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Destinee Chyld
Destinee Chyld 2 uur geleden
Thank you for speaking your truth
Chad Hardrod
Chad Hardrod 2 uur geleden
This song hits home to much 😭
ël·l čhãpœ west coast
ël·l čhãpœ west coast 2 uur geleden
Muslim people know !! But 😑
Ruby Tat
Ruby Tat 2 uur geleden
Your song has touched deep into my ❤ thank you
Randerson 2 uur geleden
my dad had cancer when he was 12. They didn't have a cure but he God helped heal him and the doctors were confused. The battle lasted 3 years but no he's 52 and plays soccer with his
rileygtalbot 2 uur geleden
Tom you always have some great stuff. But fuck man this one is deep and hitting me hard
Dakota Hart
Dakota Hart 2 uur geleden
The people who disliked this video are going to hell or hopefully somewhere colder. They are the most heartless buch of fucking cowards plain and simple. Love you Tom keep it real man! 💯🙌
Ryver Woodard
Ryver Woodard 2 uur geleden
i am a huge fan
Adam Ballinger
Adam Ballinger 2 uur geleden
All the stuff you did back then makes you the man you are today .Never forget where you came from, never change to fit a steriotype either!
Matthew Spragg
Matthew Spragg 2 uur geleden
I didnt think id really cry but the more i listened it made me think of my mom when she had cancer..
Electro koteł
Electro koteł 2 uur geleden
Kto od posta Political meme? Ogólnie nutka spoko
Amy Baker
Amy Baker 3 uur geleden
Goosebumps, cold chills... I'd watch it! But I've also known people to have actual encounters like this so, makes it a little more real for me!
Xxx xxx
Xxx xxx 3 uur geleden
Be safe bruh....💯💯💯💯
kreekybones 3 uur geleden
Bacteria can replicate itself and sustain its own life. Just a few tenants of the definition of “life”. Exactly what a fetus isn’t capable of
Ryley McClure
Ryley McClure 3 uur geleden
Waiting to see how Anthony Fantano can badly react to this🤔
Jared Bishop
Jared Bishop 3 uur geleden
I'll stand and bleed in my damn boots with you til the end brother. Tom's the G.O.A.T.!!!!
A DEMON 3 uur geleden
NLposts keeps deleting my comments cuz they're offensive f*** you NLposts overseers
twitchTHOT 3 uur geleden
This really hits different when you know people going through this
Rachel Kent
Rachel Kent 3 uur geleden
Man come on now I did like ya bro until this song that’s fckd up
A DEMON 3 uur geleden
No Corn Flakes only Cocoa Puffs
Low Quality Music
Low Quality Music 3 uur geleden
this was beautiful
Beckham Henderson
Beckham Henderson 3 uur geleden
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Yahweybinyahwey 3 uur geleden
Little do he know according to the true Hebrew testament white people have to pay for the iniquity of there forefathers according to the most high so no this corney ass rap song doesn't save u
Whitney Starnes
Whitney Starnes 3 uur geleden
RIP mamaw ❤💚💙💗
Matt c
Matt c 4 uur geleden
I appreciate that he annunciates and replaces fowl language with clever verbiage.