Rᴇᴇsᴇ ᴄᴇʀᴠᴀɴᴛᴇs
Rᴇᴇsᴇ ᴄᴇʀᴠᴀɴᴛᴇs Uur geleden
the 3 dislikes are taylors exes because their jelous of joe for his amazing talent 😀
Colin Sydney
Colin Sydney Uur geleden
Yes this is fiction. And reality could be worse...
Al G
Al G Uur geleden
Alfonso is a POS. He spoke ill of Janet in an interview years ago. He didn't care that she was discarded when she had a baby and was not treated properly. Her career was ruined. She had a valid point. Get it straight people.
Kenzie Larsen
Kenzie Larsen Uur geleden
These people are PATHETIC!
Camilla Marie Saliendra
Camilla Marie Saliendra Uur geleden
I'm just sooo happy for her and Joe😭❤
Alex Wright
Alex Wright Uur geleden
Fake damn news
mary stoker
mary stoker Uur geleden
how tf is yummy nominated for a grammy
Tiffany Williamson
Tiffany Williamson Uur geleden
I love the show so much and so inspiring and so lovely basically this is saying so much about shawn mendes life growning up and i can tell by the show that some was awsome and some was rough but it was special to him and his parents and his lovely girlfriend and this a movie i watch over and over again also it is so special to see shawn doing what he love he is pursuing his dream and being there for his loveones at the sometime so lovely hope countinue pursuing your dreams love shamila💗
Ricco Rich
Ricco Rich Uur geleden
Pop isnt a distinct Genre, it's a transcending Genre, .....
Olivia Devonshire
Olivia Devonshire Uur geleden
Jesus you guys really do bad television, who are these idiot presenters? It's so painful to watch and they talk so much shit!
Gwen C
Gwen C Uur geleden
*Police comes up* *Jenelle starts fake crying* Jenelle: “he went in front of me and and- he cut me off and I went into the grass” Flashback: *doesn’t touch grass* and hits his mail box 😯
Joshua Nolan
Joshua Nolan Uur geleden
Good lord just stupid speculation.
Ricco Rich
Ricco Rich Uur geleden
Sounds like the Grammys or bieber doesnt know what POPular music is?
Faith 84
Faith 84 Uur geleden
This movie should be great, can't wait to watch it. Eli will go far, keep God first.💙🙏🏽
Lil 14
Lil 14 Uur geleden
His third eye is open
Tristin Smith
Tristin Smith Uur geleden
They have a spin off of Addison Montgomery called Private Practice and it's really good.
Brigid Indigo
Brigid Indigo Uur geleden
I CANNOT Wait to here her sing love story again
Leviathan Henderson
Leviathan Henderson Uur geleden
So no one is gonna state the fact on how she pulled the gun and the yelled let me leave after she followed him home and proceeded to yell at the guy let me leave after she followed him and pulled the
Lone Tesar
Lone Tesar Uur geleden
Harry will never forgive you England. Vile, truly vile. I didn't think it was possible to hate the UK press more than I already did. 😡
beule23ify Uur geleden
God bless Eritrea. 🤩
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee Uur geleden
They both shoulda been under r&b and clashing for the grammy their albums were fire
mary stoker
mary stoker Uur geleden
folklore literally deserves to win everything.
Mira Al Shoum
Mira Al Shoum Uur geleden
😔 Hi & Oops! 😊 Smile 📷, no matter what Meghan. “I’m sorry.” “I’m so sorry for your loss.” “I’m sorry to hear the news.” “I’m thinking of you.” “I’m not sure what to say or do but I am here and I am so sorry.” “Please let me know if there’s anything you need.” “I’ve been thinking about you a lot-sending you my love.” “I’m here if you ever need to talk.” I Will Support You & I Will Stand By You. You're Not Alone. Contact Is Important. Whatever you are feeling, you deserve to have your feelings supported. In The Safety Of God ❤💪🤗😘
Alexis Bentley
Alexis Bentley Uur geleden
Amid Scabies is a clown with no dignity left LOL "expert" WOW really MM doesn't parallel Diana but Wallis Simpson 😂😂😂😂That scorpion woman butchered the crown
somaenaxxi min
somaenaxxi min Uur geleden
thank you for this interview!!
May Purple
May Purple Uur geleden
Grammy's ...I've stopped watching around 2008 I just watch the lives it's all crap
First Last
First Last Uur geleden
as a man I refuse to get vaccinated against the virus .My body my choice.
Claudia Jarvis
Claudia Jarvis Uur geleden
They mocked Diana, they are not believers in Christ Jesus, have no love, they judge and that is for Jesus to judge.
Van Tadeo
Van Tadeo Uur geleden
I find it funny that they think the basis of the vote for AOTY is the number of times someone has won it. The basis should be the artistic impact of the album only, hence, folklore should win the AOTY. It is the perfect pandemic album. It is not Taylor’s fault she won it twice in the past. And she will be the first woman to do it too. Adele will be the second in 2022 which is expected.
