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twenty one pilots - arizona
Toin Kroos
Toin Kroos Minuut geleden
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Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar 5 minuten geleden
Sab ganesh ji pe rahke hanste bolte the. Aur ab. Sab clear. Wahi se.
sab turn
sab turn 6 minuten geleden
Grazie per migliorare la mia vita
Vibeen K V Supertramp
Vibeen K V Supertramp 8 minuten geleden
Machane lyrics u the best now it's not 6 lines which was repeated ❤️ u
Bemal-Gaming -
Bemal-Gaming - 27 minuten geleden
Crap cover my opinion i love 21 pilots
Sailor sky
Sailor sky 31 minuut geleden
Somone commited suicide the news said they were listening to this while writing thier death journal This is soo sad im about to cry never.commit suicide your life can change bilieVe ♥💔♥ Beacuse i bilieve in you who ever you are i love you.
Lucky_Playz 32 minuten geleden
It still in my playlist
Arash Gamez
Arash Gamez 6 minuten geleden
25mins ago..coool
youtubekidsplaygenzi Uur geleden
" you dont need to run" *starts running*
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Uur geleden
DEMA mug
Виктория Ребенок
Виктория Ребенок Uur geleden
Спасбо вам ребята за, то что создаёте такую хорошую музыку.
Grumpy Noa
Grumpy Noa Uur geleden
Boznean Uur geleden
Imran Abdul Hadi
Imran Abdul Hadi Uur geleden
This song makes me feel nostalgic cant wait for the livestream 21st May
Sean Jenerette
Sean Jenerette Uur geleden
Esconis 2 uur geleden
This is probably my favourite song from them as well as Heavy Dirty Soul
Bims bray
Bims bray 2 uur geleden
sound like, tyler wnna play guitar
Psychix 2 uur geleden
Can i buy this little Tyler statue Mr. Josh?
Davis Pineda
Davis Pineda 2 uur geleden
20 years later if u watching this your a god gay person
BIakeywakey 2 uur geleden
We're Alright, We're Ok
karl laurence
karl laurence 2 uur geleden
Just keep on rockin cuz we're always w/ u
Le bosquet sacré
Le bosquet sacré 2 uur geleden
Si tu vois ca Julia, sache que je te kiffe --- 54
SCHUBEAT 3 uur geleden
Toin Kroos
Toin Kroos 3 uur geleden
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alvar 3 uur geleden
Enggener tf2 is a gonner
GogoPlays_ YT
GogoPlays_ YT 3 uur geleden
RetroWaves 3 uur geleden
This is so legendary
Jayson Gaoiran
Jayson Gaoiran 3 uur geleden
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Jayson Gaoiran
Jayson Gaoiran 3 uur geleden
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Богдана Геошева
Богдана Геошева 4 uur geleden
you all, this song is 6 years ago 😲😲
Fahi Ahmed Khan
Fahi Ahmed Khan 4 uur geleden
I came from tiktok
Alisa Danielle
Alisa Danielle 4 uur geleden
So.... I stopped & paused and zoomed in 500%... Does Tyler's shirt say "Tree Huggers Make Better Lovers"? Am I wrong?? lmao. yass! <3
Vincent Dasig
Vincent Dasig 4 uur geleden
Yo any in 2021?
Esther Mudarikwa
Esther Mudarikwa 4 uur geleden
Chorchero Vialobos
Chorchero Vialobos 4 uur geleden
Cool song but little bit more of metal vibe from somebody like leo moracchioli would be awesome. 👍👍
Naidelin Slol
Naidelin Slol 4 uur geleden
Adoro esta perra canción ♥️💖♥️♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖
the kid singer
the kid singer 4 uur geleden
6 year ago
Swaggy cris
Swaggy cris 4 uur geleden
till this day this is still fireeeeee
Pushkar 4 uur geleden
Josh has joined the chat..
Angline Gecko
Angline Gecko 4 uur geleden
wwhat is this song one direction comeback ?
