Blade25Q May
Blade25Q May 18 uur geleden
The greedy Countries Abstained. USA, Australia, Great Britain.
sharp blob
sharp blob 18 uur geleden
Thanks for this very well made documentary! I consider my 40 minutes well spent.
skullet24 18 uur geleden
Um is that Harry Potter music?
Filip Stjepanović
Filip Stjepanović 18 uur geleden
Viele Grusse aus Agram, Kroatien. Democracy must die in Europe, i hope very soon and national movements would be future of new europe. Together allways, 1914,1941 👏🏻🎩💪🏻
Indian Weeb Desu
Indian Weeb Desu 18 uur geleden
its sad that the girl couldn't even choose her own lover :( sure you wont allow them education after the age of 10, but at the very least let them choose their life partner...
alain begowski
alain begowski 18 uur geleden
I cried my heart out, no one deserves life like this, i feel hate towards people responsible for this, all the goverments and ego maniacs who destroyed a generation of people who feel lost in a slight breeze of cruel human history.. I hope every person afflicted by any war or miss doing finds acceptance and peace in their life, history doesn't repeat itself, people do.. and sadly, by the events happening around the globe, we as a human race are still blindfolded by corruption and power of control and from my perspective are giving to much attention to stuff that doesn't matter instead to uprise and at least try to love are own and respect other cultures and traditions.. Hope you have a blessed day and wish you all the luck in life❤️
Sundjer Bob
Sundjer Bob 18 uur geleden
Problem here is a lot of fake people !!
Derrick Ogendo
Derrick Ogendo 18 uur geleden
This is heartbreaking especially for miners!
dylan dsouza
dylan dsouza 18 uur geleden
islam is not peace
🐬 18 uur geleden
Kaiden Elliot Noronha
Kaiden Elliot Noronha 18 uur geleden
Who has come here from school?
owefay1 18 uur geleden
Imagine all the people you could help with that money? A question these people never asked themselves.
N_38 18 uur geleden
I shuld take up these VR tests its fun to do..i luv it.. wanto try tht ladder climb too..
jay ramos
jay ramos 18 uur geleden
i hope your medication it can come to our country..
mshark 18 uur geleden
Danke schön!
A Robespierre
A Robespierre 18 uur geleden
And yet the catholic Church promotes having More babies. Islam and catholocism must be abolished
inmaan miraze
inmaan miraze 19 uur geleden
World 🌎financial system is completely controlled by a handful people namely the Rothchild, Warren Buffett and So on. We, the mango people and the mango nations are mere puppets of those tycoons.
Wodans Day
Wodans Day 19 uur geleden
Paper money is a scam , they keep the gold and you and I get a promise note
Abubakar Ali
Abubakar Ali 19 uur geleden
This channel has many kenyan followers like me a neighbour to mathare area.
Da Diazz
Da Diazz 19 uur geleden
The real fact is : rich people never been happy deep down , so sad!
Hiromant 19 uur geleden
Climate change is just another hoax.
Charles Akpan
Charles Akpan 19 uur geleden
Dominique Khonde deserves absolutely nothing but the worst in life for preying on these people.
Kyle 19 uur geleden
Free Tibet, Free Hong Kong , Free Inner Mongolia, Free Xinjiang and protect Taiwan.
JazzTruckin 19 uur geleden
I always find it interesting when leftist media and society will wish a struggling family the best, but demonize another for achieving the best.
sean maccormack
sean maccormack 19 uur geleden
Isn’t the only man buried on the moon name Eugene Shoemaker.
jee mk
jee mk 19 uur geleden
Greate documentary
張寧 19 uur geleden
N.K have what we don't have is nationally.
Shoikot Mahmood
Shoikot Mahmood 19 uur geleden
Everyone looks over weight. Wonder why.
Green Berets
Green Berets 19 uur geleden
North Korea is a top terrorist country
Jack bassman
Jack bassman 19 uur geleden
America is a frighteningly backward country.
Six Parcks
Six Parcks 19 uur geleden
No one is going to benefit from anything ,they are liers and wicked leaders ,😭😭😭
Gaz Vlogs
Gaz Vlogs 19 uur geleden
So lemme get this straight, he's shooting lead into a pond that he will fish and eat from? That's not very smart is it?
