Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom on Harpsichord #shorts

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Vengaboys on Harpsichord - boom boom boom boom #shorts
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ZenDiel 5 uur geleden
Ну где же ручки, ну где же ваши ручки
Y L Dag geleden
Somehow the keys look like a big cake to me🤭
Rob Murphy
Rob Murphy 2 dagen geleden
Little fast but awesome
Senhor supremo de marte
Senhor supremo de marte 2 dagen geleden
Orgulho de ser brasileiro nessas horas
Corrie De Beer
Corrie De Beer 2 dagen geleden
i want thy in myth roometh
Di Se
Di Se 3 dagen geleden
"Ну где же ручки, ну где же ваши ручки.." российская группа "Руки вверх"
RavenNevah 3 dagen geleden
full version, please
Luigi Viking
Luigi Viking 3 dagen geleden
I'm sure this is possible but can you do the last fight scene song from the movie Bloodsport the original 80s movies
Hans von Hochtann
Hans von Hochtann 4 dagen geleden
From which Harpsichor maker is this wonderful instrument? And from which original was it copied? I thank you most kindly for a reply
Olivia The Flute Girl
Olivia The Flute Girl 4 dagen geleden
Bwv 116 ficaria bem da época
Øyvind Svanevik
Øyvind Svanevik 5 dagen geleden
Boom, boom, boom, boom!! I want you in my room Let's spend the night together From now until forever Boom, boom, boom, boom!! I wanna go boom boom Let's spend the night together Together in my room
p1rgit 5 dagen geleden
also, sir, mylord, can you do beatles on harpsichord, please? what you think suits best the instrument. P.S. Eternal Dreamers did some, but i do not like it very much... i am sure you, mylord, do better - if it is possible :)
p1rgit 5 dagen geleden
at least you tube algorithm reads my comments :) i just told that mozart sounds better on harpsichord and it so concluded that everything sounds better on that. well... not totally wrong.
Anton Mahoney
Anton Mahoney 5 dagen geleden
Play that at 0.5 speed
Michael David
Michael David 5 dagen geleden
Sounds like an 80's song on a video game
PaoloMG 6 dagen geleden
Imagine traveling back in time and playing this song on an 18th century masked ball in Venice
The_Oracle 3 dagen geleden
"I guess you aren't quite ready for that yet.. but your kids are gonna love it" 😂
bartekokot 6 dagen geleden
This video made my day. And made me finally subscribe to your channel. Thank you!
Bartek Drewnowski
Bartek Drewnowski 6 dagen geleden
I want full version
Al M
Al M 7 dagen geleden
Wow, you really can do all the classics! :-D
Emese Bartók
Emese Bartók 7 dagen geleden
Imagine Bach come up with something like this.
Anindya Miskovic
Anindya Miskovic 8 dagen geleden
BuddySteve 8 dagen geleden
You should do more songs like this! You could have a much larger following if you did complete songs!
MB Matheus Brazil
MB Matheus Brazil 8 dagen geleden
KronosVengence 8 dagen geleden
Why the hell does this sound so catchy to me? Like, I know the original song, but there’s something about how you play it that just makes it better
Sven H. BPM
Sven H. BPM 9 dagen geleden
the 90er are back! cool. ♪♪♪
Rodolfo Enrique Aviles Zafiro
Rodolfo Enrique Aviles Zafiro 9 dagen geleden
And this is how the style would be heard in the age where Thomas Edison lived
pinguimmendes 9 dagen geleden
Maaaaaaaaiiiiii queremos maaaaaaiiiiiisssss, quem quer mais da like pro vinheteiro ver e fazer maaaaaaaaaiiiiiissssss o cravo é sensacional
Dávid Berki
Dávid Berki 9 dagen geleden
I just want to drink a RedBull.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 9 dagen geleden
again and again and again :-) why is it so short? ;-) Dankeschön
Emma Larsson
Emma Larsson 9 dagen geleden
If that cembalo was alive it would say: Kill me now!
Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV
Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV 9 dagen geleden
Wow! Great short video👍my friend. Hope we are friends?
Jasper Edwards
Jasper Edwards 9 dagen geleden
Do "We Like to Party"
S I O M A I 9 dagen geleden
Thanks now I can't get it out of my head
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 9 dagen geleden
Boom boom boom boom
Daniela Vecchio
Daniela Vecchio 10 dagen geleden
Great!!! It would be nice to have a video where you make a mashup dance the 90s on cembalo
Valeria Martucci
Valeria Martucci 10 dagen geleden
Full version please!
