¡イノMiku Editsゼノ!
¡イノMiku Editsゼノ! 5 minuten geleden
Ngl fivio ruined the song tf is " your shoes are beat up "
preston 12 minuten geleden
This fire 🔥🔥🔥
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh 16 minuten geleden
The mickey mouse remix is like 1,000,000 times better
MaskedWarrior644 22 minuten geleden
That z tho
Yoshi_1026 28 minuten geleden
Tjay and polo make songs hit polo got bars tjay spitting bars like danmmmmmm
moe money 247
moe money 247 31 minuut geleden
Hayden Torres
Hayden Torres 35 minuten geleden
Can’t believe that it’s been two months
Water Dog
Water Dog 53 minuten geleden
Harrison Oehler
Harrison Oehler 57 minuten geleden
Release this!
Claressa Meno
Claressa Meno Uur geleden
Cool cuz
yodahe paulos
yodahe paulos Uur geleden
on replay 1000 times its amazing
Austin Sullivan
Austin Sullivan Uur geleden
Too bad nobody noticed its the same beat as "nba youngboy How I Been" got to 2:35 on "How I been and you'll see!!!!! 👀
captain green
captain green Uur geleden
Play this song for my funeral after I died caused my ex will come to eat my food if you don’t play it at my funeral
Chase Duguay
Chase Duguay Uur geleden
Lowkey mumble rap
Prasan Subba
Prasan Subba Uur geleden
6lack snapped
hitstar5 Uur geleden
we need tjay x lyrical lemonade
Heath plays Mincraft
Heath plays Mincraft Uur geleden
How are there dislikes on this dude?..
derry gamer
derry gamer Uur geleden
How you gone forget me you was with me in thw dirt😓
Hen 559
Hen 559 Uur geleden
Who else here reads the lyrics that someone else post and listens to the song at the same time 🤟
derry gamer
derry gamer Uur geleden
Love does hurt tho💔
Tat Squad
Tat Squad Uur geleden
But the girl is like a no sorr it’s no hate I promise
Tat Squad
Tat Squad Uur geleden
It’s kind of too much audio
Annie Uur geleden
Man's comin to indiana bruh im so ready
dwby szn
dwby szn Uur geleden
Mans has like 8 lunges 😭
ALMIGHTY DRE Uur geleden
This shit decent it really was supposed to went up 📈📈😴
Brielle Dukes
Brielle Dukes 2 uur geleden
the videographer ateeee!
Cody Hamilton
Cody Hamilton 2 uur geleden
Imagined that polo g an lil Tjay actually went all out on song
Alex Guerena
Alex Guerena 2 uur geleden
The Friday reference is fire 💯💯
Aiden Henson
Aiden Henson 2 uur geleden
Yo you stole my beat I bought that beat and got my rights where my credit at
ammar 2 uur geleden
imagine fivio noyt saying ayy in a song
Sharmaarke Mahmoud
Sharmaarke Mahmoud 2 uur geleden
got no bad features crazy
Camila Morales
Camila Morales 2 uur geleden
It’s buss in 🙋‍♀️
Ezequiel Villegas
Ezequiel Villegas 2 uur geleden
What songs do you recommend of this type? ( Que canciones me recomiendan de este tipo)
eric eric
eric eric 2 uur geleden
This has the same intro as ynw melly
Kristan K
Kristan K 2 uur geleden
Those bubble guts 😋 bruh. The whole song is 🔥. People trying to count Tjay out smh 🤦. He is sick. Idgaf repping NY (my state. ❤) moneybag is doing so well too. Just a fucking banger.
