Grey Reads The 25th Amendment
Supreme Court Shenanigans!
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Weekend Wednesday
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CGP Grey was WRONG
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TEKOI -- Grey's Commentary
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What was TEKOI?
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Tesla vs Tumbles, Reloaded
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Exploring TEKOI
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The Trouble With Tumbleweed
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Your Theme
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🌍 Which Planet is the Closest?
Re: Which Planet is the Closest?
Ask Grey a Question
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Road Trip Part 3: Red Desert
Airline Boarding Methods
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You Are Two
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I, Phone
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Americapox: The Missing Plague
Not the Confederate Flag
Las Vegas isn't Las Vegas
Where is Scandinavia?
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Humans Need Not Apply
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American Empire
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Your Family Tree Explained
nick fontento
nick fontento 18 uur geleden
Why isnt the social security card printed on plastic cards? the ones they use tear easily
Arnav Konda
Arnav Konda 18 uur geleden
Those rhymes though
iiBallistic Panda
iiBallistic Panda 18 uur geleden
oops I kinda knew it would be about the nocebo effect once he said super high pitched ringing
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger 18 uur geleden
Treasure wasted on the irrelevant.
kacike 18 uur geleden
To a video about the business of hitman please
Katie Mae Meek
Katie Mae Meek 18 uur geleden
This is the reason why leftists will never actually achieve any unity
Zachary Suero
Zachary Suero 18 uur geleden
CGP Grey is having trouble confronting his own mortality.. Religion helps.
Diamond Tiara
Diamond Tiara 18 uur geleden
«the celestial rule that you may die in office» well, at least She never died on the throne for over 100 years!
Christian Jamgochian
Christian Jamgochian 18 uur geleden
This video made my brain hurt and made me very glad I am through with taking history courses for the rest of my life...
TorpidHunter 18 uur geleden
Damn it why didn't I see this video six months earlier
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 18 uur geleden
- How is driving at night ‘a big mistake’ - What happened to the Tesla? - Why does he go to Moab, and why Vidcon that he claims to hate? Almost an hour and no answers... Good video apart from that.
Kyle 19 uur geleden
Electoral College is better, fight me.
Cristian Sanchez
Cristian Sanchez 19 uur geleden
My comment to the algorithm Idk, keep scrolling
Mop Mop
Mop Mop 19 uur geleden
Amarican - brain = Karen
Peter Sanders
Peter Sanders 19 uur geleden
It gets kinda strange in the Quetico (Canada) / Boundary Waters Canoe Area (US) interface. The border follows the middle of several creeks that connect lakes on the border. In one spot on the western end of Knife Lake the portage trail is on the Canadian side of the creek. Oddly enough, as long as you don't camp on the other side of the border, you don't need to check through the border checkpoint... So no problem portaging on the other country's side of the creek.
Kevin Fernandes
Kevin Fernandes 19 uur geleden
Alcohol causes many illnesses such as pancreatitis, cirrhosis etc and people's deaths and suicides. Alcohol makes you weak, people die in their 20s, 30s and 40s from it. Look it up!! Stop drinking alcohol and maybe even caffeine as these are the only toxic drugs you are taking! Doctors/Pharmaceuticals will never tell you this, as these drugs provide them with jobs and a massive industry as people become sick. Celebrities barely drink to avoid serious illnesses
Silvan Verhoeven
Silvan Verhoeven 19 uur geleden
What about yu-RAN-is?
pastel enby
pastel enby 19 uur geleden
1:20 so.... saw?
Estarile 19 uur geleden
Massachusetts is voting for a ranked voting system this year! Fingers crossed!
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor 19 uur geleden
Begs an obvious question... how good are Tumbles as Fuel?. After all they: • Will grow almost anywere. • Will grow on almost nothing for sustainance. • Are fantastically flammable. • Produce high temp's when burning. • Are an infinitely renewable resource. Basically the Tribbles of Weeds. Why not farm them, shred them once dried & produce - for lack of a better term - 'Tumble Oil' from them?. (the remaining residue being sold to power plants for fuel also)
ajspades19 19 uur geleden
Kind of puts an end to the “republic” myth.
