13 dagen geleden
Regional Manager
Regional Manager 11 uur geleden
Regional Manager
Regional Manager 11 uur geleden
tennis is not complete without him tennis needs him
Regional Manager
Regional Manager 11 uur geleden
novak will shine again he is a master
Jakub Guzek
Jakub Guzek 11 uur geleden
taktycznie rozjebala
Safir Nizar
Safir Nizar 12 uur geleden
The background seems like a cemetery.. with dead clouds PS: not being rude, it feels like that. And sorry, if it hurts anyone.
siεrus 12 uur geleden
Agassi and Pierce : absolutely my favorites
Chrioni Hernandez
Chrioni Hernandez 12 uur geleden
Since 2005 only 4 men have been ranked 1 and 2 - Fed, Nadal, Djoker and Murray. That's 15 years of dominance and theyve basically wiped out 2 generations
Medmmccc Jekddkdmmx
Medmmccc Jekddkdmmx 12 uur geleden
Iya ya Allah
Meledlv Mxlxdlfkdc
Meledlv Mxlxdlfkdc 12 uur geleden
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this
preciousjey 12 uur geleden
Just wanted to see Halep play. Did not know she was a Finalish that year.
Mary Alexis
Mary Alexis 12 uur geleden
Hampoul lovely Raffa he is amaizing Working so hard and deserves everything he gets. I love the way he finish so happy whth a big smile and 20 Gram Slams good Luck . .
Ravikumar Padmanathan
Ravikumar Padmanathan 14 uur geleden
His records on clay surely unbeatable
Ravikumar Padmanathan
Ravikumar Padmanathan 14 uur geleden
So many told every year I can beat rafa in Paris every year rafael nadal only win winning 13 in 16 years by facing very tough opponents is chance less no one can not beat his record on clay
David Schick
David Schick 14 uur geleden
I just saw it AND A THE END WHEN JOHN GOT HIS TRAY Ivan almost throw up. John was lucky that Ivan had towel. CHECK IT, HE DRANK TOO MUCH AND HAD CRAMP IN HIS STOMACH. you can see it before he left the court he touched his painful stomach. IT WOULD BE FANTASTIC TO WIN AND EVEN TROW UP JOHN
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X 14 uur geleden
A la verga.
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X 14 uur geleden
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X 15 uur geleden
I love u girl
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X 15 uur geleden
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.
triodesrbetter 15 uur geleden
straight sets through the entire tournament. didn't lose one set.
Djalfksbabdks Bsandbakdh
Djalfksbabdks Bsandbakdh 17 uur geleden
Trevor Longley
Trevor Longley 18 uur geleden
Sinner played a really good match; served for the 1st set and was up a break in the second. Rafa rarely falls behind in any match at Roland Garros but Sinner was able to take leads in two sets, unfortunately for him, he wasn't playing a normal, ordinary player on clay.
elijah tolentino
elijah tolentino 19 uur geleden
Raffa is nearing to be the G.O.A.T. in Tennis world. keep winning idol of most Filipinos.
Tammy Dove
Tammy Dove 19 uur geleden
the best athlete ever born he has the fire power the intensity never die attitude ,humble and a good human being .. born to kill
DivineAtheistWannabe 19 uur geleden
I bet the frenchies are absolutely seething at the fact that these interviews are in english.
Mute Spider Returns
Mute Spider Returns 19 uur geleden
Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe 20 uur geleden
Damn tsitsipas nishikori and zverev and people say roland garros 2020 was a hard draw
Rocko Balboa
Rocko Balboa 20 uur geleden
He just can't stop winning it. He'll easy win 2 o 3 more!
Gonzalo Jorgensen
Gonzalo Jorgensen 21 uur geleden
I think that Djokovic Nadal of 2013 should be first on the list ... in the final of 2011 at no time did Federer come close to winning the match ... in the semifinal of 2013 they went to five sets, he was break up in the fifth and also was nothing to win ... Also missing is the match between Nadal and Isner in roland garros 2011 first round
Ces Yal
Ces Yal 22 uur geleden
Huge Rafa fan here. Honestly Djokovic looked weak. His footwork looked unbalanced and he did not look sharp. Rafa played excellent.
PR 23 uur geleden
Steffi teaches her humility, what a champion should be, stay calm and resist, and fight till the last point. Hingis was number one and she thought she was the best. But she forgot that she played against the goddess of tennis. Graf was and will always be the symbol of grace, elegance, class Court, S. Williams or Navratilova would never have. And Hingis's bad manners in this match is an example of stupidity to show to the next generation. Instead of being the einstein of tennis as used to say the media, she will be remembered as the worse mental in history.
Brian Mannion
Brian Mannion 23 uur geleden
5:05 - 5:18 "What the hell do I have to do?"
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Dag geleden
how many times have you won ROLAND GARROS Rafa : YES
Szczepan Kowalczyk
Szczepan Kowalczyk Dag geleden
Iga Swiatek is a very classy tennis player.She is very young but at the same time very mature.She represents offensive tennis and is going to dominate women,s tennis fot the next 10 years.She is fast,she is strong and very smart.Also very beautiful and all she need is a good ,American agent to help her get some trendy and classy sponsors.Next year she can easly win Australian OPen,then again French OPen,Wimbledon and finally gokd medal during Olympic Games in Japan.All the best to you,Iga.We all love you,we support you and we admire your guts,God bless this teenager,Iga.
LOVE X.X.X Dag geleden
baya yaba
baya yaba Dag geleden
The order was clearly set by a male Federer fan. Pearce by far number one. the next one between Fed and Agassi should be 6 and seven; calling them 2 is undermining her shot. That was simple awesome.
