Paweł Jeleniewski
Paweł Jeleniewski 20 uur geleden
I'm guessing someone may have heard something about the studies that suggest practicing music has long term beneficial effects on cognitive functions, including memory etc. But saying that dancing does all that is stretching it (unless we're talking about career balet dancers :P).
Tashi Pelden
Tashi Pelden 20 uur geleden
Just when I am about to start having probiotic supplements. Thank you 😁
Areeja Fatima
Areeja Fatima 20 uur geleden
Wooooh.... So according to this person (who called dr Mike fatphobic) is actually trying to refer all nutritionists as fatphobics too. Because theoreticallay and both practically speaking, what a nutritionist does, he /she actually promotes healthy eating behaviors and patterns.
samara dashwood
samara dashwood 20 uur geleden
guys please we need to talk about the genocide that is going on in Palestine , a horrible ethnic cleansing done by the israeli government against the palestinian people , stand against this oppression , educate yourself , use your voice to raise awareness
Stavroula Gougeta
Stavroula Gougeta 20 uur geleden
Dr Mike it's the beans
WildGR 20 uur geleden
I'm greek and eating a Greek salad without feta, is like eating just a normal salad
Hyma susee
Hyma susee 20 uur geleden
There was an ad for this video where they mentioned about a device called 'lumen', which tells you what should be your diet based on your breath...... Is it true in any way?
Strawberry_Lemonade 20 uur geleden
alive person alive people alive body
lilly shooby
lilly shooby 20 uur geleden
DUDE! I loved lost when I watched it, I stopped at like season 5 tho
Duda Saldanha
Duda Saldanha 20 uur geleden
The 5W appears in the first episode of Grey's!
CreativeUsernameEh 20 uur geleden
I love LOST. I saw it with my family as a kid and will never forget it. The sea urchin scene was cool because it seemed to surprise Dr. Mike with it’s novelty and plausibility. I would have been curious to hear what he thought about the main characters getting knocked out every other episode, but I guess the video would have been too long.
Niels de Groot
Niels de Groot 20 uur geleden
Now I know that if I ever see you anywhere (which is highly unlikely), I'll have to either say "More House M.D. Please" or "Are you a REAL doctor?".
Cheng CW
Cheng CW 20 uur geleden
I clicked in hoping to see Doctor Mike's shower scene
Alec Birdsall
Alec Birdsall 20 uur geleden
Ahhh no butters psych eval huh lol
Somaya AR
Somaya AR 20 uur geleden
I love house md. the most ,But i didn't watch ER , now i will I want more videos for house md. please 🥺 Doctor mike stay happy and healthy ❤️
Succulent Queen
Succulent Queen 20 uur geleden
2:16 This explains the bruises I wake up with in the morning.
jfdd43 20 uur geleden
I’m the dad of twins. I can say in my experience, most of the time when a baby is crying, it’s because they need burp, they are hungry, or need to be changed. Obviously there other reasons a baby can be crying, but I always checked those first
Aarav Patel
Aarav Patel 20 uur geleden
Me: Your FOV is killing me Dr Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS
Nate The truck driver
Nate The truck driver 20 uur geleden
Hey doc. Do you know if there’s been any substantial studies on curing asthma/allergy induced asthma? I feel like I’m constantly treading water when I’m outside and it’s a plague to me. Would a lung transplant be an option?
emaleigh smith
emaleigh smith 20 uur geleden
are you in a relationship and will you ever have kids
Audrey T
Audrey T 20 uur geleden
10:55 Dr Mike as a cartoon
Dean Ramsey
Dean Ramsey 20 uur geleden
If patients are scheduled for 15 minutes and you're rushed..... maybe 20 min...
AlphaBean 14
AlphaBean 14 20 uur geleden
Does...dying from a tumor....hurt?...or do you feel nothing like going to sleep....
Mairdrin 20 uur geleden
what's the benefit of conducting a correlation study instead of a causal study?
Alexandra Nickel
Alexandra Nickel 20 uur geleden
The bean and sweet potato burgers aren't necessarily supposed to taste like beef. I am vegetarian and I eat veggie burgers and most of the ones I have eaten until recently were not pretending to be meat at all. In fact, in my opinion, the best veggie burgers are the ones that taste good for what is in them and not because they taste like beef.
