Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 7 uur geleden
So who is my Emma Stone to save the world and galaxy with? Lol Taylor Swift? Lol lol You know I am not schizophrenic right? I am just bipolar. Plus I don't think I am doing anything important. I am just writing dumb shit on NLposts comments since it became interesting game to occupy my boring life at this moment. Lol
Hamid Lazrak
Hamid Lazrak 7 uur geleden
I am the only one that was actually confused bc she started kissing them and they where highe even does wht they did was wrong but she's the one who is wrong bc she started kissing them and she didn't yell stop they were all high i feel bad for her ans how ther friendship is ruin they were really supportive for her 😕😕😕
Anonymus Alexander
Anonymus Alexander 7 uur geleden
Why are those zombies not using guns if they are stronger, and faster ans smarter.
King Hetta
King Hetta 7 uur geleden
I can’t understand is darklina the endgame ?
You donote
You donote 7 uur geleden
Spoilers! - - - - - - No.
Nowhere Girl
Nowhere Girl 7 uur geleden
zoey bunch
zoey bunch 7 uur geleden
Ben is the perfect casting for Darkling! Watched this for him tbh. Didn't expect such intense chemistry with Jessie 🌒🖤
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 7 uur geleden
This version of NYC sucks big time. NYC was amazing for me. Diverse so many cheap and delicious street foods Broadway shows vibrant with many people .
Halie Gray
Halie Gray 7 uur geleden
zoey bunch
zoey bunch 7 uur geleden
This is the best opportunity for a friends to enemies to lovers trope. Netflix found a gem with Ben and Jessie's insane chemistry! 🔥🥵 They look so good together! Darklina Supremacy!
omkar 7 uur geleden
I am excited for this movie
Steve's Shed
Steve's Shed 7 uur geleden
Sadly the earth is not going to tolorate humans much longer, I've seen 65 years of neglect and intentional eco destruction, it's not going to end well for us and Soon !
zoey bunch
zoey bunch 7 uur geleden
Darklina Endgame
Steve's Shed
Steve's Shed 7 uur geleden
One year ago and i just got this in my lineup You tube is way off base with timing !
Gigi’s Gucci
Gigi’s Gucci 7 uur geleden
Question, if the music box is haunted, then why did you keep it? Could’ve easily got rid of it, gave it away, or buried it in a secluded area. Especially if the girl was attached to the box itself.
Mayiya 7 uur geleden
Netflix please change the final, we need DARKLINA ENDGAME!!♥♥ ️ NO MALINA NO
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 7 uur geleden
Lol is this why you recommended me to watch this? First episode in skinny jonna hill is schizophrenic isolated dude and his hallucination tells him he will save the world and meet a girl to do so? Lol You guys are so funny. Lol
Kelis Johnson
Kelis Johnson 7 uur geleden
wait so im confused,.... is it canceled or is there going to be a. season 2?
grefted 77
grefted 77 7 uur geleden
Them: YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!! me: Don't mind if I do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ItsDerpy 7 uur geleden
i lived this like 5 yrs ago so im re visiting this and ITS FREEEEE
Stephen Jimba
Stephen Jimba 7 uur geleden
This is a lot of glimpses about Britney Spears life.
Frank Conrad
Frank Conrad 7 uur geleden
I dont even play league *and im SO ready for this still.*
toby ooj
toby ooj 7 uur geleden
Link is set to private
Al P
Al P 7 uur geleden
Leon S Bond
Choqho Borromeo
Choqho Borromeo 7 uur geleden
Wowww i love RE movies from degeneration to vendetta hehe all though there are many RE MOVIES but i love those three(degeneration, damnation and vendetta) that's my top 3 heheheh
Tsg iSell
Tsg iSell 7 uur geleden
The cumbersome engineering intracellularly fill because credit scully place sans a abstracted liquid. adorable, stormy hawk
Niloufar G.
Niloufar G. 7 uur geleden
hahahaha did Netflix legit post this? I'm dead!
Yoannisa Atina Rafiandi-Puar
Yoannisa Atina Rafiandi-Puar 7 uur geleden
i swear netflix please give us the DaRKliNA EnDgaMeeeeee we want them we love em' so pickkk em'!!!
aira syakhira
aira syakhira 7 uur geleden
Mario D Soberanis
Mario D Soberanis 7 uur geleden
I think very interesting ,very similar A Goofy Movie and Open Season.
vet saravanan
vet saravanan 7 uur geleden
Can't beat the season 1, season 2 😞
Rugved Dewaikar
Rugved Dewaikar 7 uur geleden
How did these demi animals take birth.!?????.... Is that a furry invasion?
dinar suksma
dinar suksma 7 uur geleden
So in rl, serial killers don't need motives and no unnecessary riddles..