『Ghiaccio's Gently memes』
『Ghiaccio's Gently memes』 19 uur geleden
changed the thumbnail i see
Crab Tower
Crab Tower 20 uur geleden
Wait at 0:00 i think behind the pillow is a reference to the star trek episode also theres a bee outside the window
truckjumperdude 20 uur geleden
Almost time to switch clocks
werothegreat 20 uur geleden
There actually was *one* Americapox: syphilis. It's definitely not as lethal as the ones Europeans brought over, but it certainly did damage back in the old world.
Philip Ripper
Philip Ripper 20 uur geleden
still your best video
Stephen LaJoie
Stephen LaJoie 20 uur geleden
There is never enough room in the bins for the last people to stow their carry on bags. Why? Because of people with two bags or bigger bags that don't allow maximum in the bins and because airplanes aren't built so every seat gets bag space.
Ethan Stine
Ethan Stine 20 uur geleden
A thousand generations? The US isn't even three centuries old.
JonathanShorp 20 uur geleden
How have I learned more about my country’s government from this channel alone than all 12 years of school I’ve been in?
Rodger Roth
Rodger Roth 20 uur geleden
Hey Pope, Leviticus 18:23, did you happen to read that verse, the Lord thy God states that man lying with man is an abomination. Woman lying with woman is also an abomination What you just supported by saying, homosexuality and gay marriage is ok, is not ok....... Are you the false profit by any chance.......?
zyrgzon 20 uur geleden
Stupid is as stupid does. No rational reason total BS.
Jude Donovan
Jude Donovan 20 uur geleden
I wish I actually used his suggestions
David Gilmartin
David Gilmartin 20 uur geleden
2:54 on the left I see what you did bro 👍😁😂😂
Edotrin Kapuska
Edotrin Kapuska 20 uur geleden
The History channel has just been buried in history.
vovka-morkovka 20 uur geleden
I just hope that the orange orangutan 🦧 🎃 looses big (or small) in November 2020.
Sheev Talks
Sheev Talks 20 uur geleden
idk bout you but if 15 people in line for president all just happen do die then there''s definitely something more going on
AussieMGTOW Bear
AussieMGTOW Bear 20 uur geleden
Love that tv show designated survivor
Ferhat Yilmaz
Ferhat Yilmaz 20 uur geleden
Couldn’t a Senator from the President’s party just show up to the pro firms sessions and ask for a roll call?
Stanley The Fox
Stanley The Fox 20 uur geleden
The dislikes are from people who know that grey is going to do a government decapitation.
Gazza 29
Gazza 29 20 uur geleden
Canada. 'Loyalty is a fine thing' Grab what you can guys!! U.K. 😁
potato cult
potato cult 20 uur geleden
NLposts recommendation is a beast that has a dark sense of humour
Max Harden
Max Harden 20 uur geleden
Awesome video! I was exited to see you pass through Salt Lake City, or better yet the spaghetti bowl where I-80 combined with I-15, a place where boys become men, but alas the loneliest road in America makes for a far better video
GoneZombie 20 uur geleden
I love how in every video depicting the Supreme Court, they always just look sooo over it.
Pickaxe235 20 uur geleden
Cant napovointerco be undermined by faithless electors that go based on what the state said
Steven VanDorn
Steven VanDorn 20 uur geleden
Also, stop calling lady bugs 'lady bird beetles'. They aren't BIRDS !
Steven VanDorn
Steven VanDorn 20 uur geleden
As a biology degree recipient, I can confirm. This is all 100% accurate! I'm pleased to see someone who didn't major in biology explain it so well.
BLOP - A - BLOP 20 uur geleden
Cities : _have schools_ Las VeGaS : *_"We don't do that here."_*
Michel 20 uur geleden
The problem is that nobody cares about the time it takes for everybody to bard the plane. People only care about the time it takes for themselves (only) to board the plane.
