Do You Love Me?
24 dagen geleden
With you, Spot can
7 maanden geleden
More Parkour Atlas
Jaar geleden
Spot Launch
Jaar geleden
Mush, Spot, Mush!
Jaar geleden
UpTown Spot
2 jaar geleden
Parkour Atlas
2 jaar geleden
Getting some air, Atlas?
Spot Autonomous Navigation
Testing Robustness
2 jaar geleden
What's new, Atlas?
3 jaar geleden
The New Spot
3 jaar geleden
Introducing Handle
3 jaar geleden
Atlas, The Next Generation
5 jaar geleden
Introducing WildCat
7 jaar geleden
Atlas Update
7 jaar geleden
Petman Tests Camo
7 jaar geleden
Dynamic Robot Manipulation
Sand Flea Jumping Robot
RHex Rough-Terrain Robot
9 jaar geleden
AlphaDog Proto
9 jaar geleden
BigDog Evolution
9 jaar geleden
PETMAN Prototype
11 jaar geleden
BigDog Beach'n
11 jaar geleden
BigDog Olé
12 jaar geleden
12 jaar geleden
12 jaar geleden
12 jaar geleden
BigDog Reflexes
12 jaar geleden
TemmyWave 6 uur geleden
What did i just watched 😳
TinElbow 6 uur geleden
YES! All the those research billions been worth it! Good job guys, I love the dancing robots, please let them out of their cage some more so they can dance other cool dances!
Sacha Hayward
Sacha Hayward 6 uur geleden
Doesn't look dystopian does it. 🤔
edgar huerta
edgar huerta 6 uur geleden
Luego no se quejen
Stanky SixInch
Stanky SixInch 6 uur geleden
Annette Deane
Annette Deane 6 uur geleden
Yes. I sure do.
habill mahendran
habill mahendran 6 uur geleden
Well, if people thought 2020 was a bad year, prepare for skynet bitches.
Thellaphosa 6 uur geleden
I hope that they are having a good time!
Mateusz Saran
Mateusz Saran 6 uur geleden
They are robots, they can't see difference between dancing and killing people.
sam lapolla
sam lapolla 6 uur geleden
15$ an hour? Meet your replacements
Joseph F Portelli
Joseph F Portelli 6 uur geleden
Ahhh, some preemptive PR to soften the blow of their forthcoming military applications. Great technology though and some fantastic design. It's just a shame that their use will be determined by economics and not altruism.
Idiocracy LARPer
Idiocracy LARPer 6 uur geleden
Terminators got a Recreator Squad?
Vice Blitz
Vice Blitz 7 uur geleden
Hibah Price
Hibah Price 7 uur geleden
The yellow robot is so funny ..
Rally Boss
Rally Boss 6 uur geleden
Did you know that that yellow robot is named spot and that you can actually buy one
Armando Lopez
Armando Lopez 7 uur geleden
So what happens when they turn against us, and don’t say it won’t cause there’s always possibility it’s only a matter on time
stillrabit73 7 uur geleden
*robot dancing* Me: oh my god he's doing it *Second robot enters* Me: oh my god yes *Spot joins* Me: yaaasssss *Big wheelie boi rolls in* Me: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Carson G.
Carson G. 6 uur geleden
Lmao “wheelie boi”
Quick Tech Support
Quick Tech Support 7 uur geleden
why are these being built lol it's about to get real
VALÉRIO Matos 7 uur geleden
Machines are dancing better than me !!!
leonard danley
leonard danley 7 uur geleden
The only thing, and I say this with true empathy. The only thing these advance robots could be used for is military applications. They are Economically dead to the rest of society.
SiouxTube 6 uur geleden
@Darren H Absolutely. The fast food chains are putting money in developing worker bots they can mount on the ceilings in the cooking sections of their kitchens for burger flipping, frying, and food assembly. I've seen some of the prototypes in various articles and videos last year. Though, there's already floor based models that can do the same thing as well. Fast food workers don't have to worry...yet but, in the next five years? Probably.
Darren H
Darren H 6 uur geleden
@SkeletonLord yeah further limiting the already struggling work sector
SkeletonLord 7 uur geleden
That's honestly sad but true. Actually no, don't forget how useful these advanced machines could be used for other than military applications, you should think outside the box.
