Juventus forever
Juventus forever 5 uur geleden
Forza juve 🖤👏
Ibrahim Dlta
Ibrahim Dlta 5 uur geleden
اشتراك 🤲🙏
VEDAT ERTÜRK 5 uur geleden
Bu penaltı saçmalığı bitsin yaaa Nedir bu böyle bedava goller?...
Pedro Felipe Leles
Pedro Felipe Leles 5 uur geleden
Mirante > Pau Lopez
Azooz Al-Harbi
Azooz Al-Harbi 5 uur geleden
Szczęsny is beast 👏🏻 main reason for the 🎉win so underrated
Buyuk Iskender
Buyuk Iskender 5 uur geleden
There will not be a football player like ibra in 500 years
marcelo mozo
marcelo mozo 5 uur geleden
CRISTIANO RONALDO !!!! the best player !!!
rockzs74r 5 uur geleden
Roma make 6 substitution this time
DDisconnected 5 uur geleden
Small team mentality stuff from mancini and shocking play from pau lopez. These guys need to stay in a room alone with de Rossi.
justcallmeTeZ 5 uur geleden
Class from Saponara ⭐⭐⭐
Minas Solikhin
Minas Solikhin 5 uur geleden
Juve babak belur terpongkeng ...juve di cukur dipermak di kebiri inter😀😀😀
Wan Tobek
Wan Tobek 5 uur geleden
Whats happen to As roma🥱
Jkrass Galactico
Jkrass Galactico 5 uur geleden
Just roma doing roma surprises here🙄
Massimo Galletti
Massimo Galletti 5 uur geleden
Ma che schifo di sintesi...tutta pro Atalanta, ci mancava non mettessero nemmeno il gol di Pereyra; possibili rigori, gol annullati niente. A noi i rigori non li danno nemmeno in casa unica squadra del mondo ad essere penalizzata anche in casa !!
Omed Saed
Omed Saed 5 uur geleden
Hpku Hpkita
Hpku Hpkita 5 uur geleden
Biskuit Roma dari Mayoral
Ahsan Dipu
Ahsan Dipu 5 uur geleden
Oh no he didn’t 🤣🤣🤣 Feeling great cuz I am a Lazio fan and Roma is out of tournament 😂😂😂
โทษที เรื่องของกู
โทษที เรื่องของกู 5 uur geleden
😍😍Juventus&Cr7 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jas Karn
Jas Karn 5 uur geleden
robertorolfo 5 uur geleden
Even with a gifted, completely invented penalty, Riomma still lost. (And, BTW, Pellegrini should be fined and suspended from the national team for such a disgusting dive).
Ilir Tanku
Ilir Tanku 5 uur geleden
Spezia penalty was more dive
Yousef Bouchedouka
Yousef Bouchedouka 5 uur geleden
I ❤️❤️❤️Milan 🇦🇴🇦🇴
Leonardo Moreira
Leonardo Moreira 5 uur geleden
Wrong page mate. You are in the winning cups section 💀
Younes Mirkabdi
Younes Mirkabdi 5 uur geleden
english commentators a lot of them are too cold like this commentator ,, is that how you react about a goal like that one in that time come ooooon
Cristian García Nieto
Cristian García Nieto 5 uur geleden
Luis Muriel once again, in front of keeper, shot and inside.
Football Memes
Football Memes 5 uur geleden
Revenge. That's what took place today.
Dicky Mardian
Dicky Mardian 5 uur geleden
Bigg smile to juventus cr7🏺🏺🏺🏺
De gatt Karim
De gatt Karim 5 uur geleden
Mayoral man of the match 🙌🏼
PrimeTV 5 uur geleden
„mo je faccio er cucchiaio“ cit.
Alessandro Belloni
Alessandro Belloni 5 uur geleden
Intervista a Toni Cappellari, uno dei dirigenti più vincenti della pallacanestro italiana.
Ludvig Helt
Ludvig Helt 5 uur geleden
Dildar Alikhel
Dildar Alikhel 5 uur geleden
trash ac mian loser
gG Gg
gG Gg 5 uur geleden
Wow 1 mil views
Leonardo Moreira
Leonardo Moreira 5 uur geleden
Juventus is huge, bigger fan base than any Italian club. Nothing new.
Ludvig Helt
Ludvig Helt 5 uur geleden
Did not see that one coming
Victor Herrero
Victor Herrero 5 uur geleden
Roma worst game of the last 8-10 years...awful display. Mayoral missed two clear chances, the defense was lost, Pau has been as bad as Olsen a complete waste of money. Sad to see Roma lose to a third tier team.