_ 20 uur geleden
0:48 Sure, I LOOK straight on a map, and the treaties establishing me SAY I'm straight, but in the real world I'm very gay.
The Rexafyte
The Rexafyte 21 uur geleden
I am halfway through the steps on accident
Nathan Glazier
Nathan Glazier 21 uur geleden
Pluto is a planet
Rebecca Keim
Rebecca Keim 21 uur geleden
PLEASE DO MORE INVASIVE SPECIES VIDEOS -an invasive species ecology PhD student
Shining Emeralds
Shining Emeralds 21 uur geleden
Me with no quarantine: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you,*
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 21 uur geleden
This makes too much sense to ever pass into law, it’s hopeless
Noah Kepner
Noah Kepner 21 uur geleden
Thanks for making the parties yellow and orange signifying that both parties play the shenanigans game.
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 21 uur geleden
This is even more broken than the electoral college
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 21 uur geleden
So this is why Bernie will never get the nomination, it’s not the people who decide it, it’s the delegates
levi ackerman
levi ackerman 21 uur geleden
5:41 no, because when one says Indian. The first thing someone thinks of is the actual country and region and their respective history & geography: INDIA
Paul Kraase
Paul Kraase 21 uur geleden
When the Constitution was written, the average lifespan was only about 35 years. So when they made SCOTUS appointments "for life", they didn't anticipate all these people living well into their 80's, influencing the legal system for 40 years at a time. This is why SCOTUS appointments should limited to 20 years.
ARTLIX 21 uur geleden
6 years later, still the best explanation about stv
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 21 uur geleden
Hello engagement bots, how you doing?
Der Carrot
Der Carrot 22 uur geleden
Step one: Go to school
SpetsnatzLegion 336
SpetsnatzLegion 336 22 uur geleden
The opening statement reminds me of the european royalty family tree which must resemble a drunk spiderweb at this point (or at the start of the 20th century when most still had theirs)
bryan jensen
bryan jensen 22 uur geleden
Who's land? The part your cutesty skipped
RicXHenZ 22 uur geleden
nice corruption
Stephen LaJoie
Stephen LaJoie 22 uur geleden
Most of the Constitution is was written by people who said "no way will we have idiots messing this up". The rest of the constitution was written by those idiots.
Ferdinand Zebua
Ferdinand Zebua 22 uur geleden
I stuck around to 6:34 and suddenly changed my mind about sharing this video. I hesitated for a good 10 seconds I think. Anyways I will now probably proceed to completely forget about this video in about six hours after I wake up from sleep again. It is currently 2:33am and I'm going to bed.
BoomerLemon 22 uur geleden
Confederates probably disliked this video because you said "statehood is eternal"
Jocelyn 22 uur geleden
mike majere
mike majere 22 uur geleden
All we need to do is force electoral reps to be elected by our votes, with major restrictions over thier campaigns and open them up to severe prosecution if they go against who they represent then it will in fact work the way it's supposed to.
lazy_racer 22 uur geleden
wtf are boarding groups? fisrt time hearing this. hope they will not bring it to europe
Oncampus2k 22 uur geleden
Me: “This is just like Battlestar Galactica”... then he shows Colonial Heavy 798, then renamed Colonial One! WOOT!
Mr Débrouillardise
Mr Débrouillardise 22 uur geleden
That was a lot of nothing....
Hannodb1961 22 uur geleden
When you play this music in your videos, your explanation seems more logical and self evident.
Simon Nørregaard
Simon Nørregaard 22 uur geleden
00:53 holy shit i almost died listening with headphones
Enraged Monkey
Enraged Monkey 22 uur geleden
I’m dumbfounded that people still think their vote matters after the 2016 election.
Hannodb1961 23 uur geleden
°F ?? I thought I knew you.... 😛
NyanMAD 23 uur geleden
“Emergencies only” Look at the HK Governement. Detaining protesters, opening their phone by force and charging them for being against the HK government
okram facebook
okram facebook 23 uur geleden
Exchange Country and Corporation
The junkyard mechanic William
The junkyard mechanic William 23 uur geleden
We should not change it