Andrew Garley
Andrew Garley 33 minuten geleden
Got into the habit of watching in the morning with my Coffee. Sounds of Nature are cool too.
Mother Truckin
Mother Truckin 46 minuten geleden
I think that Coyote was attacked by a Raptor
Parlak Ekran
Parlak Ekran 53 minuten geleden
sashrik gupta
sashrik gupta 53 minuten geleden
elon making mars rockets and the base tt less tham the price of a sls
Steve H
Steve H 54 minuten geleden
While NASA uses engineers and scientists, SpaceX sort of looks like it is just using a bunch on construction workers. Whatever - they are fast at getting things done.
Richard Nightcore
Richard Nightcore 56 minuten geleden
is the SPMT going to storage or will it go to SN16?
Richard Nightcore
Richard Nightcore 59 minuten geleden
15:22 give that man a raise
{-_-} Uur geleden
🛫 🛬
cannon fodder
cannon fodder Uur geleden
Words fail. Let me try a few. Inspiring, majestic, awsome. Can't thank you enough for your dedication. You provide proof that the human race can be worthwhile.
Nigel Holland
Nigel Holland Uur geleden
Amazing footage from an equally amazing team. Great work on keeping us up to date on this incredible project.
Luther Hendricks
Luther Hendricks Uur geleden
Stack it!
Alex droner
Alex droner Uur geleden
when hop? sn15
Vinoth Kumar
Vinoth Kumar Uur geleden
Legs attached to SN15?
darthjump Uur geleden
The Coyote probably survived a SN11 debris hit that´s why he limps. Let´s hope the wildlife is not impacted much more.
Karrie Ann
Karrie Ann Uur geleden
Beautiful Skies
Karrie Ann
Karrie Ann Uur geleden
😍😍😍😍 Streaming to TV
Karrie Ann
Karrie Ann Uur geleden
Thanks Nasa Spaceflight 🥰👍
TopMarksIT Uur geleden
Love the night time shots, and so cool that they are lighting the
azor ahai
azor ahai Uur geleden
Imagine if sn15 lands again! Despite the success I still have doubts that we might have been lucky last time. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong.
John Willoughby
John Willoughby Uur geleden
I feel sorry for the guy who got his head squashed under the aft flap at 15:23.
olivier michel
olivier michel Uur geleden
16:19 This guy in the middle might not have family to stand by in this spot when not necessary
Ray Lord
Ray Lord Uur geleden
Love the longer videos!
KaBup Uur geleden
16:04 What are they doing? Inspecting to fit new legs, perhaps?
Suha Esen
Suha Esen 2 uur geleden
limping coyote is my superstar, Spacex should call a vet and fix him and let him live there... he is the mascot of starbase... (and may be starcoin)
Unknown 2 uur geleden
I would feel so uncomfortable laying under the skirt of any SN like that... What if one side tilts, and crushes you? what if it drops and cuts off your limb(s) (or you in half)? I really hope those workers are safe! Much as I trust SpaceX, machinery fails occasionally
CE Newton
CE Newton 2 uur geleden
Gonna fly again Tuesday.
skytreker 2 uur geleden
15:21 ZOMG! That guy pocking his head under a 100 ton guillotine 😱😨
JamesUKE92 2 uur geleden
Does Mary ever sleep? She doesn’t seem to miss a single detail! 👌
James P Kinsella
James P Kinsella 2 uur geleden
Super Cloud movement capture.
Johnny uk
Johnny uk 2 uur geleden
Great video many thanks from the uk for sending out these great stories of our favourite place ....
Chrispy 2 uur geleden
I didn't realise each of those tiles is as big as a human head :o
Ronald Tindle
Ronald Tindle 2 uur geleden
Fantasy space roc k et
Ronald Tindle
Ronald Tindle 2 uur geleden
Complete waste of time and money....but you are entertained
Starman 0221
Starman 0221 2 uur geleden
Does anyone know if they already replaced the landing legs?
Ronald Tindle
Ronald Tindle 2 uur geleden
The Marching Morons
sokin jon
sokin jon 2 uur geleden
The coverage was simply amazing Thank You NSF and Congratulations SpaceX in a successful flight of SN15
Fabio Fusta
Fabio Fusta 2 uur geleden
I wish we get to see SN15 and SN16 together on the launch pads.
John Ruckman
John Ruckman 2 uur geleden
1. What's been done about upgrading the landing legs? 2. What's been done about the not so fire retardant insulation? 3. What's been done to prevent the fuel leaks and subsequent fires due to the corrosive nature of the fuel? Is the leak at a junction point or in the pipe? Is there some type of o-ring at the junctions? If so, is it degrading? Is the leak at a critical flex joint?
