potato police
potato police 2 uur geleden
The cat must be scared from the noises
Kaiden Leung
Kaiden Leung 2 uur geleden
adama! love him
Awanda Rais Hakeem
Awanda Rais Hakeem 2 uur geleden
What a keeper
Cristiian Natanael
Cristiian Natanael 3 uur geleden
Çhjjjjkavzb bbndndjjzbs b
Footy Cam
Footy Cam 3 uur geleden
Some nice goals
Isaí Eugenio Espinoza H.
Isaí Eugenio Espinoza H. 4 uur geleden
Un grande Alexis Sánchez, no debió irse así 😓
Official 5 uur geleden
Ward-Prowse to Liverpool. Gigi Leaves and theres a space for a world class midfielder.
Alec Dukas
Alec Dukas 6 uur geleden
One on Harry score more for us
Kofiamoakosiaw Kasmow
Kofiamoakosiaw Kasmow 6 uur geleden
Didn’t realize Muntari played with Kanu at some point 🇬🇭 🇳🇬
moreblack 7 uur geleden
3:38 he loves what?
superhenryxlr 8 uur geleden
Chris Martin left Coldplay and now he's scoring for Bristol City #Respect
Daniel De almeida
Daniel De almeida 8 uur geleden
Found Wally 😂😂
Fullee Naresh Kumar
Fullee Naresh Kumar 9 uur geleden
Bernardo Silva best goal
SHAHID WILLIE 9 uur geleden
Mason mount
Aura Legend
Aura Legend 9 uur geleden
Goatdog 08
Goatdog 08 9 uur geleden
Is everyone gonna ignore 0:20 when it says Traoré scored against Huddersfield Town 😂
Joe Angotti
Joe Angotti 4 uur geleden
Yeah I was like “what?”
The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup 9 uur geleden
***Crystal Palace 🤦‍♂️
YouSureYouWannaFight 10 uur geleden
Watch ward prowse and bullard free kick masterclass very worth it for all ward prowse fans
Yohanes Chandra
Yohanes Chandra 10 uur geleden
Common city 💙💙💙
Luckyosprey3 The potatoe
Luckyosprey3 The potatoe 8 uur geleden
I'm not a city fan but I want city to win the leuge
Conner Baird
Conner Baird 10 uur geleden
5th pog city is the best
David lit
David lit 10 uur geleden
Steele should replace Martinez at Arsenal
Ben Low
Ben Low 10 uur geleden
And now Bradford might be getting Danny Rowe😂
Nathan Adeboye
Nathan Adeboye 10 uur geleden
Since everyone might be first, I am second.
hugo johansen 33
hugo johansen 33 10 uur geleden
Some People know
David Magambo
David Magambo 10 uur geleden
ItzDaniel 10 uur geleden
Logan W
Logan W 10 uur geleden
Brighton will get stomped the moment they get a half decent team in the draw.
Logan W
Logan W 11 uur geleden
The fact that this game went to penalties is a testamant to how shockingly bad Brighton are.
Luke Cann
Luke Cann 2 uur geleden
Clearly Leicester and Spurs are terrible then
GYM Klay
GYM Klay 11 uur geleden
Riyad Mahrez 💪😍🇩🇿 chwaker l'Afrique
Renato Schumliansky
Renato Schumliansky 11 uur geleden
only real ones know him from the Sunderland Netflix Series
충쎄잉 11 uur geleden
앵글 상태가 ㅠ
Matthew Mcveigh
Matthew Mcveigh 11 uur geleden
Brighton owe Steele massively they were shocking from the spot, poor from them
Legio XIII
Legio XIII 12 uur geleden
Rigoristi di merda!
Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez
Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez 12 uur geleden
Of course Southampton win🙄 Its ok tho because everytime we win the cup, we have to play the strongest teams in the league at one point👏🏽
Soyuz da Villan
Soyuz da Villan 12 uur geleden
Is it me or does the Derby keeper look like Ivar the Boneless from Vikings???
Alfredo Echeverria
Alfredo Echeverria 13 uur geleden
Archie Irvine
Archie Irvine 13 uur geleden
Who else here of the Newport goalkeeper scored from a goal kick
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell 13 uur geleden
Umer Ahmed
Umer Ahmed 13 uur geleden
Shrewsbury also played well
purepeeper naik
purepeeper naik 13 uur geleden
2:21 What a save!
Tim Hands
Tim Hands 13 uur geleden
Just think if Palace had won then old Whiskey nose would have been fired by United. Would have been no United dynasty for the following 20 years.
