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28 dagen geleden
Semmy Schilt v Kyotaro
Autonomous Tangier
Autonomous Tangier 3 uur geleden
بدر هاري ماتلو الحوت قولتا من البداية شتو كيف كيلعب
dann perz
dann perz 3 uur geleden
In that same tournament, in the next fight, Musashi took a knee to the balls and the fight was over ... the same happened against Gary Goodgridge, Ray Sefo, Montanha Silva and several others. Definitely Musashi is the fighter who took the most hits in the testicles in the whole history of Kickboxing and MMA.
dare dare
dare dare 3 uur geleden
Ignashov is terminator
Youtu beur
Youtu beur 4 uur geleden
Ya sobhanallah b7al ila hziti badr o7titi badr akhor hada machi dak badr likan3rfoh d3if bzaf bzaf lakamat dyalo d3af mab9atch 3ndhom dik l9owa likant 9bl 9aydr lkhasm dyalo b lakma zouj kayjibo ko omli kaytdrb hoi kay7s biha dghya kan badr wakha drb fih 3am matdi mno walou kayti7 okaynod wirb7 b ko koun gha 7bs bach maychweh brasso
Abderahim Binani
Abderahim Binani 4 uur geleden
Matlo lhot msikin kbar
karim nmichi
karim nmichi 5 uur geleden
Badr hari all the morocain people loves you
taunuscu Eric
taunuscu Eric 5 uur geleden
Gökhan Saki farkı 👍🤘🤘
Mехман Мадатов
Mехман Мадатов 6 uur geleden
Robby 6 uur geleden
Badr Hari Repekt!!!
Luka Stojanovic
Luka Stojanovic 6 uur geleden
New champ - Rico Verhoeven! 🥊
Mohamed Tarib
Mohamed Tarib 7 uur geleden
Mohamed Tarib
Mohamed Tarib 7 uur geleden
Congra benny you deserve it
Hamudi 7 uur geleden
why vakhitov always robbed i mean it is clear
Antonio Pereira
Antonio Pereira 7 uur geleden
Abraça muito esse russo. Depois que sofreu o golpe então .. Parabéns para o Joe.
Kenan 7 uur geleden
Zellonite The UBF Boss
Zellonite The UBF Boss 7 uur geleden
That was a tap out, hope this humble him.
Joshua Madoc
Joshua Madoc 7 uur geleden
Isn't that the TKD loser that was infamous for having awful punches and insisting on fighting with the dobok in other matches before this one?
Сергей Акименко
Сергей Акименко 7 uur geleden
Ну да...😀Это тебе не сидящего ногами лупить))).Хари тот еще боевик)).
Lack Mann
Lack Mann 8 uur geleden
Rico, ein fairer Kämpfer mit Herz. Super.
SlobeX 8 uur geleden
Heheh izuo ga Alister.Kad je bosnjo bio borac? Nikad.Prezime mu kaze ko je i sta je
Martin Ellenberger
Martin Ellenberger 8 uur geleden
That was a good fight of the „old“ Bad Boy JLB! 💪
Saad Ejaz
Saad Ejaz 8 uur geleden
Rico is kickboxing personified
Golden Haze
Golden Haze 8 uur geleden
Gekke dingen man damm
ismail yilmaz
ismail yilmaz 9 uur geleden
Lucky bastard
Claudio Tinca
Claudio Tinca 9 uur geleden
Bravo tata ❤
Floriano Guimarães
Floriano Guimarães 9 uur geleden
O Guto vai muito bem, mas devido ao aumento de peso, está cansando perigosamente, mas é uma fera e isso ninguém pode negar. Parabéns Guto.
Jeff Dundon
Jeff Dundon 9 uur geleden
What's the problem?
Maze 2
Maze 2 9 uur geleden
You need glasses.
Nicu Nicu
Nicu Nicu 9 uur geleden
BAD BOY 10 uur geleden
JIB RAWK THE RAP GOD 10 uur geleden
There goes your contract lol
PABLO PITBULL 10 uur geleden
Jean Phi
Jean Phi 10 uur geleden
M-R-Q Al
M-R-Q Al 10 uur geleden
بدر يعتزل افضل للحفاظ على سجلة التاريخي.
Hafedh Abdallah
Hafedh Abdallah 10 uur geleden
Cedric's worst fight he was like a beginner in kickboxing. Gaji was better
Sincko 11 uur geleden
🥚🥚🔨 😅
Moustapha Talhaoui
Moustapha Talhaoui 11 uur geleden
Only bad devense of Jamal Bensadek. If he managed to work on his devense he can beat Rico he is simply stronger ✌
Moustapha Talhaoui
Moustapha Talhaoui 11 uur geleden
Respect to Keta to except the fight in one day before the fight. Nothing but respect for the guy to stand against the Gollaya Jamal Bensadek 🤝✌👍
11 uur geleden
Took his soul with that combo!
Moustapha Talhaoui
Moustapha Talhaoui 11 uur geleden
Allah bless him and keep every one away from cancer 🤝✌
Moustapha Talhaoui
Moustapha Talhaoui 11 uur geleden
Jamal Will be a champion soon or late he definitely desurf al the credit in the world to be a champion 💪🇲🇦🤝
alexstriker93 12 uur geleden
It was legal but unethical!
