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Anno Nymouse
Anno Nymouse 11 uur geleden
4:35 War ja klar, dass man Bundeswehrsoldaten als Crash-Dummies nutzt :D
Sonali Thakker
Sonali Thakker 11 uur geleden
My mind is very lazy(drew always denies the work) so what to do
marc michels
marc michels 11 uur geleden
I’ll have to watch that again to die jest it. I knew why I didn’t go into the Sciences lol. Stafe Marc
President Skink
President Skink 11 uur geleden
That blow horn at around 18:53 startled me and the other 27 people in the restaurant...
AW34E5YSRH hfsghfghsh
AW34E5YSRH hfsghfghsh 11 uur geleden
Veritasium : VSauce is the imposter VSauce : or am i?
Areeb Arden.
Areeb Arden. 11 uur geleden
Andrea M.
Andrea M. 11 uur geleden
The guy and his tools falling of the roof must deal with air resistance, so the experiences are very different also on a self perception point of view, when compared to the ones felt by the guy in space.
Johnny Booi
Johnny Booi 11 uur geleden
Wait, this all applies when there's a walker, but what if theres an inertial observer, who's at free-fall (which is downwards gravity on earth because earth is accelerating; and not moving at all on a flat spacetime) being approached by a mass that can curve spacetime? Will another inertial observer see him moving towards the mass aka "gravity", or will he be stationary?
Johnny Booi
Johnny Booi 11 uur geleden
Or will the 2nd inertial observer observe that as the mass gets closer to the 1st observer, the spacetime around him will curve? But if he is not moving, the curved spacetime should still would not draw him closer right?
Bradley Crichton
Bradley Crichton 11 uur geleden
Amazing content. I'm studying my Masters in Astrophysics here in Australia and I have been watching your videos for what feels like a decade now. They amazed me then, and amaze me still. You still post some of the best videos around. Keep up the great work.
Johnny Booi
Johnny Booi 11 uur geleden
So walking straight in the curved spacetime actually means walking straight only in the eyes of the person walking, because they cannot see the plane of spacetime, but only the matter that conforms to the spacetime. Using the matter as the reference, your reference of a straight curvetime is actually curved. So the straight spacetime plane in a curved spacetime becomes curved. Definition of straight to a distant inertial observer however is the same as the actual straight spacetime as not affected by nearing masses. Thus based on the reference that gives accurate spacetime, the observer can tell that those walking 'straight' in their curvature are NOT walking straight, if the observer were to extend his own flat spacetime to the space of the walker?
Born lucky
Born lucky 11 uur geleden
How to slow aging 1. Eat less 2. Eat less protein 3. High interval exercises 4. Be uncomfortably cold 5. Be uncomfortably hot
Anarchy Anarchy
Anarchy Anarchy 11 uur geleden
Look at what crapitalism makes us do.
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk 11 uur geleden
Genghis Khan's descendant say " You've grown up well my boy since last saw you at the Museum! Don't Conquered the World >>> They Don't Last! It just Don't Worth It! It's far more satisfying to Rule & Governed one's Country Well , population are Safe , Healthy & Happy! Stay Safe & World Peace! " ... GK ♥️🍎🕯
Kush Kumar
Kush Kumar 11 uur geleden
Well, it was Newton himself. You're Welcome.
graham tudman
graham tudman 11 uur geleden
Vale Douglas Adams.
Wj11jam 11 uur geleden
The guy in the yellow shirt was brilliant. He was so curious and ready to learn.
Muhammad Ahsan
Muhammad Ahsan 11 uur geleden
This is something every aspiring youtuber should see. Well until NLposts changes its algorithm dramatically.
zbigniew dzwonkowski
zbigniew dzwonkowski 11 uur geleden
Both matter and antimatter have a mass and gravity and exist side by side... Universal Mind refreshes both with new energies in sinusoidal cycle : in positive part it refreshes our material world... in negative part it refreshes the antimatter world.... horizontal neutral line represents the astral-energy world... the Vedic AUM, the Creation Point means Absolute-Universal-Mind, A-U-M... the creator of intelligent energies which are able to organize themselves into Life... there is nothing religious about Universal Mind as never mentioned in Bible or Koran and there is no God in Absolute.... What for ?....
brayan escobar
brayan escobar 11 uur geleden
I had a been trying to be alive dreaming, It might not make sense to others but, I think that if you try really really hard, you could see if parallel worlds exist through your dreams!
