The Universe Is Way Bigger Than You Think

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The Universe Is Way Bigger Than You Think

bloodboi 32 seconden geleden
All of this and we care about how many likes we be getting on Instagram or like we care about what ppl think of us crazy man
VeroMithril 58 minuten geleden
Fucking telescopes
IVS Monster
IVS Monster Uur geleden
jj like i can beat up and go faster than light
soylmaa Азбаяр
soylmaa Азбаяр 3 uur geleden
I Lost Brain Cell watching this video
Mia? 3 uur geleden
This is like the Horton hears the Who movie
Altam1s 7 uur geleden
If you are a Muslim, surely you all will understand
Altam1s 7 uur geleden
17:49 Allow it man..
Altam1s 7 uur geleden
8:47 Read Al-Quran then you find the answer
Altam1s 7 uur geleden
Seriously.. read it!
Hannes Cloete
Hannes Cloete 8 uur geleden
lol the sidemen rattled Mohammed Hijab, love to see it
Scoper X
Scoper X 9 uur geleden
Every time vik talks my iq drops by 5
Ashiam Amir
Ashiam Amir 10 uur geleden
Well, all that this video makes me realise is we have to stay, grow,etc together. And not give a damn to racial differences etc
The Joker
The Joker 11 uur geleden
Okay so 0:35 seconds into the video I am already mindblown 😩😫. I don’t understand how god can be real if it’s proven the earth is 4.6 billion years ago the earth has existed and humans only came around 200 thousand years ago. So before the humans what was going on. And if god is real why did he wait so long to create the human race
km8e playz
km8e playz 13 uur geleden
vik wants to stop using this green screen m8 or the editor gonna play with it
km8e playz
km8e playz 13 uur geleden
im soo impressed how the game stilll not get crashed i think they (idk who they are) have 1billlion gb ram and some grahams number storage xD (search it urself )
Carlos Allen
Carlos Allen 14 uur geleden
with yall talking about patching the simulation and us just not be here just like that make me hella scared.
jack ottone
jack ottone 14 uur geleden
Mars had life on it once
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer 17 uur geleden
What if the corona is antivirus killing virus
In404nI 18 uur geleden
15:11 where tf did vik go lol
Frank Gdhf
Frank Gdhf 20 uur geleden
Josh watched one kurzgezagt and thinks he’s an expert
Lucke Boi
Lucke Boi 22 uur geleden
John Plummer
John Plummer 22 uur geleden
If you want something to really make you think in terms of timescales, Tyrannosaurus Rex lived closer to the invention of the iPhone than the existence of Stegosaurus.
Mr Game
Mr Game 22 uur geleden
There is no chance that we are the only forms of what we call intelligent life. Oh, and new theory: What if aliens don't visit Earth because most of us haven't achieved their level of knowledge and development and they just simply don't want to interfere until we are ready?
Shayaan Waseem
Shayaan Waseem 23 uur geleden
anyone else notice the interstellar theme song at the start of the video OwO
Zach Osb
Zach Osb Dag geleden
If god made our earth alone who tf made all this
BiZoNiGoX Dag geleden
I wanna die and hope someone takes a VR thing off my head
zion squire
zion squire Dag geleden
this is mind gobaling
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Dag geleden
If we’re small, imagine the size of an ant.
Swenglishdude Dag geleden
Thank you for the anxiety
Swenglishdude Dag geleden
They should watch The Entire History of the World
Galushinka Dag geleden
i love sidemen:)
Devin Hill
Devin Hill Dag geleden The end of the universe in a time lapse. Interesting asf
Beautiful Lifestyle
Beautiful Lifestyle Dag geleden
Vik your know in the afterlife when you meat the creater
Jacklope Dag geleden
if an event has a greater than 0% chance to happen, it is possible for it to happen
I'm Adopted
I'm Adopted Dag geleden
I loved this video since space is a hobby of mine kinda. So seeing your reaction was really fun
A Kooheji
A Kooheji Dag geleden
وَيَسْأَلُونَكَ عَنِ الرُّوحِ ۖ قُلِ الرُّوحُ مِنْ أَمْرِ رَبِّي وَمَا أُوتِيتُم مِّنَ الْعِلْمِ إِلَّا قَلِيلًا
Rharid Rayane
Rharid Rayane Dag geleden
everything is explained in the Quran
Peace and Love
Peace and Love Dag geleden
Laughs in muslim xx
Corey Clark
Corey Clark Dag geleden
What if space never ends, but how can it not end, at some point it must end but at the point it ends how will it end? Just a wall, a drop? But then what will be on the other side of that, who made that, what made that, the whole thing is mad man.