Haroon Arshad
Haroon Arshad 6 uur geleden
Happy to finally get Juventus to play attacking football. Well done Arthur and Bentancur
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce 6 uur geleden
Forza juve
Borbow Ahmadey
Borbow Ahmadey 6 uur geleden
Halu 6 uur geleden
TikTod BGST 6 uur geleden
Mayoral mengsterlingkan diri 😂
Eduardo Grasso TV
Eduardo Grasso TV 6 uur geleden
Peccato non conta niente
Dev Clarke
Dev Clarke 6 uur geleden
One of my favorite players, been watching him from Hamburg day🔥.
kadrun munafik
kadrun munafik 6 uur geleden
Roma TAiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii😡😡😡😡😡
โทษที เรื่องของกู
โทษที เรื่องของกู 6 uur geleden
Aldi Alvaro Winata
Aldi Alvaro Winata 6 uur geleden
Wow spezia nice
Leonardo Moreira
Leonardo Moreira 6 uur geleden
Only ONE GOAT appears when it matters the most! Cmon Juventus! Congrats Morata 💥 Cry more napo and milishit
Alesandro Di Paolo
Alesandro Di Paolo 6 uur geleden
Muriel è veramente forte
19 98
19 98 6 uur geleden
AzzurriBlue 6 uur geleden
Saponara's second goal, impeccable. The keeper wasn't even that far off his line, that is someone who exuberates energy. Incredible.
NepLyrics 6 uur geleden
3:12:21 ronaldo does smile
arthur schopenauer
arthur schopenauer 6 uur geleden
Finiamola con questo tira e molla pele ronaldo chi ha segnato fi più di shiama josef bicam 805 goal in 500 partite in gare ufficiali, pelè 765 in 800 e più josef bicam ha segnato 1469 se si conta le gare amichevoli pele 1283 quindi basta con questo pelè che si vanta di essere il più grande bomber non lo è è josef bicam
Maple0992 6 uur geleden
Even Lampard and his 220million squad can get a cup, congrats to Pirlo for his debut season
SGHD 6 uur geleden
1:49 how did he miss that?
robertorolfo 5 uur geleden
Well, you would have missed it, so answer your own question.
Mr MAK 6 uur geleden
2:23:37 thanks me later..
Ladha Gour
Ladha Gour 6 uur geleden
Puskas goal award created today. Congratulations in advance saponara
Rob Kjellbe
Rob Kjellbe 6 uur geleden
Roma mistake Copa Italia for UFC and played the wrong game...
Kien Nguyen
Kien Nguyen 6 uur geleden
Việt Nam🇻🇳 ❤️❤️❤️ Juventus ❤️❤️❤️ Ronaldo
Ruaa AA
Ruaa AA 6 uur geleden
• Nothing new to the legend. • He turned the world upside down. • He broke all the numbers. • He is the best. Congratulations to my favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo.
Dima Z
Dima Z 6 uur geleden
Beautiful, thank you Seria A channel for Live Match
simone grosso
simone grosso 6 uur geleden
questa telecronaca è veramente elettrizzante
Estevão Marangoni Lopes
Estevão Marangoni Lopes 6 uur geleden
"estão afastando os romanos de Roma" Essa frase nunca fez tanto sentido! Verde se formou e estreiou na Roma, mas não trilhou seu caminho por lá. Romanista não é apenas o que nasce em Roma, e sim o que honra a camisa!
Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor 6 uur geleden
David Ezekiel Blessing
David Ezekiel Blessing 6 uur geleden
Commentator: Oh no he didn’t.... He did
Febri Andrea
Febri Andrea 6 uur geleden
DAK Farm
DAK Farm 6 uur geleden
Roma 😆
Alexey Khomik
Alexey Khomik 6 uur geleden
juve should have played with Inter like today. finally they started to use individual play of their players. heavy high pressing gave the result so wanted.
sadman 6 uur geleden
3:16 song ?
Steve00 6 uur geleden
NifeDavid Awosanmi
NifeDavid Awosanmi 6 uur geleden
Roma's defense won't keep a clean sheet against high school kids.
giuseppe Sostegno
giuseppe Sostegno 6 uur geleden
Petrol 6 uur geleden
A J 6 uur geleden
joke of a club
Franky Ma
Franky Ma 6 uur geleden
Roma made 6 substitutions. What a joke.. 😂