Szabados Donát
Szabados Donát 11 uur geleden
I should be studying... I’m not bored at all. But still none of my choices appeal to me rn
Vrachos 11 uur geleden
So as I understand it, mass accelerates us in time. Bigger the mass, greater the gravity so time passes faster comparing to an observer in space.
Stanzi Dirkx
Stanzi Dirkx 11 uur geleden
That'a a great question
John Wick Gaming
John Wick Gaming 11 uur geleden
I want you to do the standard bank sheety analogy for curved space time in zero G. Please its a request. Like this so he can see it.
shanmukh srikar
shanmukh srikar 11 uur geleden
Many people after watching this video : Okay folks now welcome to my NLposts channel
thefran901 11 uur geleden
But then how do you explain the double slit experiment? Because in said experiment, the photon behaves like a wave and produces observable results as a wave. Such wave never collapses there, the whole wave exists on our single reality. Or is it a different type of wave from the wave function that collapses?
mrWho? 11 uur geleden
now, here's the next question: why objects with big mass "curves" the space??? ha? answer that!
Johnny Booi
Johnny Booi 11 uur geleden
Wait but how do you confirm that acceleration makes it radioactive and not the other way around?
Chrisbajs 11 uur geleden
I'm none the wiser after this shite.
meera begum
meera begum 11 uur geleden
Ur content is amazing..so why the hell . U r changing the thumbnail again n again just like the previous vdo...itz annoying plz stop...we appreciate ur efforts but not in this sense!
pj 11 uur geleden
I am so confused can someone explain to me that what i learnt in my school was false? gravity is not a force similar to magnetic force? if yes then why are we taught that?
Micky P
Micky P 11 uur geleden
There's a teacher out there who could explain the reality of this clearer. Who could call this gobbledegook bollocks? I have no clear notion of what the hell he's on about.
mrWho? 11 uur geleden
I disagree
Lui B
Lui B 11 uur geleden
Really great video. Super interesting! But when I saw Beetlejuice but spelled 'Betelgeuse' I lol'ed, if you don't know who the legendary beetlejuice is /watch?v=wrvNlz35Oak
Sibo (Nathan) Cui
Sibo (Nathan) Cui 12 uur geleden
So we should think of gravity more like the effect of mass on space time, rather than a force of attraction? got it
Immanuel Lasker
Immanuel Lasker 12 uur geleden
the stupidity and the cinism of the commanders in chief in the US is amazing
Bolin Volovan
Bolin Volovan 12 uur geleden
13 seconds, I clicked out.
ImBiBak 12 uur geleden
no one will ever find this comment.
Bolin Volovan
Bolin Volovan 12 uur geleden
Very good, I only object to simplifying the nucleotides as four letters, I see that many times. The graphics are awesome too.
ImBiBak 12 uur geleden
no one will ever find this comment.
kek 1tap
kek 1tap 12 uur geleden
8:52 wot dis called :o I want one lmao
Dingo Prod
Dingo Prod 12 uur geleden
Will have to watch it again coz i didnt get it :-/
EpicGameJunkies 12 uur geleden
Don Kremer
Don Kremer 12 uur geleden
Why would two people 1000km apart follow a geodesic and come closer? Wouldn't that only apply if they take the shortest path to the same destination? If they Both walk on a perfect straight line, they would end up at a different destination, right? Just thinking out loud here.
Funkar FunUnlimited!
Funkar FunUnlimited! 12 uur geleden
Only if EEG itself is not affected by changing magnetic field
Wessel Driessen
Wessel Driessen 12 uur geleden
Pff no need to wait for a complete eclipse at all, just do it at night, duhh
Kento10 12 uur geleden
One question is can we reset a cancer cell to be a normal cell once
waterflowzz 12 uur geleden
So everything is relative within a form of matter (for example air water space... etc) until you get to the very outer layer (the vacuum, the void, whatever you like to call it), it is only then you can search for the absolute truth.
FurryFace 12 uur geleden
having wealth opens doors
Tree Tree
Tree Tree 12 uur geleden
I'm questiononng, is Derek purposely questoning people who are low in IQ? Because why does everyone not know the answer.
waterflowzz 12 uur geleden
So the guy that falls from the building is not actually falling, he’s just staying still in one spot and the ground is the one that accelerates and smashes into him.... well then i guess you can say he didn’t die by falling but he died by using the ground as a weapon.