Keyboard runner
Keyboard runner 2 uur geleden
_" 1. What's been done about upgrading the landing legs?"_ I don't know. New versions of the legs have not been spotted yet. But given that even SN20 (first orbital flight) will not land on solid ground, that doesn't seem time critical. _"2. What's been done about the not so fire retardant insulation?"_ Care to elaborate? _"3. What's been done to prevent the fuel leaks and subsequent fires due to the corrosive nature of the fuel?"_ Methane is not corrosive as fas as I know. The fire after the SN15 landing was due to the engines evacuating the remaining fuel and the methane pooled under Starship. This happens every time an engine is shut off. But during flight the fuel can't pool and thus can't ignite. You saw the big white clouds during flight when on of the engines was shut down?
Debbie Atkinson
Debbie Atkinson 2 uur geleden
The site looks so beautiful all lit up and watching all the work going on!! Great video Mary! I really like this one!
J 2 uur geleden
2:51 AW, poor thing
Keyboard runner
Keyboard runner 2 uur geleden
It waited for Zeus to come out and play.
Rosemont Terrace
Rosemont Terrace 2 uur geleden
Watch the clouds at 1:11. One to many beers but I think I saw starship. Lol
FG Base
FG Base 2 uur geleden
poor little coyote
Ronald Tindle
Ronald Tindle 3 uur geleden
The Marching Morons........hope you all get your ticket to Mars solve "The Problem"
david zweiban
david zweiban 3 uur geleden
Ps. The Amazon moon rocket is nowhere to be seen. I've heard they've got a model of it over 48 inches high. Lol
david zweiban
david zweiban 3 uur geleden
What you can't see on these amazing videos is how huge everything really is. We're looking at construction set with objects 30 stories high.
Lech Narożny
Lech Narożny 3 uur geleden
It does kind of seem that the test nosecone has crumpled. Maybe they tested it to destruction?
Richard 3 uur geleden
Another marvellous, fully packed show, many thanks Mary & Jack
buses amanda
buses amanda 3 uur geleden
This film was beautiful, never thought I would say this about a rocket launch site, the films get more beautiful every day, thank you.❤️
TheSunExpress 3 uur geleden
The coyote is probably funfused by all the goings-on, thinking this is where all the ACME kit comes from....that has so far failed for decades to nail that slippery roadrunner.
huey ho
huey ho 3 uur geleden
The panoramic great-grandmother hemperly identify because beam scientifically warm up a lyrical karate. pale, protective north america
gaMingLT 3 uur geleden
The denting on the nosecone at around 4:48 , is that from testing. And anybody know why they are dismanteling the noceacone test rig?
catbertz 3 uur geleden
Is there some party or pr event coming up shortly? I see the two sets of white mobile stairs on Pad A, plus it looks like a collection of event cordon stands ready to be spread out there.
jagheterbanan 3 uur geleden
Can’t be long till we see two Starships on the launch pads again.
TheJosulYT 3 uur geleden
but sn15 need cryo proof test and static fire test???
FOSSEL_san ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ
FOSSEL_san ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ 2 uur geleden
Maybe. They need to check if all systems and in good shape or not
Some Dude
Some Dude 3 uur geleden
This is why Space X has pulled ahead of Blue Origin. "Hey it didn't blow up this time." "Cool, launch it again, and let's see what happens."
grndkntrl Uur geleden
SpaceX have always been ahead of Blue Origin.
Avatar2312 Uur geleden
"Hey it didn't blow up this time." "Mission failed. Let's do it again."
KaBup 2 uur geleden
Another limping coyote?
Drew snr
Drew snr 3 uur geleden
What was the purpose of the test nose cone?
Keyboard runner
Keyboard runner 2 uur geleden
No official statement I know of. But it seems like they simulated aerodynamic loads with hydraulic rams. They wanted to know how much wind resistance Starship can endure.
Brian Holloway
Brian Holloway 3 uur geleden
Lol limping coyote aka Crypto
Wendy Linkem
Wendy Linkem 3 uur geleden
Tis a good time to be alive and watching rockets launch.
Dr mosfet
Dr mosfet 4 uur geleden
Animated screen cursor is annoying, don't mind the labels.
catbertz 3 uur geleden
Agreed! Love the labels, not so much the cursor thing.
Unpainted Lead Syndrome
Unpainted Lead Syndrome 4 uur geleden
limping coyote outside launch site... it's lucky to have gotten away with just a limp after running into the loose raptors :-)
SpacedX Teslafan
SpacedX Teslafan 4 uur geleden
Where's the feet???
Zane Erasmus
Zane Erasmus 4 uur geleden
Some panel beating required!!
rmars 4 uur geleden
i don't see how they are going to land the Starship on mars when it kicks up a lot of regolith and rocks potentially destroying the engines and astronauts wont be able to get back.I know the moon they said it lands it stays there.
Owen Sparks
Owen Sparks Uur geleden
@Keyboard runner Absolutely, if they land and are useable afterward that's great. Yet another option might be to treat the unmanned initial delivery vehicles as expendable, and the same with the first maned flight. Use them as a fuel and water tank farm and a pool of spare engines. The people then build a pad and then a fresh ferry rocket lands on the pad.