saoirse mc aloon
saoirse mc aloon Dag geleden
“But have they actually” yes josh
TJayyz Dag geleden
Brainf*ck: NASA was searching the oceans and exploring everything under water but all of a sudden they just stopped from one day to another and now they try to explore the universe and are looking for a place for us to move to... what did they find in the oceans for them to try and move us?
GhosT SpartaN FtW
GhosT SpartaN FtW 2 dagen geleden
What’s scary is how space is infinite and there’s no way we’re alone there’s no end to space
Tdog1327 2 dagen geleden
imagine evolved humans
Tdog1327 2 dagen geleden
the universe is crazy small compared to existence
dhiyab hisham
dhiyab hisham 2 dagen geleden
I hate that simulation theory
GINGER BREAD 2 dagen geleden
14:22 am stil laughing 😂😂😂
Kevin Côté
Kevin Côté 2 dagen geleden
you should react to Timelapse of the universe by melodysheep!
Alex 2 dagen geleden
You can tell that none of them can comprehend what they are hearing.
Peace and Love
Peace and Love Dag geleden
@Alex would you risk 60 years of thinking to possibly burn in hell for eternity? After all which reality is the norm one the one in our head or the one out there?
Peace and Love
Peace and Love Dag geleden
@Alex the thing is you’ll never know now but if you do when you die it’s gonna be really bad if god exists but if not then i guess it’s gonna be worth not taking the risk
Alex Dag geleden
@Peace and Love 😂 I respect your opinion but madly disagree
Peace and Love
Peace and Love Dag geleden
@Alex the only possible answer is god existing
Alex 2 dagen geleden
And yes I can comprehend these things as I have spent years trying and figuring out these things.
BenChawa 2 dagen geleden
And a message from mars to earth is 8 minutes right
much wow
much wow 2 dagen geleden
Get over it, we're tiny. Get into science if you want to understand this shit, just don't be like "thats impossible", its just being plain stupid.
Lowe 03
Lowe 03 2 dagen geleden
The answer people may looking for who created us answer = God. Nothing can create everything there has to be something there is one and its God believe in Jesus christ the lord and savior king of the universe. Jesus loves you he is real there is so much proof follow Jesus open your heart to jesus
Gamma Centauri
Gamma Centauri 2 dagen geleden
Think about it like this: We look down into tiny things, like atoms, protons, etc and we still can’t see the absolute tiniest things to make up larger things. We look up and out at huge things like planets and galaxies and we can’t even see the end of it. We’re stuck right in the middle, so it seems. Crazy.
qasim 2 dagen geleden
No way Vikk actually thinks we’re the only living species in the ever expanding universe. What a fucking donut.
tommy boy
tommy boy 2 dagen geleden
We are all in the treumanshow....
syakir 2 dagen geleden
this video should be reacted by all of the sidemen
jesse calva-lopez
jesse calva-lopez 2 dagen geleden
Listening to you guys making theory's is mental
Crunchy .y
Crunchy .y 2 dagen geleden
Yo fucked up thought but as it’s a fact that if you traveled far away enough from earth if you saw it you’d see the dinosaurs so what if other aliens do exist but because they are so far away we can’t see them because the light hasn’t reached how far humans can see 😯
Thugli 2 dagen geleden
crhist i don't remember JJ being this fuckin dumb
Fifi 2 dagen geleden
hear me out, i have a theory dont know if someone has thought of this yet or not but i randomly thought of it one time, so lets say humanity started right? and after a few thousand years the sun implodes but thats not the END. the earth and humanity does a hard reset and humanity just starts again, im talking like stone age all the way back to the start caveman era. and we may or may not be the first but basically what im saying is the earth resets every thousand if not millions or years... to me thats a crazy thought to have, beyond crazy.
Agz 2 dagen geleden
the drake equation gives an estimate/prediction of how many civilisations there are
kissos94 3 dagen geleden
Thank you Sidemen reddit page for mentioning this gem that I 've missed !!!
