Is Meritocracy a Myth?
Are We Automating Racism?
How Racist Am I?
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Why Jakarta is sinking
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How highways make traffic worse
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer 19 uur geleden
They don't. The women footballers in US have won 4 world championships. wayta?!
Dice Arisugawa
Dice Arisugawa 19 uur geleden
Marina and the Diamonds:
Erik R.
Erik R. 19 uur geleden
The text test taught computers to read better. The photo test taught computers to see objects better. What do you think a human-behavior test is going to teach?
Gaotosky10 19 uur geleden
Captcha tests in a decade will probably be like: Show your master's thesis with your PhD to confirm you're human.
gugunanak134 19 uur geleden
We are making computers smarter. Stop using the internet altogether.
Reticulated pythonman
Reticulated pythonman 19 uur geleden
Bet! No one high up or of any stature is going to fall for this... sad, murderers over 300 people and gets away with it.. the gov!
Lina 19 uur geleden
I sometimes „fail“ captchas for fun to see what the limits are for passing :D for example, I choose two actually right pictures and two that don‘t fit the theme and see if that‘ll pass the test
MrTux0 19 uur geleden
Good video. Would have been nice to spend a minute to explain the Turing test
katuwusha 19 uur geleden
The homeless shelters where I live are open for anyone who is homeless and they even walk them through and help them search for job opportunities to get back on their feet and feed and house them but how many people in my city take that opportunity...? It's not because it's a dangerous environment to be in it's the amount of homeless people who want to do their drugs and drink their alcohol would prefer to sleep outside with shopping carts full of trash instead of being housed, fed, and taken care of. I wish they understood what's open to them and people didn't make a big ruckus about the homeless a lot of the times. (I'm pretty sure the program helps get them clean from their addiction too but whatever)
Sam Milbank
Sam Milbank 19 uur geleden
Why is a two state solution so hard to both sides to accept?
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 19 uur geleden
I JUST got done going through like twelve of these related to my last task...
Aadi 19 uur geleden
This makes me realize that this would be the last evidence of Humanity in the universe, existing even after YEARS and YEARS of possible destruction of us... But all of this evidence our only hope can simply be destroyed if it hits another star/planet/comet..... And oh god not that music, it's so emotional.......
Raj khati
Raj khati 19 uur geleden
tominiotor is coming fast .............................
T C 19 uur geleden
Oh great
Nathaniel Matters
Nathaniel Matters 19 uur geleden
all this to avoid the inevitable
Khan Salehin Rafsan
Khan Salehin Rafsan 19 uur geleden
How the world is still supporting Israel i don't know 😂
Melati Ayustisia Ananta
Melati Ayustisia Ananta 19 uur geleden
Need indonesian subtittle pls :')
Moises Sanchez
Moises Sanchez 19 uur geleden
Robots scare me so can we please stop 😩😩
perfect guy
perfect guy 19 uur geleden
I was here
Shrinidhi 19 uur geleden
Me, wasting time on the internet.. CAPTCHA: Here you go, make something useful out of clicking me. Work for me..
SuperPlayz 19 uur geleden
You are lucky to have a simple reCaptcha when you have been through tons of Arkose Labs Captcha or hCaptcha
i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but-
i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- 19 uur geleden
*Captcha in a few more years* : draw a perfectly identical drawing of Mona Lisa before your device activate self destruct
rose novel
rose novel 19 uur geleden
How does captcha work for people who are blind?
Jamie Wells
Jamie Wells 19 uur geleden
People need to chill with making computers better. It’s getting out of hand.
Emilian Stanev
Emilian Stanev 19 uur geleden
2 months later....the mayor was right o.O
Terminator 19 uur geleden
didnt this guy work for chedder?
J.P. Canonigo
J.P. Canonigo 19 uur geleden
You're basically teaching AI to become humans
that tried girl
that tried girl 19 uur geleden
My computer thinking I’m a robot is a bit the pot calling the kettle black😑
Vanadium Ferrovanadium
Vanadium Ferrovanadium 19 uur geleden
JIDF working OT here.
is3od7 19 uur geleden
One day the capcha are gonna get so hard that if u get it right u are a bot
American Mapping
American Mapping 19 uur geleden
Thanks for reccomending this NLposts, very topical
Zorg Barley
Zorg Barley 19 uur geleden
I am a little worried about the kind of robots we are building in this game of one-upmanship.
Reeta Chauhan
Reeta Chauhan 19 uur geleden
Fav content category
Junde Liu
Junde Liu 19 uur geleden
So, in a not so distant day, computer can be more human than human?
Marshdidit 19 uur geleden
Maybe it's because we're slowly becoming robots?
wegder 19 uur geleden
It is a shame that nothing will ever be done about this problem.
Oleg P
Oleg P 19 uur geleden
So many Pro-Arabic lies and Anti-Israeli statements... "Media" will be "Media".
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem 19 uur geleden
Please make a video obout why the world worried of U.S too. Talk about the Amerikan imperialism. What they did in İraq , Afganistan and Vietnam. How they mistreated women( it dont use word r...) . What they did to innocent babies and how they exploited the natural sources Of these countries.