Kimberly Fleming
Kimberly Fleming Uur geleden
I love the way she didn't hold back! She made him own everything he did to her!
• cams •
• cams • Uur geleden
Wao, Joe is so talented. Exile and Betty are masterpieces.
Promise You
Promise You Uur geleden
I didn’t even notice Alfonso wasn’t there because I seen him on the picture
Fishing and Hockey Aquariums
Fishing and Hockey Aquariums Uur geleden
The irony of this whole thing Alex tribek died of cancer now
Susan Wilkinson
Susan Wilkinson Uur geleden
Ataahua! Jason Momoa.
Nephilim 1333
Nephilim 1333 2 uur geleden
she wants everyone to be an obedient government slave.. cuz you know..she's a product and a puppet. listen people, masks do not protect you and if you dont have symptoms you're NOT contagious. these are not opinions, they're facts.
Mondo Gonzalez
Mondo Gonzalez 2 uur geleden
Rip 😪
Carol Beaber
Carol Beaber 2 uur geleden
I have a question for you gentlemen reporting on this story. How was Harry allowed to stay with her in the hospital, since they were still on lockdown with Covid. Even heart surgery patients had to be in hospital alone? Or did California break the rules for the royal couple, but we commoners were not allowed the comfort of a family member being there as they took their dying breath?
RidingwithSam 2 uur geleden
Damn they insert BLM into a reality show haha
AllThingsBts_ ProudA.r.m.y
AllThingsBts_ ProudA.r.m.y 2 uur geleden
BTS was the best reaction . They are genuine, humble and so appreciative to be nominated which means a lot to them.
The Creator
The Creator 2 uur geleden
It's a he pretty shre
imonyiii 2
imonyiii 2 2 uur geleden
so sweet 💛
diane lazaro
diane lazaro 2 uur geleden
Jason momma you are a great actor and people person. I have watch aquaman about a hundred times god bless you and your family and be safe
Linda Grammer
Linda Grammer 2 uur geleden
Charles and Camilla are both horrible people. They deserve the low opinion of the people.
Inmyelement Blue
Inmyelement Blue 2 uur geleden
“They’re not real like people, they’re characters”?? Is she stupid? They are real life people.
carol King
carol King 2 uur geleden
I watched knowing it was fiction with some truth wound around in it. It somehow even knowing that left me feeling sad. Poor Charles had a rotten upbringing so perhaps he just didn’t know any better. He is a gentle soul very unlike the rest of his family. I always feel sad when I see true photos of the Queen when she got engaged. So happy and soft. Compare that to later.
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu 2 uur geleden
She is a strong woman. She will get through this.
Liota Rose
Liota Rose 2 uur geleden
This video better be worth it two 15 minute unskipable freaking ads
6ix6tar 2 uur geleden
He just added the race card
Zaynab Valieva
Zaynab Valieva 2 uur geleden
omg love story was my fave taylor swift song pre-folklore, and if she rerecords it!! EEEEEEE early birthday!
Patt SS
Patt SS 2 uur geleden
How much dramatized was this? Ooh, just look the documentary "Diana in her own words" and you'll see the things in 4th season was nearly exactly what Diana herself said in her own words one by one. Maybe reality is worst.
Miranda Jones
Miranda Jones 2 uur geleden
You people talking about “facts” as if you were there as a part of the family, backing up your arguments to hate Charles with her BBC interviews, are going to be the death of me. Repeat after me: We have his side and hers. And in every story you have those, and the truth. We will NEVER know what really happened, so learn to accept that you don’t know it all and that no amount of (fictionalized) historical shows, documentaries and interviews will get us close to the absolute truth. Just enjoy them as entertainment and to “inform” yourself but knowing that there’s way more to the story than what we’re told. Personally, I don’t hate Charles and Camilla nor do I love them, and on the other hand, I don’t hate Diana but I have my reservations and opinions about her and I don’t think she was this poor flawless angelic victim she’s portrayed to be everywhere in the bloody media. Why? Objectivity. I am aware of the fact that I was not there to witness what happened and the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the extremes we’ve been talked about. Shit happened and they’re all humans who had an input on it.
Benina 2 uur geleden
Her brother wasn’t there when she was alive and needed him....shut up.
Luisa Ruiz
Luisa Ruiz 2 uur geleden
we already knew, it was no surprise. but im happy he wrote with tay those 2 songs💕
Laura S
Laura S 2 uur geleden
Why can't people just accept the apology? Yeah, she joked a bit. She's a comedienne. That's what they do. Has anyone not heard of the terms forgive and forget? This is such tiny, itty, bitty potatoes compared to everything else going on in the world. If the workplace had been so toxic all these years, they all should have worked elsewhere instead of complaining about it years later. What bosses aren't difficult to deal with at times? Doesn't mean we'd complain about it years later on social media. There were probably countless times when she was awesome to her staff. But of course no one will hear about that.
