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Mr Wolfe
Mr Wolfe 15 uur geleden
Hell yeah ducktales
crielio criel
crielio criel 15 uur geleden
thousand dollars already sound nice.. there is no need to buy the expensive ones..
Θοδωρής Τζανάκος
Θοδωρής Τζανάκος 15 uur geleden
0:12 Polka and lolka one of the best main theme in one of my favourite cartons
Flower Dolphin
Flower Dolphin 15 uur geleden
Oh, look at that. Could it be that I finally found the perfect piano for my tiny inflexible hands? Lol
꧁༒łεƒค 2d༒꧂
꧁༒łεƒค 2d༒꧂ 15 uur geleden
Evgeny Onegin
Evgeny Onegin 15 uur geleden
Надо Чебурашку медведем сыграть на балалайке!)))
pehuendb 15 uur geleden
Song names, please?? Thx
pehuendb 15 uur geleden
Alguien puede escribir los nombres de las obras aquí ejecutadas, y autores? Gracias.
Snow Shock
Snow Shock 15 uur geleden
If you don’t know the song jingle bells you’re not even human
Alex Philaretoff
Alex Philaretoff 15 uur geleden
Не стреляйте в баяниста - он играет как умеет)))) А вообще, это круто, что через 30 лет после распада СССР серп и молот всё ещё котируются!!! Хотя-бы при игре на фортепиано))))
[Cubical Laboratory]
[Cubical Laboratory] 15 uur geleden
Short answer: It makes everything sound either russian or french.
Karno 16 uur geleden
The oldest sounds best to me cause all the expensives have, i dont know, too much clean sound maybe? Idk the cheapest has some charm to it. If I had it I would play some sad songs, cause 1915 is iconic to me and to my country(in 1915 Armenian Genocide happened which means a lot to us)
Лёха Калинин
Лёха Калинин 16 uur geleden
как всегда восхитительно!!!
Jeremy Rodrigues
Jeremy Rodrigues 16 uur geleden
Tchaikovsky is the GOAT
JTL77 16 uur geleden
That's a lovely-sounding piano 👍 Great playing as usual.
Renan no mundo da música
Renan no mundo da música 16 uur geleden
Parabéns simplesmente maravilhoso.
Molly Gundies
Molly Gundies 16 uur geleden
#1 cheap piano out of tune. Hard to tell! :( #2 Grand - in tune. I wouldn't mind owning. #3 Grand out of tune. :( #4 7' Yamaha in tune, richer mid range than #2. #5 9' Yamaha - not enough better sounding than #4 to warrant me wanting to spend the extra $.
ryuu ryuu
ryuu ryuu 16 uur geleden
why is he looking at me..
César Santos
César Santos 16 uur geleden
César Santos
César Santos 16 uur geleden
César Santos
César Santos 16 uur geleden
Jonathan Tyree
Jonathan Tyree 16 uur geleden
John Williams has entered the chat..
Tiger313NL 16 uur geleden
That was good, man. And just about as long as my attention span lasts, too. :))
tony norris
tony norris 16 uur geleden
Why do so many people have to present such tiny bits of knowledge in order to impress? This video is just well executed simple fun
J.L. Hennig
J.L. Hennig 16 uur geleden
It always looks so effortless for Vinheteiro, but to me it seems most everything Chopin wrote is ridiculously difficult to execute. Many years ago when I wanted to learn to play piano myself, I found a budget edition of Chopin's Etudes and showed it to my teacher who said, oh no, don't even try these. I simply thought since étude means practice piece in French, they must be kind of beginner's level. Well, I didn't know anything. I eventually realized I wasn't going to become a piano player. Nowadays I prefer the - to me - more accessible Hammond organ.
Detlef Kretschmer
Detlef Kretschmer 16 uur geleden
Since when is the harpsichord a piano? It is a plucked instrument not a percussion.
Pablo Aldunate
Pablo Aldunate 16 uur geleden
Excellent!! More more please!!
livingpicture 16 uur geleden
Let's see, what differences can be detected: The loudness of the action, intonation, the tone quality - the longer pianos have much more in the way of overtones, decay, etc.
Максим Куртов
Максим Куртов 16 uur geleden
I remember how I played this when I was studying in musical school... Nostalgia...
Conifo 16 uur geleden
Fogo Vinheiteiro , tá cheio de Olheiras no vídeo parece que levou o soco na cara, tá com sono a tocar piano ou não Vinheteiro ??
kaMIsuel 16 uur geleden
Видео действительно неплохое. Но почему никто не пишет о допущенных ошибках. Все таки это даже близко не идеальная игра.
Graciela 16 uur geleden
Fabuloso!!! Fantástico!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Schwabelbuting 16 uur geleden
1:44 whats the name of the song?
livingpicture 16 uur geleden
I grew up with a relatively inexpensive but well-tuned and well-maintained Wurlitzer. Still my favorite piano. One of the things that makes the first piano sound so cheap is that it was way out of tune.
ts firu
ts firu 16 uur geleden
Akshit Mehta
Akshit Mehta 17 uur geleden
May be An Indian Song i.e. Darrrrrrling has se music like the 2 track.
Ágatha Neres
Ágatha Neres 17 uur geleden
O som do Cravo é um pouco irritante, muito agudo. Mas ouvir Bach é bom.
Thiago Zakur
Thiago Zakur 17 uur geleden
Caramba, esse vídeo ficou simplesmente perfeito, mais vídeos assim, por favor, com várias outras músicas, plissss
Logan Fraraccio
Logan Fraraccio 17 uur geleden
I salute to you good sir!
