Christian Shesler
Christian Shesler 5 uur geleden
Bro,that first example over stimulated my brain for a split second,and I can't decide whether it felt good or bad. Well I mean I keep doing it,but that's just too cool.
zakia ahmadi
zakia ahmadi 5 uur geleden
you forgot cortana
Atifa Batool
Atifa Batool 5 uur geleden
I'm re watching the part when the bat krate chop the wood plank
Shaw Arma
Shaw Arma 5 uur geleden
Pause the video then click on the blue number: 3:38. It looks like a diamond 💎
Corey Raiford
Corey Raiford 5 uur geleden
"I can't find the pouch" My wife didn't react as calmly as the kangaroo
BeFaithful00 5 uur geleden
You reading this know good and well you’re going to verify this if you haven’t already...
SommerwurstHD 5 uur geleden
The bit in the middle just doesn't bend fast enough to snap so the sides do
Din mammas Salad
Din mammas Salad 5 uur geleden
Wtf is a Prince ruperts drop
1RZITCH 5 uur geleden
Can anybody tell me why it's always Bob
redTV 5 uur geleden
If you stack all of the gloves together creating one super glove?
Joseph C.
Joseph C. 5 uur geleden
whats wrong with you?
Nathan Kehoe
Nathan Kehoe 5 uur geleden
would be interesting to see a refresh of this one today
Alan 5 uur geleden
Nicely done
Rosie Wyatt
Rosie Wyatt 5 uur geleden
13:54 is the coolest thing I have ever seen on NLposts.
just cause
just cause 5 uur geleden
13:29 opera music plays in the background...
Archie Deguerro
Archie Deguerro 5 uur geleden
Plot twist: the signed names in the tube are actually various victims that were "accidentally" launched in the past.
Lj Voth
Lj Voth 5 uur geleden
This is why I can sleep good at night, I know these guys are TCOB.
Pedro Ruiz
Pedro Ruiz 6 uur geleden
That was cool! Thank you
hoivan banla
hoivan banla 6 uur geleden
15:26 "Don't tell anybody" =4 Million views on it
particular shooter ita
particular shooter ita 6 uur geleden
Americans: snaps spaghetti Me, the bois and every italian: *visible frustation*
Grasshopper K
Grasshopper K 6 uur geleden
They need a hydroponics xD
ImadethisaccforFunkeirao 6 uur geleden
Wow ok I'm subscribing every time I watch your videos I actually do learn something
chicagocubs10601 6 uur geleden
How do people even know how to do this stuff? I feel so stupid listening to them talking
WGC 777
WGC 777 6 uur geleden
It bothers me how it doesn’t pick it up at the same rate across the load. Unevenly
chadwick boseman
chadwick boseman 6 uur geleden
chadwick boseman
chadwick boseman 6 uur geleden
4:20 so close
chadwick boseman
chadwick boseman 6 uur geleden
3:51 its the wind of the bullet that made it fly
Ur smile is diabetic
Ur smile is diabetic 6 uur geleden
enough... I want the second part of the video after this 😏😏😏😏
chadwick boseman
chadwick boseman 6 uur geleden
3:51 nope
chadwick boseman
chadwick boseman 6 uur geleden
3:51 I believe I can flyyyy
Dorothy Miles
Dorothy Miles 6 uur geleden
Real bruh moment was when he said, “ it’s painted from the perspective of a drone before there were drones.” You ever heard of a bird.
Ben Ballard
Ben Ballard 6 uur geleden
Now watch mike's muscles shatter my wrist
Blaaeeke 6 uur geleden
How beautiful, their accounts have 100k, 50k and 25k subs, perfect relations
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why im here from See through BRA to here.. god damit.
mike j
mike j 6 uur geleden
Really awesome video
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 6 uur geleden
That was awesome. I live near an air force base and have jets flying over head all the time. But I've never heard something like a rocket taking off. Incredible.
alex mach
alex mach 6 uur geleden
Would you be willing to go to the moon
Unknown Jones
Unknown Jones 6 uur geleden
A video about when nerds turn badass...much respect
John Underwood
John Underwood 6 uur geleden
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Nice one dude 🇬🇧✌️
Muffin Music
Muffin Music 6 uur geleden
*7 milion people*: Interesting
Waylon Bogart
Waylon Bogart 6 uur geleden
Brandon Herrera approves your high tech camera mount
Marcial DC
Marcial DC 6 uur geleden
a prediction of TIKTOK EFFECTS starts at 2:16. hahaha
Keremcan Canavar
Keremcan Canavar 6 uur geleden
Bro u opend my siri when u sad siri
DesertDwellers 6 uur geleden
5:54 I love how even on an advanced nuclear submarine they store stuff in crappy sterilite walmart bins
Alabastine 6 uur geleden
How do you get to be a marine without learning to swim?
