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15 dagen geleden
Ahkaf khan
Ahkaf khan 8 uur geleden
Wtf are they doing lmao
Jon Cole
Jon Cole 8 uur geleden
So glad both Dixon’s are gone😂let’s get this episode over with
diya R
diya R 8 uur geleden
He's gone for a leaner look for Walker. He's bulked down a lot. Wishing him all the best. And if Walker is made available in India will definitely watch it. I'm really gonna miss the Winchester Boys
S10ent 8 uur geleden
And it flopped
Diana lisa
Diana lisa 8 uur geleden
He just said "hey 'll
kathia rosado
kathia rosado 8 uur geleden
People are so dumb seriously everyone knows moving in its a big step and a very important decision yes they used to live together as best friends and roommates not as a couple things are different now rules are different now its a big step big changes new boundaries and if they still haven't had that full learning of each other moving in together will bring consequences to their relationship especially when you're dating someone who you were friends and roommates with taking this slow and letting it run its course its the best thing for them now they need to learn more about their boundaries and need to be more honest with each other now that they're a couple and not just friends they don't have to be too nice and hold things back
elnaz d
elnaz d 8 uur geleden
I didn't even know Shaun was capable of wearing shorts, I'm so used to seeing him in formal clothes.
Force Of Will
Force Of Will 8 uur geleden
Nevermind being the best AHS intro, it's just a great piece of music on its own.
Jedidsha Hansen
Jedidsha Hansen 9 uur geleden
Can't wait see everybody to be honest Devon, Kit, Mina, AJ, Nic,Conrad, hell even Dr Dr Bell. He's getting on my good side
Geomancer09 9 uur geleden
WeN It FiTs A wAmAn
Jedidsha Hansen
Jedidsha Hansen 9 uur geleden
Finalyyyyyy Now let's gooo AJ and Mina..who's with me?!?! Aaahhh residents is everything man. Come through come through 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
the sparks
the sparks 9 uur geleden
Lea and Shaun 😍🥰
WorldByTheTale 9 uur geleden
I don't know if I can buy Jared as a tough guy without Jensen. Ackles menace always made Jared believable as a threat in Supernatural.
Lori Quibodeaux
Lori Quibodeaux 9 uur geleden
I love Jared's new look!
xmotive 9 uur geleden
ani is so annoyin like henny who even are u?
Thorer Bøen-Johnsen
Thorer Bøen-Johnsen 9 uur geleden
It has to be someone dead, like Lexi or George, or maybe even Ellis!??!
The Vman
The Vman 9 uur geleden
I will watch it, but for some reason I don't think it will last. I hope it does because Jared gave us Sam Winchester
Alondra Torres
Alondra Torres 9 uur geleden
I hope it’s lexiiii she was my fav, but I have a feeling that’s it’s gonna be her mother Ellis
androssteague 9 uur geleden
Things I need to see this season: Death of Mickey's dad Fiona cameo maybe even Jimmy Franks Death (after he does one heroic fatherly deed) Mickey and Ian adopt
Serenna Jodoin
Serenna Jodoin 9 uur geleden
It’s definitely Lexi
Steisy Escoto
Steisy Escoto 9 uur geleden
If it’s not Lexi, I don’t want anything!!
Dark Nexus
Dark Nexus 9 uur geleden
I get the feeling that there's something potentially troubling about Henry?! I think he wanted to hurt the mistress, but instead found the body and took the hammer as a memento.
assassin 9 uur geleden
Respect from Poland!
Suzie Langley
Suzie Langley 9 uur geleden
It’s the sun, it makes sense! He has the weapon hidden and he saw his dad a lot with Elena wow
Brie Garrett
Brie Garrett 9 uur geleden
Why has no one thought of Alex
Mal E. Ficent
Mal E. Ficent 9 uur geleden
Grace is going to do everything to protect Henry. Maybe even help frame Fernando
missyretana 9 uur geleden
It'll b Lexi telling her to fight this like only she can! I can't handle Mer dieing! And if they show Derek one more time I'm going to lose my shit!
