The Predator of the United States.
Anthony Golden
Anthony Golden 19 uur geleden
Finally a little bit of Truth
Lisa Lassetter
Lisa Lassetter 19 uur geleden
Putin is probably tired of being at the middle of Democrat hoaxes against TRUMP etc...
F Ros
F Ros 19 uur geleden
Nice to see a fellow Afghan American on fox
Sleepys Auto
Sleepys Auto 19 uur geleden
New york gets what they voted for. so cry.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 19 uur geleden
Democrats should go back and take a lesson from Yamamoto on waking a sleeping giant! The British did it and what was the outcome!?
Gail Watson
Gail Watson 19 uur geleden
What a liar.
super nerd
super nerd 19 uur geleden
Fauci is a democrat hack!
uncle jj 13er
uncle jj 13er 19 uur geleden
Wait until Iran has nukes!! Then the rockets will fly without cessation.
Lee S Kennedy
Lee S Kennedy 19 uur geleden
A woman from China transferred vials of the virus to Wuhan from Harvard in the US and also to the Australian Labs! She was working with a doctor from Harvard. She was working for the CCP!
Merc 2011
Merc 2011 19 uur geleden
They most probably used money Bribe’em gave them to fund rockets
Steve White
Steve White 19 uur geleden
Williams is a idiot. He does not deserve to have a voice. Get rid of Juan
Isaac Schaefer
Isaac Schaefer 19 uur geleden
Schumer is the BIG LIE🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥
gene hensley
gene hensley 19 uur geleden
The doctor is American treasure Rand Paul is American disgrace
James Ward
James Ward 19 uur geleden
Republicans are nothing but spineless idiots just look at Cruz and Graham
Salah Harry
Salah Harry 19 uur geleden
Seriously 😳 Who’s president USA 🇺🇸 right now 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅
Diane Bria-Wharton
Diane Bria-Wharton 19 uur geleden
Steel Here
Steel Here 19 uur geleden
I’m so glad the people at Fox News care about immigrants, especially Tucker Carlson.
Leo Luzuriaga
Leo Luzuriaga 19 uur geleden
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 19 uur geleden
If the United State paid for the research we are partly liable.
Ana Vasquez
Ana Vasquez 19 uur geleden
Republicans are now pushing voter suppression as a new way to win elections! They offer very little other then tax cuts for Corporations and the very wealthiest Americans. They have no agenda other then embracing Trumps nonsense and lies. I used to be a Republican and am now embarrassed I was, I now plan voting against the party of White Supremacy at every opportunity.
Colby Stende
Colby Stende 19 uur geleden
Let me put this in context. I know second hand that there are BSL for infrastructures in Bethesda Maryland in one of the high rises that you would never even know. My source helped build it. So yeah the threat of a leak is.... well. On top of it does everybody forget about the fort detrick lab leak?
Rusty Spence
Rusty Spence 19 uur geleden
fire juan, now
iLikeTigerz101 19 uur geleden
My ears are bleeding. I rather listen to Justin Bieber than this!