Bulls' Guide To The Pit Wall
Rela Gan
Rela Gan 11 uur geleden
Car: Lets race Hornet: sure Car: you suck in accelerating Hornet: target locked! Missile away! Direct hit! Car: i said race not war Hornet: thought i sucked?
Adelmar Washington
Adelmar Washington 15 uur geleden
Telemetry Please🙄🙄
Shot Caller
Shot Caller 18 uur geleden
That is what you would call Attention to detail
Luis Eduardo Angelino Solano
Luis Eduardo Angelino Solano 19 uur geleden
Máxima concentración para esa pista😬😳😎
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 uur geleden
Let's Go Maxx!!! Your track,Champ time🏆👍🙆‍♂️🎆
CyrO 19 uur geleden
Que valor de Max, ahora si puedo decir que MAx Verstappen es un piloto muy valiente, subirse a un autobus de transporte público en Cd de México, ufff eso si es tenerlos bien puestos jjajajajaj lo bueno que era un Bus especialmente para la grabación del video sino se hubiera bajado asaltado con todo y camarografos jaja
alyssa 20 uur geleden
Red bull had the best content back then omg
Anthony Marks
Anthony Marks 20 uur geleden
Bahaha, little maxie will never win a world title. Charles will, Lando will, George will, Carlos may, Dan won't, Little maxie won't! Bahaha, oh bugger me, Little maxie is another Zoetemelk, always second!
Jack schuurman
Jack schuurman 20 uur geleden
Max is te snel
v dd
v dd 20 uur geleden
2:48 love them
Kushan Tharindu
Kushan Tharindu 21 uur geleden
Daniel. Thanks for my Harlem day 1
bwoah oke
bwoah oke 22 uur geleden
Horner: "Screw Albon, Perez, Yuki, and everybody else in the RB academy. I'll do it myself."
Phantom096 22 uur geleden
I keep saying Mercedes are doing some kind of voodoo magic with their engines. A testament to that is how is it Lewis has the Monaco lap record of 1.10.166. I think they go out of their way to hide that power. That really is an insane lap time. Unfortunately RedBull are down on power yet again.
Gabriel Vann Lumakang
Gabriel Vann Lumakang 23 uur geleden
Now if Mazespin did this he would have crashed the minute he sat down
Eren Nova
Eren Nova Dag geleden
WetDogCereal Dag geleden
Max at 17: F1 driver Me at 17: .....
Lalremsangi Ralte
Lalremsangi Ralte Dag geleden
Max good
Adib youssef Abdelkhalek
Adib youssef Abdelkhalek Dag geleden
Arvind Prabhu
Arvind Prabhu Dag geleden
Hehe, this where should be driving,not on the track 😂😂😂
Raphael Costa
Raphael Costa Dag geleden
He only blinks once per straight.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 uur geleden
Y checo ,😔
Rucha Raut
Rucha Raut Dag geleden
No one: Max: "Ahlallallalaahlllalala. See we connect!"😂😭
Eduardo Ayrton
Eduardo Ayrton Dag geleden
Cuánto por el juguete ?
Eduardo Gomero Diaz
Eduardo Gomero Diaz Dag geleden
Es un enfermo . Demonio sobre 4 ruedas
dragon fly
dragon fly Dag geleden
I still think in 2021, this pair of drivers still the best and the strongest pair a F1 racing team could have. RB have them but fail to price tag them and they may lost Max too if they cant convince him their investment on him this year.
K31TH3R Dag geleden
Weird flex, but ok.
Danilo Berserk
Danilo Berserk Dag geleden
darrentoronto73 Dag geleden
Telemetry would have been nice , like to see these guys on an oval but meh they like there cushy tracks with nice runoffs and lots of room. No fear. Good to see roman gro , scott McLaughlin and Johnson in the series. More so Scott, full series run , not backingdown from any track. . Im rooting for him
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller Dag geleden
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Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller Dag geleden
The testy yam intracellularly record because ocean fortunately shave minus a mellow breakfast. panicky, shut kenneth
forestchild Dag geleden
man, seeing a f1 car going 0-100 in 1 second, on the street I live on is something else
DeadShot Dag geleden
I stared turning my iPad while watching this, felt like I was driving
Moha 20093
Moha 20093 Dag geleden
I was 1:12.034!
Diet Coke
Diet Coke Dag geleden
If redbull treated their drivers like the mechanics they’d be world champs. Such a shame. I know for a fact albon did not feel apart of the redbull family. Neither did gasly. And now Perez lmfao
ale_mtb_bike Dag geleden
e_ rm
e_ rm Dag geleden
j'aime bcp trop cette écurie <3 J'espère que Max va gagner cette année car c'est mon pilote préféré je suis un grand fan je l'adooooore <3<3<3 FAIS MOI UN ENFANT CHRISTIAN, je peux même me déguiser en âne MDR
Alexandre Maes
Alexandre Maes Dag geleden
Ah ouais quand meme..
엄혜민 Dag geleden
The fearful fearless geometry italy challenge because cello focally jump until a volatile climb. luxuriant, lacking nail
Michael Devaney
Michael Devaney Dag geleden
I'm more impressed with the punt back
solless Dag geleden
Max looks like a kicker😂😂😂
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez Dag geleden
??? chinese ??? ??? indian chief ??? !!! tickets !!! ??? Chest ??? $100 dollars for gas !!! ??? Cougar 4 legged ??? !!! Car !!! ??? Hurricanes ??? !!! Gas !!!
