Pearly Plays
Pearly Plays Minuut geleden
Raphaël V.
Raphaël V. 4 minuten geleden
She just aborted aliens
Nena Sproule
Nena Sproule 7 minuten geleden
When she said ‘Regular people ears’ I snorted
Vimeo Pictures
Vimeo Pictures 8 minuten geleden
If drama happens everywhere u go then probably u r the problem! Ed is always the problem. He has been accused by so many girls for harassment, vulgarity n molestation! Wat confidence level this douchebag has! If I had a face that ugly I would have killed myself immediately!
Hawks 8 minuten geleden
Anfisa is really violent Danielle is a lot better than her
Fabian Bird
Fabian Bird 10 minuten geleden
Keytube 101
Keytube 101 12 minuten geleden
The hunch back of Notredam
RouZe 13 minuten geleden
they actually seem like nice people, hope they’re doing alright
Petergriffin666 14 minuten geleden
Fuck youtube keeps deleting all my comments and they aren't even bad just not
Phantom Pinetree
Phantom Pinetree 14 minuten geleden
Brystol seems like such a sweet baby, I genuinely hope that the mom goes to jail for child abuse so that she can live in a good home and not have to “perform” like that anymore :(
Petergriffin666 15 minuten geleden
Dr.disrespect got banned for from twitch filming in a bathroom wow....
Talaivao Passi
Talaivao Passi 15 minuten geleden
You gave him hope doctor. Thank you.
Pedro Henrique Nunes França
Pedro Henrique Nunes França 17 minuten geleden
Parece que passaram o saco na cara dele
URVI CHAUHAN 17 minuten geleden
This is not how pregnancy is caught guys 🌝
Brii ii
Brii ii 18 minuten geleden
Okay but is no one notice that the teenager looks like Monalisa in the painting and it's just fit her name?
Petergriffin666 19 minuten geleden
Wow Amish parents suck
Vexy Star
Vexy Star 19 minuten geleden
Woww week after my surgery I ate only baby food and drink only water and milk and she is eating freaking burrito? How didn't she have pain or vomit afterwards??? 😱😱😱
Sadie Amiruddin
Sadie Amiruddin 19 minuten geleden
Very talented
Phantom Pinetree
Phantom Pinetree 20 minuten geleden
I genuinely got mad at the mom who said “she needed to go and take a nap” like it was the end of the world. She’s a BABY, babies need to nap ffs
Cancut sex Xxx
Cancut sex Xxx 20 minuten geleden
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Moonzzy 20 minuten geleden
I’m getting more concerned. I hope they’re ok.
Pat Gibbons
Pat Gibbons 20 minuten geleden
There are so many other 2ays to get attention I think you are foolish
Cece Aye
Cece Aye 21 minuut geleden
So much for the bible story "The Prodigal Son". It literally urges Christians to welcome the child home and never judge their journey.
Carmen Fraenkel
Carmen Fraenkel 22 minuten geleden
Petergriffin666 23 minuten geleden
Wemon aren't allowed to smoke.... wow
mark layton
mark layton 25 minuten geleden
his next stop should be a dentist - it looks like his front teeth are social distancing
master hooded gaming
master hooded gaming 25 minuten geleden
Too much drama
Tiffiny Bironas
Tiffiny Bironas 25 minuten geleden
The cautious copyright intriguinly drop because net superfamily wash under a abusive resolution. knowledgeable, plausible skiing
muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir
muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir 25 minuten geleden
You had alcohol all 9 months pregnant. How's the baby now?
T.Sander_ Zone
T.Sander_ Zone 27 minuten geleden
How come this was on my FYP after finishing my urology last semester? 😤🤣😂
Dilara atas
Dilara atas 27 minuten geleden
Who’s gonna tell her that her hair is uneven
Nichola Amber Jade
Nichola Amber Jade 28 minuten geleden
Step Mum needs to but out!! She would wind me up, so much! I would not cover up for her.
salama alghurair
salama alghurair 29 minuten geleden
11th coment
Oanh Mai-Yeoh
Oanh Mai-Yeoh 29 minuten geleden
Wait where did the bb come out from..
Tá grá Dé foirfe♡
Tá grá Dé foirfe♡ 30 minuten geleden
How is that even possible?
IMMORTAL KILLER 31 minuut geleden
who came here from the call me kevin video
Yun Leung
Yun Leung 33 minuten geleden
Aladin is based. He knows his boundaries and he's sticking with them.