Frazer Swift
Frazer Swift 3 dagen geleden
i think if we start to colonise different planets, there would be ongoing wars between planets forever. Because when you really think about it, why did britan go to war with germany in 1939? because they didn’t like the way they ran their country. now imagine that but ‘mars not liking the way jupiter run their planet’. the same concept, just on a larger scale, creating wars between planets which means aliens possibly.
Jacob Breitenbach
Jacob Breitenbach 3 dagen geleden
Now I’m thinking about what happens after death and I’m so confused
TalleX 2 dagen geleden
What if when we die somebody takes off a VR headset and asks “how was it?”
Matt Ball
Matt Ball 3 dagen geleden
Humans or something like us could have been around before we know of and civilizations could literally just be burried miles under the top layers after over a billion years even deeper than the dinosaurs
john smith
john smith 3 dagen geleden - WATCH THIS LADS
Yato lol
Yato lol 3 dagen geleden
I think there is other live bcs i heard about a planit in our univers and its completely full of water what if they are humans like us but they living under water and there are safe some animals that we would never find on our world too (im sry for my englisch im coming from germany and its not that good ;D)
Rufin Maknojia
Rufin Maknojia 3 dagen geleden
When sideman reaches edge of the universe. "Sideman play hide and seek at the edge of the universe"
Danilo Oliveira
Danilo Oliveira 3 dagen geleden
Legend has it, beyond the observable universe is JJ's Beard.
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury 3 dagen geleden
There will be people like not caring and not understanding
Lv.Official 3 dagen geleden
My head is finished
Mori The Immortal God
Mori The Immortal God 3 dagen geleden
If you move beyond linear time your immeasurable speed basically you can move past a time stop
Pijin 3 dagen geleden
im just here chillin cuz if there are aliens and they try to invade other planets or some shit ik its like a 1 in 10 quadrillion chance its earth so its aight
Christian does MTB
Christian does MTB 3 dagen geleden
Nice one editors if you see this
Project Utopian
Project Utopian 3 dagen geleden
Technically you can get around the speed of light with quantum particles. Since quantum particles have a partner and they can exist at 2 locations at once you could theoretically instantaneously communicate across the entire universe using quantum particles.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 3 dagen geleden
Vik you bellend there are millions of habitat planets that have been here way longer so your wrong there’s definitely shit loads of more people out there
Moses Uchiha
Moses Uchiha 3 dagen geleden
Myra Johnson
Myra Johnson 3 dagen geleden
ngl, this messed my brain up
Kabir Sanghadia
Kabir Sanghadia 3 dagen geleden
Think abt this. If an extraterrestrial creature on a planet millions of light years away, tehy would still be seeing the dinosaurs. Light speed seems so slow yet so fast. We think light years are so massive and such a long distance, then our one tiny little galaxy is over 100,00 of them. And that there are galaxied MILLIONS of times bigger than ours. And there are nebulas made of universes that are already huge, so imagine how big the nebulas are. Space is such a uniquely GIGANTIC that humans literally have no ability to comprehend how big. And back to the observable universe diagram, each of those dots are thousands or millions or billions of galaxies. Each of those billions of galaxies have billions of solar systems. Each of those billions of solar systems have their pwn planets. With possibly billions of people or creatures, like us. And, this is only the observable universe, outaide of that could be billions ans billions of other universes and galaxies. Space is as far as we know, infinite. Unexplainable, neverending, limitless. Our minds are so so so so small, and so so so so incapable of comprehending space. Its fascinating.
JellyBOB 4 dagen geleden
This whole vid: Talking about things outside earth Me: “But like... what if within the matter on earth there’s other tiny little planets who view earth as their solar system...”
JellyBOB 4 dagen geleden
Somewhere in the universe some man named John is staring at the milky way through his telescope trying to figure out what it is
Obaby Tutu600
Obaby Tutu600 4 dagen geleden
They need to hurry up and drop the infinite money update been waiting for almost a million years
Broken Lord
Broken Lord 3 dagen geleden
Amateur- I've been waiting for 14.3 BILLION years.
Zamman Bhatti
Zamman Bhatti 4 dagen geleden
After seeing this video , I want to die and see what happens next.