Sunit Kotwal
Sunit Kotwal Dag geleden
Y is Aston Martin written
Aldronex Dag geleden
It being scripted takes away from the fun of it
SAS.77 M
SAS.77 M Dag geleden
Los mecanicos en la playa: Lptm
The champ
The champ 2 dagen geleden
Why and how am I only finding out about this today when I watch most of the races
Jelwin G
Jelwin G 2 dagen geleden
Sergio perez Onbord F1
Sergio perez Onbord F1 2 dagen geleden
Is still sergio perez in Red bull racing ! Christian horner
Sonam Yangden
Sonam Yangden 2 dagen geleden
Mom I'm driving F1 😂
Rizki Chandra
Rizki Chandra 2 dagen geleden
Vettel towel exist: Daniel: "i actually stole that from Max"
Shrisha Prajapati
Shrisha Prajapati 2 dagen geleden
The fact that Max remembered and gifted Danny Go-Kart scented Candle on the Sofa for last time.. I miss them <3
Marco Gultom
Marco Gultom 2 dagen geleden
Thats literally their Russian driving rest😂
Andi Doci
Andi Doci 2 dagen geleden
In relation to the championship, I think Redbull and Max has to start focusing or predicting Mercedes Strat for the purpose to match it, it's going to be a toe to toe fight, I think that's the best fight. I think pitting max in close or just about ahead of Lewis is the key, that's the correction. I think you need to match every move and then try to get Merc to make a mistake. They are running that start on you. I don't know any time that you become the best the easy way, if it does feel easy it's usually a physiological illusion because you won't something very rewarding, but it wasn't easy, just enjoy doing it again.
2010.Maksymilian Bassara
2010.Maksymilian Bassara 2 dagen geleden
Can I live there?
Skeleeeton 16 uur geleden
Hey my Friend
niuean3000 2 dagen geleden
Looks like Red Bull gives you bendy wings
niuean3000 2 dagen geleden
Looks like Red Bull gives you bendy wings
Miggy Byte
Miggy Byte 2 dagen geleden
I wish Honda could stay as a sponsor. We will miss them next season. 😢
Up North Yooper
Up North Yooper 2 dagen geleden
A work of art.
Ashton Groening
Ashton Groening 2 dagen geleden
Something tells me this is an expensive bolt.
LaikaTV 2 dagen geleden
horner training to replace perez in 2022
Luli Parrado
Luli Parrado 2 dagen geleden
ahahahahah did anyone else notice max boogers in 2:45
Art Brady Campol
Art Brady Campol 2 dagen geleden
2021 recomendation. Season
Dan Bates
Dan Bates 2 dagen geleden
I've always wanted to work for an f1 team, but now I think I want to be a bolt.
TAXISTA F1 G27 2 dagen geleden
steyn carries tygo
steyn carries tygo 2 dagen geleden
Daniel : Extra kerb Max : Goes extremely over kerb BRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRB
cathal o ceidigh
cathal o ceidigh 2 dagen geleden
Abdo Tchiko
Abdo Tchiko 2 dagen geleden
I love you max verstappen
Abdo Tchiko
Abdo Tchiko Dag geleden
@qopoy dnon no verstappen namber 1 tout 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag geleden
Con todo respeto, lo del GP de España fue vergonzoso. Cometieron el mismo error que en Hungría 2019 y arruinaron la carrera de Versttapen.
Sha Kib
Sha Kib 2 dagen geleden
He said New Zealand flag with so much confidence I actually thought I was wrong LMAO nice one Ric.
Lalo Martinez
Lalo Martinez 2 dagen geleden
Max and Checo are not the problem, the problem is with the Red Bull strategists in the Pits.
Louis Jamin
Louis Jamin 2 dagen geleden
"Five years french in school, so..." Well, not everybody speaks that good after just 5 years, thats quite impressive...
arinpunk 2 dagen geleden
My fav fruit
Sancho Matteo Timbang
Sancho Matteo Timbang 2 dagen geleden
Daniel: aUf WiEHdErZaN at the start of the vid
ayam giyaeng goyeng
ayam giyaeng goyeng 3 dagen geleden
P di sini ada org indo ga atau gua aja yang sendiri
DeGameBox SRBT
DeGameBox SRBT 3 dagen geleden
Who would win? A dragster.
Rohan Naik
Rohan Naik 3 dagen geleden
Enabling DRS to overtake that Van was so hilarious 😂😂
Aaron Anish
Aaron Anish 3 dagen geleden
0:01 thats me and my best friend when the teacher asks me to do a presentation
Christina Baluta
Christina Baluta 3 dagen geleden
I love it 👍👍👍👍👌👌
Zeerskeermeneer 3 dagen geleden
Damn i wanna live there! Just imagine all the fun and cool things they have that you can discover. I am very Jealous of the people who work there, it must be giving a huge boost to your adrenaline if you think about it. Even though i can imagine it isnt always fun. Hope i can have the chance to experience a race weekend once because its really expensive to get at one. HUGE respect to the guys working for Red Bull!
Jonne Meijer
Jonne Meijer 3 dagen geleden
Why do i love it so much that i can understand the dutch people and others mignt think that they're talking rubbish?😂❤️
imrestyles 3 dagen geleden
1:54 Max after repeating a hard ass phrase lol
Faizal El Muhandez Alvares Susso
Faizal El Muhandez Alvares Susso 3 dagen geleden
Imagine you are having a bowel movement while being watched by Sebastian Vettowel
Leo Charles
Leo Charles 3 dagen geleden
He blinked 2 times lol
Lucía Aguilar
Lucía Aguilar 3 dagen geleden
This comment section didn't age well