João Victor Penariol Baracat
João Victor Penariol Baracat 10 dagen geleden
Que caralhos ser isto? 😁
Erick Cazares
Erick Cazares 10 dagen geleden
Can we get more like this 👍
Fabricio Kirsch
Fabricio Kirsch 10 dagen geleden
Boom boom boom boom, batatas com atum, ketchup com maionese, depois o que tu queres?
Santiago Ribs
Santiago Ribs 10 dagen geleden
Cara, muito legal essa versão, parabéns!!!
JustJesseツ 10 dagen geleden
It sounded really good!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 10 dagen geleden
Já passa a partitura
Celso Bjj
Celso Bjj 10 dagen geleden
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 10 dagen geleden
I bet you can’t do the fat man! Fats domino
modelllichtsysteme 10 dagen geleden
more #shorts please!
Михаил Чураков
Михаил Чураков 10 dagen geleden
Lucy Esteller
Lucy Esteller 10 dagen geleden
Patrick Ribeiro Edelman
Patrick Ribeiro Edelman 10 dagen geleden
You guys don't understand how much Vinheteiro loves and cares about his fans And that's why this is pinned
Shem Junior Naidu
Shem Junior Naidu 10 dagen geleden
Where is the staring contest?
Bumbu Elias
Bumbu Elias 11 dagen geleden
Albert Fiter
Albert Fiter 11 dagen geleden
Boom boom boom boom
Carlo Pagnozzi
Carlo Pagnozzi 11 dagen geleden
Z.S Junior
Z.S Junior 11 dagen geleden
nlposts.infomJ2xoYJQpf8?feature=share Air on the g string
same ne gamer
same ne gamer 11 dagen geleden
can u play soviet march pls
Laurie Penner
Laurie Penner 11 dagen geleden
Full version please!!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 11 dagen geleden
Ryan the pianist
Ryan the pianist 10 dagen geleden
SWAG4LIFE 11 dagen geleden
Why is the top part of the Harpsichord moving by itself?
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 11 dagen geleden
I bet you can’t do the fat man! Fats domino
Eloá Santos
Eloá Santos 11 dagen geleden
Já passa a partitura
Bames Jond
Bames Jond 11 dagen geleden
People partying in the 17th century be like :
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 11 dagen geleden
Carlos MS
Carlos MS 11 dagen geleden
When you bet with somebody you are going to do something nobody has done before
Gamunu Bandara
Gamunu Bandara 11 dagen geleden
J. S. Bach joined the chat.
Remeris 11 dagen geleden
Was expecting some John Lee Hooker
5boi Henry Stickmin A.K.A The Bee Named Jolly
5boi Henry Stickmin A.K.A The Bee Named Jolly 11 dagen geleden
i want a full version of this.
Shade ON
Shade ON 11 dagen geleden
De onde é essa música, ja ouvi
Walter 12 dagen geleden
Cembalo has a wonderful sound but maintenance is a pain.
Tom Br
Tom Br 12 dagen geleden
We want moar harpsichord!! Really cool
Ryan the pianist
Ryan the pianist 10 dagen geleden
Freddie Jones
Freddie Jones 12 dagen geleden
Now do Dr Dre on a harpsichord
The Mozart Thug
The Mozart Thug 12 dagen geleden
Bach, deep down........was a venga boy
Swag Cat
Swag Cat 12 dagen geleden
Swag Cat
Swag Cat 2 dagen geleden
chloe devereaux
chloe devereaux 12 dagen geleden
boom boom boom boom my harpsichord go zoom, lets spend the night together my clavinet and mahler :D
Haley G
Haley G 12 dagen geleden
the vengacarriage is coming and everybodys jumpin
J Ad
J Ad 12 dagen geleden
So THIS is what Otto does when he's not playing table tennis!
Ryan the pianist
Ryan the pianist 10 dagen geleden
Dyatlov 12 dagen geleden
Arthur 05
Arthur 05 12 dagen geleden
Play System of a Down on Piano please !!!
Wifibitz -
Wifibitz - 12 dagen geleden
I am politely begging for a full version because I’ve been listening to this on loop for like a half hour now
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 8 dagen geleden
the 90er are back! cool. ♪♪♪
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 8 dagen geleden
I can't believe it. Finally, after years, this song is back again. let's cheer about this.
Daniel Castro Machado
Daniel Castro Machado 12 dagen geleden
Tem que arrumar uma roupa de época
resireg 12 dagen geleden
Em 96 no meu colégio, a moda era o moletom ou camisa do Hard Rock Café ou Planet Hollywood, com o nome da cidade (pra mostra que vc era uma pessoa viajada ou que tinha parentes que compravam presentes no exterior). Também tinha a camiseta Big Johnson. Eu pedi pra minha mãe e ela ficou horrorizada pq era vulgar demais (mas essa era a graça), ou camisetas das baladas de Cancún como Señor Frogs, Carlos n Charlies. Eu nao tinha nada disso e paguei o preço por ser mal vestido.
