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Weekend Flood POP
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javier R
javier R 3 uur geleden
patriot ? c'MON
Paul Brown
Paul Brown 3 uur geleden
Jesse 34
Jesse 34 3 uur geleden
Funny how the corrupt FBI only can find republicans and not the real criminals. Federal Bureau of imbeciles..
Anh Hai Néo
Anh Hai Néo 3 uur geleden
Mr. Trump said The journey is just in the beginning. He was right.
T•S•M TrippyStateOfMind
T•S•M TrippyStateOfMind 3 uur geleden
FBI Director is fake asf a big phat phony
X x
X x 3 uur geleden
Shoot your local tyrants. Save the people.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 3 uur geleden
God i love that Trump Supporters are so STUPID they film themselves committing felony's
s e
s e 3 uur geleden
Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.
moblacker 3 uur geleden
No my people built that,
Grumpy Pants
Grumpy Pants 3 uur geleden
impala76 3 uur geleden
BLM ✊🏿👱🏿‍♂️
Paul McKeever
Paul McKeever 3 uur geleden
Why do people keep records of their corruption?
Aaron Henderson
Aaron Henderson 3 uur geleden
Trump supporters = little dicks
JimBob Delbert
JimBob Delbert 3 uur geleden
This guy is totally indoctrinated into stupidity
Vern M
Vern M 3 uur geleden
1:53 he is talking about not being Unified? Trump is the opposite of our America being unified? we the people say "Trump your Fired" those cops at 1:59 Should be Jailed. @ 2:16 he claims to be a hidden patriot. Wow, as an Army Vet, You make me sick claiming to know what it means to be a patriot. Trump spent 330 days at a Golf course, that means he was only POTUS for 3 years, This after giving Obama crap about his time spent Golfing. those @ the capital, that day, should get 10 years in jail and a fine of $250,000
William Vangorden
William Vangorden 3 uur geleden
I report misconduct on the Democrats side as well there's so much corruption they should be hung for the things they've done and are doing today.
Sweger Shanna
Sweger Shanna 3 uur geleden
Bunch of inbred morons
JimBob Delbert
JimBob Delbert 3 uur geleden
Another trumptard felon
M Avila
M Avila 3 uur geleden
Did they say bartender? Lol
William Vangorden
William Vangorden 3 uur geleden
Now if this isn't high treason against America I don't know what is pathetic people you are.
Eddie Amaya
Eddie Amaya 3 uur geleden
ill never understand being infatuated with a politician of any side.
Terry Gaedchens
Terry Gaedchens 3 uur geleden
Another DNC witch hunt! Distracting attention from their own politically motivated underpinnings and their own agendas.
William Vangorden
William Vangorden 3 uur geleden
And where the hell were these people for years ago if you want to talk about illegal activities there's enough to go around to lock up thousands of people wow.
W. H.
W. H. 3 uur geleden
This shit happened two years ago in Cheatem County, and they wouldn't release the location where the volleyball coach hid the cameras. There should have been a statewide program to check for this shit back then, but our state officials are too busy blowing republicans to care about its citizens. So much for that Christianity save the children shit, huh? www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/robertson/2019/06/07/judge-seals-east-robertson-high-school-case-clifton-horn-secretly-recorded-girls-locker-room/1386189001/
Curt Gowdy sp
Curt Gowdy sp 3 uur geleden
He failed "covert school" 🤪🤭
Johnny Ringo
Johnny Ringo 3 uur geleden
The news lairs should be charged with trespassing he was defending his property. I hope a lawyer teaches the jury what squatters right is all about.
Gear Whine
Gear Whine 3 uur geleden
Get rid of all corruption...except democrat corruption, of course. That's just their SOP.
Steve W
Steve W 3 uur geleden
What a great couple, loved seeing this, beautiful to see just good decent people being themselves, open and honest, loved asking the Media to respect not only themselves, but there neighbours aswell. Health and Happiness guys 👍
jean lapuma
jean lapuma 3 uur geleden
Now the devil is in our White House but God will handle it a lot better then we can be patient
Anthony Harper
Anthony Harper 3 uur geleden
No firearm ! Wooo hoooo 2 amendment rights..Goneeee.
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat 4 uur geleden
Get rid of all racist cops that's our country's problem
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony 4 uur geleden
This asshole is going to get his ass kicked.
ed ohanian
ed ohanian 4 uur geleden
Prosecute and execute all of these terrorists
HrdTruths 4 uur geleden
He didnt do anything lol. What am I missing? What a bunch of garbage
unknown person
unknown person 4 uur geleden
No swat teams and cnn going in behind them?
Bennie Crawford
Bennie Crawford 4 uur geleden
Republicans are crooks!
