江南渔夫 21 uur geleden
Kennedy Trends
Kennedy Trends 21 uur geleden
Grass life matter
shep3900 21 uur geleden
There is no virus and people know it the gov has to be taken to court for crimes.
Jonathan Products
Jonathan Products 21 uur geleden
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James Smith
James Smith 21 uur geleden
Of course, the biggest risk is the kids will have forgotten how many genders there are, and why diversity is apparently a strength.......
Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan 21 uur geleden
Only Nepalis could have done that.. Nation of Brave and Daring People ❤️ Many congratulations to you brother's 💝 Pakistan loves you 💚 🇳🇵🇵🇰❤️
House Of Fleapit
House Of Fleapit 21 uur geleden
Well thank god, Brits are so patient and calm, otherwise, there would be problems. :I
Kennedy Trends
Kennedy Trends 21 uur geleden
In Africa that house would have been demolished and the breaking news would have changed plus the grass would have been now given to the livestock.
Ollie Meadows
Ollie Meadows 21 uur geleden
Biggest lie they've been told by the government is that its to protect them. Its to protect middle aged teachers and up, most kids would have a mild cold, tragic that their feeding lies to our young people.
Teeteu P
Teeteu P 21 uur geleden
Some international students are paying £20k to £35k per year on tuition fee alone for online education with no social life far away from friends and family. That's not fair, tuition fee should be reduced for online learning.
Arthur D
Arthur D 21 uur geleden
Covid slave chain is getting longer agree for more restrictions the quicker end will come hahahahahahahaha uk no resistance LAZY
Kamrul Hasan
Kamrul Hasan 21 uur geleden
New old videos Old videos
New old videos Old videos 21 uur geleden
No food no farms
ab c
ab c 21 uur geleden
This is Economic Terrorism! Slavery and Impoverishment!
George Jomon
George Jomon 21 uur geleden
Look to india plz
Muhammad Zulqernain
Muhammad Zulqernain 21 uur geleden
And in Pakistan, you can't even talk to the politicians or Govt officials. Telling them to get off the grass is something very courageous.
Gary CLARK 21 uur geleden
Why should he attend ? The election was fraudulent and stolen. Biden will never be the legitimate president. He is a con man and should be in prison.
Domain Tuf Gaming
Domain Tuf Gaming 21 uur geleden
Pride of Zoroaster
Pride of Zoroaster 21 uur geleden
Muslims are not welcome anyone
MotLizard 21 uur geleden
but they said itll be eased by summer?!?!?
ZOMBIE SWAP 21 uur geleden
!El dios de la sangre Argentina¡
Nanda Rani
Nanda Rani 21 uur geleden
Sikkim and Darjeeling used to belong to Nepal. These people still speak Nepali as their first language.British India took over and gave it to India when they left India.
James Smith
James Smith 21 uur geleden
The great reopening 30th January
zeyla sacli
zeyla sacli 22 uur geleden
I guess it has helped young carers a little as they have more time
Elvis Suntharesh
Elvis Suntharesh 22 uur geleden
China hve no job thn trouble the world country boders...
Haruki 22 uur geleden
Io che lo guardo Ogni giorno
Parrhesiastes 22 uur geleden
Just check the suicide rate increase in young people
Gs Gsingh
Gs Gsingh 22 uur geleden
farmers spotted Please
Anon 22 uur geleden
Most of these kids will end up in mental hospitals or prison. And they and their parents will be blamed for their behaviour due to upbringing... That's the future of this.
Mia phoenix
Mia phoenix 22 uur geleden
I love her 😍😍😍
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith 22 uur geleden
End of lockdown end of msm
Alex Palmer
Alex Palmer 22 uur geleden
Delete Google and use DuckDuckGo its much better.
chris thomson
chris thomson 22 uur geleden
The Great Reset
Sourav Chowdhury
Sourav Chowdhury 22 uur geleden
Does BBC have balls to make a documentary on why Arabs esp Saudi Arabia or UAE take any asylum seekers from Syria or Iraq or War situation
Fikri Fadhlurrahman
Fikri Fadhlurrahman 22 uur geleden
Is this dude that failed against open AI Five?
Steve Clarke
Steve Clarke 22 uur geleden
Why are they encouraging such snowflakery?
Debanjan Mondal
Debanjan Mondal 22 uur geleden
This is false news by stating Sikkim as a disputed state.. It is an Integral State of India and is recognised by UN as a part of India..
mndflns LGN
mndflns LGN 22 uur geleden
Watch when a curfew comes in. We will need to remove this crooked lying fearmongering government ourselves. Sick of this nonsense based on a lie and scam
Aurel Rus
Aurel Rus 22 uur geleden
Trump criminal FSB puppy dog of putin
Syrus The great
Syrus The great 22 uur geleden
That land belongs to Iran .. give it back 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷
Aurel Rus
Aurel Rus 22 uur geleden
Trump must go jill
Debanjan Mondal
Debanjan Mondal 22 uur geleden
*To all the viewers,* I want to clarify that Sikkim is not a disputed area. It is an integral part of India and is recognised by UN. If you do not believe this comment, please make sure to surf Google and UN Protocols.. *China also recognises Sikkim as a part of India..* "It was just a heated Discussion ona a large scale and medias do not need to make a huge matter on this" - Soldiers on Post
J C 22 uur geleden
Just because China says it's disputed territory, doesn't mean it's true. The Chinese government appears to lay claim/insist on to all kinds of things just to push the limits. One example, the CCP insists that Covid 19 isn't from China. They can insist all they want but that won't change the facts.
ab c
ab c 22 uur geleden
Tsar Kievan Rus
Tsar Kievan Rus 22 uur geleden
Fuck the USA
Mr Glasgow
Mr Glasgow 22 uur geleden
Can’t stand this Hancock
This is the Way
This is the Way 22 uur geleden
It doesn't seem like a lockdown my neighbor has kids party's at her House seriously who sends there children to other people's homes for a party during a pandemic I'll tell ya my black next for neighbor does but its OK the police won't say shit and we know why don't we
na c
na c 22 uur geleden
Lockdown will ease for Valentine’s Day even politicians need to release their tensions 😱🤣🤣 then will go in lockdown till easter again! There’s some truth and lies in this crisis most important bible prophecies are being fulfilled. Wake up and give your life to Jesus before it is too late. God loves you and stay safe.
Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf
Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf 22 uur geleden
It's not disputed, it's India's land!!
Larsson 22 uur geleden
池袋ジュン苦労 22 uur geleden
negative campaign ?
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl 22 uur geleden
Matt isacock
D DIYANA 22 uur geleden
Whos more powerful? God or government.
Calum Reiden
Calum Reiden 22 uur geleden
Evil evil evil
K414r1 22 uur geleden
Well, as a secondary school student I think it's pretty chill to stay at home :v
R D 22 uur geleden
This is all ends when people turn off their TV.
RANA TURGUT 22 uur geleden
V7 22 uur geleden
These people are some warriors lmao they should only pay the equivalent for how long they been at uni bc the government won't afford it
Ella 22 uur geleden
I have to be on screen for 6 hours at school, which gives me killer headaches
Howard Send
Howard Send 22 uur geleden
Kids automatically getting covid tests at school every other week (despite none of them having symptoms). Scaremongering bullshit. And to the asymptomatic argument ... the mindset of checks for you being ill when you feel fine is psychologically disturbing. Munchausen’s Syndrome for all.
Niels Erik H. CHRISTENSEN 22 uur geleden
Some years ago. On Hawaii German women surf board team had won at a game, and they played the German anthem, but the guy startede with the first line. "Deutschland Deutschland ueber alles in der Welt. That is wrong, they are only allowed to sing third line." Einichkeit und Recht fuer das deutsche Vaterland.
Nikki Barnes
Nikki Barnes 22 uur geleden In generale, ovviamente, l'analisi semantica delle opposizioni esterne contribuisce a migliorare la qualità degli sforzi di raggruppamento. La pratica quotidiana mostra che il pensiero razionale, diluito con una discreta dose di empatia, migliora la qualità della fattibilità economica delle decisioni.È difficile dire perché gli scenari di comportamento degli utenti di base siano stati sottoposti a tutta una serie di studi indipendenti. Il compito dell'organizzazione, in particolare i test sintetici, gioca un ruolo importante nella formazione di ulteriori direzioni di sviluppo!🔥 Aqui esta um exemplo vivo de tendencias modernas - o vetor basico de desenvolvimento cria a necessidade de incluir no plano de producao uma serie de medidas extraordinarias, levando em conta o complexo de distribuicao de reservas e recursos internos. Em geral, e claro, a alta qualidade da pesquisa posicional indica as possibilidades de perspectivas favoraveis. O alto nivel de engajamento do publico-alvo e uma evidencia clara de um fato simples: a fronteira da formacao revela a necessidade urgente de um sistema de formacao que atenda as necessidades urgentes. No entanto, nao se deve esquecer que compreender a essencia das tecnologias de economia de recursos pressupoe formas independentes de perceber o progresso da comunidade profissional.
Alexander 22 uur geleden
I was 12 when I saw this on TV. I miss being 12, literally the biggest breaking news report would be this on BBC
Hey It’s Jay
Hey It’s Jay 22 uur geleden
What about the virus centre ???? 😩🙄pointless journalism
Aishi Bhattacharya
Aishi Bhattacharya 22 uur geleden
And that is prof Robert Kelly who I came to know through the Korean show, The Return of The Superman. They are a really cute family with their daughter Yuna and son Yunseop..... Yunseop's cheeks are literally cute fluffy apples with beautiful dimples. Yuna is one of the most energetic kids ever.
Lolaasa Yolkkk
Lolaasa Yolkkk 22 uur geleden
I thought there love it
Alexander 22 uur geleden
Man oh how I miss the times when the News would be something as innocent as boiling water evaporating mid-air. Where has it gone wrong?
Александр Сербулев
Александр Сербулев 22 uur geleden
It's real Russian (not Soviet) anthem
Tabby Warnickle
Tabby Warnickle 22 uur geleden
We should stay in lockdown till December, get control of things. Cancel the school year send them back in September
ismayil aliyev
ismayil aliyev 22 uur geleden
William Currie
William Currie 22 uur geleden
Never believe a word this government or the BBC says.... NOT a word
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 22 uur geleden
Where my 5 foot 3 gang at?
L Darlo
L Darlo 22 uur geleden
Ngl it's not that bad
Joe 22 uur geleden
"it made 4 billion aud" That's 4 billion of your Australian dollars being taken out of your country and distributed among silicon valley.
Mr Bubbles
Mr Bubbles 22 uur geleden
Everybody should be watching the Richie Allen show. The msm wouldn't dream of posting some of this, as it does not suit their agenda. You will need to Google The Richie Allen Show as YT blocks the truth. Whilst you're at it, search for Dr Vernon Coleman. Again, YT blocked his channel.
Mark Sun
Mark Sun 22 uur geleden
The most Australian thing I've seen all day
池袋ジュン苦労 22 uur geleden
Stay hope.
b0rg1010 22 uur geleden
Seems if you are self-employed or have a limited company you are not affected by Covid based on the none existence of support from the government. If fact it's soo business as usual corporation tax will be increased to 40% because business is clearly booming........ 🤬
Yuki 22 uur geleden
Where is the comment “ After coronavirus, this man should perform again...”??