Nkalipho Mthembu
Nkalipho Mthembu 2 uur geleden
black excellence at its FINEST
Serena Badhall
Serena Badhall 2 uur geleden
Yooooooo bad bro
SierraU83 2 uur geleden
listening to this song while thinking abt someone hits diff
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez 2 uur geleden
put king von on this...🥶
Aimee Headley
Aimee Headley 2 uur geleden
i love it
Dark skin comdey
Dark skin comdey 3 uur geleden
That drake lyric hit different
James Fodera
James Fodera 3 uur geleden
Tjays verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥
barbie boo
barbie boo 3 uur geleden
Me love him song bad
Michael Wasowicz
Michael Wasowicz 3 uur geleden
Only if pop smoke was still alive him on this would be sick
Charmina Gray
Charmina Gray 3 uur geleden
Chicago 🏙 x New York🗽 do it the best!
Sashana Alien
Sashana Alien 3 uur geleden
Offset got this song crazy👆🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ditroy R8 beats
Ditroy R8 beats 2 uur geleden u
Castro Soumwei
Castro Soumwei 3 uur geleden
Mickey Mouse: Hold my mousekatool
JH EDITS 3 uur geleden
Me to 0:18
Ditroy R8 beats
Ditroy R8 beats 2 uur geleden u
Serenity Oviedo
Serenity Oviedo 3 uur geleden
"You sum different from the rest"😓
Matt 3 uur geleden
Like this for good luck 😉
Simpchowder 999
Simpchowder 999 3 uur geleden
Like they say, SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST 😤😤😤
Matt 3 uur geleden
Cool song
Ditroy R8 beats
Ditroy R8 beats 2 uur geleden u
Mellifluous 3 uur geleden
Luv dat
Ditroy R8 beats
Ditroy R8 beats 2 uur geleden u
Nick the Stampede
Nick the Stampede 3 uur geleden
Ditroy R8 beats
Ditroy R8 beats 2 uur geleden u
jovany salgado
jovany salgado 4 uur geleden
Who whit me the the best part is Lil tjay
Does the beat remind anyone of pop smoke
NinjaDav 4 uur geleden
Dam lit this is 🌶
young 16 _
young 16 _ 4 uur geleden
Love hurts the most tbh 💔💔💯
Tyler Wulf
Tyler Wulf 4 uur geleden
Straight flames 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ed Kingstoner
Ed Kingstoner 4 uur geleden
Run it up run it up run it up run it up run it up run it up run it up! That’s it ! 2021 u know the vibes !
FUTURE TIME 4 uur geleden
This hit when u high ASF and u in yo feelings 😂
Roman Lopez
Roman Lopez 4 uur geleden
I love you Tjay🥰
Sindeo George
Sindeo George 4 uur geleden
Who hurted you bro :(
Demari Rodriguez
Demari Rodriguez 4 uur geleden
Still can’t believe this two months ago already hall of fame classic song
T-SHIRT COLLEGE 4 uur geleden
I’m as girl but hiiiiiiiiii 😘
kuye 5 uur geleden
sleeping on this
Xel Fn
Xel Fn Uur geleden
Dylan McCartney
Dylan McCartney 5 uur geleden
this song made me wanna throw my house outside my window
Nick the Stampede
Nick the Stampede 5 uur geleden
They wana fine us cuz they dont know How to meet us 🔥🔥🔥
Sa Vo
Sa Vo 5 uur geleden
DeadFamz 5 uur geleden
To the people watching this 25 years later this song was and always will be legendary.
KingKidCobra 5 uur geleden
mickey mouse
Heaven Crosby
Heaven Crosby 5 uur geleden
I was playing this song in the car of my phone and the radio station was playing it
ᄋᄋ 5 uur geleden
Insane 🔥🔥
Teresa Trillo
Teresa Trillo 5 uur geleden
Polo is better
TheLonelyGamer 5 uur geleden
This my shit all 2021
Jimmy Huy Lang
Jimmy Huy Lang 6 uur geleden
Nice song to remind me to always stay single.
sxrrt 6 uur geleden
this is trash now that ive heard the mickey version
Its_me_josh_p 6 uur geleden
i can't believe Justin would copy him
Gehenna Bxiebejd
Gehenna Bxiebejd 6 uur geleden
banger .
AYEE JAHH 6 uur geleden
Fivio part sucked polo g part was da best n lil tjay pulled da whole song together