Marco Rabe
Marco Rabe 4 uur geleden
Such a bop!!
Lamonder Green
Lamonder Green 4 uur geleden
I was born a choker nobody is coming for me..
TOXIC DEMON 5 uur geleden
Really loving it❤️
Aztkシ 5 uur geleden
The Next Song Will Be Saturday ; )
Joseph The Great
Joseph The Great 5 uur geleden
15 May 2021
Johnny Young
Johnny Young 5 uur geleden
Who’s here after watching him tape up that synth for the lyrics on the Control Panel for the Scaled and Icy Livestream Experience?
Luciano Secreto
Luciano Secreto 5 uur geleden
I don't remember this song
Tipi Kawaii
Tipi Kawaii 5 uur geleden
This song is the bestttttttttt!
ATAKE 6 uur geleden
Amazing music!!!!
Rinderurulade 6 uur geleden
1:13 I really hate it when you're asking the seller and instead of answering you they're just drumming
Pratibha Payghode
Pratibha Payghode 6 uur geleden
Ogggggggggg song
Anointed Kingdom Musicians
Anointed Kingdom Musicians 6 uur geleden
I checked the views 5 mins ago, it's gotten more the 4 thousand views since then....omg
Alan Facundo
Alan Facundo 6 uur geleden
podre superar a mi ex, pero jamas a esta cancion
Mr_Nikolayo 6 uur geleden
Tanto tiempo buscando la canción
EDWARD LESNER 6 uur geleden
this song would never be old!! this is daaaamnn true sent!!✪✪
*Siiri Sirviö*
*Siiri Sirviö* 6 uur geleden
I will never get enough of this song
Rudite Steinberga
Rudite Steinberga 6 uur geleden
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 6 uur geleden
They are free to all inmates Universal and on Mars
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 6 uur geleden
I sell them for a dollar
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 6 uur geleden
Pink and Adele talk about domestic violence they need to be in my magazine to my next Edition will be about y'all
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 6 uur geleden
Michael Jackson domestic violence Survivor Prince Bill Cosby domestic violence Survivor Princess Diana was assassinated Michael Jackson assassinated assassinating of a person character Michael Jackson Bill Cosby Rubin Hurricane Carter and myself period and other innocent people that need to be in my magazine you talk about domestic violence you need to be in my magazine tell me your story
Mauricio Aular
Mauricio Aular 6 uur geleden
This song deserves a remake that we don't have to F**KING MANHUNT FOR ONLINE TO DOWNLOAD DAMMIT
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 6 uur geleden
But I do need your permission don't I to use your image and talk about your video
Austin G.
Austin G. 6 uur geleden
Isn’t the line “taller bolder stronger” from an older song
María Rosales
María Rosales 6 uur geleden
Mitsaki Pitshiy
Mitsaki Pitshiy 7 uur geleden
María Rosales
María Rosales 6 uur geleden
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 7 uur geleden
May I talk about this song in reference to being in love with you is like sippin on straight chlorine. I need content for my new magazine 2nd edition which starts tomorrow. I am the esteemed minister of absolute reality 503-594-9823 Universal Life Church ordained minister since 1994. I am in Portland Oregon providing prison pen magazine people need legal aid innocent people cannot get a attorney Portland Oregon. So that's where domestic violence survivors men and women I cannot be the only hurricane Rubin Rubin mr. Rubin Hurricane Carter he did time for Crime he never committed triple murder 1972
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 7 uur geleden
Hello gentlemen may I use your image in my magazine about domestic violence survivors
juega con Valentina p o
juega con Valentina p o 7 uur geleden
tsv edg
tsv edg 7 uur geleden
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GABRIEL VV 7 uur geleden
O comentário português que vc tava procurando esta aqui🤝🏻🇧🇷
Molly The Puppy
Molly The Puppy 7 uur geleden
I bet this song is better than my Internet