Civi ram
Civi ram 7 uur geleden
what’s the soundtrack use for this trailer?
G Gordon
G Gordon 7 uur geleden
G Gordon
G Gordon 7 uur geleden
I dont get it where are we posting the emojis
Lay lay Gilley
Lay lay Gilley 7 uur geleden
I’m crying😭
G Gordon
G Gordon 8 uur geleden
Nayeli Melo
Nayeli Melo 8 uur geleden
Avid Gamer
Avid Gamer 8 uur geleden
"What more praise could you ask for"
Madelyn Abeyta
Madelyn Abeyta 8 uur geleden
Okay, so were you team Savannah or team Terilisha?! 🤔😛😁
Carlos gamer20
Carlos gamer20 8 uur geleden
Pokemón last season on Netflix in spanish please
Mike Little
Mike Little 8 uur geleden
Can’t wait for this incredible trailer too
Eduardo Torrecilla
Eduardo Torrecilla 8 uur geleden
Buen ritmo
Niloy Production
Niloy Production 8 uur geleden
kamikazemind327 8 uur geleden
Thank you so much to the creators of this show 💜 I absolutely loved this series. The adaptation from the games is superb. Bravo bravo bravo!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
J 8 uur geleden
damn i was waiting to see the season 2 and we have it in only 13 days... hype hype hype
Veevo 8 uur geleden
Claire Underwood comes nowhere close to as entertaining as Frank. She ruined the show lmfao.
Space Onion
Space Onion 8 uur geleden
Gay fat 🤣
tanay tejus
tanay tejus 8 uur geleden
In india it is baaghi 2
Qc 8 uur geleden
Both are attractive, really attractive. Who’s saying she’s ugly?
joeyparton11 8 uur geleden
Let's watch Grace and Frankie or Fate: The Winx Saga thanks love watching you both so much ❤❤❤😘💛💛💛💛
nice&lexi 8 uur geleden
Eleven the best
Another Lesley
Another Lesley 8 uur geleden
Here is the thing about Isaac: IF VILLAIn, WHY HOT?????
Libby Burnsed
Libby Burnsed 8 uur geleden
7:13 ms tracey stomping away shaking the camera is everything
SuperMillion101 8 uur geleden
Watched this movie, what can I say? It’s AMAZING 10/10!!!
Fortnite Gaming
Fortnite Gaming 8 uur geleden
Juju 8 uur geleden
Is that the same soundtrack in RE:8 ?
Phijay 8 uur geleden
Now do Overwatch
Connect Sudhy
Connect Sudhy 8 uur geleden
i curse Netflix for cancelling this show . go to hell Netflix .
Youngbuddha 8 uur geleden
Is this a anime
pony tree hoove
pony tree hoove 8 uur geleden
This is a movie or game
AL _EvoZ
AL _EvoZ 8 uur geleden
This is awesome!
Shinmaster 8 uur geleden
Leon its coming back!! My favourite caracter
Juan David L
Juan David L 8 uur geleden
The video has been removed 😱
Aimee 8 uur geleden
Society, Dare Me, I Am Not Okay With This We need the season 2’s 😭😡
Tessa Railor
Tessa Railor 8 uur geleden
Does anyone know the title of the backsound in the "choose your fighter" scene?😅 It sounds good
C C 8 uur geleden
Nyahaha loving this! 😍😂
ola3rd 8 uur geleden
Soo disappointing 😞 especially I've been anticipating it for so long and it turns out to be horrendous. Can't believe all these A list actors participated in this, actually embarrassed for them 😒
Aimee 8 uur geleden
Give us Society S2! 😭😭 G&G has nothing on that. 😞
Yurry Bread
Yurry Bread 8 uur geleden
People of Greenville
People of Greenville 8 uur geleden
So powerful
Shamiek Jackson
Shamiek Jackson 8 uur geleden
Season 1 was lit.
ktn riYØunG tutø
ktn riYØunG tutø 8 uur geleden
Waiting this full movie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Elizabeth Rojas
Elizabeth Rojas 8 uur geleden