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Morgan Osborne
Morgan Osborne 10 uur geleden
yoinkhaha 10 uur geleden
Tragic accident. =T
Minotaur 10 uur geleden
This is like the political debate
adam dykstra
adam dykstra 10 uur geleden
they both seem really tired in this. i just want to say that i get it. alot of us are tired. i also want to say that what you provide is a wonderful escape for us fellow 'tired' folks. haha
Jade Ryan
Jade Ryan 10 uur geleden
Shane could've won that rap battle "well i sure do like my big tall light. But i don't like you, stinky old sprite"
Jason Shackleford
Jason Shackleford 10 uur geleden
Will we ever get confirmation that Shane is definitely the top? Look at who holds whose hands during seances.
XieXu Wei
XieXu Wei 10 uur geleden
Me: Language is fake and grammar and pronunciation rules aren't real. Strict adherence to pompous rules is inherently classist andlightly xenophobic while the air of literary superiority from academics is exhausting and misplaced Also me: *listening to Ryan Bergara pronounce the words Buoy and strewn* The Lord is testing me
Brove Cheesecake2
Brove Cheesecake2 10 uur geleden
Cheerwine is the best soda. It’s like a cherry Dr Pepper
VINCE Ŷ ASSASIN 10 uur geleden
Im watching this only because of ryan and shane
wreed18121 10 uur geleden
i don't agree with Toni Kukoč.
Shaun Burridge
Shaun Burridge 10 uur geleden
GOATMANS BRIDGE: a demon that goes by the name STEVE
Price3123 10 uur geleden
should have ask why aren't you moving on......the ghost seems to be friendly ghost
Spider Pig
Spider Pig 10 uur geleden
Yo my stepdad was in the movie based on this, he played thomas in the movie the vanishing
Natasha Luna
Natasha Luna 10 uur geleden
Hahahhahah The butt of shane it the windiest place in the US! Gotta love these boys!
Papaya the Rainwing Wof
Papaya the Rainwing Wof 10 uur geleden
I thought they left buzzfeed and buzzfeed unsolved? Don’t get me wrong I’m really glad this series is still here and Shane and Ryan are still the faces of the unsolved series, but I’m just wondering because I thought I heard they left. Anyone else?
John Cook
John Cook 10 uur geleden
Hey [email protected] thank you for finally sending me $7000 from your legit
gracel0l 10 uur geleden
omg i love Squirt! def underrated lol
Mikah 10 uur geleden
Squirt is so freaking delicious - Rootbeer is better though. If you happen to stop in Seattle make sure to visit the rootbeer store~
Rishika M
Rishika M 10 uur geleden
oh my god as soon as it showed Shane typing i got a message lmaooo
Joseph Redmond
Joseph Redmond 10 uur geleden
I have to appreciate this mans comic book villain stature.
¡casdean! 10 uur geleden
The 69 dislikes are from the squirtheads
Joel s Kolengaden
Joel s Kolengaden 10 uur geleden
Shane: I have a Easter egg on my chest not my chest hair
Elizabeth 10 uur geleden
I mean .. truly it is the cameraman who is the brave one ... without making a noise he stands there recording them ... and also isnt standing close to them .. 👏🏻👏🏻
BlackTapeProductions 10 uur geleden
Thank youuu, missed you guys!
CloWn TeCh
CloWn TeCh 10 uur geleden
Or she was an assassin and hired to kill these other agents in Norway
mikael gustafsson
mikael gustafsson 10 uur geleden
Pink panthers is going to be the next episode im calling it now.
John Scattyman
John Scattyman 10 uur geleden
I wonder may we see ryan and Shane play phasmophobia since they haven’t been able to ghost hunt in person???
the Thunder
the Thunder 10 uur geleden
Good pr for witches... Thats illuminati talk🎃
mavie buendicho
mavie buendicho 10 uur geleden
crying to death hearing them doing that mothman sound...hahahahaha
Sara Vučković
Sara Vučković 10 uur geleden
Or maybe the clocks were all wound at the same time, so they all stopped at the same time.
sophie Xox
sophie Xox 10 uur geleden
Life booe
Mareli Strydom
Mareli Strydom 10 uur geleden
Ew, Squirt? Only Harry Potter likes that hogshit.
Coast Vanwyck
Coast Vanwyck 10 uur geleden
Take a shot every time Shane and Ryan chuckle like dads
Rebecca OngYouZhen
Rebecca OngYouZhen 10 uur geleden
You guys should do Singapore’s McDonald’s boys
James On a Cross
James On a Cross 11 uur geleden
All these conspiracy theorists apparently don’t understand that ancient civilizations were so much more intuitive than we are that the could do things any civilizations today can, including build pyramids so tall and they are much smarter than many people saying the earth is flat.
Ma'am Astrid
Ma'am Astrid 11 uur geleden
How TF do you do a Scottish accent I'm really interested
Sir Rabbit of the Kitchens
Sir Rabbit of the Kitchens 11 uur geleden
I'm not even scottish, but even I got offended by their attempt at scottish 🤣🤣
Passant Ali
Passant Ali 11 uur geleden
Olivia Tobin
Olivia Tobin 11 uur geleden
Everyone shut up SQUIRT IS A GREAT SODA
Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval 11 uur geleden
Squirt is fine. Plays nice with tequila but it's not like, good
justagrumpynerd 11 uur geleden
#squirtersforshane im not sorry
Alexis Mendez
Alexis Mendez 11 uur geleden
squirt is clearly the supreme soda😤 i am totally a skirt head/squirter!!