Keyboard runner
Keyboard runner Uur geleden
@Owen Sparks _"i don't see how they are going to land the Starship on mars when it kicks up a lot of regolith and rocks potentially destroying the engines and astronauts wont be able to get back."_ We don't even know yet how much rocks will be kicked up during a Starship landing on Mars. Also Starship could land on a rocky surface on Mars. No problem.
Owen Sparks
Owen Sparks 2 uur geleden
My thinking is you send a bunch of unmanned ships to Mars first. Their cargo contains spare raptors and buildings supplies. Once enough of those land successfully then send a maned craft, land it on the best surface you can find. Then build a pad and make one good rocket out of the twenty that are there. If we can build a runway in a dessert we can build a square block on a planet. Also the lunar version isn't stuck on the moon, just not coming back to earth. It'll act as a shuttle between the moon and orbit I believe. All conjecture but sounds plausible to me. What do you think?
Lars Rye Jeppesen
Lars Rye Jeppesen 2 uur geleden
Regolith on mars?
Errol Foster
Errol Foster 4 uur geleden
to be alive at these most important actions is unbelievable
chuxmix65 4 uur geleden
The views at 1:00 and 1:10 are new to me and amazing! What the heck is that thing or series of things by pad A? At 17:05... that's a thing! A very big thing!
radarw64 4 uur geleden
So do you think that when they have a complete version on the Starship they will start naming them female names? Maybe Birtha, or Sue, Barbara, Jennifer or Jennifer maybe five more of those?
George 2 uur geleden
Even tho they are mentioning Starship as females right now I think the first crewed Starship to Mars should be called Starlord! I mean - really... there's no option here :D
mack1541 4 uur geleden
@NASAspaceflight I wonder if those kinks in the test nosecone were as a result of the testing or were already there beforehand.
grndkntrl Uur geleden
At least one of them was there before they had even finished building the Nosecone Jail rig around it, as it was clearly visible in the earlier NSF footage of it during that time.
Rosle Misri
Rosle Misri 4 uur geleden
Thanks for the video. I am impressed.
Tamer Kiykioglu
Tamer Kiykioglu 4 uur geleden
Excellent video. Is SpaceX headquarters moving to TX too?
Vishal 4 uur geleden
Will they start with static fire again?
David Kutzler
David Kutzler 4 uur geleden
9:49 I propose calling the new crane "The Crane of Many Colors." Has a nice biblical ring.
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir 4 uur geleden
Have they been working 24/7 since the start or I'm seeing it today?! Also, be great if someone can answer: A: Will the OLP completed before July 1 and is it absolutely necessary for the first orbital launch? B: What was the exact purpose of nosecone article? Testing it for Max-Q, I heard somewhere, but doesn't the entire vehicle need such a test? Thank you.
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir 4 uur geleden
@I have a name Thanks so much, dear. ❤️
I have a name
I have a name 4 uur geleden
Yes, 24/7, 12 hour shifts, 4 days on, 3 days off. The OLP is necessary for an orbital launch, but truth is it is still months away. Nosecone test article is structural loading tests. Likely primarily to validate max-q. They only tested the nosecone because the rest of the vehicle is just a pressurized cylinder unlike the more complex nosecone. Yes, vertical loads need to be accounted for across the entire vehicle, but the rest of the vehicle is simple.
catbertz 4 uur geleden
The wind at the beginning sounds like thunder, and combined with the dark skies and uplighted machinery, it loooks straight from a Frankenstein movie. Kinda spooky scifi. 😱😁
PollieBear 4 uur geleden
The cayote got roughed up by the road runner...
Paul Wanamaker
Paul Wanamaker 4 uur geleden
"10:13 - Load Spreader Hooked to Crane" That isn't a load spreader - it's a jig used to set anchors in the correct locations.
AnExPor 4 uur geleden
Is the guy at 16:30 not at a crush/pinch point? Probably not the best place to hang out and dick around on your phone.
Ben Schlea
Ben Schlea 4 uur geleden
Wow! You can really see just how much stress the subjected that nose cone to. They really scrunched her up!
Phil Grindle
Phil Grindle Uur geleden
@Jonathan Probably a "test to failure" scenario. You don't just want to know if it meets the design requirement. You want to see how much it exceeds it. In Engineering there's always a "safety factor" (we call it a "fudge factor")...
Jonathan 2 uur geleden
Just wish we knew if that counts as a fail or a pass!
LUIS HERNANDEZ 4 uur geleden
16:13 why does a guillotine comes to mind?
Earl Otto
Earl Otto 4 uur geleden
Love the night shots. Thanks
Marko S.5
Marko S.5 4 uur geleden
These videos getting longet and more interesting as stuff happens in Boca! Can't wait for more