Ano Nony
Ano Nony 7 uur geleden
I can't convince my brain that this isn't CGI. The way they move is just so surreal, it looks like one of those AR renderings
Derkeethus the Argonian
Derkeethus the Argonian 5 uur geleden
I know right! Especially the dog one
Ravie3 6 uur geleden
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 7 uur geleden
i wonder if these robots will ever be used for anything or if this company will essentially become NASA 2.0 while they get endless funding and spend billions on doing nothing.
Spherz 7 uur geleden
Literally the RC Tank from GTA in real life minus the artillery
Reactions 7 uur geleden
Another weapon to surpass Metal Gear
Reactions 7 uur geleden
🤖: "Do you love me?🟢" ~ moment of silence ~ 🤖: "DO YOU LOVE ME?🔴"
Martin Shewfelt
Martin Shewfelt 7 uur geleden
I don't wanna see any more people kicking these skilled robots. Protect them at all costs
Elana Vital
Elana Vital 7 uur geleden
Is this CGI?
AndresV 7 uur geleden
TNT.TROLLER 7 uur geleden
These people spent there lives learning coding and robotics. And now the world has this.
Mole Man
Mole Man 7 uur geleden
But could they fool a web site by saying I am not a robot? Nuff said
Valentin Rosales
Valentin Rosales 7 uur geleden
Mole Man
Mole Man 7 uur geleden
billions of tax payers dollars at work. When is the broadway show?
Kiznish a
Kiznish a 6 uur geleden
@Ino Charitidi With massive funding from government contracts. That’s how they make the majority of their money. They aren’t selling these robots to us are they.
Ino Charitidi
Ino Charitidi 7 uur geleden
boston dynamics is a private company
Mushroom Hatters Adventers
Mushroom Hatters Adventers 7 uur geleden
it looks so fake that its real
Mushroom Hatters Adventers
Mushroom Hatters Adventers 7 uur geleden
@Alptug Erbay HD um thats what i said.. do you not under stand English
Alptug Erbay HD
Alptug Erbay HD 7 uur geleden
No its very real
Little Half and Half
Little Half and Half 8 uur geleden
Can’t wait for the military to weaponize them
Martin Shewfelt
Martin Shewfelt 7 uur geleden
That's what we need
Mushroom Hatters Adventers
Mushroom Hatters Adventers 7 uur geleden
thay all read did we just dont see it for next 5 to 10 years
dd dd
dd dd 8 uur geleden is proof that a robotic army will exist one day
J J 8 uur geleden
I saw the movie UPGRADE! we get there soon ,
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 8 uur geleden
Thank you Boston Dynamics 3 weeks later and this is still giving me a smile! Just would love to see a BTS, please.
Scout Gaming
Scout Gaming 7 uur geleden
Erno Malmikankare
Erno Malmikankare 8 uur geleden
Aaron Hahn
Aaron Hahn 8 uur geleden
Does the Military wish to weaponize them. You better believe it.
DanRegnaw 8 uur geleden
When they kill you, they will do the fortnite dance! Well, at least, they are now capable of doing it.
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 8 uur geleden
Watch the cameraman 0:53 It's real!
Ano Nony
Ano Nony 7 uur geleden
I know it's real but a cameraman being in the shot doesn't preclude it from being fake. These days you'd shoot something like this by actually filming the scene with real camera motion and then you'd insert the CGI using markers so it is always in the right position and orientation.
Р Р 8 uur geleden
Karim François
Karim François 8 uur geleden
The AIs in 15-20 years will see this as condescending
Karim François
Karim François 8 uur geleden
Just a warning
sLic_papa 8 uur geleden
Shut them down today.
Karim François
Karim François 8 uur geleden
That's literally the beginning of the end of natural/biological humanity. Like actually really
Dark Frank
Dark Frank 8 uur geleden
Goof super!!!!
1sMiku 8 uur geleden
Now do this with rap music and give em a glock. Good luck guys... You'll need it
Iwd 185
Iwd 185 8 uur geleden
It s a bug, not a dog
Richard Cowley
Richard Cowley 9 uur geleden
You lot at Boston Dynamics just need to bang heads together with THALES Group, RAYTHEON Technologies, MBDA and soon there will be a humanoid just like us
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 9 uur geleden
To those who think this is CGI, it's not. 100% real. Watch the cameraman in the glass 0:53. Also, just look at some of their older content to see the evolution of BD.
