Overboard1717 17 uur geleden
Definitely using this!
Kichi Reyes
Kichi Reyes 17 uur geleden
Fool me once, fool me TWICE
Khalis Syahril
Khalis Syahril 17 uur geleden
wow i really like this guy, this guy tells straight up truth, especially on sandra bullock characters
StubeMusicChannel 17 uur geleden
4:50 Do you feel pressure? Billie nah, but the looks of her face is sad, poor billie
Abigail Stewart
Abigail Stewart 17 uur geleden
Who’s here in November 25 2020?
pravin18in 17 uur geleden
I wonder how she even became an actress
hackedxx7 17 uur geleden
its been exactly 1year since last years interview 25 november
Annalisa Di Maria
Annalisa Di Maria 17 uur geleden
That was annoying
Jonny Boi
Jonny Boi 17 uur geleden
youtube recommend me this today 25.11.2020. It was uplouded exactly one year ago lol
Gilles Puttemans
Gilles Puttemans 17 uur geleden
Drop it already wtf
Bulls Eye
Bulls Eye 17 uur geleden
FOCK YOU!!! Regards~ Arthur Shelby
Unica Rosal
Unica Rosal 18 uur geleden
owmahghad it 11/25/20 right now who is ready for tomorrow?!
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 18 uur geleden
Don't tell the Soc Dems that Yang actually thinks Bernies plans are garbage. Because they are... SHHHHHH
panda 4lyfe
panda 4lyfe 18 uur geleden
What will happen if she never die?
Juiced Beetle Juice
Juiced Beetle Juice 18 uur geleden
Bear grylls in the zombie apocalypse: BAck AwAy
Emma Parkinson
Emma Parkinson 18 uur geleden
as an Australian you can see on his face how hard he it trying to not swear it's hilarious
Madison Rose
Madison Rose 18 uur geleden
no tommy calling dave davey just like james does awwwww
Call me Wasabi
Call me Wasabi 18 uur geleden
Why have I just learned about this interview
Nolan Harms
Nolan Harms 18 uur geleden
Monday everyone
Colorising 18 uur geleden
2:16 oh god 6 wives
Maryam Tarique
Maryam Tarique 18 uur geleden
she looks so much like Naomi Scott!
Shallelujah 18 uur geleden
I absolutely loved this!
PrettyBoi 18 uur geleden
I miss the other lie detector guy :(
c 18 uur geleden
I cant believe I watched this entire video without fast forwarding...
ohanthuanthanh nguyentuanthan
ohanthuanthanh nguyentuanthan 18 uur geleden
tebote adamlz cyberpunk jimsterling
Iris Never mind
Iris Never mind 18 uur geleden
Wholesome👏🏻 content👏🏻
Bella Asencio
Bella Asencio 18 uur geleden
John Lim
John Lim 18 uur geleden
If no one has approached Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro to do this, Vanity Fair should be shut down
Me You
Me You 18 uur geleden
I was like “finally, it’s here” only to realize it’s a second teaser. JUST PUT IT OUT ALREADY.
Sefer 19 uur geleden
Idol for fake depressed 14 year olds.
Bluedubstepwolf 19 uur geleden
Memento Mori
999 Mxrie
999 Mxrie 19 uur geleden
Kevin Inthavong
Kevin Inthavong 19 uur geleden
Him writing the piece for Lion King so "dad can show off" to his daughter is surprisingly the sweetest dad thing ever. Edit: Simba loses his dad, Hans loses his dad. Now we all understand why Mufasa's death scene was so profound and moving. The piece directly reflects Hans' pure emotions. Man, am I glad I clicked on the video.
Krischna Sierra
Krischna Sierra 19 uur geleden
He's Chilean and they didn't even give him a single Chilean slang. This pissed me off
Freeway Skechers
Freeway Skechers 19 uur geleden
2010s, got that skrillex cut fam
stephen 19 uur geleden
Wow, this guy isn't biased at all lol. It was disgusting how soft he went on Bill Clinton. Endless praise for democrats and only criticism for the republicans.
nbdy knws
nbdy knws 19 uur geleden
Ooo she's israeli
remy。 19 uur geleden
His accent in Black Panther was a shock honestly. It was really good I almost forgot what his actual voice sounded like 😹
Drew 19 uur geleden
the best one
Astuti Sinha
Astuti Sinha 19 uur geleden
Seeing her happy and grow as a person after fighting mental health problems gives me hope :)
Gwen Tan
Gwen Tan 19 uur geleden
0:48 whats up with the 'dutchess'
M_DVK 19 uur geleden
all spongebob says: "IM READY IM READY :D"
August Modiga
August Modiga 19 uur geleden
Her random "Thank you"'s are so funny
Tahmina Hossain Munni
Tahmina Hossain Munni 19 uur geleden
Aw..the baby is cute.😂😂😂lol..funny as well..
phannguyenthuan nguyenquangngan
phannguyenthuan nguyenquangngan 19 uur geleden
clarity heathens xxtenations
Archie McFire
Archie McFire 19 uur geleden
Haha I got a doritoes ad after he said she looks like a girl who likes eating doritoes
Harsh Vardhan Selot
Harsh Vardhan Selot 19 uur geleden
All agents alert...