Pamela Sonsona
Pamela Sonsona 17 uur geleden
Kazat0 17 uur geleden
Deutschland Deutschland über alles, über alles in der welt!
Shifty Fusión
Shifty Fusión 17 uur geleden
His must take 25 hrs of practice everyday
Ricardo Nascimento
Ricardo Nascimento 17 uur geleden
Magnífico!!! Toque perfeito. Vou ouvir o dia inteiro. BRAVO!!!
Диего Снюсомандо
Диего Снюсомандо 17 uur geleden
Я хочу пиццы
rafael reis
rafael reis 17 uur geleden
É o estúdio do bilu cast?
snowballczn 17 uur geleden
Feels like im rewatching the old version of Mickey Mouse😂
Antonio C
Antonio C 17 uur geleden
So fine.......
Nime otaku
Nime otaku 17 uur geleden
How beautiful the harpsichord sounds! Как же красиво звучит клавесин!
Thelongmanable 17 uur geleden
*_Love to hear the history of what it is and what it was made for exactly..._*
boom 350
boom 350 17 uur geleden
Gypsy2057 17 uur geleden
You talk all you want. Your playing is 2nd to no one but I do like the finger pointing also. As far as cost in the US. like ten times that much.
Ricardo Gabriel
Ricardo Gabriel 17 uur geleden
Lord, já pensou em criar um canal apenas para obras como essas? Com vídeos longos. Ou então criar uma playlist só com esse estilo de obras? Seria incrível ver seu potencial ser mais explorado também em músicas clássicas.
Dingus Doofus
Dingus Doofus 18 uur geleden
They're so hard, he's playing half of them way slower than you would expect and he's still having to concentrate hard, despite what looks to be decades of experience playing the piano. Imagine what it means to struggle with a skill that you honed all your life. That's HARD.
Chewies Piano
Chewies Piano 18 uur geleden
This facial expression is iconic, if there was an emoji it would be this one -. -
Teho Teho
Teho Teho 18 uur geleden
polonaise f minor base?
Eduardo Pereira
Eduardo Pereira 18 uur geleden
Na 25 de março deve ter uns desses , e vc vai ouvir "é oliginal sim senhol pode comfial" kkkkkk
Emily Valentin
Emily Valentin 18 uur geleden
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MᴇᴀsᴛBʀ ✓
MᴇᴀsᴛBʀ ✓ 18 uur geleden
Did He blink???
Amalia Vet
Amalia Vet 18 uur geleden
Thank you!
Blazing-Sword 18 uur geleden
man that sounds is amazing
Dingus Doofus
Dingus Doofus 18 uur geleden
I extremely dislike the tonal character of the third piano. It sounds like an old vinyl recording, like the overtones got swallowed by primitive audio gear. First is fine for ragtime stuff or other such silly saloon fun, but ill suited to serious music. Noisy resonance. I thought the Beüthner and Yamaha were on equal footing, sound-wise. Depends if you like warm or bright more. I think either is perfect for different moods to strike.
Yadvi Sharma
Yadvi Sharma 18 uur geleden
Make one more video on other countries anthem as well and include India too🇮🇳❤️
Vincent GS
Vincent GS 18 uur geleden
Hahaha the precious at 2:20 and she even noticed it hahaha
Михаил Безлюднев
Михаил Безлюднев 18 uur geleden
Зачем я это смотрю? У меня и слуха то музыкального нет)
Rafael Sakamoto
Rafael Sakamoto 18 uur geleden
Como faz pra deixar o piano acústico soando como um piano digital?
White Guy Wasted
White Guy Wasted 18 uur geleden
Change the speed to 1.25
Aslanbek Mustafayev
Aslanbek Mustafayev 18 uur geleden
russian != soviet
Hey U
Hey U 18 uur geleden
не хватает матрешки и балалайки !
anish 18 uur geleden
Why do i keep imagining jerry running over those sticks moving above keys and tom playing the keys
Lilia Anau Smith
Lilia Anau Smith 18 uur geleden
E continuo SEM saber, o link NÃO dá o nome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicolas Gamerz Yt
Nicolas Gamerz Yt 18 uur geleden
Cheguei ate 18894 kkkkk e ainda estava de fone ;-;
Felipe Samarone
Felipe Samarone 18 uur geleden
So faltou dar um tiro pro alto! Kkkkkkkkkk Muito FODAAA!!
julien boutique
julien boutique 18 uur geleden
Better to tune the instrument first...
Ayder Al
Ayder Al 19 uur geleden
I'd like to hear red alert 3 anthem)))
Felipe Samarone
Felipe Samarone 19 uur geleden
OMG! This reset my life! 😲🤯😍🤣
Kitty The Chicken nugget Girl
Kitty The Chicken nugget Girl 19 uur geleden
This man may look like a king but he a god
Aditya 19 uur geleden
Who remembers a lot of the songs from a tom and Jerry Movie?
MR. anime
MR. anime 19 uur geleden
Flight of the bumble bee by rimsky korsakov
Carisneat123 19 uur geleden
I love his chair for playing piano
Davi Sena
Davi Sena 19 uur geleden
Sendo um bom músico ,e sabendo respirar direito da pra tirar um lindo som em tuba cara e baratas também. Claro que uma tuba mais cara o material vai ser melhor e isso influencia bastante ..