Metsapeura 9 uur geleden
прогресс пугает...
Black Bird
Black Bird 8 uur geleden
Точнее монтаж...
• Ģâêľ áŕćé the alpha 2021 •
• Ģâêľ áŕćé the alpha 2021 • 9 uur geleden
0:16 if 2020 ends
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 9 uur geleden
BD: Do you love me? Me: Hell yeah!
Huzaifa Savage
Huzaifa Savage 9 uur geleden
Guess who just found a new idea for their final year project
Huzaifa Savage
Huzaifa Savage 9 uur geleden
Of course its made by boston dynamics who else couldve made it
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 9 uur geleden
We need BTS please Boston Dynamics!
Lite 9 uur geleden
Take my money💰
Reno Raines the BH
Reno Raines the BH 9 uur geleden
I wana drop a meme, but I am actually impressed how they can stand on one leg, without it being at center of the body.
Nill Kigger
Nill Kigger 9 uur geleden
Holy shit that robot dog is terrifying
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 8 uur geleden
Its name is Spot.
Imagine 9 uur geleden
Boston shittY
Nick Matthews
Nick Matthews 9 uur geleden
I am not a robot. ;)
enes durmuş
enes durmuş 9 uur geleden
Tanweer Ahmad
Tanweer Ahmad 9 uur geleden
this is fucking scarry!
Shibansh Sahoo
Shibansh Sahoo 9 uur geleden
I smell corridor crew here!!
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 8 uur geleden
Nope. Watch cameraman in the glass 0:53
Edward Roh
Edward Roh 9 uur geleden
we can create advanced sophisticated AI but we can't afford universal healthcare and stimulus checks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Martin Shewfelt
Martin Shewfelt 7 uur geleden
It's not Boston Dynamics' responsibility to choose what Sleepy Joe wants to do. Stop politicizing these wonderful robots and enjoy their dance routine
Son of the south
Son of the south 8 uur geleden
they are funded by a Japanese company...
MasterGoblin 9 uur geleden
SkyNet look so cute nowadays
Eduardo Costa
Eduardo Costa 9 uur geleden
The dance ends with a malware system
x xznn_x
x xznn_x 9 uur geleden
The doy is really scary......I mean really!
Knives And Hammers
Knives And Hammers 9 uur geleden
But why though?!....
Jhony Barbosa
Jhony Barbosa 9 uur geleden
fico feliz de viver até agora pra testemunhar robos dançantes kkkk
Эзерген Пробуров
Эзерген Пробуров 9 uur geleden
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 8 uur geleden
You: Fake Boston Dynamics: Stop Trolling
Mr. Commenter
Mr. Commenter 9 uur geleden
Imagine a russian bot calling another robot fake
andere Baustelle
andere Baustelle 9 uur geleden
С чего ты взял что fake?
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 9 uur geleden
Hmm 9 uur geleden
Just what we need, robots that can twerk.
Josue Silva
Josue Silva 10 uur geleden
Imagine a robot out dancing you.
Murat Dede
Murat Dede 10 uur geleden
lord exohunter
lord exohunter 10 uur geleden
The robots when they finally take over.
Yağmur Zile
Yağmur Zile 10 uur geleden
Milen Stoychev
Milen Stoychev 10 uur geleden
They're so sweet ...
Evil_ Myers_Jr
Evil_ Myers_Jr 10 uur geleden
wow they shmoovin
Gotchaa Beech
Gotchaa Beech 10 uur geleden
This is so awesome
Milen Stoychev
Milen Stoychev 10 uur geleden
this is the best dance show i've seen !!!! so talanted :*:*:*:
Классный робот лутший :-) увидеть бы его в реальности :-)
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 10 uur geleden
Future police officers and police dogs and who knows whatever else.
Sourabh Agarwal
Sourabh Agarwal 10 uur geleden
the future looks scary and beautiful at the very same time. ;)
Mehmet Yusuf Bircan
Mehmet Yusuf Bircan 10 uur geleden
Humans: Do you love me? Robots: Yesn't
Yunus eren Alihanoğlu
Yunus eren Alihanoğlu 9 uur geleden
Aha Türk buldum sa
Voxpo Puli
Voxpo Puli 10 uur geleden
How do they actuate the limbs so freaking quick ? Pneumatics ?