The Best Blocks From NBA Restart
Team Up for Change 2020
SAP GM School: Episode 3
PhuckGao 13 uur geleden
Where are the lockdown defenses?
JoAnne Bruno
JoAnne Bruno 13 uur geleden
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Ahmad Zidane
Ahmad Zidane 13 uur geleden
anthony bennet is the GOAT
kumon senz
kumon senz 13 uur geleden
I'm sorry to all Zion fans, but this team is Ingram's team.
Am Ka
Am Ka 13 uur geleden
Basically Anthony Edrwards is not 1st pick. Just Wolves Warriors didn’t need PG ( Lamelo Ball )
El Joelo
El Joelo 13 uur geleden
Kevin's legs look like they are on fast forward while Usain's are in slow motion.
Officially Rossel
Officially Rossel 13 uur geleden
#blacklivesmatter They really do
Anfernee Manansala
Anfernee Manansala 13 uur geleden
Can’t say I didn’t expect it, but that’s a lotta lobs lmao
Zion Stuart's fresh Wilson
Zion Stuart's fresh Wilson 13 uur geleden
Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland ye never one thing
Jay 2Z
Jay 2Z 13 uur geleden
that shake n bake move by Shaq was awesome. I prefer the old school Shaq, he had more skills then just brute force. He tried to play like Olajuwo
Arlen Arriola
Arlen Arriola 13 uur geleden
13:19 caru🐐
权志龙 13 uur geleden
nba highest player
Mert 13 uur geleden
Westbrook and Joe Johnson had the hardest parts
Noah Freedman
Noah Freedman 14 uur geleden
Y'all woulda hated him if he never got injured
heisnotaxel 14 uur geleden
1:57 poor dude got completely put in the blender by KD
Richard Samuel McGravy
Richard Samuel McGravy 14 uur geleden
Watching these old mix tapes makes me sad realising just how bland, unskilled and plain boring the NBA is these days.
Hjalmar Lindqvist
Hjalmar Lindqvist 14 uur geleden
fuck you drose!!!!!!
robi prince P. ubaldo Ubaldo
robi prince P. ubaldo Ubaldo 14 uur geleden
11 fav
Gabriel Arcalji
Gabriel Arcalji 14 uur geleden
4:31 damn
TheMrBig8 14 uur geleden
Malik Monk nasty though
Peaceful Gardens
Peaceful Gardens 14 uur geleden
I forgot pili had back to back years when they had 1 overall picks
Alejandro Caceres
Alejandro Caceres 14 uur geleden
JJ Barea is back this year!
InUr Mom
InUr Mom 14 uur geleden
To me personally I can watch that Dunk on the Kings over and over again.
黑狗 14 uur geleden
HemPuffPuff Weed
HemPuffPuff Weed 14 uur geleden
9:42 That commentator saw it coming
Tugay kaykayoğlu
Tugay kaykayoğlu 14 uur geleden
the editor is clippers fan
Kriss Kross T
Kriss Kross T 14 uur geleden
Drafted at 27 so majority of these highlights are in his mid 30’s 😳
Renz Reyes
Renz Reyes 14 uur geleden
Bjelica is a clutch beast!
Kevin M
Kevin M 14 uur geleden
I admired Montrezl watching him last year on the Clippers. I was more worried about Sweet Lou, Montrezl and Shamet than Kawhi and George Paul. Because Trez had the courage to call BS in the Clipper's organization, we Laker fans get his services! Welcome Trez!!! Really never thought I'd see the day he was a Laker. He gonna love it. Bron puts in work.
Aditya Shakya
Aditya Shakya 14 uur geleden
Kemba best shooter in the celtics Tatum best player in the celtics Brown for all star next season
coffin dancer
coffin dancer 14 uur geleden
Chriss gonna make this team get up onto the leaderboards after he has good experience and chemistry with this team.
