Michel Crepin
Michel Crepin 8 uur geleden
I would add the fact that he's considering retirement.
TheRealF.B.I 8 uur geleden
That's haas to be fun
Tax4Teens 8 uur geleden
Respect to the mechanic to quickly reacted for Giovanazi's stop
jet lee russell
jet lee russell 8 uur geleden
Maximiliano Vergara
Maximiliano Vergara 8 uur geleden
what. a. race. verstappen and hamilton fighting for their lives at the end, epic battle
DT Major
DT Major 8 uur geleden
my man crashed on purpose just so he could have an excuse to get into that fancy yacht
Northmoto. 8 uur geleden
The precision is not human..
Anurag Das
Anurag Das 8 uur geleden
0:58 Can anyone explain the whole thing?
Danny Mason
Danny Mason 8 uur geleden
Be nice if they synced it up properly
Ryandyasta Adisatya
Ryandyasta Adisatya 8 uur geleden
3:28 cost eddie irvine the title
Iván Eduardo Rodríguez
Iván Eduardo Rodríguez 8 uur geleden
Mansell is the best😂😂😂
Ndi Ngere
Ndi Ngere 8 uur geleden
Max Verstappen: Why did you force me to give the place back? I prefer to cheat and cross the line first even if I lose ALL points later, than to come second like this. Very interesting. Someone needs to work on his EGO.
the Best
the Best 8 uur geleden
Why don't we see more of this?
Semih Teke
Semih Teke 8 uur geleden
Semih Teke
Semih Teke 8 uur geleden
siddharth Paiya
siddharth Paiya 8 uur geleden
This episode of Drive to survive should've been a banger! Outperforming a Mercdes Veteran in Valtteri Bottas in his first racee for Merceded.. first race! George Russel is just incredible talent. Definitely, head and shoulders above the rest
Kaká Silva
Kaká Silva 8 uur geleden
Hamilton não nd nessa época...tinha q fazer tudo na mara...hj dia muito fácil com várias opções q o carro tem...kkkkk
Caleb Campbell
Caleb Campbell 8 uur geleden
Lewis, Seb and Valtteri : sad no present noises
Harley Gsi
Harley Gsi 8 uur geleden
Hope number 1 records will be broken by kimi 😎
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 8 uur geleden
Too much aerodynamic grip nowadays, wish they'd simplify it and make the wake as tiny as possible so it's easier for cars behind.
Yoshi 1726
Yoshi 1726 8 uur geleden
And now, he's on pole for the GP Indy over in Indycar. To think he was here, a few months ago
Semih Teke
Semih Teke 8 uur geleden
Stefan Sekulic
Stefan Sekulic 8 uur geleden
The Super Aguri team fell asleep😅
Krishnan G M
Krishnan G M 8 uur geleden
Adds spice to race... Now a days pitstops are monotonous.... FIA can bring in rule that pit crew can be informed of pitstop only 1 lap before pitstop to spice up things and also what tyres to be used.... Might add more drama in some of boring races
Renato Re
Renato Re 8 uur geleden
Prefiro o Rubens Barrichello
Daryll Dela Rosa
Daryll Dela Rosa 9 uur geleden
The time when a Ferrari looked like it was on rails.
Gabriel Limeira Lima
Gabriel Limeira Lima 9 uur geleden
Formula 1 game choose a polite: Kimi choose AI difficulty: 20%
Garin Akbar
Garin Akbar 9 uur geleden
Who knows that with this changes some backmarkers could battle against the top teams...
Filipe Frullani alves dos santos
Filipe Frullani alves dos santos 9 uur geleden
Seung Yoon
Seung Yoon 9 uur geleden
As a kid....Doubting Lewis Hamilton becoming a world champion was biggest mistakes i ever make
Garin Akbar
Garin Akbar 9 uur geleden
If that new car have the classic screaming V10 or V12...boy oh boy it's a sight to be seen
Yaq 9 uur geleden
crazy but you see how over the time Experience and saftey , speed changed
Yaq 9 uur geleden
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 9 uur geleden
Glad to see Alphine up there
Nicolas Lorences
Nicolas Lorences 9 uur geleden
El puesto 3 es increíble.. se dieron cuenta cuando ya está parado
Isac Goncalves
Isac Goncalves 9 uur geleden
he was not rookie to benetton, please man
Justine Lising
Justine Lising 9 uur geleden
Truly a major mal mis organization problem there.
TheCanadianBubba 9 uur geleden
I remember watching this !
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 9 uur geleden
I saw it this video!
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 9 uur geleden
Cool 😎 🆒️
Marthinneill Apoi Michael
Marthinneill Apoi Michael 9 uur geleden
Everybody gangsta till germany 2019
Matías Reutemann
Matías Reutemann 9 uur geleden
Russell, ocon and Pérez crying, a rollercoaster of emotions
Alvaro Garavito
Alvaro Garavito 9 uur geleden
he does heat up his tires. he simply stares at them.
Valentin Farias
Valentin Farias 9 uur geleden
James Hunt just reincarnated in kimi raikkonen
Connor Thomas
Connor Thomas 9 uur geleden
The only time I've ever wanted Lewis' car to win was when George was driving it and they bottled it
Crowned1 9 uur geleden
POV: You're watching the average asseto corsa server
fNatyk 9 uur geleden
As an Aussie, watching Daniel Ricciardo's pitstop in Monaco still hurts.. Happy he got redemption, but that should've been a two time Monaco winner!
Juan Jose Fernandez
Juan Jose Fernandez 9 uur geleden
Mercedes didnt want Russel to win with Lewis car for obvious reasons. Several F1 pilots can win with that car
TooTallTang 9 uur geleden
One thing that Williams is great at.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 10 uur geleden
Mazepin is a throwback to old F1 when paid drivers would show up and be awful in a back marker car.
Emil Sabov
Emil Sabov 10 uur geleden
TEE 2X 10 uur geleden
Is 2:10 where senna crashed ?
Gage 10 uur geleden
mercedes: box micheal box micheal: okay. are you sure what ur doing 🙃 mercedes: STAY OUT STAY OUT micheal: too late😌 🤣🤣🤣 this is classic
Kip M
Kip M 10 uur geleden
Boring ... rename this 10 times that the teams forgot the tires.
Dede Aris
Dede Aris 10 uur geleden
Tank you my friend salut dengan semua pemain fine strong
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 10 uur geleden
My very first F1 race in person was the USGP where Hamilton won his 6 championship
_ENACRT_ 10 uur geleden
Straight: 👁️👄👁️ Turn left: 👁️👄✖️ Turn right: ✖️👄👁️ Eau Rouge: ✖️👄✖️
Ghost Warrior
Ghost Warrior 10 uur geleden
Well Singapore wasn't Verstappen's foult 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jonathan Navarro
Jonathan Navarro 10 uur geleden
BERFIKIR KRITIS 10 uur geleden
Great video
Pangeran Rio
Pangeran Rio 10 uur geleden
European GP 1999 flashback in No. 10
JJ4824 10 uur geleden
I think this is the ballsiest pole lap I've ever seen. Maybe Senna has a better one, but it's kinda hard to compare