Richie Coal
Richie Coal 19 uur geleden
When I read the video's title, I thought he had bitten them 🦷🦷
Masego Lethoba
Masego Lethoba 19 uur geleden
Imagine if it was Neymar who did the same. Barça fans were gonna lose their minds. They were even angry at Neymar for celebrating Mbappe's goal against Barça.
B J 19 uur geleden
I saw the title to the video and then saw it was a USA sports channel. In FOOTBALL it is probably the 1st unwritten rule in the sport that you die for the badge you wear. Suarez will respect Barcelona as a team but if he ever comes up against them of course he will give them a hard time because he doesn't play for them
Tony The Hawk
Tony The Hawk 19 uur geleden
I think it's very clear that the only thing Suarez cares about is winning.
Hilltycoon 19 uur geleden
Geraldine Hawkins
Geraldine Hawkins 20 uur geleden
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Liss Cama
Liss Cama 20 uur geleden
Liss Cama
Liss Cama 20 uur geleden
Que puede hacer un pueblo manifestando pacíficamente sin armas llenos de fe que los policias se sientan tan en peligro como para echar gas donde estan @United nations o tambien son corruptos 😭
GreEkTerR0r U-I
GreEkTerR0r U-I 20 uur geleden
Props to Neymar for letting it
تلاوات القران - Tilawat Al-Quran
تلاوات القران - Tilawat Al-Quran 20 uur geleden
Suarez: "*Who wants to get a suarez bite*
Bogdan _708
Bogdan _708 20 uur geleden
Wooshbait 20 uur geleden
That's his job..
robbiepeterh 20 uur geleden
He still has the passion, but his legs are going with each year.
Mikey Keaton
Mikey Keaton 20 uur geleden
1:54 the way he says suarez 😂😂
Tamojeet Sarkar
Tamojeet Sarkar 20 uur geleden
Suarez being Suarez!🤣
ben ban
ben ban 21 uur geleden
That Benzema goal was something.
Phillip Noetzel
Phillip Noetzel 21 uur geleden
Did he start biting them?
Ruderaksha Karwa
Ruderaksha Karwa 21 uur geleden
Winning the trophy is the first priority of any professional player who earns millions every month
FZ11 .t
FZ11 .t 21 uur geleden
I’d be happy for Suarez if atletico win the league
Sagar Dahal
Sagar Dahal 21 uur geleden
Courtios been playing at top level last few games. Good to see this lad perform like this!
Shadowfall 21 uur geleden
he went to atleti to win laliga stupid barca
V J 21 uur geleden
its not a problem for suarez because as before in barca also he was spending most of his time with messi only and he passes the ball mostly to messi compared to other foewards he doesn't seem to care about other barca players during his barca time only player he shows some interest other than messi was Neymar but that too after Messi only
A&I PRODUCTION 21 uur geleden
Wth with Suarez🔥
Conrado Bonilla
Conrado Bonilla 21 uur geleden
Vibrate resumen y me parece que el fútbol uruguayo está jugando muy diferente a su tradicional historia y hoy en día Juegan más balón al piso pero con transiciones.rapidas sin dejar el toque suramericano que bien por los equipos uruguayos necesitamos un fútbol fuerte en el contienente denuevo así como ha evolucionado mucho ecuador y por ese camino va Venezuela
Shahzad r9
Shahzad r9 21 uur geleden
he's not like hazard turning into a pussy vs chelsea levels
Thomas Clay
Thomas Clay 21 uur geleden
What is this commentary 🤣
Conrado Bonilla
Conrado Bonilla 21 uur geleden
Soy colombiano pero que bien que renazca un histórico del continente
Conrado Bonilla
Conrado Bonilla 21 uur geleden
Que bien está jugando Hulk es un tenaces de este gran futbolista y soy colombiano y no queremos en este momento la copa América para que esté gobierno y una clase dirigente corrupta durante muchos años limpie su cara y haga creer al mundo que aquí no pasa nada, el pueblo se canso de los abusos de décadas y de recibir solo migajas y ellos víviendo como si esto fuera suiza
Kids activities by Jawad Rafin
Kids activities by Jawad Rafin 21 uur geleden
I see, Suarez is actually very rude
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear 21 uur geleden
Suarez a perfect example of somebody who always wants to win agains everybody. A real warrior.