Bishop Lek
Bishop Lek 6 uur geleden
i remeber seeing a news clip of steve dying, i didnt realize sting rays had such long barbs, just imagine how badass the maori were using the barbs of a stingray on theyre machetes and swords and clubs
Phoenix T'Kar
Phoenix T'Kar 6 uur geleden
11:30 - "If leather hits leather fast enough it creates fire." Hmmmmm, so if you have a piece of leather placed against a candle wick can you light a candle with a bullwhip by striking the piece of leather to produce your ignition spark/flame?
Олег Газин
Олег Газин 6 uur geleden
На 12 минуте русскую морду прям видно))))
Олег Тархун
Олег Тархун 6 uur geleden
It's useful to know simple things, thanks👍
Drino Zhao
Drino Zhao 6 uur geleden
The reason he tapped out is that he didn't wear the sunglasses.
SubHek 6 uur geleden
Daddy needs slave labor... yes kids i love you.
Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz 6 uur geleden
can i look at that map navy: nah fam blur that
DANIEL NORMAN 7 uur geleden
The problem boils down to this simple principle. Democrats have become Marxist, communist dictatorial shills. And no matter if you have things you agree on. If there end goal is to take your freedoms away from you them agreeing with them lead you down the path of tyranny. The Video is from 2017.. Today we have the fraudulent election and lockdowns by Democrat governors for what amounts to nothing much more than the flu. They have lots of cases but very few deaths comparatively speaking. And that's good to hear about that little Gates axiom. He wants depopulate the earth and now we know he has a plan.
chicagocubs10601 7 uur geleden
Imagine guys standing 200 yards away from each other firing these huge projectiles. The Civil War must have been insane
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Thanks tailor now I understand. subscribe to smarter every day 🙂👌🆒️
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Next video - Shoot it straight up in the air!!
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Imagine that thing hitting a person or a tree
easy game
easy game 7 uur geleden
Various 7 uur geleden
Your thumbnail.... the lady in the red dress.... she wants you!
Steph Jo ray
Steph Jo ray 7 uur geleden
Thank you , composure is key to master craft , reporter in progress delivery confirmation. This is a Buick. Brilliant work explained Blu.
Cebash 1
Cebash 1 7 uur geleden
Im getting a knew bike bc my old bike got stolen
Sequenced 7 uur geleden
I have a hypothesis for the fire that came from the contact of the ball, My thinking is with the supersonic forces being transferred to a small surface area that quickly made the stitching react violently to the friction between the affected leather and the static leather that was stitched. so when the ball hit the netting of the glove the increased friction on the stitches caused them to create enough heat energy to start deteriorating in a quick violent fashion. Compressed oxygen in the pocket of the glove could aid in this reaction from the mach cone.
Stefan Vogels
Stefan Vogels 7 uur geleden
so sick man, I wish I would be givin such a opportunity :D
Stephen Rose
Stephen Rose 7 uur geleden
Wilf Wheeler
Wilf Wheeler 7 uur geleden
If Borat could speak backwards would he sound American?
Cappermen v1
Cappermen v1 7 uur geleden
Gameing Termite
Gameing Termite 7 uur geleden
I've never been so happy to have a soft one.
Kikk oman
Kikk oman 7 uur geleden
Maybe get someone who has actually swung a bat before to do it?
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 7 uur geleden
filippolo7 7 uur geleden
stack all the gloves tightly together so that they are all touching one another. That'll do it
Hayden Rapp
Hayden Rapp 7 uur geleden
26:31 dust or bubble? Very interested in what that is flying by.
Leap of Faithhh
Leap of Faithhh 7 uur geleden
El Burrito
El Burrito 7 uur geleden
I think Farmers aren't just the backbone of America, they're probably the backbone of the world. I don't know anyone that could support themselves without farmers.
El Burrito
El Burrito 7 uur geleden
Just think about it, someone out there, somewhere in the world, is eating food that Destin was stepping on.
النسر الكاسر اليهري Eagle breaker Alahri-
النسر الكاسر اليهري Eagle breaker Alahri- 7 uur geleden
ممتاز جدا انت رئع يا صديقي❤❤❤🌹💐
Armando Flor
Armando Flor 7 uur geleden
Goku le gana
Walter La Ganga
Walter La Ganga 7 uur geleden
I want meatballs now
Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain 7 uur geleden
“For me, this is pretty decent contact” Hits the thinnest shot in history**
King OPtiCzZ
King OPtiCzZ 7 uur geleden
There's a GREAT Virtual Reality Game for those who have an Oculus Quest or Rift. and It's basically a free-movement world of the ISS. there are also some missions like using the CANADARM to dock a cargo ship, you can also spacewalk and everything. You can also hold the trigger anytime on any object or place or module that you want to know more about, and a video will pop out where it's an actual astronaut explaing it from the actual ISS. The GAME is called: "Mission : ISS".