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Uzgun Domates
Uzgun Domates 20 uur geleden
Judges !! How come you would not turn to him in the first 30 seconds !
Hidde Kleen
Hidde Kleen 21 uur geleden
Welke aflevering?
Cleberson Viana
Cleberson Viana 21 uur geleden
Claire Joicey
Claire Joicey 22 uur geleden
This video has 52 million views. I am at least 45 million of those.
Barbatruc 22 uur geleden
Wow... I'm not sure even Ariana Grande would have delivered as amazignly as she did in a live performance. This isn't serious.
Dora Yvana
Dora Yvana 23 uur geleden
Waouhhh aujourd'hui elle est à the voice France et en final en plus bravooo du courage ma chérie
Martina O Doherty
Martina O Doherty 23 uur geleden
And also I can do that and I'm 11 My name is helena I'm using my mum's Account and I'm form Ireland : )
Martina O Doherty
Martina O Doherty 23 uur geleden
That's not how the song goes but I LOVE ITTTTT : )
Cecilie Elisabeth Tholander
Cecilie Elisabeth Tholander Dag geleden
Refael. Out of words :-) Greetings from Denmark!
X HUSSEİN X Dag geleden
This man wear sunglasses to avoid injuring the sun.
Knuffelige knapperd Roos
Knuffelige knapperd Roos Dag geleden
Maan kan echt facking mooi zingen veel beter dan ik kan ik je zegen.
spacecakiee Dag geleden
Ik ben ook van 🇦🇼
Waterless3039 Dag geleden
Yeah I’m gay now
Fransisco Sirait
Fransisco Sirait Dag geleden
His voice so clear like Clay Aiken American Idol
Fransisco Sirait
Fransisco Sirait Dag geleden
manusje van Alles
manusje van Alles 23 uur geleden
let your friends know
Fransisco Sirait
Fransisco Sirait Dag geleden
The Best Holland audition i ever heard 🥰
Jasna van Kersbergen
Jasna van Kersbergen Dag geleden
Dat is wel de vrouw van walow hoor doe niet zo gemeen
Fransisco Sirait
Fransisco Sirait Dag geleden
She lost the tempo
Rayner13 Mandi92
Rayner13 Mandi92 Dag geleden
Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! The only singer fastest audition ever
Adyka Rozaidy
Adyka Rozaidy Dag geleden
urnutsout Dag geleden
😭😭😭ㅅㅂ 고음으로 시작해 끝까지 대화하듯 부르내 💪💪💪
clariße L
clariße L Dag geleden
She is on the voice France now, the final, hope Mentissa will win
Win Mobile Legends
Win Mobile Legends Dag geleden
francesco scaduto
francesco scaduto Dag geleden
un fenomeno
Satvik Vaishnav
Satvik Vaishnav Dag geleden
❤️ maybe perfection is possible,this motivates me alot
Marie Alerte
Marie Alerte Dag geleden
BONJOUR merci bisous 😘😘👏👏🇲🇫
Ryan Meuleman
Ryan Meuleman Dag geleden
She didn't even win
هَـيـنِا .
هَـيـنِا . Dag geleden
Omg I loved this 🥺💕💘💖💗💓💞✨ ! .
nilda diaz
nilda diaz Dag geleden
La voz de un Ángel 💕💖
danny Mack86
danny Mack86 Dag geleden
I want whatever weed she has been smoking
Lord Haberdasher
Lord Haberdasher Dag geleden
The Dutch have some amazing singing voices.
Mymy_Myriam Mgomri
Mymy_Myriam Mgomri Dag geleden
I love him ♥️♥️🥰
Eni Tsakali
Eni Tsakali Dag geleden
Omg 💕💕👌😳
eva vdhurk
eva vdhurk Dag geleden
love nigel!
destiny freeman
destiny freeman Dag geleden
This is the type of song u could listen at when u are 3 years old and still fell nostalgic at the age if 3.
Burda Dots
Burda Dots Dag geleden
The BEST Bob Marley cover
Burda Dots
Burda Dots Dag geleden
One of the BEST
Berkah Setiadi
Berkah Setiadi Dag geleden
OMG😭 Indonesia 👍
hashim ahmed
hashim ahmed Dag geleden
better than the original song .his voice not from this world
manusje van Alles
manusje van Alles 23 uur geleden
share it with the world
Kaicy Dag geleden
Beautiful,the smile while singing is priceless❤
Ryk Dag geleden
Grande Carlos Sainz jr :v
Juan Cordova
Juan Cordova Dag geleden
Como no voltearon al instante si tiene una voooz impresionante
bejingmao Dag geleden
ok, this guy is good. wonder what he sounded like 50 years ago?