Rodrigo Tudanca Fernández
Rodrigo Tudanca Fernández 12 uur geleden
Tree Tree
Tree Tree 12 uur geleden
Aleksander Muszyński
Aleksander Muszyński 12 uur geleden
FurryFace 12 uur geleden
i'm 62 so its not 1998 anymore ? , wow where does the time go ?
SimRacing Pleb
SimRacing Pleb 12 uur geleden
It will forever amaze me that NLposts's platform has spawned channels like Veritasium. Very thankful to have great informative content like this.
Dmitry Grekov
Dmitry Grekov 12 uur geleden
Does anybody know, what are those local vertex rules he's talking about?
Clear Air
Clear Air 12 uur geleden
Is this ASMR?
Riad Joujou
Riad Joujou 12 uur geleden
You are one of the best scientific youtubers
James Cranford
James Cranford 12 uur geleden
Now that’s a lot of balls
John Berry
John Berry 12 uur geleden
Dr. Mike-y, another "take away" from this video is that, on a _flat_ Mercator World Map, you _cannot correctly measure the actual distance between two_ *horizontally separated* _points by using a_ *straight ruler* . On a _flat_ Mercator World Map, the *shortest distance* between two *horizontally separated* points will likely follow a *very curved path* that resembles either a Sinusoid or a Hypocycloid.
Kento10 12 uur geleden
The answer is always yes, But the caveat is money and people who would sell this product would make it only available to the rich not because it is expensive to make but because of a monopoly since all medicine company can and will jack up the price
Kapilesh Simha
Kapilesh Simha 12 uur geleden
I personally hated wave theory a lot more than Ray optics when I was in high school. So, back then my physics teacher was teaching us this topic, while I dozed off to sleep. The funny thing is he showed us this video. By the time I heard this soundtrack at 0:00, I woke up suddenly and screamed Ohhh Veritasium... And all my classmates were like "What the heck is wrong with you?" But I really am grateful to him that I took Engineering and the teacher was like" I understand you, even I am his big fan".
cumberland Gapgap
cumberland Gapgap 12 uur geleden
1st/ The guy on the left, the one falling out of the window, appears to be falling with constant velocity, not constant acceleration. Galileo would not be impressed. OK. Time dependent velocity (acceleration ) would be difficult to represent in any realistic video, just as most people have a problem getting their heads around general relativity. 2nd/ Would it help to explain that 'space-time curvature' was a function of 'inertial mass'? 3rd/ Fascinating video - very well done.
fishIsnotfish fish
fishIsnotfish fish 12 uur geleden
No wonder why progress Is so slow, we are slightly above derp 🤔
fishIsnotfish fish
fishIsnotfish fish 12 uur geleden
Yep we are pretty good at fooling are self's too no wonder 🤦‍♂️
Liam Jeske
Liam Jeske 12 uur geleden
This video is exactly what I needed, thank you
justin Indian
justin Indian 12 uur geleden
What have we created? It was there in the ancient Indian texts, thousands of years old. A weapon so powerful that can literally torn the whole earth apart in a single blow.
DingDong MyOpinionIsWrong
DingDong MyOpinionIsWrong 12 uur geleden
1:15 Einstein Jr.
CC Jelley
CC Jelley 12 uur geleden
More realistic than NASA
Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson 12 uur geleden
Afraaz Hussain
Afraaz Hussain 12 uur geleden
Or is it?
Andrew Pate
Andrew Pate 12 uur geleden
At 6:27 there is a smiley face caused by the lensing....
ExplorALI 12 uur geleden
Veritasium, Physicsgirl, Minute Physics Made me Love In Physics 😍 Thank you Teachers(Edutubers) #physicsgirl #veritasium #minutephysics
Victor Molina
Victor Molina 12 uur geleden
When you feel stifled by four years of engineering 3:04
Raul the gam3R
Raul the gam3R 12 uur geleden
So In another dimension my crush said yes
Nothakaaka Blikethebzz
Nothakaaka Blikethebzz 12 uur geleden
Really? What intonation did u read this in?
justin Indian
justin Indian 12 uur geleden
That creepy undertone in the background really sets the mood though.