Jack Mac
Jack Mac 22 uur geleden
This might be the most pathetic video and commentary I’ve ever seen
Mark Felts
Mark Felts 22 uur geleden
Suarez will treat his old teammates as any other team. He will even bite them when he has to.
iSwearToCod 22 uur geleden
what is the actual point in this video
Dreaded-Flower 22 uur geleden
and whats so special about this? thats normal- the only thing you dont do is to celebrate when you score against your old team
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 22 uur geleden
Ter stegen and suarez were never good friends I guess... suarez is good friends with messi and messi and ter stegen do not like each other either
aco 22 uur geleden
do u want him to give them to ball or something?
Dave Williams
Dave Williams 22 uur geleden
Suarez the cannibal and knobhead
Joe 22 uur geleden
Ter Stegen: Suarez dont dive Suarez: SNAKE OIL SALESMAN
Joel Alexandre Seeley
Joel Alexandre Seeley 22 uur geleden
Nice trapped ball by bazama
Definitely Darrel
Definitely Darrel 22 uur geleden
Mbappe needs to stay with PSG and win the UCL. This team is only getting stronger every season. Just need a really good midfielder, a striker instead of icardi, and a LB and they have a team.
Definitely Darrel
Definitely Darrel 20 uur geleden
@Joseph Antony I like him but he doesn’t fit in PSG. Bernat is amazing but been injured all season. And I like florenzi as rb
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony 21 uur geleden
Agreed, as a PSG fan Icardi is garbage, but we don't need an Lb Bernat is fine but he's iinjured we need an rb.
Rod Jato
Rod Jato 22 uur geleden
What he actually told Terstegen “get away or I’ll spit on you”
XBeastOne37 22 uur geleden
waynedarren 22 uur geleden
At least he didnt bite them
mario yu
mario yu 23 uur geleden
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Rakesh Ramesh
Rakesh Ramesh 23 uur geleden
Or you could have also called this, "Wildlife video of Suarez in his natural habitat."
Mohammad Mansour
Mohammad Mansour 23 uur geleden
Purely suarez
Dylan GB
Dylan GB 23 uur geleden
This commentator keeps turning into Borat when he says Suarez haha
Jean Andre
Jean Andre 23 uur geleden
This is this Granada that beat Barcelona last week? Shame on you Barcelona guys
cruddytalkz 23 uur geleden
When your not on the side of the cheaters you must become a cheater
Carlos Robado
Carlos Robado 23 uur geleden
That's what the best players do!!!
Colin Bruce
Colin Bruce 23 uur geleden
The through pass for Modric’s goal was sublime
Murky 23 uur geleden
They way he says Suarez fills me with joy
Kush Chopra
Kush Chopra 23 uur geleden
if real madrid sells viniscus and rodrygo, and get a ‘ronaldo’ like salah, rma gon be unstoppable
XOflyHigh 19 uur geleden
William Quintero
William Quintero 23 uur geleden
America de Cali. Con la cabeza en alto y el pecho pa’ fuera. Volveremos fuertes 👹👹👹
luisduvernal 23 uur geleden
Haziq Iman
Haziq Iman 23 uur geleden
No problem . He can do the friendly act after the game .
Chopped Fog
Chopped Fog Dag geleden
One of the most annoying football players of all time. By far the most that ever played in Barça.
zeybarur Dag geleden
Chopped Fog
Chopped Fog Dag geleden
0:30 “but the ball did not arrive to him” that’s when Barcelona was in danger
Yohan Jacob
Yohan Jacob Dag geleden
Thomas Seaborne
Thomas Seaborne Dag geleden
Suarez is the type of guy that would go behind his mother's back to munch on Ivanovic's ear.