Dan R Goodnight
Dan R Goodnight 19 uur geleden
2000 years of middle eastern monotheistic cults killing each other /lesson
username_bruh ➊
username_bruh ➊ 19 uur geleden
Captions in 20 years: *You must provide a DNA sample to continue*
aquaillusiongirl 19 uur geleden
The Empire Files had a better video that shows the actual violence that occurred as Palestine was taken over to become modern Israel. It was quite graphic and showed the ethnic cleansing that has been happening since 1947.
Max Hill
Max Hill 19 uur geleden
Selestrielle 19 uur geleden
Why is this video narrated by a surfer? I kept expecting him to end sentences with "dude."
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 19 uur geleden
Aaron McGee Sr
Aaron McGee Sr 19 uur geleden
Mia C
Mia C 19 uur geleden
Thank you for this! Really didn’t know what this was about
calvacoca 19 uur geleden
US people think that the Imperial System is a creation of God.
QuarioQuario54321 19 uur geleden
Now when computers become sentient, and learn the way humans do…
Mckenzie Welsh
Mckenzie Welsh 19 uur geleden
Because robot
Ronald Muk
Ronald Muk 19 uur geleden
I am just thankful that since becoming a US citizen I am afforded rights that are denied by other countries. May God bless my country forever 🇺🇸
I'm Judging
I'm Judging 19 uur geleden
How did the robot keep getting smarter !!?
Yasmin Devan
Yasmin Devan 19 uur geleden
I know everyone is blaming the british for this, but to me they came up with the best solution they could’ve before leaving. A pretty equal division of land between israel and palestine. Both get recognition and holy areas are made independent like the vatican. I feel the issue only got out of control after the whole arab region ganged up on israel, forcing it to be ruthless in trying to prove it deserves to exist. Then it got worse when israel started putting illegal settlements into palestinian lands to slowly invade it without actually battling so that other countries would not call it out. It’s a modern day invasion. The british model sounds like it could’ve worked.
天吉Mark 19 uur geleden
or maybe I'm just getting dumber
Theodoric the Greatest
Theodoric the Greatest 19 uur geleden
Completely discriminatory against robots
Howard Levine
Howard Levine 19 uur geleden
I trick the computer by self identifying as one
Daniel Lazar
Daniel Lazar 19 uur geleden
1:42 matt d'avella face
joywolf83 19 uur geleden
Or you know you could just pull the VPN of the spam robots and go to the person's house and shut it down from there you know
Rebecca Afriyie
Rebecca Afriyie 19 uur geleden
So basically what Israel 🇮🇱 is doing to Palestine 🇵🇸 was what Germany ( Hitler) did to the Jews? “ Ethnic Cleansing “. History does repeat.
Harrison Lane
Harrison Lane 19 uur geleden
How is "click the traffic light" harder than "decode this black word on a black screen crossed out with black pen and put through a washing machine" Captchas are getting easier y'all
scarlet koon
scarlet koon 19 uur geleden
Whenever i see captchas about traffic, i am always reminded of Grey's video about traffic jams and auto cars
I actually have a vagina malfunction but i think
I actually have a vagina malfunction but i think 19 uur geleden
I didn’t know that bots are capable of learning new things I thought you were supposed to reprogram them every a couple of days or something and when they say that google is teaching their self driving car through captcha is blowing my mind
Josef Sawatsky
Josef Sawatsky 19 uur geleden
Creepy to think that literal computers have the ability to learn
Ercong Luo
Ercong Luo 19 uur geleden
Oh so these are called captchas, learned something new today
Zivin 19 uur geleden
My answer before I watched the video: It’s because we’re turning into robots isnt it
bakabaka baka
bakabaka baka 19 uur geleden
what makes delhi like this? arvind kejriwal
Tor Wikström
Tor Wikström 19 uur geleden
Robot uprising when?
Haitani 19 uur geleden
What a relief... I thoght all that home office has slowly turned me into a bot
Finley Cartmell
Finley Cartmell 19 uur geleden
Not a single person who is serious about loosing weight thinks they can JUST exercise and eat whatever. You need to eat better and work out. You need a calorie defecit.
لولو لولوو
لولو لولوو 19 uur geleden
Brave free people Palestine ✌️💪💪💪🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
badr alhatim
badr alhatim 19 uur geleden
i am from saudi never heard in my life anyone from anywhere is calling anyone mr everything
Alxtel - In a Nutshell
Alxtel - In a Nutshell 19 uur geleden
One time I got locked out of my bank account because of a captcha
James Marshall
James Marshall 19 uur geleden
But the wage gap doesn’t exist
Aditya 19 uur geleden
Do this to PlayStation so we can get ps5.
Ralph Torres
Ralph Torres 19 uur geleden
A round, rump, & sirloin are all cuts of beef... What do I win
iotasieve 19 uur geleden
Guys i'm going to start a business
Alfi Aflahal Muflih
Alfi Aflahal Muflih 19 uur geleden
recaptcha is 100% better than hcaptcha.
sana_fanboi 19 uur geleden
Honestly I’m ok with being tracked on the internet what are tech corporations even going to do with my data other than using it for ads? all I do is watch youtube
kishan patel
kishan patel 19 uur geleden
solution lies in womb of Problem... by kailash satyarthi problem lies in womb of solutions.. by Google
AreoX7780 19 uur geleden
So sad this did not stop bots and scalpers from buying graphics cards.