Making transparent wood
15 dagen geleden
Making superconductors
9 maanden geleden
Making glow toys from scratch
Making aerogel
Jaar geleden
Making uranium glass
Can you actually smell metal?
Making raspberry perfume
Mixing sodium with mercury
What is Fool's Gold?
2 jaar geleden
Developing my own photos
Craig Lumpy Lemke
Craig Lumpy Lemke 12 uur geleden
I'm going to make an aVeducated guess - The aluminum oxide grains grow slower, form smaller grains, in the oxygen deprived environment. So just like annular tree rings, smaller, more densely packed "things" (Al grains, tree cells), appear darker. There's less interstitial fluffy stuff.
Purath 12 uur geleden
Freddie Allen-Jones
Freddie Allen-Jones 12 uur geleden
So first i mixed water with salt... Then i mixed the concentrated dark matter and liquid black hole and mixed them until they became hotter that the actual sun
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson 13 uur geleden
the blue dots are atoms
Paul Rinaldi
Paul Rinaldi 13 uur geleden
10:25 that flask in 9 months:🤰
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt 13 uur geleden
This is exactly what I was looking for to watch tonight.
Cas 13 uur geleden
I’d love to see a video on cleaning up chemicals. I always wondered how my science teachers got rid of the leftovers. They just gave us a bucket to dump stuff into and they never told us how they’d deal with it.
Andrew Dobbs
Andrew Dobbs 13 uur geleden
i didn’t know strawberries had nut in them
jeno 13 uur geleden
My take on your particular tint in your gel comes from the dissolution of the teflon tape, which you can see on one opening of the chamber.
Jack Pryce
Jack Pryce 13 uur geleden
one day he'll snap and teach us how to make meth r something
gtauste 13 uur geleden
DIY Sabre Red.
François Dillinger
François Dillinger 13 uur geleden
Reminds me of my meth head days!
anthony wester
anthony wester 13 uur geleden
What does your father do that he has the light spectrum meter device?
Donnie V.
Donnie V. 13 uur geleden
I think we should stick to glass windshields.
Rio 13 uur geleden
0:43 Diamond is Unbreakable I'm so sorry...
Charles 13 uur geleden
wtf u from montreal like me lol
Laurel Ash
Laurel Ash 13 uur geleden
I love how the nasty chemical looks like something an evil mad scientist would have in their lab.
Alexander Charles
Alexander Charles 13 uur geleden
9:40 Your welcome 😂😂😂
TheJooomes 13 uur geleden
Next project: Make RedBull that doesn't rot your teeth.
Laurel Ash
Laurel Ash 13 uur geleden
Do Callery pear flowers produce these chemicals?
Theo Oleary
Theo Oleary 13 uur geleden
If the almond doesn’t have a scent what does almond milk smell like ,normal milk????
Luckie 13 uur geleden
Or just make regular redbull with no caffiene? Maybe extracting caffeine is a tad bit very hard.
Laurel Ash
Laurel Ash 13 uur geleden
The absolute madlad
Hailfire08 13 uur geleden
euh neuh
Bozocow 13 uur geleden
Me, an intellectual: now that its purple it taste like grape right
Brianna Owens
Brianna Owens 13 uur geleden
For a small suggestion about the yellowing, try adding a small amount of purple dye. It will counterbalance the yellow, and you might get a bit closer to a neutral color.
Woodshadow 13 uur geleden
I'm watching this but I'm not really sure why
Boothman 13 uur geleden
Alright liver, here we go.
your_local_goth_kid 13 uur geleden
lily kefaladelis
lily kefaladelis 13 uur geleden
make nerevarine next pls
DerpestCake 13 uur geleden
Crystal blue persuasion
I need Gemas
I need Gemas 13 uur geleden
21:52 NR, is a young male youtuber scientist Presenting to the emergency room ☝, uncontious. 😂😂
leo february
leo february 13 uur geleden
Can you please make THICC water
Rick James
Rick James 13 uur geleden
Mmmmmmm siphilis! Mabey it’s a good thing I can’t spell that, lol or maybe
Freddie Allen-Jones
Freddie Allen-Jones 13 uur geleden
I thought you just need ruby and gel sacks
Unexpected Gamer
Unexpected Gamer 13 uur geleden
8:50 he sees gold and copper melting I see mac and cheese 🤤
Dan S
Dan S 13 uur geleden
misleading description of resonance.