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT 13 uur geleden
Y is ipswitch in all of these
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 13 uur geleden
This should’ve been what the champions league and the Europa league have to use their youth team in the group stage if it was an easy group until they use their main team in the knockout stage
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 13 uur geleden
It’s just like what happened last time when Liverpool had to use their youth players against Aston villa in the league cup now it’s Aston Villa had to use their youth players against Liverpool in the fa cup at least the Liverpool players did not celebrate when scoring a goal unlike Ahmed El Mohammady
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie 13 uur geleden
Those freekicks 😱
DEWNX .20 14 uur geleden
Amazing goal 🔥🔥
Rinto Mahardhika
Rinto Mahardhika 14 uur geleden
Walker just doing walk, not run
msfg ini
msfg ini 15 uur geleden
I Support arsenal
Shuga Bookings
Shuga Bookings 11 uur geleden
@msfg ini me too
O. Bin Wheelie
O. Bin Wheelie 12 uur geleden
Jeff Barnes
Jeff Barnes 14 uur geleden
I’m sorry that you do😬
Haytham P
Haytham P 14 uur geleden
Capenovak 15 uur geleden
Just 2? Lol
Eman2dr1ppy 15 uur geleden
After Man Utd and Liverpool played. We turn our attentions to Chorley
lucas Chapman
lucas Chapman 15 uur geleden
No body cares about the FA cup anymore!
lucas Chapman
lucas Chapman 11 uur geleden
Everybody? Really? Don't think so .you just have to look at the declining attendance figures (pre covid of course) at Fa cup ties over the last 20 years.league placing is paramount in ever league.The fa cup is really an after thought for most managers and supporters. I think you are a bit deluded to be honest.
Shuga Bookings
Shuga Bookings 11 uur geleden
@lucas Chapman you don’t everybody else does
david tomlinson
david tomlinson 12 uur geleden
Leic do, we ve never won it , 4 finals ! Time we did 🤔, so i beg to differ
AAHD7 14 uur geleden
But you cared enough to comment bruh
ملك العشق
ملك العشق 15 uur geleden
AS 15 uur geleden
2:41 City have won the league cup 7 times, not 6
Javishan Jeyaseelan
Javishan Jeyaseelan 15 uur geleden
It wasn't the free kick that scared the keeper he just got scared that Ward-prowse took, but it was still a descent goal
Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana
Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana 15 uur geleden
The best FK takers in PL, JWP!!
Sathi Akther
Sathi Akther 5 uur geleden
In the universe
Ibra The Gamer
Ibra The Gamer 15 uur geleden
In the world
Ty 13
Ty 13 15 uur geleden
Ward prowse free kicks are just dirty 😂🤩
CWM 99
CWM 99 15 uur geleden
Ward prowse on set pieces is essentially a cheat code
sam Hayley
sam Hayley 15 uur geleden
Disappointed that we lost 😭
Eman2dr1ppy 15 uur geleden
True words have never been spoken
Eman2dr1ppy 15 uur geleden
@Raptorizus Its true
Raptorizus 15 uur geleden
@Eman2dr1ppy Mate sorry but Southampton are better than Arsenal this season.
Eman2dr1ppy 15 uur geleden
You'll get'm next time plus Southampton now have us Arsenal
Hazza Hero7
Hazza Hero7 15 uur geleden
Does ings have covid it's just that I have his headliner card on fifa 21 😂
Hazza Hero7
Hazza Hero7 13 uur geleden
@Ali Fadayee oh thx 👌👍
Ali Fadayee
Ali Fadayee 14 uur geleden
@Hazza Hero7 He’s most likely to return next week.
Hazza Hero7
Hazza Hero7 15 uur geleden
Ah thanks 👍 when will he next play do u think
Ty 13
Ty 13 15 uur geleden
Yea he does
Shane Collins
Shane Collins 15 uur geleden
The Realest
The Realest 15 uur geleden
First comment
Jack Olivant
Jack Olivant 9 uur geleden
@The Realest no one asked you to comment “first comment” but you still did it anyway.
The Realest
The Realest 9 uur geleden
@jackOlivant no one asked young boy
Jack Olivant
Jack Olivant 15 uur geleden
@Hazza Hero7 you’re third but that’s fine, at least you got a podium finish.
Brandon Forfar
Brandon Forfar 15 uur geleden
@Hazza Hero7 BTW you were 3rd. Go newest comments and go to the bottom. You were 3rd...
Hazza Hero7
Hazza Hero7 15 uur geleden
BTW I was first
Grunk 16 uur geleden
More titles than Tottenham
ولاء عبدالواحد
ولاء عبدالواحد 16 uur geleden
4rchxie 16 uur geleden
Alex West
Alex West 16 uur geleden
Fair play to southampton well played by the town
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher 17 uur geleden
Logan Ingram
Logan Ingram 17 uur geleden
Peno 17 uur geleden
I know one thing for sure...... You didn’t search for this!
Matt yeet
Matt yeet 2 uur geleden
I did i searched wigan vs man city fa cup
Michael Rushton
Michael Rushton 17 uur geleden
I still as a Wigan fan that Fabianski was off his line for most of the pens
Haris Prayogo
Haris Prayogo 18 uur geleden
Matthew Marr
Matthew Marr 18 uur geleden
Great to see the respect from both teams at the end to each other
Tyze T
Tyze T 18 uur geleden
It's nice to see how players from the same country hav a lil laugh about but takes everything serious
Ravi Desai
Ravi Desai 18 uur geleden
No words 🎶