Герман 10 uur geleden
Как я люблю этот сериал! И да, я врач!
Ray Mitchell
Ray Mitchell 10 uur geleden
It really sucks they cancelled it only after one season. I thought it was a good show
Dylan Rose
Dylan Rose 10 uur geleden
Bob Sandwich
Bob Sandwich 10 uur geleden
Ethlrida is annoying as shit she's the embodiment of r/iamverysmart
geoffrobinson 10 uur geleden
Sylvia, she had an affair with Jonathan.
sherry vereen
sherry vereen 10 uur geleden
Why did Grace friend walk in the courtroom late and signal to the other lawyer a head nod like she signal and she sat down next to Grace. Henry knew that the weapon was in there as well. So it’s definitely either the father or the friend is setting Grace up
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore 10 uur geleden
It’s Jonathan guys ... really isn’t that hard to see.
Nouf AZ
Nouf AZ 10 uur geleden
So, when is season 9 gonna be on Netflix?
Yoyopoopsg ROBLOX
Yoyopoopsg ROBLOX 10 uur geleden
If it ain’t 007 mark or Lexie (Or slexie) imma catch a bus ✨O’Malley style✨
Craig Meneses
Craig Meneses 10 uur geleden
Wait so when is season 8 coming?
Balli Singh
Balli Singh 10 uur geleden
Penny finally got her big break
Gabriel Talks
Gabriel Talks 10 uur geleden
Even if they change the name to Cw verse. It will be arrowverse in my heart forever
SylvarLorali 10 uur geleden
Poor thing.. he seems so hurt and unsure. I trust him, I'm sure that if Jared says that this is a good show, then I'll believe it and watch too.
Mason Stott
Mason Stott 10 uur geleden
Liz might be the stupidest character of all time
Rebecca No
Rebecca No 10 uur geleden
I want this to be a gallavich season and i’m not taking any criticism on that
Mary S
Mary S 11 uur geleden
Jared looks GREAT like that!
Emily French
Emily French 11 uur geleden
Ummm what about Paul and Ian from the vampire diaries
good ship misery
good ship misery 11 uur geleden
I think that if after this episoode, "een trol" the baddie
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 10 uur geleden
Who’s een trol
Anthony Slade
Anthony Slade 11 uur geleden
The way Gaetano died was unexpected af 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Beyond The Wall
Beyond The Wall 9 uur geleden
That's fargo style
Julian Roane
Julian Roane 11 uur geleden
that mother is ugly
Alexander Costa
Alexander Costa 11 uur geleden
At the end she said i hope it is she is scared and insecure.
Marsa Andari
Marsa Andari 11 uur geleden
my goodness just tell me the freakin bloody truth. cant wait for another week jeez henry has the hammer but I'm sure it was someone else who did it. either grace's dad or sylvia (grace's daughter). or maybe it really was henry, he killed her out of anger
Marsa Andari
Marsa Andari 10 uur geleden
@Jessica Moore LOL thanks for reminding! I meant grace's friend
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore 10 uur geleden
Grace doesn’t have a daughter
PSD-delikanlı patates
PSD-delikanlı patates 11 uur geleden
fialee8 CA
fialee8 CA 11 uur geleden
Red shot the wrong person. Other than being his actual daughter, or some weird blood oath, he should just get rid of Liz, and his life would be 10,000x easier. As for Liz blaming Red for everything wrong with her life (except that it's actually her own decision at every point), she must be a QAnon follower.
Sunny Bunny
Sunny Bunny 11 uur geleden
yeahh im not going to watch this without ruby rose being bat woman. sorry not sorry
Hildy orellana
Hildy orellana 11 uur geleden
Maybe it was the son or grace ‘ s friend! Or Grace herself! She is in the camera
NaturesRevenge 11 uur geleden
What's with all these dumb movie trailers when it comes to viruses. Holy shit he ran off with one child, literally just grab another one from the 123,000 orphans we got in America. Ain't like anybody would notice.