Danette Cowan
Danette Cowan 2 uur geleden
We loved aunt Viv! Sad that miscommunication, misconception, lack of communication, led to her leaving. So many of us missed her on there. ❤❤❤❤❤
ᴀʀᴀᴛᴇᴋɪ 2 uur geleden
The thumbnail is sending me
Gil Tk
Gil Tk 2 uur geleden
This show has lost its way. It’s no longer has any class nor talent. Women trying to dance around like over weight cats in heat. Everyone is try so hard trying to make some kind of statement and are just lost souls. Some one in the mini crowd would scream at her top of her lungs was very weak and disgusting. I ready don’t care if ever this want a be show ever comes on again. JayLo that was one of the poorest show you have done.
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez 2 uur geleden
She looks so beautiful
Plaingirl 2 uur geleden
Seriously! "The boys"! They are grown men! This is not the first movie or series depicting the Royal Family.
Tom James
Tom James 2 uur geleden
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Tem Thatsakunphanit
Tem Thatsakunphanit 2 uur geleden
Damn!!!!! Swifties are good at this Taylor's Easter egg thingy and all the tea. And I love love it when Taylor confirms that we're right.
Bella Ferelli
Bella Ferelli 2 uur geleden
Nice try, Meghan, but no. Not buying it. She knows her image has taken a huge hit and that most people know what she is now. Even if she did really have a miscarriage...which is very possible...she’s announcing it now for a reason. She just wants pity and to make herself look better. Not having it. If she really did lose a baby, yes it’s terrible. But it doesn’t change the fact that I see her as a self-obsessed narcissistic social climber with a heart of iron and no soul. I always did. From the second I saw her. Snake.
Carol Buchanan
Carol Buchanan 2 uur geleden
There are others on Grey's that have signed on for 2 or 3 more years. So how could it be ending this season?
Rita Lashley
Rita Lashley 2 uur geleden
My hand slipped so will finish my comment. There is no comparison of what real grief and pain is. I also watched My daughter suffer two miscarriages at three months and you just have to keep her strong, comfort her and encourage her that she can try again. Yes she should realise that there is a lot more pain in this world than what she is feeling. Also why did she take so long to go public? I sympathize with her but she is going way overboard and especially knowing that the family she willingly married into do not handle personal things like how she did. She really has all of you fooled. The way she has handled this situation makes it more so that Meghan is an opportunist and will use anything to get fame and sympathy because of people turning against her. She brought that all upon herself with the way she played the racist card and the way she took Harry away from his close knit family.
rhon715 2 uur geleden
This guy , (male host on ET Canada) is such a gossipmonger. He needs to ger a real job. He makes it obvious he loves stirring the pot.
Jana Fonzo
Jana Fonzo 2 uur geleden
Charles is a coward!
Mizpah Matiaha
Mizpah Matiaha 2 uur geleden
Fucksakes leave them ALONE;;
Jana Fonzo
Jana Fonzo 2 uur geleden
Cabra safado este CHARLES
Hera bourn
Hera bourn 2 uur geleden
They are great artists but their behavior is cheap
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 2 uur geleden
Really non of her business how others feel. I lost respect for her. If it's anti gay, don't attend. Jeez.
PJ 2 uur geleden
There are so many kind comments on reference to their loss and thank you to the wonderful people who have FEELINGS and are saddened. At the same time some people are heartless and cold and believe me God sees all and I hope they never experience a loss of a child or anyone close to them. I had a miscarriage many years ago and it’s something that is with you for the rest of your life. So if you can take your hatred and put it away for just a little while and try to understand what they are going through.
Ann Azealia
Ann Azealia 2 uur geleden
If we want to make this right, go drive up views and revenue for people like Monique, Janet Huebert, Azealia Banks, and other dark skinned, misunderstood artists that weren't given a second chance like their white male, successful, artistically inclined counterparts.
elani 2 uur geleden
i love him but who’s that girl? 👀
nuno gomes
nuno gomes 2 uur geleden
Kevin 😂😂😂😂😂
Budgie McLeod
Budgie McLeod 2 uur geleden
Oh can tell that these quotes were written by an author, not by Meghan herself. Did she lose a baby or a fetus?
esedah 2 uur geleden
People so quick to jump to conclusions. Smh.
emily nalinnes
emily nalinnes 2 uur geleden
OMG yesss this makes me so happy
Kim S
Kim S 2 uur geleden
I'm disappointed with how the Royal Family responded to this by saying they won't comment on personal matters. A few years ago, Harry, William, and Kate sat together at a table and talked about how important it is to openly discuss mental health: Catherine, William + Harry | Heads Together | #oktosay But that's just talk for most royals, it seems. Harry and Meghan walk their talk. They are real. They are sharing their very human experiences openly and helping to remove the stigma of these types of issues as a result of that. Good for you Harry and Meghan! Keep doing what you're doing. Keep being you.
Andy Tan
Andy Tan 2 uur geleden
The biggest fraud in Grammy history : Cardi B winning the 2018 Grammy for the best rap album. In fact , Travis deserves that award better