73 Questions With Lizzo | Vogue
24 Hours With Saweetie | Vogue
Kendall Jenner's Day Off | Vogue
adam smis
adam smis 4 uur geleden
Give an example of one person wearing this (what ever this is),and I will consider it fashion, not every weird is good,not every crap 💩 is fashion.
OPS GTV 4 uur geleden
Ye log real chudhayl hai. singaar ko ek alag sakal de chuki h.. or notanki ghatiya panti ko art ka nam deke kuch v represent kardo bat khatam
JAA Channel
JAA Channel 4 uur geleden
Jasmin n
Jasmin n 4 uur geleden
i've been waiting for this for soo long!!!! Love u Liza, i truly look up to you
Aastha Mishra
Aastha Mishra 5 uur geleden
This vibrates too, so multi use instrument....lol😂😂
Zingkie Cadungog
Zingkie Cadungog 5 uur geleden
She's soooooo emily
Christopher Anthony Sterling
Christopher Anthony Sterling 5 uur geleden
I clicked because I’m a fan of Liza Koshy .Liza Koshy energy is amazing! She explains clear each step with flavor. Great video Vogue !
James Heath
James Heath 5 uur geleden
Rihanna is the most beautiful woman in the world
Кирилл Гусев
Кирилл Гусев 5 uur geleden
Divya Jadoun
Divya Jadoun 5 uur geleden
I think I think I THINK.........
La Lesta
La Lesta 5 uur geleden
Patricia Dumatrait
Patricia Dumatrait 5 uur geleden
This is creepy scary
Sonal Singh
Sonal Singh 5 uur geleden
She's the best!💛
Presley Turner
Presley Turner 5 uur geleden
loved the movie The Boy Erased. troy's music is amazing.
peyton bunnell
peyton bunnell 5 uur geleden
this is the purest thing i’ve ever seen
Sejla Ganija
Sejla Ganija 5 uur geleden
People who should be here: Ariana Grande Taylor Swift Gigi Hadid Zendaya Lana Del Rey Blake Lively Leighton Meester ❤
Zeena Salous
Zeena Salous 5 uur geleden
Can I know if this is a girl or a boy
Justin Go
Justin Go 5 uur geleden
I need to know if trixie mattel saw this vid.
Ninyapit 5 uur geleden
My real life Samantha Vera❤️
Amani Chouahda
Amani Chouahda 5 uur geleden
playboi meh
playboi meh 5 uur geleden
playboi meh
playboi meh 5 uur geleden
Juliette Ferrars
Juliette Ferrars 5 uur geleden
This comment section is so toxic.
Ann Benstead
Ann Benstead 5 uur geleden
Her energy makes me so happy. Love her ❤️
YellowRose 21
YellowRose 21 5 uur geleden
Finally..it's my queen❤
Χριστίνα Αντωνίου
Χριστίνα Αντωνίου 5 uur geleden
#vogue #KylieJenner Ok! Now, tell us where is #ArielTejata hide himself?
Raditya Zaki Maulana
Raditya Zaki Maulana 5 uur geleden
I know her because he married to Red bull f1 team principal.
Sho Sho
Sho Sho 5 uur geleden
Elon used to date only blonde and now he suddenly switched to a totally different type lol
Χριστίνα Αντωνίου
Χριστίνα Αντωνίου 5 uur geleden
#vogue #LizaKoshy Oh! That contour that make her face looks like orange coloured face!
Bente Bosman
Bente Bosman 5 uur geleden
73 questions with Helena bonham Carter plsss!!
jonah v
jonah v 5 uur geleden
Her Marni sweater is all I can think about
ḁͦ ḁͦ l̥ͦ i̥ͦ y̥ͦ ḁͦ h̥ͦ .̥ͦ
ḁͦ ḁͦ l̥ͦ i̥ͦ y̥ͦ ḁͦ h̥ͦ .̥ͦ 5 uur geleden
i’m seriously confused do you think he has shampoo for those two little strands of hair? LIKE THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION IM NOT MOCKING HIM
kookieman 97
kookieman 97 5 uur geleden
Ah yes A real business woman enjoying eine gute schnitzel at the evening
Sharma Xoxo
Sharma Xoxo 5 uur geleden
So basically she's rejecting her own natural beauty and wants to look like every girl USA. Nice role model 👍
study buddy
study buddy 5 uur geleden
Bara bing bara boom
Yana Sky
Yana Sky 5 uur geleden
I look back and I think it was the worst time in the world 😂 horrible music
Yana Sky
Yana Sky 5 uur geleden
Amazing how 90-s was a different era in different countries. For us in Russia it was the time of war and disaster, the life was falling apart, so may I people have died including my friends
Adina Feld
Adina Feld 5 uur geleden
Does anyone know a good show to watch?
Jaba The Pegasus
Jaba The Pegasus 5 uur geleden
River Fields looks great here.