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave Dag geleden
Everytime i see looney when i watch rafas interview
Viltska Dag geleden
Carlos Moya is a gangster
João Vitor Barros
João Vitor Barros Dag geleden
she is so beautiful and cute!!
Satyam Raikar
Satyam Raikar Dag geleden
Only legend can create a legend...he was strict no doubt about that...that kind of discipline is required to be the greatest or to be called a king...we have one in India...we call him Sachin Tendulkar
JustinSLee Dag geleden
guys. he won another won. wow surprising haha.... congrats rafa
Satyam Raikar
Satyam Raikar Dag geleden
Woah...Rafa charcter reflects toni's essence so much. That puff...
Pat Cisz
Pat Cisz Dag geleden
I just watched this for the 5th time he absolutely slaughtered Novak here in the biggest match in history and the perfect revenge for AO 2019
gunnar jauch
gunnar jauch Dag geleden
2:46:40: After Lendl's excellent top spin lob that got him the 4th set two spectators light up a cigarette. Those were the days!
Chief Beef
Chief Beef Dag geleden
This was a THRILLER!!
Kalum Priya
Kalum Priya Dag geleden
Superb game
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise Dag geleden
Hate when they make excuses for Novak. Oh he was flat blah blah . RAFA, gave him an education
mosquito tigre
mosquito tigre Dag geleden
Luis V.
Luis V. Dag geleden
Who is Roland?
Valentin Effantin
Valentin Effantin Dag geleden
At 4:03:52 second let notice the wonderful "Vamos Novak" from a spectator said with a french accent. Just perfect...
Laios Dag geleden
Quel match !!! Un pur moment de bonheur ❤️
Nadal: you won a set !? let me teach you some lessons ! (1-6,1-6)
MSN Dag geleden
4 min highlights? For a 5hr+ match? Come on
pat comerford
pat comerford Dag geleden
Rafa's obedience in his relationship with his uncle is only possible because Rafa had total belief and trust in his uncle! Now I understand their unique relationship!
Uzbekistanbauer Dag geleden
What did the Umpire say in French at 7:40 before he said Nadal? Thanks my lovely friends
Can dora
Can dora Dag geleden
French Crowed is digusting
Fadzel Nor
Fadzel Nor Dag geleden
It makes my day every time Djokovic lost🤣
Francisco Villela
Francisco Villela Dag geleden
A partida final parecia final da copa do mundo! Estávamos na quadra com ele! Valeu Guga, nos deu muitas alegrias, coração de guerreiro!
Got Kowal
Got Kowal Dag geleden
Powered by pierogi.
Nine Fortyeight
Nine Fortyeight Dag geleden
Novak has such a beautiful outlook on life.
S.m Rehan
S.m Rehan Dag geleden
Novak is a cool player and a champion praising Rafael good of him any good sportsman will should praise his opponent well played Rafa
holdan_ Dag geleden
Why do i feel that Djokovic Murray is a more iconic rivalry than Nadal Djokovic?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Dag geleden
God bless Rafael...The Old Path..
SSL Dag geleden
my god !!!!!!!!!!! she is dressed up like my grand that age she should dress urban type distressed jeans. leather jkt cool snikers .......horrible dress..
Emilda Antido
Emilda Antido Dag geleden
I love Rafa Nadal how he played tennis his great you're the Legend you're my idol Vamos
AFTERGLOW Dag geleden
Iga Świątek being adorably awkward for 59 seconds straight
AFTERGLOW Dag geleden
Iga Świątek being adorably awkward for 59 seconds straight
Peter Peter
Peter Peter Dag geleden
He never wins the Antarctic Open but he play well
TipsyTones Dag geleden
interesting part 0:40
Zero Cool
Zero Cool Dag geleden
And who says you can't serve and volley on clay courts? 3:39 shows you can! Joker did it a few times. Bad year to Joker - US Open was kick out because he hit lines lady accidentally. Now he gets humiliated by King of Clay in straight sets. Joker is hitting as hard as he can but he was just outgunned by somebody who literally sleeps on clay. Congrats to Nadal!
long ngo
long ngo Dag geleden
In 2019 AO The Joker No1 defeated Rafa 3-0 .
David Mon
David Mon Dag geleden
Una máquina ...
Socrates Medrano
Socrates Medrano Dag geleden
Mary Pierce, NO. 1! It's one big shot everybody remembers about her. Take this to a vote and it will surely take the No. 1 spot! Count me in!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
shanto haque
shanto haque Dag geleden
gregorius maria Wibiksono
gregorius maria Wibiksono Dag geleden
Rafa the king of RG at summer and fall season that even harder than hard court of AO and USO
SoftNoize Dag geleden
As it turned out, this was the hardest match for Nadal at the RG2020
ראובן ויטנברג
ראובן ויטנברג Dag geleden
Purwanto Purwanto
Purwanto Purwanto Dag geleden
Memang rajanya tanah liat dia. Djokovic pun tak berkutik.
Lou Ong
Lou Ong Dag geleden
I have the feeling that next year aussie open and Wimbledon will be win by Federer and French open nadal, us open dominic thiem. Looking at Djokovic conditions I have the feeling he wont win anything next year. I have nothing against him , I am not saying my predictions are 100 percent right. It is just a prediction.
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice Dag geleden
depends on how Roger Federer recovers from knee surgery... next year might have a few new GS i'd say.
darin H
darin H Dag geleden
federer plays like a modern day male verison of steffi graf
darin H
darin H Dag geleden
roger kick serve on clay is monster....