Sharin lesner
Sharin lesner 34 minuten geleden
Michael Chan
Michael Chan 35 minuten geleden
5:40 my g her face isn’t covered up(the girl in the pool)
Justice Carter
Justice Carter 36 minuten geleden
I'd like to see more from this episode
Lee Empire
Lee Empire 38 minuten geleden
Plot Twist: the baby had big brain moments and has 3000 iq
Angelie Mae M. Agajan
Angelie Mae M. Agajan 38 minuten geleden
I’m not crying my eyes are just cosplaying as a waterfall
عبدالله العمري
عبدالله العمري 39 minuten geleden
Is Amish the Salafis of Christians
Numba1 Heathen
Numba1 Heathen 39 minuten geleden
🍕🍔🍟🍧🍟🍔🍕🍊 The "HIGH A.F. DRAMA" Slaton Sisters Saga Continues......
Jacinta Scerri
Jacinta Scerri 41 minuut geleden
IMBLESsed2018 43 minuten geleden
A yeast infection is the least of her worries!!!
Robbie Southall
Robbie Southall 44 minuten geleden
Like they say Chinese people are going to be be cheap
Justice Carter
Justice Carter 44 minuten geleden
Abdul Hamid
Abdul Hamid 44 minuten geleden
But they eat a lot
عبدالله العمري
عبدالله العمري 45 minuten geleden
3:56 handsome? really???
Tiki Warn
Tiki Warn 45 minuten geleden
I thought this was bear grylls eating a giant nutsack
Amanda Mcclintic
Amanda Mcclintic 46 minuten geleden
this mom should lose custody an the dad should just go on shes awlful going to do that to her daughter just so she can get back in her family and friends
A slice of brëd
A slice of brëd 46 minuten geleden
What's more embarrasing about this is that she admit herself that she is a cheapskate
Daral Lowson
Daral Lowson 47 minuten geleden
Lol I’m home alone for two hours....
Sindi Ghost
Sindi Ghost 47 minuten geleden
I am a abstract artist I totally understand Nails because I love nails to artwork and everything in the three-dimensional
nicandlucian 47 minuten geleden
Welcome explorer's to a brave and beautiful world, explore it to your hearts content, learn everything there is to know, but also remember its also a dangerous place, may the Gods be with both of you
mark causebrook
mark causebrook 48 minuten geleden
I hope she's ok
Mike Walker
Mike Walker 49 minuten geleden
Lmao why did they blurr
safoora khan
safoora khan 49 minuten geleden
Shout out please I’m first
mark causebrook
mark causebrook 47 minuten geleden
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 49 minuten geleden
Chelzy Ramirez
Chelzy Ramirez 49 minuten geleden
I hope they’re okay
Vicky Mbwali
Vicky Mbwali 50 minuten geleden
Amy and tammy need to do exercise alot and not eating junk food
Chloe Mollette
Chloe Mollette 50 minuten geleden
Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds 50 minuten geleden
Why didn’t anyone tell them that they need a passport, also why didn’t they fill their bags?
Jonathan Hannah
Jonathan Hannah 53 minuten geleden
I really want to see what it looks like three months post op.
A A 54 minuten geleden
Lol.. fatphobic comments title? Then it said hot and Heavy.. lmaoo Hilarious
deviqnt bxnee
deviqnt bxnee 54 minuten geleden
why’s mellow always starting drama 💀
zinxx Uur geleden
Imagine disliking the video
Someone I guess
Someone I guess Uur geleden
I’m not even trans but the amount of transphobia in the comments is kind of surprising ngl
BLAMBERRY Uur geleden
How do these girls have heath insurance?
Cyrill Adams
Cyrill Adams Uur geleden
man shes so cute i wunder how oldd is she now XD
iridiumFalcon Uur geleden
Booga KaHooga
Booga KaHooga Uur geleden
Him: "One more thing. . . ." Her: "What?" Him: "Call me *scribbles #'s* Me: How the fuck did he do that with such swagger? Why did it work? Where do I learn such skill?
Raven Alford
Raven Alford Uur geleden
To the punk husband, first of all u ain’t no man trying to threaten a women u think that makes u look tough please u look like a sorry excuse for a man.
Octavius Manago
Octavius Manago Uur geleden
Best of luck girls. Hope you find what God has prepared for you.
Reeta mary
Reeta mary Uur geleden
Jimmy S.
Jimmy S. Uur geleden
No more loving words have I ever heard from the mouth of a father to his daughter... "If you leave don't worry about coming back"...
Sans-Stone TV
Sans-Stone TV Uur geleden
It’s pride. It’s clear she doesn’t want to go low because she’s jealous that a black girl can dance better than her. Knee problems? What a pathetic excuse.