Lady of Darkness
Lady of Darkness 11 uur geleden
So, at the very beginning, Shane thought he was looking at Ryan? I was wondering wtf he had just seen that he was staring at 😂
Sophia Ri.
Sophia Ri. 11 uur geleden
3:38:25 shane predicted the pandemic
BadChizzle 11 uur geleden
Man... you guys are funny! Thanks for the fun, Dudes!!
ixsicness 11 uur geleden
Crime stuff over the hyperactive imagination stuff you do on supernatural. I prefer content based on reality
Cables & Cashes
Cables & Cashes 11 uur geleden
"were gonna go through some stuff" well...... this didn't age well
neoporticulis 11 uur geleden
Do consider doing one on the Monster with 21 Faces, an alias of the blackmailer(s) of Glico in Japan in 1984. and for reference.
lucy acevedo
lucy acevedo 11 uur geleden
Squirt, sprite, Sierra mist, and 7UP are all basically the same drink
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 11 uur geleden
Why does the drawings of the zodiac be looking like a gta online character
Dominus Pegas
Dominus Pegas 11 uur geleden
@FrancosBabyGirl, I think you mean a hypothesis, not a theory. A hypothesis is an assumption made before any research has been completed for the sake of testing. A theory on the other hand is a principle set to explain phenomena already supported by data.
Skrillex SlyVinx
Skrillex SlyVinx 11 uur geleden
Why does Shane look high af?
Cara Burns
Cara Burns 11 uur geleden
I’m Scottish and I’m deeply offended ahahahaha
A$E 11 uur geleden
"Some bad buoy business"
wrennaboy 11 uur geleden
Please do an unsolved episode on the murder of Carl Bridgewater. Give this a watch for information on the case:
l Blackpinkhotbts l
l Blackpinkhotbts l 11 uur geleden
Shanes little body positivity lines made me feel so safe and warm
Reagan Gaming
Reagan Gaming 11 uur geleden
Aren't Chapels consecrated/holy ground? So unholy beings like ghosts can't step in?
Dirgh 11 uur geleden
they should make a movie about serge
Simply Razeen
Simply Razeen 11 uur geleden
21:45 come out
kavya reddy
kavya reddy 11 uur geleden
I feel extremely bad for Julia Anderson, can you imagine losing a child and then called names for claiming who she knew was her son. That's so sad.
Iphone 69
Iphone 69 11 uur geleden
This is like my heroine
the Thunder
the Thunder 11 uur geleden
For gods sake what about the lawn! Fear and loathing style..maybe they ate the devils weed salad. The way British soldiers, 1776 era, did and whacked out did who knows what.☺
TessellatedGuy 11 uur geleden
I feel like the fact that it took me a few seconds to get the log toilet joke means I actually lost a few brain cells when I realized what it was, rather than gaining brain cells due to smart thinking. That's how low level of a joke that was.
Off The Cuff Reviews
Off The Cuff Reviews 11 uur geleden
why does ryan always look so sweaty lol
smallsBIG_ke 11 uur geleden
This deals with the devil made me share my experience with the devil. I have shared a story on My Meeting with Satan, the things he told me and the decision I took after our meeting. Thank you Satan
Hayley Earle
Hayley Earle 11 uur geleden
Ryan is looking particularly good in this episode 😍
Paul Higgins
Paul Higgins 11 uur geleden
Best root beer...IBC in the glass bottles
Matthew Bohon
Matthew Bohon 11 uur geleden
oh goodness it’s weird remembering that not everyone has at least 6 wound clocks in their house at any given time. usually, your average mantle clock needs to be wound once a week or so. bedside clocks usually need to be wound ever day or two. grandfather clocks are usually every 2-3 weeks (in my experience). the clocks being stopped really doesnt tell you much except maybe “hmm. it’s maybe been a while since someone has been here.” because honestly, sometimes you don’t notice that a clock has stopped for a few days.
Passant Ali
Passant Ali 11 uur geleden
Adimnos 11 uur geleden
Shaun Burridge
Shaun Burridge 11 uur geleden
23:52 min mark..........2 me the voice sounds like it says WANT
Paula P
Paula P 11 uur geleden
Shane.. did.. did u see a ghost in the beginning?
Joaquin Suba
Joaquin Suba 11 uur geleden
erika johnson
erika johnson 11 uur geleden
Period ryan letting his hair grow out and i like it
LeenYWF94 11 uur geleden
Well calling it a "white form" is not helping his case 😂
Sophia Shin
Sophia Shin 11 uur geleden
I appreciate a good squirt
Natalie Dang
Natalie Dang 11 uur geleden
i thought that the squirt soda was gross (the name is so unfortunate) but then i tried it and its become one of my favorites, alongside rootbeer lol.
atlanticbboy 11 uur geleden
I can save you 30 minutes and 55 seconds. They didn’t find it. You’re welcome.