Mairdrin 20 uur geleden
what's the benefit of conducting a correlation study instead of a causal study?
Supergirl UK1818
Supergirl UK1818 20 uur geleden
Ever watched Call the Midwife?
Apple Perez
Apple Perez 20 uur geleden
Shower and washing hair also depends on the weather in the country. If it's hot like hell and choose not to shower or wash hair, imagine how one will smell. 🙊
satnetjeru 20 uur geleden
So anyone remember that guy who had a Gynecologist office but didn't have a medical degree at all?
Freja Lund
Freja Lund 20 uur geleden
If you wanted to know what "THAT THING" is. xD Its called a Head mirror. A head mirror is mostly used for examination of the ear, nose & throat. It comprises a circular concave mirror, with a small hole in the middle, and is attached to a head band. The mirror is worn over the physician's eye of choice, with the concave mirror surface facing outwards and the hole directly over the physician's eye, providing illumination like a ring light. :D
Barky_is_a_dog 21 uur geleden
If onions did dleanse us we wouldnt have doctors
Janik Schäfer
Janik Schäfer 21 uur geleden
Watching this video one year later. Interesting how much we didn’t know back then .
Ťâkűńđă Mţýžěř
Ťâkűńđă Mţýžěř 21 uur geleden
Business School!
Tacey Raulerson
Tacey Raulerson 21 uur geleden
Imagine how nasty a sterilized m&m would taste.
Nikola Djurdjevic
Nikola Djurdjevic 21 uur geleden
Are doctors rich?
Fran C
Fran C 21 uur geleden
poor Luis was suffering omg
Mairdrin 21 uur geleden
mike: ur phone has more poop bacteria than a toilet seat me: throws phone that I'm watching mike on across the room
Charles Mayberry
Charles Mayberry 21 uur geleden
While WD-40 does contain some oil and is often used as a lubricant, that's not what it was designed for. WD-40 is a water displacement compound, and rust inhibitor. So while it's used as lubricant frequently, because it does displace water, and helps loosen oxidation that often causes mechanical seizing, That isn't it's designed function. so even though the formulation is a trade secret and well guarded, we know it contains petroleum products. That concludes the lesson for the day. So yes it contains oil, yes it's often used as a lubricant, and it does function well in that setting, it's actually something else entirely
tigerspirit1917 21 uur geleden
Thank god I am from a country with UHC. I wouldn't change the Canadian system for the American for anything.
angel huelskamp
angel huelskamp 21 uur geleden
dr mike: get 7-10 hours of sleep to be the most productive you can me: 3 take it or leave it
Andrew Goldman
Andrew Goldman 21 uur geleden
Can you review M.A.S.H
Yugoxgc 21 uur geleden
A Hairdresser I used to go to told me I shouldn't wash my hair more than every other day. Idk about others but when it comes to My hair I think I'm gonna trust a person running a business focused on haircare. She handled my hair, she knows her stuff. She knows what's good for My hair. Like Dr.Mike said. It's an individual thing. Ask your hairdresser/barber
SenoraDroolcup 21 uur geleden
Lmao watching Dr. Mike get frustrated at Jack "I'm A Doctor And A Control Freak" Shepard within the first 3 minutes of watching the show is giving me life
SGTDerpy 21 uur geleden
Aw Dr Graham Chapman did wonderfully inhospitable classic sketch
Alissa Marie
Alissa Marie 21 uur geleden
He sounds so much more triggered when you watch it at 1.5 speed and it's hysterical. You're welcome
G4M3R_3425 21 uur geleden
How tf does his bed support 800 pounds my bed will collapse if I jump on it lol
Sophia Caugherty
Sophia Caugherty 21 uur geleden
👏🏽where 👏🏽are 👏🏽the👏🏽People get confused ~Ari 2020👏🏽T-Shirts
emaleigh smith
emaleigh smith 21 uur geleden
Cardio palmonary resuscitation. Hi I'm 16 years old. This summer I am going to start volunteering for my local rescue squad. I don't really have much experience in the field of real life medicine. I took a health assistant class and learned vitals, first aid and all the history of medicine. I have always been fascinate with modern medicine. I want to go to the U.S Navy and become a APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) I don't want to be a doctor because you are in and out with the patient. Ina hospital a nurse pract
emaleigh smith
emaleigh smith 21 uur geleden
In a hospital a you get more time with the patient and you can do almost as much as an MD can do.