God 4 dagen geleden
Fuck. I forgot I created all that for no reason lol. Was a crazy night
Kamryn Kerr
Kamryn Kerr 2 uur geleden
no way, God. You are so cool.
XI Premo
XI Premo 4 dagen geleden
what if we are at the end or close the to end of the planet system with us, and how we are trying to get to mars, like what if something came to earth and started to move here and create more population, and that's what will happen soon on mars. and all the population that was on the older planets are still around or have died off bc of they have used all their resources and that's why they moved to another planet
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin 4 dagen geleden
Imagine IF we have another parallel universe, Two earth. I would go back in time and stop the CORONA shit.
garythepigeon 4 dagen geleden
The list is fucked
Kairan gaming
Kairan gaming 4 dagen geleden
you know what is faster then the speed of light ksi's hairline
Kyra Pretorius
Kyra Pretorius 4 dagen geleden
Nothing more chaotic than watching 4 grown men have a meltdown over the universe 👌🏾
J B 4 dagen geleden
What if we are aliens. We think as a species that there are others out there but what if when we sleep and have dreams our brains are in something else, another being. Subconsciously we dream but what if the dream is like a pause button and our brain goes into different beings every night and those beings do the same to us
Oliver Back
Oliver Back 4 dagen geleden
what’s crazy is that when we look into the night sky, we’re looking into the past. if we look at a star that’s say 2millon light years away, that means we’re looking at what the star was like 2million years ago. that star might not even exist at that current moment. if humans become extinct, the light from us will still be visible from space for trillions more years.
Oliver Back
Oliver Back 3 dagen geleden
@eatinsomtin yes and no. the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light and therefore you are right, the light from us will continue to go on forever (infinitely) and will never exceed the limit of matter. however you’re very wrong to say that “if we go out far enough we will still be able to see it”. 1- we could never reach the speed of light (we could get close, but never reach it) therefore not be able to catch up to it and observe it. 2- if we, or an alien species, could hypothetically be at a point where we were in front of the light and were in the position to observe it, the photons would be shifted to such long wavelengths that not only could we not ‘see’ it, but it would most likely be completely undetectable.
eatinsomtin 3 dagen geleden
@Oliver Back Cause the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. If the suns light reflected off your forehead into the atmosphere, than that would mean even if you waited 10 billion years, if you went far enough you would still be able to see it. This would mean you would be able to see it forever
Oliver Back
Oliver Back 3 dagen geleden
@eatinsomtin what would be there?
eatinsomtin 3 dagen geleden
no it would be there infinity
Arben Mustafa
Arben Mustafa 4 dagen geleden
Me thinking quesar is the biggest thing in the world Realization: mate the universe is like numbers never ends
Dylan Campbell
Dylan Campbell 4 dagen geleden
How did the dinosaurs evolve to be so big
apextheledgend 4 dagen geleden
This is all of the school learning they missed but better late the never LMAO
Xpkresx Lost
Xpkresx Lost 4 dagen geleden
You know something I think about all the time. If the earth fell, and gravity stopped working the instant it did. Would we all be in space in an instant, what would it feel like on earth?
wow 4 dagen geleden
how do we have pictures of our whole galaxy?? Do they send signals that bounce off of something back to us?? Like how tf is it humanly possible to see out own galaxy if technology has not even left our solar system??
Dannykedッ 4 dagen geleden
Look it up its hard to explain
matthew r
matthew r 4 dagen geleden
What if we're how like how a bacteria cell evolved over millions of years to what humans are now and billions of years from now humans are the bacteria cell to a species far into the future beyond our imagination.
Rocky Gamer
Rocky Gamer 4 dagen geleden
Water was found on moon
ixixixixixixi 4 dagen geleden
20:58 LMAO
Rabie Hasson
Rabie Hasson 4 dagen geleden
It’s funny how you can flex by being Muslim so that you can answer half of these questions easily 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dannykedッ 4 dagen geleden
Doesnt mean theyre right
MK_TN 555
MK_TN 555 4 dagen geleden
I can explain all the things that they said
Gregorio Leon
Gregorio Leon 4 dagen geleden
I had a scientific writing course In collage and a physicist professor said adamantly that there are way too many earth like planets that life has to exist that we as humans have such a large ego to question the probability of life elsewhere
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