Toyo Harada
Toyo Harada 12 uur geleden
*Fighter Goes Crazy After Brutal Kicks to the Balls
HEDKAY FF 13 uur geleden
Willem Maatman
Willem Maatman 13 uur geleden
Badr red card Hari
Arman Xachatryan
Arman Xachatryan 13 uur geleden
Talen Tabing
Talen Tabing 13 uur geleden
Kick in the balls means future finished 🤣😂
John Hardman
John Hardman 14 uur geleden
Commentator: Maybe he's spent too much time in Compton and downtown LA. Me: Maybe he got kicked in the nuts twice.
sjhmagic1 14 uur geleden
Fuck yeah!
Jaguar Jaguar
Jaguar Jaguar 14 uur geleden
Yes, he goes crazy because,he take two kicks in......😂
Mimano Jack
Mimano Jack 14 uur geleden
digg dogg
digg dogg 14 uur geleden
el houcine mensouri
el houcine mensouri 14 uur geleden
Abdou Abdou
Abdou Abdou 14 uur geleden
Ben is a good and strong fighter. Badr is a star but its the time to Resign . It's enough. Good luck for ben. I would like to see him fight with reco soon.
Евгений Геращенко
Евгений Геращенко 14 uur geleden
Не бой, а говно!
Cubs City
Cubs City 14 uur geleden
3:22 see the eyeballs roll back 👀 “FINISH HIM!”
Cubs City
Cubs City 14 uur geleden
I would be too if he kept trying to destroy the family jewels! 😣
Jeroen van Elswijk
Jeroen van Elswijk 15 uur geleden
What a disrespect to kick someone in his balls in a kickboxfight
JM Dromanah 2.0
JM Dromanah 2.0 15 uur geleden
The Bald dude deserved that
Rozele Boyl
Rozele Boyl 15 uur geleden
krezo 15 uur geleden
The one time that musashi behaved like a badass haha
leo alcaraz
leo alcaraz 15 uur geleden
After that many nut shots I don’t blame him lmao
Chekroun 15 uur geleden
Goed zo broeder. Gr, van een Marokkaan.
Kayasper 15 uur geleden
I expected him to kick him a third time in the balls, haha
Drain master uk
Drain master uk 15 uur geleden
Bas told him “kick to the balls”
레슬라이커 15 uur geleden
와 이걸ㅋㅋ 글로리 채널에서 볼 줄이야ㅋㅋ 무사시가 화날만 했지ㅋㅋㅋ
Chekroun 15 uur geleden
0:32 bolo enter the dragon.
KJ 26
KJ 26 15 uur geleden
Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins 15 uur geleden
At least 3 kicks to the groin. I’ll let this outburst slide.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 15 uur geleden
Great romanian fighter! I love romania!!!!🇷🇴 🇷🇴
Adrian 16 uur geleden
1101agaoj 16 uur geleden
Ernest Brewer
Ernest Brewer 16 uur geleden
justifiable rage
افريقيا العظمى
افريقيا العظمى 16 uur geleden
مزيكا قوية 🇩🇿 ومقاتل حاررررر🇲🇦 التفركيع وصافي
LKHLI3 FF 17 uur geleden
badr hari m9awed ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇲🇦🇲🇦
LKHLI3 FF 17 uur geleden
viva morocco
Pamela Jean
Pamela Jean 19 uur geleden Per il mondo moderno, l'ulteriore sviluppo di varie forme di attivita e una tappa qualitativamente nuova nel sistema di formazione del personale che soddisfa le esigenze urgenti. All'improvviso, i fautori del totalitarismo nella scienza non sono altro che la quintessenza della vittoria del marketing sulla ragione e devono essere chiamati a renderne conto. Proprio come un prototipo di alta qualita di un progetto futuro dipende direttamente dal raggruppamento degli sforzi. C'e qualcosa a cui pensare: i sostenitori del totalitarismo nella scienza, iniziati esclusivamente sinteticamente, sono uniti in interi gruppi della loro stessa specie.💕 現代の世界では、現代の技術の導入により、好ましい見通しの形成に幅広い(専門家)が参加することができます。高次のイデオロギー的考察、および外部の反対の意味論的分析は、プロセス管理の革新的な方法の緊急の必要性を明らかにしています。しかし、ユーザーの行動の基本的なシナリオは、同様に自分のデバイスに任されています。しかし、専門家チームの連帯により、優先要件の必要性が明確に修正されます。
Patrick Vande blaak
Patrick Vande blaak 20 uur geleden
Badr je bent niks meer ouwe ga lekker met pensioen naar marroko en nooit meer terug de ring in ga groente verbouwen daar
Luca Pilia
Luca Pilia 21 uur geleden
Artem 🌟
Gdhja Bfgkz
Gdhja Bfgkz 21 uur geleden
Weer een maro plat😂😄😎
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 15 uur geleden
Badr Hari a du mal a finir ses matchs ... C dommage 🤦🏻‍♂