Madison Sheetz
Madison Sheetz 13 uur geleden
“It’s not a nuclear weapon, I’m fine” -NileDad 😂😂
Tony's World
Tony's World 13 uur geleden
I eat 3 bitter almonds every day
Konrad 13 uur geleden
So that's why people rushed to shops to buy all the toilet paper
RedguardSpy 13 uur geleden
My hair be like 😔
Revolut Stock Trading
Revolut Stock Trading 13 uur geleden
So, this is why you should never ever think to add margarine to your body! ? use Something your body can use, to something your body has no idea what is.. wonder how many millions of lives are lost a year because of margarine.
The Lotus Tree
The Lotus Tree 14 uur geleden
12:50, forbidden lemonade
handduggrave420 rdr2online
handduggrave420 rdr2online 14 uur geleden
The only part that's gross is the first part
Lily Griffin
Lily Griffin 14 uur geleden
You should donate one of those pictures to an art museum! They are so cool!
Cheez For TheWin
Cheez For TheWin 14 uur geleden
Moral: no more soda.
Gen DropShot
Gen DropShot 14 uur geleden
I’ve been watching so much Nile red “distilled water” no longer has a meaning
Артур Раевский
Артур Раевский 14 uur geleden
Now turn the iron to the gold, wizard xD
Daniel R
Daniel R 14 uur geleden
This is a bit like taking the vitamins and fibre out of broccoli so you can eat it without any benefits.
Locklear33 14 uur geleden
Please make a video on Chlorine Triflouride, its awesome….kind of
Hubert 14 uur geleden
This reaction looks like opening of the gate to hell.
Matthew Sanders
Matthew Sanders 14 uur geleden
*Wood* you say you had fun?
Hubert 14 uur geleden
so cool
Ricardo Bonelle
Ricardo Bonelle 14 uur geleden
Now people will be snorting anal lube.
Draven White
Draven White 14 uur geleden
the prohibition is over man you can just buy beer
Confidential 14 uur geleden
George floyd tried to use this to pay for banana
shinkotzu 14 uur geleden
Bitter almond are awfull alone but try to eat italian Amaretto.... we use bitter almond to cook very often and if you don't eat A BUNCH of those are quite innocuous
Jack Rodríguez
Jack Rodríguez 14 uur geleden
I did this for a school project once
Draven White
Draven White 14 uur geleden
Imma do this so I can drink insane amount of Red Bull and not get judged
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine 14 uur geleden
Spray the solution on with an airbrush instead of using a foam brush that's why you see the brush strokes and uneven saturation. Also keep the paper flat as it wants to curl up when wet causing the liquid to run towards the edges
Lombax8000 14 uur geleden
our teacher showed us a videotutorial about how to do it! xD
Nick M
Nick M 14 uur geleden
yo your comedy chops are proper.
RanDx 14 uur geleden
i want that.... *w e w d*
Thomas Burkhart
Thomas Burkhart 14 uur geleden
you should do a THC extraction next
•Lilly Bean•
•Lilly Bean• 14 uur geleden
Aii the Bobby Duke March goes well with the video lol
Cypher791 14 uur geleden
“And I was ready to make the Prussian Blue” ☝️😌.... oh yah... I forgot about that... I thought we were making a bomb.. 😂
Watashi Wa Jigabudesu
Watashi Wa Jigabudesu 14 uur geleden
bruh just get some grapes, squish them, and pour the juice into some seltzer. why you drinking plastic gloves, bleach, drain cleaner, and piss?
H. Jugg
H. Jugg 14 uur geleden
why am i watching something i dont even understand
Alfi Billigoat
Alfi Billigoat 14 uur geleden
Francis Geovanni
Francis Geovanni 14 uur geleden
Its ok to watch this video until 9:09
Kozmix 14 uur geleden
W4L _ Nightfall
W4L _ Nightfall 14 uur geleden
Americans building their houses be like:
Emma Evans
Emma Evans 14 uur geleden
So nitrogen tri-bromide? Nitrogen Triiodide was so fun and pranky all of the slap without any of the sonic boom guts turned into mush type seriousness. Also dyed a few faces purple/brown.
Космодесантник Кровавых Воронов
Космодесантник Кровавых Воронов 14 uur geleden
I don't understand most of the scientific stuff, but this so interesting!
Engjëll Bajrami
Engjëll Bajrami 14 uur geleden
Can you make hydrogen bomb
Laurel Ash
Laurel Ash 14 uur geleden
Minty is cold spicy.
Exa_N0ri 14 uur geleden
Would 91% isopropyl alcohol work?
Elite 15 uur geleden
Heat gun= OP Hairdryer
majkibor 15 uur geleden
9:05 the mini-nuke just exploded
joed596 15 uur geleden
Your channel is quite fascinating . . . great work 👍🇺🇸