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson 19 uur geleden
He seems to lean to the left. I was hoping he'd be a little more middle of the road.
Harsh Vardhan Selot
Harsh Vardhan Selot 19 uur geleden
Okay, so my team is ready....
MiGO TV 19 uur geleden
He became such a cocky prick after the fame. Total phoney. Really a shame.
Taya Dy
Taya Dy 19 uur geleden
5 days left, we can do it
Olivia O'Brien
Olivia O'Brien 19 uur geleden
ngl, I’m kind of disgusted how the money was donated to planned parenthood. I would never consider that a charity :/
Phil C
Phil C 19 uur geleden
She may even outlive Prince Charles!
hahn cornelia
hahn cornelia 19 uur geleden
13:00 “When you have 12 people who know what’s going on, there’s gonna be a snitch somewhere.” Wish someone would’ve told Jesus that 😭
William Afton
William Afton 19 uur geleden
Poruu 19 uur geleden
I smiled when she said: “This will never end, I'll do this sh*t till I'm 90”
Frãppüccinø gørl
Frãppüccinø gørl 19 uur geleden
DoSeNt SmeLL liKe CAcA tO mE sEnOr
Goodness Grace
Goodness Grace 19 uur geleden
You mean IF the queen dies
scooby dicky
scooby dicky 20 uur geleden
KaylaThePlug 20 uur geleden
she’s working through it all
KaylaThePlug 20 uur geleden
she’s so happy in this one 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Kiran Budakoti
Kiran Budakoti 20 uur geleden
She's very nice to animals 😌😌as well as she didn't shouted with fear even while touching them❤️
Simran Bhardwaj
Simran Bhardwaj 20 uur geleden
I am not really sure if I don't want this to happen after The Crown S04. Diana. 😭
Trisha Corcellis
Trisha Corcellis 20 uur geleden
why is there teaser #2 [email protected](#*@* AHAHHAAGAGHS
Prithinee Perera
Prithinee Perera 20 uur geleden
Ok I want see the man who's asking the questions
fozzibab 20 uur geleden
This *scratched* Dafoe's career. What about John Wick? Beyond Two Souls? Once Upon a Time in Mexico? Daybreakers? THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL? Hmph.
Aria Denisen
Aria Denisen 20 uur geleden
I love this so much! I'm one of those who got turned on to her on Hannah Montana and since i have listened to her music on and off a lot. I really enjoy her attitude and personality. glad to have her as in influence
Sidneys Gacha channel
Sidneys Gacha channel 20 uur geleden
If you don’t know he voices my dragon boy aka spyro
Junia J
Junia J 20 uur geleden
Tuque! Where is tuque?!
Lara Dleir
Lara Dleir 20 uur geleden
who else is soo excited for year 4?
Onyx Exists
Onyx Exists 20 uur geleden
I love Dolly...she is such an inspiration. I hope I can get into the eye of public music one I can credit her for her impact on me, my childhood, and my family!
Mollusk Enterprises
Mollusk Enterprises 20 uur geleden
Notice how there's trees in this movie. This is a reference to E.T, because that movie also had trees.
愛ruby 20 uur geleden
Jacob Meyer
Jacob Meyer 20 uur geleden
Why didnt they bring up any "his beard is weird" questions...
Liza Smith
Liza Smith 20 uur geleden
I cannot wait to watch this in 2031 lmao
Jones Family
Jones Family 20 uur geleden
I just watched 24 minutes of a man reviewing tattoos. And I could easily watch another three hours. He was great!
Lukrécia Macskássy
Lukrécia Macskássy 20 uur geleden
Attila the Hun was the best!!!!!
Sladjana Zecevic
Sladjana Zecevic 20 uur geleden
I be waiting tha whole day
Eric Watson
Eric Watson 20 uur geleden
asked this man if he was gonna drop a mixtape 😂
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 20 uur geleden
Hi guys made a stranger things discord server if anybody wants to join just looking to make friends