Bebe Rexha & TXT Instagram Live
Grilling with Bebe Rexha 🥩
Who is Bebe Rexha?
5 jaar geleden
Altina Ina
Altina Ina 6 uur geleden
BEBE thank you for this wonderful song never disappoint
Kimdley Bradley
Kimdley Bradley 6 uur geleden
Is Charli meant to be Charli D'amelio or something? I am big brain.
Ευθυμια Γορανιτη
Ευθυμια Γορανιτη 6 uur geleden
Robert Orr
Robert Orr 6 uur geleden
very nice. One thing is of into something similar is a duet with you and Stevie Nick . Bring her popularity from the Europe popularity and into an smart bringing an extremely talented co partner to accentuate your worldwide success. If an as too,show me a less of an advantage
Pratap sahu
Pratap sahu 6 uur geleden
Where's Charlie man??
restifta 6 uur geleden
Freaky friday on another level
Muhibullah2 Muhibullah
Muhibullah2 Muhibullah 6 uur geleden
We girls are strong
Viktoriq Dimitrova
Viktoriq Dimitrova 6 uur geleden
0:01 🇧🇬
Pratap sahu
Pratap sahu 6 uur geleden
Wonderful ❤️
Simisha Thabah
Simisha Thabah 6 uur geleden
We love you bebe legend 😍😍
Saman Phuyal
Saman Phuyal 6 uur geleden
The dislikes are the people who love real music, not some sexualized crap.
Ashley Lim
Ashley Lim 6 uur geleden
It charil is theyy
aleksej blazevski
aleksej blazevski 6 uur geleden
I got an A+ in history from warching the music video
Pragyan jr 10
Pragyan jr 10 6 uur geleden
Bebe 💓💓💓
BEAST FF 6 uur geleden
Corona is a mess!!!
Larazie girl xox
Larazie girl xox 6 uur geleden
My to top favourite singers: Bebe Rexha and Doja cat
Adm Rzmy
Adm Rzmy 6 uur geleden
Finds the imposter 😏
Giyu Tomioka
Giyu Tomioka 6 uur geleden
Doja Cat almost naked
Larazie girl xox
Larazie girl xox 6 uur geleden
Omg I love Malelificent or how ever it's spelt lol I love this song btw it's so good!!
Pochi Maso
Pochi Maso 6 uur geleden
So... how would Soobin react?
how to make it
how to make it 6 uur geleden
Στην αρχή αυτο ειναι ελληνικό τραγούδι;
Kristupas Milenauskas
Kristupas Milenauskas 6 uur geleden
Ok i have a android and when bebe says the hey google my fucking google goes off I-
Joyce Ann Badilla Aboc
Joyce Ann Badilla Aboc 6 uur geleden
OMG Charlie de Amelio😳
Boujee Bean
Boujee Bean 6 uur geleden
Came from an ad check 👯‍♂️
PurpleFiber217 7 uur geleden
She has Amasing voice
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen 7 uur geleden
Beautiful background on the dawn of creation scene
Isaac Monge
Isaac Monge 7 uur geleden
Jade gacha09
Jade gacha09 7 uur geleden
good !
Brooke -
Brooke - 7 uur geleden
Ok love the video but the Chinese set up and with the waiter is just like lil dicky and his music video
Dhirendra218 7 uur geleden
when she say hey google my google turn on
dumbass 101
dumbass 101 7 uur geleden
Bebe in red is a move.
R F 7 uur geleden
Hot song tho 😍
R F 7 uur geleden
I’m not jealous, it’s a disease x
luvuseungmin 7 uur geleden
soobin is so cute IM GONNA DIE😭
Zhashi Zee
Zhashi Zee 7 uur geleden
When bebe said hey google. My google assistant went up :))))
kpoptea 7 uur geleden
they did avani so dirty I didn’t even know she was here
love ari
love ari 7 uur geleden
Oh God she is iconic
lunox lunox
lunox lunox 7 uur geleden
lunox lunox
lunox lunox 7 uur geleden
lunox lunox
lunox lunox 7 uur geleden
Muktadir Al Mahir
Muktadir Al Mahir 7 uur geleden
BEBE is smoking baby❤
Adavy Mootoovaloo
Adavy Mootoovaloo 7 uur geleden
Yo did I just saw NiKiTa😘😘😱and Charlie
Rei 7 uur geleden
Su Pr
Su Pr 7 uur geleden
hui hwa tan
hui hwa tan 7 uur geleden
i wanna know what soobin was thinking while watching this video
Pochi Maso
Pochi Maso 6 uur geleden
Cry Baby
Cry Baby 7 uur geleden
everyone looks stunning except nikkita🙄
Cry Baby
Cry Baby 7 uur geleden
sorry im not homophobic im just mad she blackfishted and i wont get over it🙄
Anushka Bhatt
Anushka Bhatt 8 uur geleden
I love this song
victor nmoye
victor nmoye 8 uur geleden
Why does this remind me so much of freaky Friday music video ?
Julia Sophie
Julia Sophie 8 uur geleden
Can we stop romantisizing jealousy and weak women?
N A T S U 8 uur geleden
3:10 ❤️
Random Dreamer
Random Dreamer 8 uur geleden
Doja's speech killed me 😂😂😂 (2:38-3:10) With all the reactions it was *golden*
Khumo Modise
Khumo Modise 8 uur geleden
👀Doja cat can never be not perfect in songs
Anamika Saiju
Anamika Saiju 8 uur geleden
Lube u💋💋
Anamika Saiju
Anamika Saiju 8 uur geleden
Your songs are famous... Every placess💋💋💋💋love you💋💋
Jungkook’s banana milk K
Jungkook’s banana milk K 8 uur geleden
oh ma gawd, charli and avani being in this is just amazing