John Siu
John Siu 21 uur geleden
Keep up the good work. There will always be miserable and negative people who will always play the victim game.
The Great Amida
The Great Amida 21 uur geleden
Head transplants HAVE been done...none have been successful though. In 1908 Alexis Carrel collaborated with the American Charles Claude Guthrie to attempt to graft the head of one dog on an intact second dog. In 1954, Vladimir Demikhov, a Soviet surgeon who had done important work to improve coronary bypass surgery, performed an experiment in which he grafted a dog's head and upper body including the front legs, onto another dog. In 2012, Xiaoping Ren published work in which he grafted the head of a mouse onto another mouse's body; again the focus was on how to avoid harm from the loss of blood supply; with his protocol the grafted heads survived up to six months. In 2015, Ren published work in which he cut off the heads of mice but left the brain stem in place, and then connected the vasculature of the donor head to the recipient body; this work was an effort to address whether it was possible to keep the body of the recipient animal alive without life support. All prior experimental work that involved removing the recipient body's head had cut the head off lower down, just below the second bone in the spinal column. Ren also used moderate hypothermia to protect the brains during the procedure. In 2016, Ren and Canavero published a review of attempted as well as possible neuroprotection strategies that they said should be researched for potential use in a head transplantation procedure; they discussed various protocols for connecting the vasculature, the use of various levels of hypothermia, the use of blood substitutes, and the possibility of using hydrogen sulfide as a neuroprotective agent.
duckusaros !
duckusaros ! 21 uur geleden
Wtf is a middle case letter?
Sophia Caugherty
Sophia Caugherty 21 uur geleden
Bears voice would be very like high pitched but when his mad he will become DeMoN
Paradox586 21 uur geleden
Am I the weird one for thinking these tik toks were fine? “We know when y’all are faking” -> okay, so if a doctor can catch when a patient is faking, isn’t that a good thing? It doesn’t mean that all doctors assume a patient is faking. In the other, the nurse/doctor THOUGHT of cocaine as an option or possible problem not as a certainty. Which is perfectly reasonable since they have to spend time considering possible reasons for whatever the patient’s problem is. I’ve been asked about drug use and had to show my wrists at blood clinics and I don’t get mad at them for assuming I so drugs. It’s part of their job to consider all options
Paradox586 21 uur geleden
Tl;dr. -> tik tok is not meant to be taken seriously people.
Rainbow Fan
Rainbow Fan 21 uur geleden
Okay, I love all these. Great video, keep up the awesome content
Yuvraj Agarwal
Yuvraj Agarwal 21 uur geleden
You are a ravenclaw
Amey Devlekar
Amey Devlekar 21 uur geleden
That's a very good wig doc
apenas um nome de canal
apenas um nome de canal 21 uur geleden
I had two heavy nosebleeds from picking my nose, and possibly lost a girlfriend since the girl I liked saw me doing it (nah I didn't have chance already).
DazPlayz 21 uur geleden
so youre saying i shouldnt pull out????
Rosalyn Hernandez
Rosalyn Hernandez 21 uur geleden
I love your quick witted comments. So cute ♡
Sound Therapy - Therapeutic Sleep & Relaxation
Sound Therapy - Therapeutic Sleep & Relaxation 21 uur geleden
My name is James I'm 17 yrs old in Texas, USA. 🇺🇸 I just wanted to say y'all have an amazing day.
SpaceRangerWoody 21 uur geleden
LMAO Scrubs one spot above Grey's feels like trolling. Love it.
SybillT 21 uur geleden
The late night Gross Anatomy Lab Creepshow is so real. In a lab of about 50 cadavers on dissecting tables, my lab partners and I literally ran screaming after we shifted our cadaver's upper body and some trapped air escaped through his throat. He let out a soft MOAN and we took off. In retrospect we always giggle about it, but oh my heart was racing that night.