Vojtěch Varmuža
Vojtěch Varmuža 12 dagen geleden
Boom, boom, boom, boom on the cembalo? This is baroque version this song. Wow. Super video.
Roberto Varani
Roberto Varani 12 dagen geleden
PianogirlA 12 dagen geleden
Just noticed that the harpsichord key colors are the opposite of piano keys. Isn't it hard to tell those black keys apart?
Tito Rosado
Tito Rosado 11 dagen geleden
No, not really
Pete the Norwegian
Pete the Norwegian 12 dagen geleden
Please perform this in a musical theatre
Ryan the pianist
Ryan the pianist 10 dagen geleden
MrOhyeah23 12 dagen geleden
Is there a video of Vinheterio playing Insomnia by Faithless?
Ansa Lee
Ansa Lee 12 dagen geleden
Hallo! Ich liebe diesen Kanal! 💓 könntest du vielleicht mal ein Video mit Intermediate Songs machen ? Das wäre großartig 🌺💓😁
Сергей Дёмин
Сергей Дёмин 12 dagen geleden
Ismaele Caleca
Ismaele Caleca 12 dagen geleden
Joplin in harpsichord plz
Александр Беляков
Александр Беляков 12 dagen geleden
НУ ГДЕ ЖЕ РУЧКИ.... фейспалм)))
Ryan the pianist
Ryan the pianist 10 dagen geleden
Renato Morais
Renato Morais 13 dagen geleden
Sim, e o master? Morreu mesmo?
Wonka_123 13 dagen geleden
Please Beethoven on Harpsichorp
World War kid 2
World War kid 2 13 dagen geleden
Idk why but he looks like rainn wilson
Isaac 13 dagen geleden
Hey dude, I know you probably won’t read this and even if you do your most likely won’t do it but could you play changes by xxxtentacion on the piano
Robert Palfrey
Robert Palfrey 13 dagen geleden
Anyone else getting Armstrong & Miller vibes ? :D
TheGuy 13 dagen geleden
I can't believe it. Finally, after years, this song is back again. let's cheer about this.
Ryan the pianist
Ryan the pianist 10 dagen geleden
Paulo Prieto
Paulo Prieto 13 dagen geleden
Mestre Lord, eu imploro. Faça uma Homenagem ao André Matos!
Massimiliano De Santis
Massimiliano De Santis 13 dagen geleden
Please do something with Robert Miles
AF Bergen
AF Bergen 13 dagen geleden
Flavio Santos Lorenzo
Flavio Santos Lorenzo 13 dagen geleden
Top hen vinheteiro . Parabéns.
Super Loser
Super Loser 13 dagen geleden
Toca jojo
DJ Smith 2021
DJ Smith 2021 13 dagen geleden
How about Have you ever heard Baby Shark in a Minor Key?
Sarp D.
Sarp D. 13 dagen geleden
very good.
Amy Sanchez
Amy Sanchez 13 dagen geleden
Thank u for all your videos.... I love then ... especially the ones with that beautiful lady... ✌️✌️Keep them coming
Nime otaku
Nime otaku 13 dagen geleden
All the pianos have passed the century, the harpsichord is our choice. Пианино прошлый век, клавесин наш выбор.
Kaye Anne Valerio TV21
Kaye Anne Valerio TV21 13 dagen geleden
Wow Sir 🎵🎶🎵🎶 !!!!
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 13 dagen geleden
"Boom Boom Boom Boom" that title is so me
Ⱥnønɨmø Dag geleden
Fat guy.
So strange of me
So strange of me 3 dagen geleden
You're everywhere 😳
silvia dunch
silvia dunch 5 dagen geleden
Hurry up and boom boom boom I’m tired of paying taxes
People said my Username was Offensive
People said my Username was Offensive 9 dagen geleden
Boom Boom Korea
Diego Barbosa Andreoli
Diego Barbosa Andreoli 10 dagen geleden
The best kim
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American 13 dagen geleden
While I'm a bigger fan of their song We Like to Party (because of Mr. Six), this song on the harpsichord is still a fine work of art. It actually sounds even better on it
Salva T
Salva T 11 dagen geleden
stop following me pls
Belal Abu Sultan
Belal Abu Sultan 13 dagen geleden
this cover gave me the impresion that the song was deeper than it actually is lol
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