Jurand Glowacki
Jurand Glowacki 5 uur geleden
I am now madly in love with Bella Thorne
JULIA SORIANO 5 uur geleden
She is perfect
JULIA SORIANO 5 uur geleden
Pls follow my Instagram modeljulia
jojo august
jojo august 5 uur geleden
He has "batman" vibes, and i like it
Mothmoth 5 uur geleden
This entire video keeps getting better and better. It should be three separate videos, though, and the amazing Rick Owens <3 isn't mentioned in the title.
John Sundararajan Jayaraj
John Sundararajan Jayaraj 5 uur geleden
She puts so many things on her face
Nagi Stratos
Nagi Stratos 5 uur geleden
no one cares about YG stop recommending me this trash, youtube
Alexis McCullough
Alexis McCullough 5 uur geleden
Adut Akech is absolutely gorgeous!
Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane 5 uur geleden
Don't leave your tampons in too long ladies. 4 hours at most.
Nicole S
Nicole S 6 uur geleden
Are her darker spots, sun spots?
Pardeep Kumar
Pardeep Kumar 6 uur geleden
Tu tati si pehle apna muh 👄 sudhar le lindi
This guy here
This guy here 6 uur geleden
Yg tell his kids your report card better B's only lol
Sneha Singh
Sneha Singh 6 uur geleden
i literally love love love her so much
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson 6 uur geleden
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BrettTheSurvivor 6 uur geleden
Only in your head? It’s my life! Keep in touch
Sarah Jane Concepcion
Sarah Jane Concepcion 6 uur geleden
She looks like a character in a cartoon lol
K'Ron Dickerson
K'Ron Dickerson 6 uur geleden
“You already know what time is it”
Keddy Kuddy
Keddy Kuddy 6 uur geleden
It's the twerking out the door for me 😂 Gurrrrl
ş ¿m?
ş ¿m? 6 uur geleden
And the awards for vogue's guest with best personality goes to.... 🥁 Tracee Ellis Ross, Lizzo and Liza Koshi
P e r ѕ e ρ h o η e . A η η
P e r ѕ e ρ h o η e . A η η 6 uur geleden
I love how much she's into fashion.
Rhynda Watson
Rhynda Watson 6 uur geleden
Iman is still gorgeous
Shireen Sadique
Shireen Sadique 6 uur geleden
Who else wants Taylor Swift to do a skincare routine 👇🏻
Bambi 6 uur geleden
This is the worst make up tutorial I have ever seen on Vogue! Next time try to put videos that inspire people to improve, not to look like clowns! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Caroline 6 uur geleden
Zendaya in the 80s YES
Playstation psycho
Playstation psycho 6 uur geleden
Yeah shes a great women but the problem now a days is if you're dating a girl, you're dating more of a makeup pallet then girl
Josie Tolibas
Josie Tolibas 6 uur geleden
She looks like Jennifer Lawrence with oval shaped face!!!
VIDEO200A 6 uur geleden
best place in the world ... europe :D hahahaha like it ....
Kübra Kutlu
Kübra Kutlu 6 uur geleden
She should've ended the video at 4.30 cause she looked her best
Bhupender Singh
Bhupender Singh 6 uur geleden
Renab Bogati
Renab Bogati 6 uur geleden
only if she lauched it in nepal
The Frequency Chemist
The Frequency Chemist 6 uur geleden
Dang she could’ve finished with the Bantu knots, they were super cute!!
Emily T
Emily T 6 uur geleden
the balm cleansing duo is pretty cool but I could never stop using my foreo it's always gonna be a part of my routine 🙆a blue eye looks so good on her can't relate lol
G C 6 uur geleden
U gotta love Dolly
Ikindalike Yoongiii
Ikindalike Yoongiii 6 uur geleden
Oily not glow
Ikindalike Yoongiii
Ikindalike Yoongiii 6 uur geleden
Celebrity deserves this not tiktoker
L O 6 uur geleden
“I tried to look my Dolly best.” 😭 Dolly, you ALWAYS look your best, at any age, especially now!
Daniel Wiedemann
Daniel Wiedemann 6 uur geleden
too much makeup..
Петя Тошева
Петя Тошева 6 uur geleden
I like this ❤️❤️❤️
Alexa Mel
Alexa Mel 6 uur geleden
nlposts.info/past/ZZ-vttGqZ3l5snU/video aqui les dejo mi lìnk si quieren verlo, Gracias si deciden apoyarme 😘🥰☺️💝❤️❤️
world of nafilah
world of nafilah 6 uur geleden
their skin absolutely StTUnnInN <3
Naomi Almas
Naomi Almas 6 uur geleden
Dude Ashley is STUNNING! All of them are!
Aya Bct
Aya Bct 6 uur geleden
*_Why everyone is obsessed with Harry Styles. I mean what's so special about him ?_*