Adr Max
Adr Max 14 uur geleden
They'll be back
Cozmo GOAT
Cozmo GOAT 14 uur geleden
To bad our commentator got fired
Ginshirou Ueno
Ginshirou Ueno 14 uur geleden
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 14 uur geleden
Dude if there's no covid this year with fans on the court this would be a legendary playoff runs for this year
Aman Bharadwaj
Aman Bharadwaj 15 uur geleden
Luka is a one in a generation superstar, but we all are sleeping on Porzingis. I think he will average 25 points this year and will be an all star... He was putting all -nba no.s on Knicks when the injury happened.. And I think, this year he ll be fully back...
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 15 uur geleden
i think he'll end up being a 7 foot point gurard next year he's already reached 6 8
최시우 15 uur geleden
Kyrie two shooter
Rachel Jacklyn
Rachel Jacklyn 15 uur geleden
Who else waiting for the warriors next season? 👇
Jopson, Ian Jessie H.
Jopson, Ian Jessie H. 15 uur geleden
Bradley, Dwight, green, javale, rondo and cook not a Lakers anymore :((
Odee ODawg
Odee ODawg 15 uur geleden
Imagine KD announce his return to OKC and win one chip for OKC #MissTheOldKD #StillHeatNationBitches🔥🤟🏽
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 15 uur geleden
I miss david stern
Maxharvey13 15 uur geleden
So proud of my Thunder this year, everyone doubted us but we all knew we'd prove them wrong and we did! We really deserved the W in the first round against Houston. So nice to see CP have his best season in years in an OKC uniform and I cannot begin to list the great things Adams have done for us. With Dort and Shai and all the picks in the world, the future is bright for us. #ThunderUp
drose mvp
drose mvp 15 uur geleden
Damn, I'll miss this squad 😣
Bang Kao
Bang Kao 15 uur geleden
2 chianz.💜💛
zboog goobz
zboog goobz 15 uur geleden
now the celtics have some depth and a solid big man, we are indeed contenders of a title, tatum and brown are turning into solid leaders, so is marcus smart
zcharg0 Harry
zcharg0 Harry 15 uur geleden
Man those were the days
Napoleon Jones
Napoleon Jones 15 uur geleden
1:22 kid next to the women in the wizards jersey got that ugly gene
ok Ok
ok Ok 15 uur geleden
He is so humble and a fast player
Reality Bites
Reality Bites 15 uur geleden
Almost all of his points comes from 17feet or closer..LA should have resigned rondo, he is excelleng in finding open guys who are great pick roll players
Swish Jim
Swish Jim 15 uur geleden
For a moment there I thought that J. Cole was Chris Brown lol
Noah Markman
Noah Markman 15 uur geleden
I want to see every Jordan game ever during this troubling time. Make it happen, NBA.
Stephen O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien 16 uur geleden
Who is that at 2.25 seriously struggling with left and right ?
Frank Cruz
Frank Cruz 16 uur geleden
Travis best was really bad in that last play from Q4. He got Sam open and reggie open✍✍ That was their opportunity
Hanni's Honey
Hanni's Honey 16 uur geleden
They think it's impressive for a 6'1" dude to dunk but completely ignore that he's doing that in mf JEANS
Eclipalypse •
Eclipalypse • 16 uur geleden
I miss lob city so much
Ramazan Tebik
Ramazan Tebik 16 uur geleden
Thank you very mach
Ahmad Hawwari
Ahmad Hawwari 16 uur geleden
AD is a natural beast
Astrokidxx 16 uur geleden
2:21 "left" "ahh you got me" "left" "ahhh you got me again" "left" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Bobby Lotito
Bobby Lotito 16 uur geleden
Welcome to Boston
Kerem Cengiz
Kerem Cengiz 16 uur geleden
Ja Morant dunks looks like fire 🔥
Jared_Playz 16 uur geleden
0:02 Look at the kid with Clippers hat on the middle and the Kid with the blue and green shirt on the left!
Fabio Caetano Figueiredo
Fabio Caetano Figueiredo 16 uur geleden
Hurelulga Enkhtur
Hurelulga Enkhtur 16 uur geleden
And ow theyre all gone LOL
Aryan Persaud
Aryan Persaud 16 uur geleden
Lil mamba?