Ethical Crystal Maven
Ethical Crystal Maven 4 uur geleden
looks like this bartender's life is "on the rocks" now
Sean Paul
Sean Paul 4 uur geleden
Mh Mh
Mh Mh 4 uur geleden
Next! Army Green
Louise Burnett
Louise Burnett 4 uur geleden
C O R R U P T I O N I N P U B L I C O F F I C E I S L O N G J A I L T I M E ;
Thompson 4 uur geleden
Hey I know, how about we call out the national guard and arrest EVERYONE who has a street car with horsepower and while we are at it, shut down ALL the car manufacturers for making muscle cars and sports cars? Lets stick them ALL In prison too! Like we don’t have enough to worry with the Covid pandemic? People being forced to stay at home, I can think of FAR WORSE things to worry about! Yes there might be a little bit of a problem here and there with things getting out of hand! what ever happened to the days of “boys will be boys” Get a fricken grip people! Then you wonder why people rebel! Let people have their FUN, as long it’s within reason, what the hell! Maybe it’s just easier to become A POLICE STATE? Open your minds, it’s not that difficult to set some standards, instead of looking at it as a crime! Yes, I WOULD AGREE it’s more than unfortunate that their has been accidents! How about just set boundaries, that’s all! Don’t make it the end of the world as a NEW CRIME WAVE TOO!
Stallion Disliker
Stallion Disliker 4 uur geleden
I am Ready to Move to UAE 🇦🇪 or Japan i at least ita safer.
Signoftherabbit 4 uur geleden
take away their Ativan
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 5 uur geleden
Let's drain the swamp!
T1kAu *
T1kAu * 5 uur geleden
Patriot my arse. Lock this loser up
Olivier Flego
Olivier Flego 5 uur geleden
The kid on the bongos looks like he walked into the wrong wedding and it’s too late to leave. “Now I have to stay, they expect me to perform. Oooo, those two little drums look easy.”
hatednyc 5 uur geleden
fred davis
fred davis 5 uur geleden
Trumps unified dipsticks.
P B 5 uur geleden
why was the police just standing there ? they were outnumbered, but why just stand there ?
Thomas Craig
Thomas Craig 5 uur geleden
There coming uh oh
c r
c r 5 uur geleden
Im all for rooting out corruption, But it DAMN WELL BE DONE ON BOTH SIDES AND THEY CAN START WITH BIDEN
edward helms
edward helms 5 uur geleden
Outstanding!! I know there is a cell in Guantanamo for him and the rest of the terrorists, waiting trial and execution.
Crystal Green
Crystal Green 5 uur geleden
Give him LIFE in prison!!!
Tony Guimomt
Tony Guimomt 5 uur geleden
I hope you know punisher hated corrupted cops and killed them😂😂 he would have killed everyone who was rioting at the capital
Mike schlicher
Mike schlicher 5 uur geleden
This is the craziest story I ever heard im pretty sure this dude was at the capitol building riot im just going out on a limb
BerkleyCalifornia 5 uur geleden
Republicans are so corrupt.
Gabriel Moline
Gabriel Moline 5 uur geleden
Wow. Look at all that sleuthing. Must be difficult to find people that are blatant terrorists, that post everything on line. Great police work. I’m sure they had a tear in their eye when they had to collect this domestic terrorist.
Amanda Wolf Child
Amanda Wolf Child 5 uur geleden
When they squat on a bank who forgot they owned a property I don’t fault them. Only when they squat in a persons home or one freshly emptied.
joe Oliveira
joe Oliveira 5 uur geleden
Do they want to get away with the Republican Party?
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 5 uur geleden
Ngl I reckon this marcus guys got some screws loose
michelle annor
michelle annor 5 uur geleden
22 January 2021 MegaMillions jackpot is $970m again.....
joe Oliveira
joe Oliveira 5 uur geleden
Why does The FBI investigate Biden ?
MI 6
MI 6 5 uur geleden
Internet detectives? Are these actual detectives or just Normal everyday People( And I use the term loosely) Who actually got together and compared notes to find him?
joe Oliveira
joe Oliveira 5 uur geleden
FBI is going only after Republicans?
F S 5 uur geleden
But if she would have shot the ish out of him she'd probably be doing 15 yrs
William Pomerico
William Pomerico 5 uur geleden
Democratic stunt
William Pomerico
William Pomerico 5 uur geleden
Why dont they start throwing warrants at Clinton shumer palosi no nads nadler shiff throw them in jail
jimandskittum 5 uur geleden
Is is da Eayaf Bi Ah! Putcho haaanzup!
John 5 uur geleden
joe is illegitimate
Manda S
Manda S 5 uur geleden
Military wanna be
sparky sparks
sparky sparks 5 uur geleden
Another dumb ass HILLBILLY HA HA
Konnie It's Real
Konnie It's Real 5 uur geleden
He should not be able to move to another county and work as a cop.
Sunny 5 uur geleden
In jail is where he belongs.
J-ster 5 uur geleden
Dated Sept 2019
Debra Shepard
Debra Shepard 6 uur geleden
Yep they go after him but Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, Bush’, Pence’s all got away with their evil doings !!🤮🤮🤮
Thomas Tanner
Thomas Tanner 6 uur geleden
The cops caught lying should be fired and placed on a list as known liars and no credibility
Froggy77100 6 uur geleden
None of this was difficult to find out... Wondering if those that gave info to catch these domestic terrorists will get hired with the FBI...
Rod Egby
Rod Egby 6 uur geleden
What a weak pos. Now that everyone is being arrested, this pos is not so proud anymore.
Allan Lugo
Allan Lugo 6 uur geleden
They waited until today? Very convenient
Canz Aquatiz
Canz Aquatiz 6 uur geleden
I want their badge 😤
Michele Smith
Michele Smith 6 uur geleden
To all trump supporters you can always call on trump for Employment, any help and etc. Im sure you can depend on him now( NOT )lol