Abdullah Alshehri
Abdullah Alshehri 11 uur geleden
Penny...Penny...Penny What did you do ?
John Brown
John Brown 11 uur geleden
People remember when Lea misplaced the remote and Shaun got upset? Then Lea unleashed on him? Which caused him to tense up and that scared her? She has every right to take her time.
Jarrod Edson
Jarrod Edson 11 uur geleden
Oh God this show still going on?
Hannah Burke
Hannah Burke 11 uur geleden
Wow. They are so Bendy in Yoga. 🙃🙂🙃🙂
Smiley Moreno
Smiley Moreno 11 uur geleden
Im hoping its lexi or george or mark please one of them. Something tell me it not going to be them. And i dont want to get my hope up.
Krysa Blackburn
Krysa Blackburn 11 uur geleden
It's gonna be the baby she lost in season six just look at the way she's holding her stomach
sara tfkh
sara tfkh 12 uur geleden
They're gonna kill it I mean Jared is dope af and one of the best actors on the planet
Queen_Taylor Hunt
Queen_Taylor Hunt 12 uur geleden
Dom 12 uur geleden
I'm starting season 14. Ever since Tony left it feels not the same. Will see what happens between season 14-18
Becca A
Becca A 12 uur geleden
Y’all this trailer isn’t doing the season any justice, watch it it’s so good! 😭
NachoRacho 12 uur geleden
First 5 seasons - Gotham, next 5 series....Batman😬🦇
Amal Farah
Amal Farah 12 uur geleden
I know it
Komplex 12 uur geleden
Hmmm, gotta add in the white priviledge theme in order to get your woke points nowadays. Sad. Nothing says racism then telling a collective group of people that they are inheritably sinful for the color of the skin. I love wokeness.
Brandon Naatz
Brandon Naatz 12 uur geleden
It’s definitely gonna be Arizona’s leg!!!
John Rambo
John Rambo 12 uur geleden
No Agassi to be found
Alexis 12 uur geleden
I think after what we can see in this preview Satchel will kill his father in the final episode and become Mike Milligan as well. Or else it's Lemuel his eldest son who will kill him.
Paulo Felipe
Paulo Felipe 11 uur geleden
@A C Leon, Happy's cousin
A C 11 uur geleden
i think the guy holding the gun to loy is the one loy whipped, i forgot his name but the country gangsters cousin
DukeBigBelow 11 uur geleden
Definitely not Satchel... Heights don't match
Mason Rahal
Mason Rahal 12 uur geleden
Son covering up for Mom.
Blondesense 11 uur geleden
He could be covering up for either parent but my guess is Grace too. She has been shown to have memory problems and the flashes of the crime and possibly posing for the portrait would make sense if it was her, however it could be pure imagination since she saw Elena in the dress she died in earlier that evening. He may not know which parent he is covering for. Even the grandfather can’t be ruled out because he so dearly wants to protect his daughter and grandson and Henry has had access to his home too. Perhaps he was having his son in law followed after he borrowed the 500k. We still can’t rule out the husband if Henry followed his dad to Elena’s and came upon the scene.
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan 12 uur geleden
I can’t wait!!!
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan 12 uur geleden
I can’t wait!!!
h20luli 12 uur geleden
Anna Wrong
Anna Wrong 12 uur geleden
I think it is Grace's dad.
wesley alves
wesley alves 12 uur geleden
Jaylon M
Jaylon M 12 uur geleden
Javicia is gonna kill it. Ruby would be proud
TheCristian5443 12 uur geleden
I actually think she might die this season. Cause yea we will all be sad but just seeing that she’s joining all her friends makes her death alittle less sad
GetRektFN 12 uur geleden
To The Early Squad Reading This: Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe and healthy ✨ *My Dream is 58k! I am disabled and have covid, I wanna make my mom proud! Please help me*
Douglasqqq 8 uur geleden
What? Are you lost?
Victor Agnaldo
Victor Agnaldo 12 uur geleden
hahahahah this show is over omg