Lucie Dědková
Lucie Dědková Dag geleden
O'Raellya Tindal
O'Raellya Tindal Dag geleden
dit is mijn vader😝😁
iJake Jobs
iJake Jobs Dag geleden
1:21 eargasm, cause of the harmony
Chris Noziere
Chris Noziere Dag geleden
That man had a great tone what were judges thinking. I would've turned in like the middle of the song. They're so stupid!
maseurprofi28 2 dagen geleden
Amazing !!!
iJake Jobs
iJake Jobs 2 dagen geleden
1:25 wat een overgang van Nederlands naar Engels!!
Roel V
Roel V 2 dagen geleden
Blijft een prachtig nummer.
ULKUHAN 2 dagen geleden
The last person on this planet who should wear cornrows
me shycasc
me shycasc 2 dagen geleden
WHY DIDN'T THEY TURN ON THE LOW NOTES??? she did it with such base and control
Nix Da
Nix Da 2 dagen geleden
This man is one of the best singers of the world. As you can see, he tried to be a cool guy on the stage. After this perfomance, he went back to his bedroom and he cried the soul out of his body, yes literraly he cried like a little baby. Careful, this sentence is an attempt to learn english. Thanks for your participation.
Sean Michael
Sean Michael 2 dagen geleden
Damn Shaq lost a shit load of weight
ElZerkios 2 dagen geleden
Rhum Ain
Rhum Ain 2 dagen geleden
mais qu'elle surprise de voir ma Menti mon énorme coup de coeur de cette année qui se retrouve en finale vivement samedi!
Waterless3039 2 dagen geleden
This made me seriously question my orientation
Mmengual 23
Mmengual 23 2 dagen geleden
Me encantó !!😍😍
DutchJake 2 dagen geleden
Although that first line was great, the coach at 0:12 turned mainly for liking the song.
spade 2 dagen geleden
Song name in the end?
吳清員 2 dagen geleden
Een google gebruiker
Een google gebruiker 2 dagen geleden
Is dat niet die kerel die mij laatst Earpods heeft verkocht?
Sander vandenBerg
Sander vandenBerg 2 dagen geleden
someone in 2021?
Jazz Rottier
Jazz Rottier 2 dagen geleden
Ozan Sönmez
Ozan Sönmez 2 dagen geleden
what are they saying on 0:24 ?
123456 78
123456 78 2 dagen geleden
Marco wist wel waarom die drukte 🤣
vicky sharma
vicky sharma 2 dagen geleden
Any body knows the first song name?? Plz
Ansh Bhargava
Ansh Bhargava 2 dagen geleden
This is a man's world, this is a man's world But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl You see, man made the cars to take us over the road Man made the train to carry the heavy load Man made electric light to take us out of the dark Man made the boat for the water, like Noah made the ark This is a man's, man's, man's world But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl Man thinks about our little bitty baby girls and our baby boys Man made them happy, 'cause man made them toys And after man make everything,…
Esther Soufer
Esther Soufer 2 dagen geleden
Caraca, me arrepiei todinha
Sm Yo
Sm Yo 2 dagen geleden
still going back
anna katrina cabradilla
anna katrina cabradilla 2 dagen geleden
What a beautiful voice :'( Two thumbs up Sir Ruud Hermans....
TrekkerSpot 2 dagen geleden
Wat een slecht optreden dit ongelofelijk
Jesus Chacon
Jesus Chacon 2 dagen geleden
Does anyone knows if Kelly has Instagram or Facebook? I love this cover!
James Scali
James Scali 2 dagen geleden
WOW !!!!!! im Moving to Holland
Jackson Lebrão
Jackson Lebrão 2 dagen geleden
Louco demais...
Μοnstεr Ηαmstεr
Μοnstεr Ηαmstεr 2 dagen geleden
Why i feel this version is better than the original one
George E
George E 2 dagen geleden
ogbu Uchechukwu oji
ogbu Uchechukwu oji 2 dagen geleden
Watched more than 10x.. I hope NLposts doesn't block me, cause I'll watch it much more
Ritasmi 2 dagen geleden
Judges should have turned...dang she sang marvellous...😒😒 What happened to the judges man... seriously ?
eliane cavalcanti cavalcanti
eliane cavalcanti cavalcanti 2 dagen geleden
Zena Vans
Zena Vans 2 dagen geleden
wow that SUCKED. Why do us whites have to make everything so depressing?