Gaz Vlogs
Gaz Vlogs 19 uur geleden
400 hectares of his own untouched land worth 2.5 million dollars, multiple vehicles 39:24 "They could be living like royalty" AS IF THEY ARENT DOING THAT ALREADY WTF
Brad Shaw
Brad Shaw 19 uur geleden
What races people they were they should send their bodies back 2 there people and should pay for it as well and they should say sorry 2 the family
Barry Mitchell
Barry Mitchell 20 uur geleden
"would you like to learn how to communicate telepathically with aliens"? -that is one convincing sales pitch, sign me up!
Robert Spears III
Robert Spears III 20 uur geleden
The rising oligarchy!!!
Bitking Ross
Bitking Ross 20 uur geleden
I love the optimism of these people. They work hard like no other and the growth of these poorer nations will accelerate into mature and wealthy ones. Sad that Americans tend to have a pessimistic attidtude about quite alot now.
N A 20 uur geleden
FewerKiller 20 uur geleden
Jack is tight af lmao
Pinoy React Media
Pinoy React Media 20 uur geleden
Labor explotation. Sweden should do better!
Ruth Capa
Ruth Capa 20 uur geleden
What a disgusting religion. Imagine sheltering your children from living a truly full life using the threat of completely "shunning" them from the family they love if they chose to pursue a life they are proud of.
AL RAHUL 20 uur geleden
Abram is brave and very positive man, God bless him and his family! Good luck for his new beginning and thanks for such good vedio, love from Nepal ( Himalaya)!!
Ted Tybur
Ted Tybur 20 uur geleden
you cant just approach fally ipupa like that fr he's an icon. yall really out here mispronouncing his name and shit
H T 20 uur geleden
What is his IT start up company ? Indian fraud call centre 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Franco Balagtas
Franco Balagtas 20 uur geleden
Islam permits poligamy to act as a safety barrier to keep men with high sex drives from commiting sexual sin? If Islam should protect the equality, shouldn't women be allowed to have more than one husband?
V T 20 uur geleden
I can't comment on what the doc is about, but stopped watching when the same old "racism" narrative was pushed.
khankrum1 20 uur geleden
Artificial Intelligence will destroy humanity. We already see large swathes of low intelligent, under educated, under employed, sedentary, unhealthy fat " lardies " wobbling around waiting for a coronary. The more AI takes oner tasks that were undertaken, the worse this will get.
Jay Ree
Jay Ree 20 uur geleden
Hopefully Cossacks do not fight Cossacks over wheat and water....again. Too many cabbage patch dolls laying around the gardens...again.
Franco Balagtas
Franco Balagtas 20 uur geleden
Islamic political teaching? Isn't religion suppose to be independent from politics and vice versa?
Nomad Nomad
Nomad Nomad 20 uur geleden
How the fghk they got to germany while most of the arab countries are so near syria? These are not refugees , these are economist opportunitists. Left his mother to die in syria🙄🙄. His mother raised 9 children. He has 4 children ,my word... Some very disturbing facts
Jos Timanta Tarigan
Jos Timanta Tarigan 20 uur geleden
This must be the most 'normal' North Korea documentary in the internet. Yet, it's fascinating that even with this normal everyday scene, it's still has a weird feeling. Something seems to be off.
Jay Ree
Jay Ree 20 uur geleden
Yeah, I think Russia had a bad go with Communism. Who wants to labor and die in a cold field?
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 20 uur geleden
ok ok, but how do you propose a 19 yo to a 38 yo? where's the fine line
HAPPY VLOGS 20 uur geleden
Fantastic 🙏👍
Dojo77 20 uur geleden
haaaaaaaaaaaate thats all i want to say ;: better go to gods :_(
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 20 uur geleden
Only fans is safe
АБСТАКТ 20 uur geleden
Looks like they all share a single brain cell...painful to watch
celestine akinyi
celestine akinyi 20 uur geleden
i wish this practice should be a worldwide practice not only for hiv patients but to all singles.
Self-Law 20 uur geleden
Not a leftie snowflake.