Dion Tews
Dion Tews 21 uur geleden
The hysterical transaction relatedly brush because invoice centrally depend an a lean toilet. crooked, simple radar
Brian Kristensen
Brian Kristensen 21 uur geleden
Totally in love from the first view of Bear :)
Spirit TV
Spirit TV 21 uur geleden
apart from rthat these is a film your analysis shows me that your open mindedness in your profession is very shallow, yo go by the book but people who usually make strandfs and a mark in their professions are the ones who believe in coming up wit new ideas
Sisi Ramzy
Sisi Ramzy 21 uur geleden
Dr. Mike, in your opinion would chiropractic practice be helpful in herniated disc cases ??
Khushi Mishra
Khushi Mishra 21 uur geleden
Mike's sarcastic comments are on point !! "Oh!!! Oh!!! oh!! how about we don't breath in people's mouths anymore!" Hahhaah , Noice!
Jack Quinlivan
Jack Quinlivan 21 uur geleden
My insomnia said 4 is okay for me but I beg to differ.
Dime Eftovski
Dime Eftovski 21 uur geleden
You are just a fact checker of big pharma
Michael D
Michael D 21 uur geleden
Thank you for the smart entertainment Dr. Mike. I love learning while laughing. I love hearing from the actual professionals about these shows. I feel like I learn more as a layperson as a result. So much of our expectations are set from television and movies (unfortunately) so to hear them laugh and react to the fiction of it all is really---refreshing.
stk nicko
stk nicko 21 uur geleden
I LOST 40kg!!! Now I'm feeling healthy. I only followed tips from website called Agoge Diet. They provided me with 30 meal plan, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and make your own body transfromation!!!
emaleigh smith
emaleigh smith 21 uur geleden
Great joke
dxfan18 21 uur geleden
Here in UK there were hundreds of deaths daily from COVID during the winter AND we were locked down, can you imagine how bad it would have been if we weren't locked down? It had to be done
Erin Stone
Erin Stone 21 uur geleden
As someone diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and who is in a constant struggle to lose weight, I just wanna say that Dr. Mike has by FAR been one of the most helpful channels to stay in touch with that’s helped me the most (besides my own doctor ofc 😂) Keep doing what’s right Dr. Mike! Don’t let the people who aren’t medical professionals try and get you down they just don’t know better 🤷🏻‍♀️
aubrey w
aubrey w 21 uur geleden
Dr. Mike your videos helped my 11 year old daughter nail her CPR training. Chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions.
Renate Gebert
Renate Gebert 21 uur geleden
Maybe I am strange, but the situation where they show the woman of the brain dead patient the patient with cf and talk to her about donating her partners lungs, to me that’s extremely unethical. It is guilt tripping someone into donating organs, because if she decides to not go along with it, it is her “fault” if the other patient dies. If I was that woman and felt that pressured into making that decision, my answer would instantly be no. But that’s just my view, maybe i’m wrong? I think organ donation is a great thing, but it 100% has to be a decision made by patients and/ or their families based on their own convictions and beliefs, not guilt
Yash 21 uur geleden
Can u plz give more information about plummeting sperm fertility and count in males in recent yrs.
Peter Whitlock
Peter Whitlock 21 uur geleden
Main reason people jerk round in bed (aside of medical reasons) is not just change of sleep cycle but NOISE! Most Humans do not grasp the brain is noise prone and can't fully rest if it is always reacting to noises. City people jerk round in bed a LOT more than people that have no such vast amounts of noises 24/7
Agus Puig
Agus Puig 21 uur geleden
when this claim is made anywere in the world: well disprove it with evidence when its made in america: 49% of the population agrees 49% disagrees and 2% actually fact check it
Reinder Langhout
Reinder Langhout 21 uur geleden
In New Zealand all peanut products are now banned from public school lunchboxes, in aircraft I've been denied peanut snacks because some person on the plane "claims" to have a peanut allergy so severe that even the smell of peanuts will put them in anaphylactic shock. That claim specifically has led to schools introducing the peanut free lunchboxes. Truly, I have had written warnings threatening expulsion if I kept packing peanut butter. Is it possible that the mere smell can cause such a reaction? What is your take on that policy?