Anonymous One
Anonymous One 20 uur geleden
Scary times ahead by the looks of it.
Geoffrey Wanyoike
Geoffrey Wanyoike 21 uur geleden
Andrew Pereira
Andrew Pereira 21 uur geleden
A backward false religion will chaos.. They are all talented & skillfull these bangladeshi when they are out of Bangladesh
Mass Debater
Mass Debater 21 uur geleden
When Africa becomes rich(As it should have always been), I think we can finally move on from the bullshit going on and start focusing on other poor areas in our world, and there is much work to be done but I'm glad they're coming out of such a historically brutal structure
Matthew S.
Matthew S. 21 uur geleden
‘Racism’ is a learned behavior and can manifest into an ideology with enough repetition throughout early years of life. Marxist media, cultural norms, and world leaders plague the world. You either buy into it or you ignore race, it’s a choice. Let’s not fight the wars of people in dark places.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 21 uur geleden
There’s a lot of dudes in here that treat Testosterone like a miracle substance. While true Testosterone balance is important for mental well-being, it is not a magical thing that will miraculously cure you of depression or make you superhuman. Today’s society is so fucked up on both ends that a reactionary subgroup of men feel the need to worship masculinity or the hormone Testosterone.
The ruler of you all
The ruler of you all 21 uur geleden
anyone else see the dude in the wolf hat at 2:42
Miami Annaysha
Miami Annaysha 21 uur geleden
The car almost feel in a RIVER and the dude just - ahah we almost went thru the ravine 🤯
John Stevens
John Stevens 21 uur geleden
Such a shame , when I was at nursery school , my teacher insistent I spelt tyres correctly, ?
Andy Mills
Andy Mills 21 uur geleden
That school is no different from a Madrasa in Pakistan.
chemikala raja sekhara
chemikala raja sekhara 21 uur geleden
Really interesting people, interesting documentary. Thank you for all the nice perspective.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 20 uur geleden
Hi @chemikala raja sekhara, thanks for watching!
Tilly Gordon
Tilly Gordon 21 uur geleden
You don't need to use animals to discover greed. Just look at the history of man example the wars, colonisation, religion, and consumerism linked to industrial pollution and social and economic deprivation.
Valerie Lmfao
Valerie Lmfao 21 uur geleden
Of course his parents are trump supporters
Mama Theresia
Mama Theresia 21 uur geleden
This shows how manipulated and irritated life (we are a life ) is
Moany KK
Moany KK 21 uur geleden
Many question is to be answered, But I would like to ask some simple question. Who want to kill human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who will kill human being for not worshiping him, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who will create hatred and enmity between different type of men, faith, cast and creed etc., Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who want to protect human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who will bless human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who will establish peace among humanity, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who is loving human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who wish the welfare of human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who wish to see the happiness of human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who can give true freedom to human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who want to put human in slavery, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Who want to see the success of human being, Whether God or Devil (Sathan) ? Please give answer to the above few questions. If anyone answer to the above questions genuinely, his narrow mind setup will be cured. Show less
Mama Theresia
Mama Theresia 21 uur geleden
Gotta watch Kumarè 🤣🤣🤣
Celtic Corner
Celtic Corner 21 uur geleden
Some temples are built on energy sites that have sacred waters running through connecting the underworld with the living like pyrimids with the Nile.. Joseph fed the world... Look for the little duckling on the boulders... Youl find one on Calder stones in Liverpool.. Ti's mothers buried their sacred mothers... Anastasia The Viking Vedruss will explain them all study her books The Ringing Cedars all her readers become telepathic
Swoon Drones
Swoon Drones 21 uur geleden
He's an investigating journalist. The story is the covert info. And Bernie was shafted.
enock mwandawiro
enock mwandawiro 21 uur geleden
"..Until you own your own you can never be free.." Jay Z Ghanaians will never be free from poverty because they don't own thier own natural resources(oil & gas). All this due to lack of visionary and revolutionary leadership and corrupt leaders☹
Celtic Corner
Celtic Corner 21 uur geleden
Iserilites Basque mountain mother Mari... Rh negative blood then you can see them in Ireland where u can track my ancestors... Now I'm in England... Tribe of Dan...